Is your autoimmune disease actually a gift?

have you ever wondered if your autoimmune disease is a gift that you’ve been given something that can make your life better and not necessarily worse we’re gonna talk about that today when you go through a major life event like getting an autoimmune disease diagnosis it can be really scary and it is totally totally normal to go through all of the stages of grief I know when I first got my celiac disease and Hashimoto’s disease diagnosis it was it was like as I someone had died like I was mourning my old life I could not go and do a lot of things that I could have done before and it was hard it was really really hard I just I didn’t know how life was really going to continue I just felt kind of like life was over as I knew it certain things were easier for me because I can walk right past the office donut box and not have to take it one out of there because I knew I couldn’t but I knew going on vacation would be a lot harder and just life in general would be harder and so I just I spent a lot of time kind of wallowing in grief and I think this is a completely normal place to be and if you’ve just been diagnosed with autoimmune disease take some time to go there because it really does kind of help to process through your feelings if you just kind of bottle them up and don’t process through them then you’re gonna have a little bit of resentment and not be able to fully get over it at any point in time so it’s it’s a good idea I think to cry and talk and vent and just get it out if you don’t have a support network or somebody that’s really willing to listen I do have my free Facebook group that has a lot of people in it that are going through the same thing a lot of them have autoimmune disease so you can come join us and vent all you want because we’ll be there to listen to you and we’ve been through it so we understand and we’re there to support you I’ll put the link for that below so that way you can come join us but once you’ve been through this period of grief and anger and all of that like oh why did I get this and why me and what like how is my life’s different it really is helpful to look at it instead of this victim mentality of why me look at it more like you’ve been given a gift now I understand going from why me what was me all of that kind of grief and anger – I’ve been given a gift it’s not exactly a straight line but it is really freeing to get to this point now when I say look at it like you’ve been given a gift have you ever stopped to think about how your life has changed for the good since you’ve gotten an autoimmune disease or how your life can change for the good since you’ve gotten man perhaps like me I was called to teach you about what your autoimmune disease means how to live a paleo diet lifestyle and to be able to make things easier for you and to offer support for you as you go through this to me it was so important to like share with others how I found my relief and so be my gift is my autoimmune disease because otherwise I still be slogging away in my corporate job just kind of helping people save five hours a week it wasn’t really meaningful to me to me now I have a super meaningful path in life and it means so much to me I am so much happier doing this then I was doing my corporate job so without my autoimmune disease I wouldn’t have had this right so I’m looking at it from a totally different perspective so maybe you are meant to do something similar maybe you are called to help others in this way or maybe you are meant to be someone like an athlete for example that shows that we can do like elite style athlete kind of things with autoimmune disease or that you can go and just do recreational things for maybe you’re meant to help your family and friends maybe not by telling them in their face you have to change your diet but by leading by example you be surprised by how many people want to be like you when you’ve actually lived that life and walk the talk because they see how much better you are looking and feeling and then they want to have some of that too so then you can be the example and you can be the example so that they see this but also to be someone that they come to for advice and help and learning about becoming healthier in general maybe in your family you have several other people with different autoimmune diseases quite common for that to happen and so maybe you need to be the person that actually starts this journey with diet and lifestyle to start feeling better so that way other people get motivated to do that maybe this is helping save you from even worse health issues I mean maybe because of this you are actually cleaning up your act and eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle so that maybe you were on a path to getting cancer or something even worse and death perhaps and maybe now you’re gonna live a full and healthy life because you got this disease maybe it’s to help your children maybe you weren’t eating necessarily a healthy example for them and now you’ve been able to switch and so your children will grow up knowing that healthy foods are what nourish our bodies and not necessarily things like fruity pebbles and Lucky Charms like I did there are just so many different things that could happen and I can’t even think of all the scenarios right now because I don’t know all of your stories but just I want you to take a couple moments today to think about it and to think of how you can be helped by your autoimmune disease rather than be hurt by it perhaps spend some time journaling about it that can really help just free writes just write about all of your feelings from like the beginning of how you get to ignore sand how like you are angered but then also maybe things that can help and just write it out get it out and see and maybe you’ll find that your autoimmune disease is a gift for you too I truly believe that we have been given a gift even when it’s hard even when I really really want that corn or you know other things that I can’t have and even when I do still to this day mourn when I hear something on TV like somebody goes on a vacation to some remote Thai village and I think I wonder if I can go there because I know I doubt that they have gluten-free items and you know things like that I do that still comes up for me it’s not like I am woohoo I have autoimmune disease and not like that and I think that’s kind of ridiculous but in general for the most part I believe that my life has taken a positive turn because I’ve gotten autoimmune disease that it would not have taken otherwise so I just encourage you to take a look at that and and think of that today and going forward and I really hope this helps because it is kind of one of those things that is really near and dear to my heart it’s just something I’ve thought about a lot and it’s so much a happier place to be than to be in the victim mentality to have control over it and to surrender to the fact that you’ve gotten this thing and it’s everything’s okay alright so I won’t be posting for like a week goodness half or so I’ll be back September 11th Tuesday I’m gonna take next week off kids have off from school already in-laws are coming in all kinds of stuff so I’m just gonna take a week off just also to just decompress a little bit I usually take at least a month off in the summer but I’m taking just a week off this time so it’s fun to let you know that and I will be back on September 11th and in the meantime I did put up a new freebie library on my website so it’s got all kinds of Paleo resources it’s like all of the things that I’ve developed over the last few years like meal plans some recipe books some guides are like how to sleep better and it’s like meal planning templates and all kinds of stuff so I’ll put the link for that below you just sign up and you’ll get the password and be get instant access to that so I hope that helps you too and I will see you in a coffee

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  1. Ash's Treasure Homesteading and Gardening

    Thank you for sharing and yes I believe that we have been given things in life for a reason and God gives us that grace to go through life in order to help others out. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

  2. Cassie B

    Keep it positive (because it ain't going away lol)! When I first had to go gluten free it was before it became mainstream. The few GF foods were really bad!! I was also having issues with food additives, beef, chicken, dairy, which actually was a lot worse navigating that problem outside my house than the gluten issue. Because of the food related issues I have become much more aware of over-all health, where my foods come from and how they are processed/manufactured. I had to do my own research because the medical community…..well, they suck at the nutritional side of medical care. Anyways, my positive outlook is this; I don't eat junk, processed crap, fast foods, and I am healthier for it in the long run while the majority of this country is getting sicker and fatter. I eat at restaurants that have better food quality when I do eat out. I take my time eating. I invested in some really nice kitchen appliances and equipment because cooking at home is more enjoyable and it doesn't make me feel deprived. I find the hardest part is the social aspect. I can't (and won't) just eat anywhere. I am limited in that. It makes me feel like I am being difficult when I tell someone, "I can't eat there" or "I can't eat that". My old friends understand. New ones think I am just on the GF bandwagon. ah well…..

  3. alien invasion

    When you are in ur early 20s and all ur friends are party all night long, having fun but you are at home worrying about not getting sick again and losing hair, it isn't motivating….😣

  4. Rebecca G

    Yes, I just got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last month. I’m on week 6 of the Hashimoto’s Protocol by Izabella Wentz and have been following your channel. I see it as a gift because I was lacking in motivation to take care of myself so I’m thankful for that.

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