Is this the Best Paleo Snack ever?!? watch to find out!

Hey everyone so today I’m going to be
reviewing the new PALEO BITES from Amrita and thank you so much to them for
sending these to me to review and I love Amrita as a company and their products
are just so amazing to begin with that I was just so excited to be able to try
these new bites so let’s get started I there are five different flavors and
their nutrition profiles are all very similar about 60 calories each 5 grams
of fat or so about 4 to 6 grams of carbs depending on the flavor and about 2
grams of protein per bite so I would probably pair these with maybe a yogurt
or something if I’m at home or you know in the office and maybe if I’m on the go
I would just take a couple of them with me a handful and maybe some jerky or
something we thought to make it a more well-rounded meal but they have amazing
flavor it’s very diverse for all kinds of tastes and palates and
they are also just super allergy friendly super friendly to any kind of diet
or style of eating or anything like that so I’m gonna show you one of the
bites so they’re about the size of a silver dollar and they’re very squishy
they have that amrita bar texture and they just taste amazing like a soft
baked cookie almost so the chocolate coconut one tastes like an almond joy.
just not processed like a candy bar and that one’s very good all of these are
super good I’m just gonna put that out there there’s not one in here that I did
not enjoy there are some that I enjoyed more than others like the Apple Cinnamon
I just love apple and cinnamon flavors to begin with about one was just
phenomenal I really enjoyed that one the mango coconut one is very similar if not
the same as the full-sized bar and that one’s super good as well the mango and
they’re just is so delightful it’s so chewy and just very present and the
coconuts not super overpowering the chocolate mint one it tastes like a york
peppermint pattie to me it has that sense and that freshness that you get
when you bite into the york peppermint pattie and smelling is super delicious
and then the dark chocolate espresso is a great balance between the dark
chocolate and the coffee flavors and so those flavors just pair well together to
begin with and so just made a very very good bite so I hope that you all try
these I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy them and I hope that you all
fall in love with this company like I have as well so look them up I’m not
sure when they’re coming into stores but they are the paleo bites and there are
five different flavors that I just whatever and I hope that you all love
them give them a shot and thank you so much for watching!

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