Is the Paleo Diet Dangerous?

Is the Paleo Diet dangerous? The paleo diet is dangerous if you can’t
afford all the fruits, vegetables and meat so you end up unable to afford enough food. So much for a superior diet. In general, food is cheaper the closer you
get to its unprocessed state. Like potatoes being cheaper than powdered
mashed potatoes. But a lot of people wanting to live on the
go or ultra-natural don’t know how to cook, so they buy expensive paleo bars. And then
they can’t afford to eat much of it or eat the wrong thing. I’d think a paleo diet bar was ultra healthy. You end up eating a lot of nuts, sugars and
fruit but may not get enough protein if you can’t afford or know how to properly cook
steak, chicken and turkey. So they eat a lot of fruits and veggies but
not enough protein. And they may even fail to get enough carbohydrates
or fiber, though they tend to get enough sugar through fruit. I’ve heard that the Mormon stored food plans
are bad for you because they are carbohydrate heavy. You get a lot of wheat and bread but
not enough fruits, vegetables and meat. It is difficult for someone on a Paleo diet
to get enough calcium, since they won’t drink soy milk to replace dairy and only the
most die hard dietician will eat enough broccoli and nuts with calcium to get the nutrient. At least you get a good workout chasing down
your dinner. Very few Paleo enthusiasts are working out
a lot, much less hunting. They just eat clean and assume that’s good enough for good health. So you end up eating fewer calories. Hunter gatherers were skinny because they
had to walk and run miles per day, even if just hauling water. It is possible to not
get enough calories on a paleo diet if you go vegan. That’s why the joke is that vegetarian is
the Indian word for bad hunter.

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  1. Iceman0113

    This diet isn't any worse than the shit I see people eating everyday. This diet reinforces the consummation of fresh fruits and vegetables so for most people it is ahead of the curve.

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