Is the Keto Diet Safe?

It’s being googled a ton right now – the ketogenic diet. A lot of #keto out there… Whether you’re interested in women’s health or men’s health…If you watch The Doctors, Dr. Oz, or Good Morning America or read Time magazine or the Atlantic. You cannot escape it– It’s the keto diet, and it is the latest health sensation that is sweeping the nation Let’s listen to a few experts on why they think this eating style is such an important one to learn Fixes. F – Fats with benefits. What that means…People think if they eat fat, they’ll get fat. They’ll get that omentum that you just held up a few seconds right? It’s not true. It turns out that the right kinds of fats help your body in many ways. Your brain is mostly fat. We’re all fat heads. You can tell it to the people in your life. That’s because we need fat to make our brain cells work. If you eat beautiful, flexible fats the omega-3 oils, the fish oils, avocado, the nut, olive oils The fats are flexible–your brain can react to stresses. You can deal with and cope with issues If you eat rigid fats like the fats that are found in animal meats or fried foods, right? That’s a problem because now your brain cells can’t react. You get depressed, more often, and you have problems with cognition. The Keto Diet. Many people including myself call it the Holy Grail when it comes to health and weight loss. Take a look… There I am in my dressing room getting my hair and makeup done for Good Morning America while enjoying a beverage that’s become my morning ritual. For four months I’ve been on a Keto Diet. I started for the anti-cancer benefits, but the byproduct–I am more fit and have more energy than ever. The Ketogenic Diet is a way of eating that prompts your body to become really good at burning fat. My favorite part is it reduces hunger, appetite and cravings so you’re not running your life based on when the next meal is. When I first started, I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh. I am going to gain weight.” “How is this good for me?” Our Senior Medical Contributor, Dr. Jen Ashton is here now. And so Jen talk about what being in a state of ketosis is. Can you can actually show me on this board? I’m going to show you demonstration here at the largest Connect Four I’ve ever seen. Very complicated biochemistry. But if you realize that every cell in our body needs glucose to function And if you think of these green discs as carbohydrates: When we eat carbohydrates, they run right through us – they’re processed as sugar. Once we cut off that supply, these yellow–representing fat… We have no choice but to burn fat I love doing that…Your thighs…Your thighs just fell down! To break down fat…And they make something called ketone bodies largely in the liver. And that’s what our bodies use as fuel. I wanted to point out, I didn’t do this to lose weight. I did this for anti-cancer benefits. There’s a lot of research on that. Because I’m a breast cancer survivor, it was important to me. Talk about the health benefits that come with this diet. There is ongoing research in this and of course we need more good data But you’re seeing things connecting benefits potentially of ketogenesis and the keto diet with everything from cancer longevity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, brain function. It’s supposed to boost your brain power and energy. I’m so much smarter now! You’re on fire! But with anything, there are some caveats. So again for for an average healthy person pretty much no downsides. You can think of this as a cousin to paleo or Atkins. But you have to proceed with caution. It can be challenging I think your fruits are limited, and alcohol of course is a no-go. But this is a good example. There is low carb wine, Jen. I promise. Good to know! Breaking news!

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  1. Kathryn Ruhl

    So even tho Harvard and the,WHO says meat causes cances and dairy is linked to heart disease you think keto is ok..youll be skwlwton skinny when you get cancer for sure…l saw my relatives die of cancer on keto diets..Keto is ok unless you love farm animals and care about the planet. If you're against animal cruelty and the destruction of our air and water then a plant based diet is the way to go. Cheese is 70% fat that if you enjoy knowing a baby calf was drowned in a muddy pool of water so you could eat it.

  2. Jeannette Summers

    Old recycled fad diet that is used for short term gain (weightloss) with long term health risks (heart disease, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, and a slew of chronic diseases) Ketosis is your body's survival mechanism and is stressful to the body over time. A whole foods plant based diet is the only diet proven to be optimal, sustainable, and the only one proven to reverse heart disease as well as 14 out of the 15 leading causes of premature death.

  3. Dan Benner

    Its a no brainer diet for sure what scares me is you know the diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry- somewhere somebody is trying to figure out how to make money off something thats free!

  4. Ma S

    Dr Berg is the expert…you Dr Oz are a copy cat fraud….why did you cancel Dr Berg appearing on your show…then stealing all his studies and info

  5. Majid

    How about eat healthy and make right choices along with some excercise. Why do we need always be chained to some diet. Don't get it.

  6. Paula Oyedele

    I had been on a keto diet for 6 weeks with almost zero hunger. Before the diet my A1C was 6.7 after the diet I had lost close to 40 pounds and my blood pressure was good and my A1C dropped from 6.7 to 5.7 something that metformin and Victoza could never do for 8 years. Sadly I thought I could have a carb day ….but that did not work as it brought all the cravings back. However, remarkably my A1C NEVER did go up to that high amount….the highest it got was 6 after one year off of keto. It does work well for type 2 diabetes….it did for me….if I had kept it going even my doctor told me that I do not need to be on diabetic medication. It was the only diet that I found enjoyable and easy.

  7. Joe Shapona

    Tried em all, so figured gotta just do what works for me. The law of reverse effect is at hand psychologically. I experimented with bio feed back while eating pizza, burgers, fries…lottsa good beer and lost 20 pounds by not obsessing. When I obsess and program my brain to strive for what I do not have I never obtain my goal because psychologically I have already lost.

  8. Bill Conley

    I see Dr Ozz can’t quite bring himself to recommend saturated (animal) fats which shows he really doesn’t get Keto completely. I doubt our ancestors found many avocado trees or olive oils around as our DNA was evolving. What they did find was animal meat (and fat) and plants.

  9. Golf Pro

    What the hell was she on the keto diet for? or any diet for that matter!! Show us real life weightloss on a keto diet, but only laboratory controlled testing can be trusted.


    One part I disagree with is the fruit. I have stayed in ketosis and still able to enjoy berries and such, few segments of grapefruit, cantaloupe especially yummy with whipped cream.

  11. Lucho Portuano

    Very stupid woman, the hostess of GMA. KetoACIDOSIS is not the same thing as Ketosis. You don't want the first one, you want the second.

  12. Ma S

    Dr Oz why do you need to have a woman with her breasts hanging out to stand there when you are doing all the talking is she just a paid prop 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  13. Srinivasan Sivaramakrishnan

    Keto diet is for sedentary people who can't process complex carbs even if their life is dependent on it. What a fad!!

  14. KETO Diamond Channel

    It's worked great for me! 🙂 Less than 11 months in, Great energy! Lost 94 pounds, lost type 2 Diabetes, and two pages worth of medical And we can eat animal fats just fine by the way and no one needs fruits.

  15. Amy Lynn

    This is the most awesome lifestyle change since I started in January 2018. I did have the keto flu for the first week but have been fine ever since as long as I drink plenty of fluids and add potassium and salt….

  16. Peter Hofman

    Doctor Oz Sir , you are wrong, you need to check out what smart people say about fats, Dave Feldman , Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jason Fong and Ivor Cummins, Quack,Quack,Quack!!

  17. FLEX_NYC

    I’ve been on Keto for 4 months preparing for my 1st bodybuilding show is there a maximum amount of months that you can follow this diet I’m just curious?

  18. Debra Spearman

    I just saw on you tube that 4 people went to the hospital from this diet an if you don't belive me then you watch it it not good for everyone

  19. barbara Walker

    This is not for everyone they talk it up but asked your doctor first.I just stop unhealthy eating.Exercise and lots of water that has what worked for me.A quick fix to loosing weight is not healthy.

  20. Asli Theobald

    There is a great shortcut for those who want to save time in determining the best ratio of protein, fat and carbs to eat to stay in ketosis. We have been using the "Woodyatt's Ketogenic Ratio Formula" created and used by Rollin Woodyatt MD who was the first doctor to successfully improve epileptic seizures in his patients with only ketogenic food in the pre-medication era. Unlike the popular keto-ratio formula, Woodyatt's formula does not just add protein and carbs together in a ratio against fat, as carbs and protein do not contribute equally to the degree of anti-ketosis.

  21. Holisticselfcare Traveler

    dr eric berg promotes keto..he was invited on mainstream bullshit advisors dr oz tv show..gave him all his info and then was disinvited. dr berg has a video about it. sugar is whats harming everyone and keto cuts sugars out of our diets. but women do need to watch your thyroid bc our hormones are effected by this diet.

  22. Jason Wise

    I love scrolling through the comments looking for stupid idiots who say keto is dangerous or doesn't work. They all must work for pharmaceutical companies that love getting rich off peoples who have poor health.


    The ketogenic diet generates the same metabolism in the body as a person with cancer or a person who's starving to death. Yes, it will burn fat, because breaking down your muscle tissue and converting it into sugar and breaking down fat tissue to utilize free fatty acids for energy requires a lot of energy. Test your hormonal profile while 'in ketosis' and you will find elevated cortisol, adrenaline, prolactine as well as many inflammatory biomarkers found in virtually all diseases like nuclear factor kappa b, tumor necrosis factor alpha, the interleukins, etc.

    If it's your goal to burn fat, a safer way is to increase your metabolism by reducing free fatty acids in the blood and the body will switch off stress as it begins burning glucose efficiently and producing the protective and metabolic-enhancing carbon dioxide. The bottom line is the ketogenic diet = stress and stress leads to disease and aging.

  24. james morrin

    Keto is for lesbians! Get on the whiskey diet. Booze all day long and feel great! Yeehaaaaa! Lost my drivers licence and my mind! Weight loss soon!

  25. on my grind

    Hey this channel is great!!
    I just started my weight loss journey guys if yall are interested on keeping each other motivated please follow.

    Thank you.

  26. Theodore B.

    After knowing several people whom have been hospitalized after being on this diet.
    This diet is not safe, or healthy.
    Sure, you loose weight, you won't be as hungry. But from what I've observed firsthand on multiple occasions. This diet is dangerous.

  27. Michael James

    if you have not tried keto you need to know that it does work in a lot of ways. the main thing you do also need to know is that it makes people stink, from the breath, sweat, feet and privates. it is just like being around a drunk. their breath smells and when they sweat they smell horrible. what you are putting in comes out this way with anything. if you eat only eggs, meat and fat what do you think will happen with your breath and sweat? it will not smell like roses. not worth it to have abs when your friends and co workers call you stinky when you are not around. keto cycling (1 off, 1 on) is something to look into if you care how people smell you. for you young guys, if you meet a new girl and she is in keto make sure you check things out before you go too far, you might have yourself a stinker on your hands.

  28. Ann Harrison

    Well in Prehistoric times stone age man/woman didn't have cereals, Rye, Wheat, etc as they didn't know how to grow these , and they still needed energy to chase animals for food. We wouldn't be here otherwise. I didn't do it for weight loss, but for Diabetes as carbs turn into sugar in the body. I did not have a lot of weight to lose, but I lost FAT, i.e back fat, causing me to lose a dress and Bra size.

  29. Dano1947

    Dr OZmosis is back at it again I see. I eat some carbs but not as much as I use to. Use common sense. If something isn't working, and you don't know why, modifym

  30. Xtreme Scratchers

    Its actually been around forever, the body uses ketones to burn body fat during fasting periods after glycogen stores are used up, when your sleeping and during fasting, everyone at some time is in Ketosis when you go long periods without consuming foods and are eating a low carb diet

  31. Maria Luisa Cardenas

    I had been taking insulin for two months but was having bad side effect so the dr cut me down to 10 units. But I went on Keto and in four days no longer needed the insulin. I also went on if and omad by the way.

  32. MrWeiyin5

    Dr. Berg is good but I like Dr. Axe much more. I followed Keto for 8 months, lost 40 lbs and had lots of energy. When I starting eating sugar on weekends I feel terrible and gained 5 lbs back. I can tell the benefits of this diet. Heart rate, BP, both lowered.

  33. JUNGO

    sounds like some is trying to make money another way…this is just a trendy shit… what you can and just adhere to your body structure….and don't get paranoid and be one with average diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not this bullshit money making for other idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Maria Verrier

    Keto diet might be effective of losing weight but PureFit Keto Pills are not. I had troubled sleeping after taking Purefit Keto pills for a week. I couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours. I never have this problem before. PureFit Keto is a scam. So I stopped taking these pills. What a mistake of buying it online. It cost me a lot of money which I believed cannot get my refund back. Please anyone DO NOT FALL INTO THESE SCAM!

  35. Kiran Govind

    Why is it now all these Dr's are coming out promoting KETO when it's been mostly lead by people spreading the information on YouTube? This diet has been around for so long but they never talked about it or its bennifits. If it wasn't for the avalibility of information now we would have been kept in the dark by so called experts. I'm not going to give them credit for this to TV apperaence Doctors. My own MD had no idea about this diet. Instead he handed me a Govt approved diet flyer when I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes.

  36. The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home

    First and foremost dr. Oz is not an expert on the keto diet he just jumped on the bandwagon not too long ago and he doesn't even understand how to explain it correctly

    The flexible fats that he's talking about are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats they have double carbon bonds some of them have multiple they're not good under heat but they're good when you add them to food they do add to your cell Health cellular connectivity information transfer things of this nature

    Saturated fats are phenomenal source of energy they're very good for appetite satiation and they are good for hormones things of this nature they're all so great to cook with because they don't have double carbon bonds and they're great under heat they don't turn rancid as fast and they don't oxidize like other fats to so they're more stable

  37. The Keto Mechanic - Fueled By Fat Home

    The illustration of carbs just running right through us in a very metabolically healthy body this would be correct but there's no emphasis put on most of us have metabolic issues and carbs are not just going to run right through us as she says so the explanation is a little off you kind of picked bad people to explain this

    The point is somewhat made but I think you could have picked a lot better people

  38. Dillon Callaway

    It’s funny how everyone on the Keto diet manages to get skinny but they look malnourished and sickly just like raw vegans. Hmmm I wonder why? Maybe because both diets lack BALANCE. Try Paleo. Cut processed food out. Still haven’t lost weight while exercising? Stop reaching for the unhealthy snacks. You need ALL macronutrients carbs, protein, sugar etc to survive. Keto might slim you down quickly but will kill you in the long run, just like a calorie restrictive diet.

  39. Hanna

    Keto great if you want to get diabetes or stroke , also great for big Pharma profits this is why is being promoted . Humanity do not be suckers .

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