Is Paleo Diet Good To Get Rid Of Candida?

Greetings, greetings greetings. I got a question in from somebody. “Is the paleo diet good to get rid of candida?” Let’s have a look at that one. I’m not sure if I’ve done a video previously
on paleo diet. Paleo diets are very interesting. Paleo diets have been around for thousands
of years. In fact, my favorite book written in the 80s
was called Paleolithic Prescription by Dr.s Eaton and Connor, a very good book. I can remember reading that book a long time
ago thinking, “Wow, this is how I’ll be eating for a long time. High protein.” This has become quite a faddy kind of thing
now, eating nuts and eating seeds and eatings meats and organ meats and bone broths, and
these sorts of things. But is it a good way to get rid of candida? Well, I can tell you now there’s really no
good particular diet to get rid of candida, because really the diet varies in some degree
from person to person. The main tenets of a good anti-candida diet
are taking the sugars out, the sodas out, the crap food out of the diet like pizzas
and just crappy food, and by eating a higher quality diet. Now, vegans can follow a candida diet, paleos
can follow a candida diet, Muslims can follow that, Catholics can follow that. It doesn’t matter what your belief system
is because to me paleo is just another belief system. Chances are if you’re eating very healthy
like me, you’re probably eating kind of paleo already anyway. I would tend to be careful of really wacky
or way out diets, and some of these diets are pretty crazy. I’m not going to mention some of them, but
we’ve got some carbohydrate type of diets that I think are a little bit far fetched
and way out. Paleo is quite a good approach, but it doesn’t
suit some people. Some people are not really going to like eating
meat, for example. They’re going to be looking at other kind
of proteins. I prefer this paleo approach because I feel
eating this is a good level of satiety. You feel full when you’ve eaten some type
of animal protein. I believe also it’s conducive for health. It builds good blood health, good digestive
health. I get a little bit concerned with people who
don’t eat any meat at all, who just tend to eat vegetables and grains. I find that quite a difficult approach for
candida. I find it a difficult approach to stop bloating
and gas and bowel issues. You’ve got issues with sugars and fibers in
many different kinds of vegetables. If you’ve got poor bacteria, it can create
a lot of digestive discomfort. If you’ve got issues with paleo and particularly
with meat, try eggs. There are many different types of meats you
can eat on a paleo approach. Maybe you don’t like red meat, which I’m not
a huge fan of. Maybe fish is better, some salmon or some
sardines or fresh white filets. I’m not a big fan of shellfish or the bottom
feeders. I get a bit concerned. I just read an interesting article now on
the amount of plastic found in bottom feeders for example. Fragments, because there’s so many trillion
tons of plastic in the ocean now, it’s actually making its way into crustaceans as well. We have to be careful. Paleo is a good approach. It’s a sound approach, but the best approach
for you is the approach that makes you feel good. I always say to patients, find the protein
that resonates with you, that makes you feel good, okay? You’re going to wear the clothes that you
like to wear. You’re going to drive the car that you like
to drive. You can’t say everybody needs to buy a red
motor vehicle. Some people might like a green one or a white
one. It’s the same with diet in my opinion. We gravitate towards the things that we like
and that make us feel good, so try different proteins out. My favorite proteins, egg, lamb, and fish. Not in that particular order. I think they’re really good proteins for me. They suit me. Of course vegetables, you need to eat vegetables
on a paleo diet too. You can’t just eat meat alone. I would like you include particularly some
vegetables that have got a high prebiotic potential. Written about those on I believe I’ve done videos on vegetables with
prebiotic potential. Green beans for example, broccoli, cauliflower,
the brassicas. Sprouts, mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts. There’s many types of food you can eat. Sweet potato, yams, Jerusalem artichokes,
lettuce, endive, I think they call it, rocket. These are all really good foods that induce
good levels of beneficial bacteria. Beet tops and beets, all good foods to eat. Be sure to include foods that help to build
good levels of gut bacteria. For some people, they might like to have kefir
in their diet. Other people have yogurt, some people kombucha. There’s merits and benefits and disadvantages
to all of those foods as well. I’m not a big fan of kefir or kombucha for
people with very poor digestive health. I prefer to get the health up to a higher
spec before I start including those foods. But is paleo diet good to get rid of candida? I think it is. I think it’s a sound approach, but i think
you need to modify paleo to suit yourself, all right? Make sure that you don’t eat too much of one
food. It’s not a good idea to eat handfuls of nut. You’re going to end up with problems. Eat small amounts of nuts. Eat protein regularly, eat plenty of vegetables
on this diet, and eat the kind of fruits that are conducive towards good bacteria that aren’t
going to push the sugar levels up. You need to modify paleo. Let’s make it a personalized paleo diet. I think that’s going to be the right approach
for you for candida. That’s what the MEVY diet is all about when
you think about it. Meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. It’s very much a paleo kind of approach. Thanks for tuning in.

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Reader Comments

  1. Todd Catlin

    Hi Eric. The paleo and initial stages of the Candida crusher put me into ketosis, which gives me chronic prostatitis flair ups so i must include enough. This is not always ideal when resolving poor digestions and dysbiosis/leaky gut. Would you recommend root veggies or grains for carbs. Thanks

  2. Bill S. Preston Esquire

    Last year I started to drink a gallon of milk a day as part of a weightlifting bulking cycle, I never felt great after all of the milk, whey protein, and Greek yogurt, but continued to do it. Now, I have developed a terrible musty, shit type smell that comes out of my pores no matter what i do. I'm convinced that the dairy cause me to get candida/ leaky gut. I've been on an incredibly strict diet of no carbs/ sugar/ any food that causes only option was to start consuming high fat and get into ketosis so that I have energy during this time. Do you have any insight or help you can give me? Desperately need it

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