Is it Okay to Cheat on the Paleo Diet?

Is it okay to cheat on the paleo diet? Is it OK to cheat on any diet? Sure, if you’re
willing to live with the consequences. I’d like to know what you consider those
consequences to be. It’s like a strict budget where you routinely
splurge and buy extra things. At the end, you have less money than you planned. I’m talking about a diet. The Paleo diet tends to lead to lower caloric
intake because you eat lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. You ditch the junk food, which
is mostly empty calories. And you stop eating bread, which is toxic. Civilizations were built on cereals, because
they grew a lot of calories per acre that was easily storable in a granary. It’s only
bad today because we aren’t burning as many calories. Will cheating on the Paleo diet hurt me? It will hurt you if you are relying on the
Paleo diet to cure your diabetes or gluten-free diet. If you are just trying to lose weight,
it won’t matter if you turn around and burn it off. I’ve heard that you need to have cheat days
on your Paleo diet. Long term weight loss depends on lifestyle
changes to remove the temptations, so cheat days are counter productive. I’ve heard of the 80-20 rule for cheating.
If 80% of what you eat is Paleo, the other 20% can be non-Paleo. That’s Pareto’s rule, too. But if your
20% non-Paleo is a big bowl of ice cream and a package of pork rinds, you’ve blown your
diet for the next 8 days. But if you don’t cheat once in a while,
it is hard to stay on board. And a small cheat can easily become an all-night
smorgasbord. What’s the solution? Find good tasting recipes within your diet
and live off that. If they serve what you don’t like or can’t eat, bring a dish. Or look like a jerk for refusing. Or say you ate earlier. I just think you don’t like cheating. Tell all the girls, and I think they’ll
love me.

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