Is Intermittent Fasting On A High Carb Diet Bad?

hey guys so I’ve been getting a lot of
concerning questions lately regarding incident fasting and high carb diets so
basically the question or the controversy you could say is should I be
doing intermittent fasting on a regular basis if I follow a diet which is high
in carbohydrates and the answer isn’t as simple as you think it’s not just yes or
no basically it depends right it depends on you as a person and how you react to
fasting and high carb diets um but I’m gonna cover all aspects weight loss
irritability and those sorts of things and let’s get into the question and get
an answer for you guys who are concerned about this so the first question is
weight loss can you lose weight eat quite a lot of carbs each day and do
intimate fasting every single day and the answer is yes
carbs are not inherently fattening no evidence points to this no matter what
anybody says carbs are not inherently fattening they just are not right
calories is all that matters when we’re talking about weight loss so you can
lose weight eat carbs and do intamin fasting there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with us but there can be some problems that arise for certain people when
they’re eating quite a lot of carbohydrates and doing intamin fasting
the problem is that you may get irritable you may get a lot of cravings
during the day during your fast when you’re following a high carb diet as
opposed to somebody who’s lower in carbs or to the other extreme you know and
ketosis so let me explain what that means very quickly and then I can
explain exactly what I’m trying to get it so you’re either a sugar boner or a
fat burner most people are dependent on glucose such as myself as well you know
I eat foods which are typically high in carbs like potatoes I love potatoes I
think that great I think carbohydrates are important for testosterone
production I think carbs are great right so um because I’m eating a lot of
carbohydrates in my meals sometimes I don’t but a lot of the time I do now
that I’m trying to gain a bit of weight and muscle so because I’m eating carbs
my body is fueling itself mainly of glucose and
that’s life that’s what it likes right you know our brain needs a lot of
glucose our muscles thrive on glucose so when you’re eating
mostly carbohydrates or anything over 5 or 10 percent carbohydrates you your
sugar burner but once you lower your carbs very very low and when you up your
fats as well you begin to transition into the mere bollocks state of ketosis
meaning you’re metabolizing endogenous and or exogenous fat stores and you’re
metabolizing them and to ketone bodies like acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate
and these become your source of fuel and you can become keto adapted where over
time your primary source of fuel becomes these ketone bodies you’re still using
some glucose and you’re making that through protein or glycerol um but your
main source of fuel is ketones so you either a ketone or fat burner or sugar
burn so fasting is a way to induce ketosis because you have an absence of
carbohydrates and thus once your liver glycogen is depleted your body begins to
produce ketone bodies in order to fuel the brain but this can cause some
potential problems if your body is adapted to using glucose and from
carbohydrates as fuel because once you stop eating them and you start your
fasting your body isn’t as efficient at using ketone bodies for fuel unless you
become hungry your body’s expecting carbohydrates and you you start to crave
them right and you want them and it’s more difficult to fast for a prolonged
period of time as opposed to somebody who’s following a little carb diet on a
regular basis so that’s like two people they both have a goal of doing 20 hours
of fasting per day that eating 2,000 calories each one is eating 70% of their
calories from carbohydrates the other is eating 70% of their calories from fat
the person who’s eating 70% of their calories from fat is going to have a
much easier time going up to 20 hours of fasting you’re gonna start getting
cravings if you’re the person that’s at 70% carbohydrates but if you’re eating
mostly of fat and you’re reducing those carbs it’s going to be much easier for
you to continue in that state of ketosis because you’re already likely in one and
when you’re in a state of ketosis your appetite is reduced rather dramatically
so one isn’t necessarily worse or better in terms of weight loss but if you’re
eating quite a lot of carbohydrates those cravings might be kind of a
knowing you might get kind of irritable and that can cause some potential
problems it’s not to say that you shouldn’t do it but especially if you’re
going to be going over 20 hours over 24 hours then you probably want to be sure
that you’re eating a low carb meal or a few meals before that in order to induce
a light state of ketosis in order to preserve muscle so you know you have
three options in my opinion based on personal experience what I’ve seen in
the research and what I’ve seen work for others and clients and what I believe
you should do is yet you have three options the first is you either go
really low carb ketogenic style and you combine that with intamin fasting that
works really perfect and it’s synergistic and if done right it can be
healthy and good um but if you don’t want to do that that’s fine as well
you can follow a normal diet you know you’re eating a balanced ratio of carbs
fat protein you’re eating kind of frequently and you put in a bit of
intamin fasting here and there every few days for example do you eat between 12
and 8 so you’re doing 16 hours of fasting and that can work great for you
as well um the next thing you can do and I think this works really well for a lot
of people is to do something closer to the warrior diet or one meal a day so
you’re eating between like one two three or four hours max and that’s your eating
window and you’re fasting for the rest of the time and you can eat Cubs and
that will work quite well because you spend quite a lot of time in ketosis
when you’re in in a prolonged period of fasting for 18 to 22 hours and I think
that works quite well you run into trouble when you’re trying to do like
like 17 to 19 hours of fasting but you’re eating a lot of carbs that’s when
you’re gonna start getting a lot of cravings at least I sort of experienced
myself and what I’ve seen for others and from reports it’s difficult to kind of
get Studies on this because these are very specific examples
unfortunately because they apply to a lot of people so that’s my bus you
either go keto low-carb and intermittent fasting do a bit of fasting hare in
there just when you feel like it all go for something like one mill a day or the
warrior diet and eat whatever you want and do if it fits your macros and you’re
eating window period so that’s my recommendation for you additionally if
your eating quite a lot of carbohydrates you also want to make sure you’re
getting enough protein you don’t want to be
very very low on protein proteins gonna help you stay fuller it’s gonna increase
things like peptide YY which keeps your appetite a tryst and I’m getting like a
balanced ratio of macronutrients is going to be quite important be sure to
be consuming enough fiber right if you’re consuming a low fiber and you’re
eating a lot of carbohydrates that means you’re having a lot of sugar that means
your insulin your blood glucose levels are gonna be all over the place
so you want to be consuming foods high in fiber I like sweet potatoes
cruciferous vegetables stuff that’s going to allow that glucose that are
released gradually in the body low glycemic fruits are another great choice
as well so try to keep your fiber up keep your protein adequate and not too
low keep good fats in your diet saturated
fats monounsaturated fats and keep enough fat in your diet it’s a point for
slowing down digestion as well and just avoid those refined sugars and you
should be fine also fasting and then exercising and breaking your fast with
quite a few carbohydrates can be a good idea get in most of carbs after that
workout and then finish your last meal if you’re doing two meals with a high
fat lower carb meal just to extend that period of nutritional and fasting
ketosis there’s something you can also consider there you really have to play
around with this and you will see how you feel you know for example for myself
if I do like 17 18 hours of fasting and I’m eating a lot of carbs especially if
I’m not eating enough fiber I feel that I’m fatigued and I don’t have enough
energy but if I do oh mad or if I do keto then I know I have a lot of energy
and I’m gonna be fine um so you have to experiment with your own body if to
figure out what works for you just treat yourself like a little science
experiment and record down your energy levels what you did that day and then
just over time you can quantify what you’re doing when you feel energetic and
you’re gonna find patterns to find what works for you as an individual right
we’re all different so please understand that alright guys until the next video
I’ll see you guys later leave all your concerns down below or
your comments or your questions and I will get to answering them in video form
whenever I can in the future so basically the conclusion for this video
is you can do high carbon enzmann fasting for weight loss it comes down to
your caloric intake but if you’re eating a very high carb
low in fiber and low in protein you may kind of crash with energy you may get a
lot of cravings so in some it’s important to understand what works for
you as an individual and tweak those hours of fasting and tweak those
macronutrients in order to have stable energy levels and a reduction in
cravings because enzmann fasting is not supposed to be some sort of burden where
you’re completely hungry rights defeating the purpose you’re supposed to
try to get into a state of ketosis because that’s where you get many of the
benefits from so thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time peace

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Reader Comments

  1. C Reinicke

    Good info… I'd actually wondered about this in preparation of meeting my weight loss goal in the next few months and eating more carbs without gaining the weight back.

  2. Marcus Erensoy

    Truth! After almost two months of intermittent fasting, I can say with certainty that the nights I have a carb-heavier meal, the next day of fasting sucks. The cravings are much stronger and more annoying. If I keep the carbs low the night before a prolonged fast, I find it much, much easier.

    My advice to people who are fasting to lose weight: Keep it LOW CARB. Basically, all your carbs should come from vegetables, which I recommend you eat a lot of. And eat plenty of healthy fats, too.

  3. ᚼᚠᛁᛏᛁᚬᚱ The White Boar

    Hi! My name is Robin. I'm a fat burner. I've been a sugar burner for over 29 years. It was hell, I was addicted. I suffered, my loved ones suffered, and everyone around me suffered.. I was an asshole, plain and simple. Now, I'm not a sugar burner anymore. Say; No, To sugar before it's too late! I sure wished, that I had done that earlier. Learn from my story. Take care people.

  4. Khalil Shalash

    Hi Phillip, lent is coming, and I'm on keto, I still have ~10KGs I want to drop, what's your recommendation for vegan for 2 months? Is McDougall plan good in your eyes?

  5. Matt McLeod

    I eat over 60% carbs on whole foods plant based diet. I normally do 16:8 intermittent fasting, but sometimes do a 40 hour fast. 40 hour fast is not an issue for me as long as I stay busy and keep focus off food.

  6. Feeling FeNi

    I tried to quit carbs. a little to quickly and then had a huge binge for 8 days.. day 1 was awesome, I was so high on sugar.: ( lol day 8 I was so depressed. I was arguing with other people AND myself.., very upsetting. I got it together and have tried to make it more managable. I'm doing good now!: ) I don't want to go back to that horrible feeling of over eating carbs., so I keep reminding myself of that last time. Thanx for your great insight Phillip.. : )

  7. Think 4 Yourself

    I agree with the hunger difference. BIIG difference! However the body runs best with a balanced diet. Fruit, oatmeal, carrots, potatoes, etc. are health foods.

  8. MD Æ

    I have a high carb diet and I’ve tried intermittent fasting a few times. I just find that when I’m fasting, I seem to eat way fewer calories, but my weight stays the same. So for some reason I can less while fasting on a high carb diet with less weight loss resaults…

  9. pucrob

    Great video, TY. I believe IF works better with Keto, since fats are more satiating. However, I came off keto, as I don’t think eating those foods is sustainable for someone like me that likes everything, and socially. I’m older. Therefore did not lose much weight, but I’m not much overweight anyway. Rob

  10. Mac Bee

    Thank you for the video.I totally agree.Its easier to do intermittent fasting if you're In a low carb diet. I tried combining fasting with moderate to high carb meal in the last quarter of 2017. I notice that I was craving more .It came to a point where I felt like Im punishing my self. So this year I fast while on a low carb diet . It Is working well for me :).

  11. Mazi Butt

    My question is if a person who is doing  OMAD (23: 1 Intermittent Fasting) and in one meal he is eating home made food. NO JUNKS . Eating carbs as well . Will he reduce fat or not? I don't like to have KETO DIET with less carbs . CRAVING is not an issue for me. I can control however ending carbs is something difficult.

  12. Mazi Butt

    How much time a  body take to end  all glucose from Carbs and jump to Fat reserves in body when you are doing 23:1 IF or OMAD ?
    My meal contain Oats everyday , Chesse, Veggies , Pasta, Peanut butter ,Chicken etc. NO DONUTS NO JUNK NO CARBONATED DRINKS.

  13. Meena Blaggan

    hi i love your advice can you give me advice on what food to eat and foods to avoid. it just not clear. i cant find any advice on the net. please advice.

  14. S O N J A

    I eat a very high carb plant diet. When I fast for 24 hrs, and I've been eating unprocessed carbs, I have absolutely no problem. When I eat processed carbs & fast, it's quite hard.

  15. SunUp08

    I eat a very high carb WHOLE food plant based diet and I also intermittent fast, sometimes I will do OMAD on it as well. I have NO problems whatsoever, and I feel even better on high carb fasting than I did in my previous meat eating/low carb/keto years. But each to their own of course. I will also add that my biggest meal is always breakfast. Love it.

  16. SunUp08

    I personally feel to get the benefits of fasting on a high carb diet you really do need to ensure your carbs are unprocessed and whole (including fibre). In addition, lessen the meat and dairy, and you will feel the benefit. Mixing the both… carbs with meat/high fat, especially from animals, doesn't seem to benefit most people.

  17. zaheeda wajadali

    Why are people always on one extreme or the other? High carb or low carb then demonizing the other.

    Why can't we eat a moderate carb, fat and protein diet,

    I am a woman trying to lose weight on a 2 meal a day 1200 to 1400 calorie diet using IF eating 100 ro 125grams of carb.

    I can't go either way it affects me badly in different ways
    If I do:
    Low carb I can't sleep;5
    High carb inflammation increase exponentially.

  18. 13Gladius 2

    Yes the body can run off glucose but glucose is not the ideal fuel you fool. Excess glucose ferments which cause disease, fool. Cancer, diabetes….
    Fats do NOT ferment n are therefore a better fuel, provided they're natural fats NOT man made like margarine etc.
    Seems the body can tolerate more carbs when doing IF and if doing OMAD seems the body can really do well on high carbs, low protein (maybe 30grams). I'm a carboholic n can still lose weight when doing IF.

  19. Kali J

    This is what I never understand. If carbs are not bad than why are they bad for people with autoimmune issues. So that mean for some people it is life and death.

  20. super person

    You guys love the keto high and drool over autophagy but think you must intermittently fast to get the benefits of autophagy. Wrongo bro scientist. Autophagy is all about protein. When you are eating high protein your body does not engage in autophagy because it is not triggered due to over use if protein. Our bodies naturally recycle many of our amino acids from our bodies through autophagy. Its going on all the time and doesnt reqire ketosis or intermittent fasting. Only when you overload the body with overt protein does the body stop autophagy. So being a low carb high protein cultist actually hinders your natural autophagic response. This is why a natural low protein high carb diet made up of whole foods is the best natural autopagic diet. Its why whole food vegans kill cancer naturally without having to do all this stupid shit and shows that paleo and keto are actually eating disorders. GO WHOLE FOODS HIGH CARB AND ENJOY LIFE, EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT AND AUTOPHAG day and night …naturally. dummy!

  21. Matt Koch

    I eat a cup of rice, a sweet potato, a half a can of beans, and a bunch of veggies and nuts for my omad each day. Fasting until the meal is incredibly easy for me, The hardest part is fasting after the meal and I find as long as I include a bunch of fiber I dont have cravings afterward, just as he said. Good work Phillip.

  22. Angela Busch

    I’m a high carb vegan and I fast for 22 hour daily bases. I’m fine with it but I hear you follow high fat diet. How do you follow high fat on vegan diet? Do you eat a lot of nuts and seeds? What do you eat on daily bases? Thanks.

  23. Chiranjeevi C

    lots of respect to you for being honest and neutral over Carbs,there are people who follow keto diet and in their view carbs are like a demon and on the other side the people eats lots of carbs (like Asians) and still manage and healthy weight.I and following OMAD plan and don't worry much about carbs and I'm still loosing my extra weight

  24. Samar Abdulla

    If I eat in 4 hour window
    30% carb 50%fat 20% protein ( slow carb )( the carbohydrates will be come from fruit ,vegetables and oats no white rice no white bread nothing junk or processor)
    And I will be not in the ketosis
    Did I will lose weight ?

  25. Yensoun Ta

    New here. Thanks for this. Do you have recs for carb cycling? I find going either keto or high carb alone are both not sustainable. Also, are you saying that you can get into ketosis even when doing OMAD high carb? That part really confuses me. Thanks!!!

  26. RheRheSmily

    Ya I'm vegan and intermittent fasting. Eatting low carb and high fat would annoy me. There are a lot more option went eatting carbs than with eatting fat.
    All I'd be able to eat is avocados and nuts with veg. Not a lot of options.

  27. Poly Niki

    If you do the one meal per day diet and eat carbs so you do not go into ketosis, isn't that the same like a calorie reduction diet that will eventually lead to metabolism decrease?

  28. Michal Wozniak

    In my experience high carb diet works well with IF but it's easier to sustain with short feeding window (2-4h), consisting of 1-2 big satisfying meals which are high volume and have low/medium glycemic index.

  29. Muhammad Qasim

    :: High Carb Fat Loss ::
    Now You Can Get the Lean Body You Have Always Desired… Without Avoiding Carbs or Starving Yourself to Death.

  30. TxxMid

    Carbs by themselves are not inharently bad for you or fattening. Its when we pair high fat with the carbs does it make the food fattening because our bodies first primary fuel source is glucose (carbs, sugars). And when fat is paired with high carb meals your body is going to use the carbs and sugars as energy first and then store the fat as excess energy. So when these two macros are mixed it has a greater chance of making you store fat. So really these should be eaten alone and not paired together.. witch tends to cause inflamation anyway and you know how bad that is. I just eat a high carb plant based diet. feel good and I like the fact I am not supporting physical and emotional abuse to animals that just want to live their lives.. Factory farming is also probably destroying our planet 🙁

  31. zeppelin1qaz

    It depends on your genetics . Some peole naturally do btter better on a low carb and some of a high carb . I've lost weight on a high carb low-fat diet. You just hve to try both, your body will tell you which is best, by how you are feeling and wheter you have lost weight.

  32. Regina Snuffer

    I have been eating high carb with intermittent fasting, and I've lost around 30 pounds. I'm also in my early 50's and going through hormonal changes. It is working for me and has been one of the easiest ways I've ever lost weight! High carb, IF….the way to go for me!!!!

  33. Chris L

    Carbs aren't fattening but insulin is and its the bodys natural response to carbs. Also when most people eat carbs they mix it with fats and insulin teh storing hormone it is stores fats away while it uses glucose for immediate energy.
    Cholesterole is important for testosterone production and not carbs.
    Fasting wont put you in ketosis in under 24hrs in reality it takes more like 3 days if your healthy. Depending on insulin resistance you could not enter ketosis through fasting alone it takes excersise as well and forcing the body to use fats by consuming high amounts of it.

  34. Universal Powder

    I eat 2-3 meals after 16 hour fasts everyday and thats worked roid like awesome. Ripped and do half the work i used to do. Im the kind of person who can eat pounds and not gain weight though so maybe thats why 3 meals is okay for me. I still eat clean but i can eat anything i want.

  35. V. Roberts

    "Treat your body like a science experiment." Yes, this may sound awful to some people, but it totally makes sense to me. There are many variations between what some people will thrive in and what others will struggle with. You do need to check yourself and importantly be patient to push through some initial struggles (don't give up easily). Your body adapts, so take it slow. It is normal for your body to reject a new eating pattern. It takes a few days. I lost 35lbs (16kg) of weight I carried most of my adult life (age 29 to 49) over 6 months of an IF regimine and have been able to keep it off easily. I am in my early 50's and I have arrived back at my college weight, mentally sharp and I don't have to follow a strict diet (keto or low carb). I listen to my body. For me, some days are OMAD, some days are 18/6, and some days are 20/4. My meals consist of heavy vegetable/salads (60% of what I eat), Protein 25%, healthy starches 15%. I feel great, fit my clothes wonderfully and don't have to stress over what I eat (like my parents do following a strict keto diet). Some days I eat a much heavier carb diet (have to get some Italian pasta occasionally). I love that I can get more accomplished every day without stressing over meals or meal planning, etc. If I have a business lunch, I do 18/6, if I have a really busy day, I do 20/4. Totally fits my lifestyle. So glad to have researched this, wish smart guys like Philip had been around 25 years ago. 🙂 . Philip, thanks for the balanced approach.

  36. Yakbz

    So if i workout 1st thing in the morning and then fast for the rest of the day i may be able to be fat adapted. I am doing 16/8 IF and eat carbs with lot of fiber so i dont elivate blood sugar. My questio is am i using fatty acids for my muscle and liver to produce ketones or am i just using fat to produce glucose trough gluconeogenesis. I am training fasted and eating like this for mounths. If someone can make this easier for me to understand that would be great. Thanks

  37. Money Penny

    The 3 choices. I like that and it's the first time I've heard it. I'm KETO and IF and it's true that I have no cravings once my fasting window begins. But it's really restrictive. I can OMAD and have a Subway sandwich WITH the bread 🍞? I'm SERIOUSLY considering that. Thank you. 👍

  38. elf man

    Watched a lot of videos on intermittent fasting. This guy is the only one who makes sense. The rest are all repeating that keto crap which is not a lifestyle and who needs that complicated bull in their life.

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