Hi guys welcome back to my channel All this jargan about Intermittent fasting on the internet nowadays….. The concept started in the West & now lot of Indians follow it Loads of discussions about it on youtube/internet I too got tons of request to talk about I.F from the last 6 months So I did my thorough research about it to know thoroughly about I.F Also tried it on myself for 2 days If u r someone whose weight is stuck and can NOT lose weight despite doing everything cant get rid of belly fat at any cost then, maybe, this I.F is for you I will keep it simple & honest Pls watch till the end coz I will discuss the cons/negatives of I.F & also mention the people who should avoid I.F and if it’s good for females PLS SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL I.F is not a diet plan I.F is an eating pattern for weight loss/fat loss You have to eat in a window of 8 hours and 16 hours of fasting So, these 8 hours of eating can be decided acc to ur current lifestyle For some, eating window can start from morning 10 am for some can be at noon 12 pm I will suggest u a diet chart/time later in this video U have to maintain ur calorie count in this 8 hours then only u can lose fat/weight your diet needs to be rich in nutrients avoid too much grains/sugars food we eat has to be healthy & nutritious I.F targets 2 hormones that transforms our body into a fat burning machine 1.Insulin hormone burns fat faster, controls blood sugar level 2.HGH fat burning hormone & anti ageing hormone So HGH rises, means u start looking younger 😉 Other benefits – faster fat loss lean body, muscle building if coupled with right training improves digestion & metabolism improves heart condition helps in detoxing body so if some one suffers from weight loss plateau so to break that, I.F’s eating style is good During fasting time(16 hrs) u can just have water and black coffee or green tea In I.F, people have different styles of meals some prefer 5 meals, some prefer 2 meals after some studies, I found that 3 time meals is best In 8 hours, meal, thrice full of nutrition and NO SNACKS u start ur eating at 11 am 2 tsp of desi ghee for instant energy in body have bananas and seasonal fruits and loads of dry fruits then starts ur main meal 2 rotis with daal and sabzi u can also have rajma, chana, chole paneer if u r a veg good protein in soyabean, tofu non vegs can take chicken egg fish next meal should be UPMA Its a good complex carb have in decent quantity u can have tea once now in mid meal with lotus seeds, chana , can have 2 biscuits u can have same roti or chawal I will prefer u to have rice white rice with rajma or sabzi or fish curry or any curry with veg salads u can have little sweets made at home like besan ke laddo coconut laddoos any homemade kheer/ curd so ur eating time ends at 7 pm and now on to fasting mode again Idea of I.F is to turn ur body into a fat burning machine when u go in the fasting mode, ur body gets a signal that it might go in starvation then it utilises all the excess fat stored in ur body it uses/burns them for more energy But if u r a complete beginner in fitness Then I wont recommend I.F coz ur body is not used to this type of fat burning system For a lot of women, I.F can cause major hormonal disbalance like mood swings, menstrual irregularities acne, skin issues Many studies show that women could not sustain I.F in the long run It has affected adversely so u have to see & try it for urself whether its working or not People who have migraine should not do it People with low B.P shouldnt do it People with physical/medical conditions/low BMI shouldnt do I.F People with mental stress shouldnt do I.F Stress and I.F doesnt work Pregnant/lactating mothers/women planning pregnancy should NOT do it Personally, I dont do I.F since my B.P is on lower side I feel I.F is not a lifelong sustainable diet I find this 8 hours window of eating stressful Men do I.F better But for women, who are engaged with families and jobs so I.F is a headache My personal take is that I wont do it Our focus should be on lifelong sustainable fitness coz lifelong this eating pattern is not possible. Maybe u can try it sometimes, occasionally

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  1. Ayesha Zahid

    Isn’t it somewhat like Roza, where people do saher at 5 or 6 in the morning and then iftar at 6 and rest if the time they can eat, here the gap is mostly 12 hrs and in if its 16 hrs

  2. ankita shukla

    Acv bhi lena hai… Ghee bhi khana hai… Aur Green tea bhi peena hai… To iska kya sequence hona chahiye… M so confused…. Pls help me..!

  3. Anam shaikh

    Ma'am i have a doubt about i.f after seeing this video of yours i asked to my dietitian she said u can take liquid foods only in that 8 hours. What should i do now?

  4. Palak Trivedi

    Hye very nice & simple video anwesha !! My query is my age is 39 & entered into menopause stage can I do this IF for weight loss pls reply

  5. Ambika Karunaharan

    I have one doubt di… Am following 11am to 7pm IF… Can I take ACV or any other detox water by 6am on empty stomach?.. am gng to gym by 6.30am to 7.30am…

  6. Bushra Adil

    Itna zyada intermittent fasting ka fashion chal rha h ki mein khud weight loose journey par hu toh pareshan thi ki karu ya nhi karu but mene isko try kiya for one week seriously batau toh irritate ho gayi thi mein kyunki ek toh diet karte ho toh healthy khana hota h upar se bmi counting calories ke under Khao pehle hi banda soch samajh kar khata h upar se ek aur stress ki 8 ghante ke ander khalo uske baad fast rakho ab dieting mein weight loose journey mein healthy khao par limit mein khao jo log 8 baje dinner kar lete h and late sote h unko toh obviously craving honi hi h kuch khane ki toh banda pehle toh options hi dhundta h kya kha sakte h aur kya nhi kyunki 12 ya 1 baje fir bhuk lagni hi h upar se intermittent fasting chalu hogayi toh bas diet weight loose journey and intermittent fasting koi banda continue nhi kar payega chod dega ki bhad mein jaye mujhe karna hi nhi kuch itna kon stress palega mujhe malum tha sirf aap hi ho jo ispar actually sahi kuch bataogi kyunki mein bhi bhuke rehkar toh weight loose nhi kar sakti katai nhi so aapke review ka intzaar tha seriously thanxxxx and I really love you so much😘😘

  7. Tayyaba Naveed

    Dear plz mjy reply zror krna.ap NY bola Jo conceive krna chahty hai wo ye na krain. But mjy Drs bolty k weight km kro phir pregnancy ho ge. Mera is Sy weight km hoa Hy Mera ho he nhe rha tha mjy btana

  8. Swarnali Sengupta

    Hi Di…i have pcod…my current weight is 62…i m following a good diet followed by some exercise..m avoiding carbs totally…no rice no roti nothing…will it be helpful losing weight?plz rply

  9. Arzoo Ansari

    Me teen Saal se IF Kar rahi hoon and there is so much difference that I have in my body,,or an me useto ho gayi hoon I am Extreme gymr high intensity work out Karti hoon or Apne Sahi kaha meri umr or kam ho gayi he esa log kehte hein,or mujhe dekhkr motivate hotel hein,I love IF it's like Roza for me, because Mene IF Ramzan se start kardi thi or ab third Ramzan ane wale hein,I am very happy to see my abs and my sculpted body😘😘😘

  10. Soniya singh

    Kya teenage girl I.F. kar sakati hai. Please reply me as soon as because mera weight 78kg hai at the height 5.3inche. So i am very worried

  11. Pratima Poojary

    Hi … Lovely content .. you rightly said try it to see if it works … It can be sustained as your lifestyle but the key is to start slow 14 /10 and then increase your fasting .it worked for me I am currently doing 14 hrs fasting but want to eventually go for 16 .. it is very difficult in the begining but observe and give time .. forgive when you are unable to do it on some days … Trying is the only option. Love

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