is amberlynn faking her weight loss and personality on vlogmas?

Hello, how are you guys doing? I’m well despite falling flat on my face after my last video, not even when it comes to food, to be honest, because there isn’t anything on Amberlynn’s recent vlogs, at least the ones that I watched, that made me think “oh we’re back to square one” but more in other aspects. I was sure that I saw growth and someone maturing and becoming stronger and nicer, but it all came down crashing on me after watching this Instagram Live. I said we lost nothing giving her the benefit of the doubt, but it all comes down to trust. If we see inconsistencies between the persona that we are seeing on vlogmas and the real deal coming out in these unedited Instagram lives, then I have no reason to believe there’s any truth in there in regards to every other aspect including the weight loss. Nonetheless, this channel is about weight loss, and health discussions so let’s jump to what matters for this video. If you are an older subscriber back during Amberlynn’s previous cycles, there was something that I would always talk about: Amberlynn looks miserable when trying to lose weight. What I mean by that is that usually after starting a new cycle we would start hearing more and more things such as “Oh a had a horrible day today” or “My mind is just not in the right place today” and that’s for two reasons: 1. It’s that she is unable, while trying to lose weight, to run to food to feel better, which is something she has said herself during previous comments of the day sections. 2. And second, being on a diet isn’t usually a fun thing, and I do believe that she feels things with much more intensity when on a diet. It’s almost as if trying to lose weight and being unable to eat whatever she wants makes her upset in itself. Then whenever she would go out to eat or have a take-out, that’s when we would see her happier and with more energy, you know? However, despite noticing these few slips quite constantly on her vlogs where she says her day has been bad or that she feels horrible, she seems to have a better mindset overall. I’m hoping we don’t get a video talking about some major secret problem and how her mind is not there, and that’s why she will quit vlogmas and her diet. I’m just hoping this doesn’t happen. Although I must say, I don’t know where this positivity went on that Instagram live because it sure wasn’t there, that’s for sure. Now, Amberlynn has mentioned a few times on her recent vlogs about fasting but I never really said anything about it. If you don’t know Intermittent Fasting is a system (not a diet), but a system where you fast during a set number of hours and eat only in this shorter time frame during the day. IF as we’re going to call it is based on two main concepts: 1. It’s that our ancestors didn’t have much food available all the time, and so fasting was a natural thing for them. Having such a convenient way of getting food in modern society would lead us to overeating. 2. Second, is that because we are continually overeating, our body never has the time to rest. When fasting, you need to choose a cycle that best fits your routine, and it can be either 16, 18 or 20 hours of fasting which will include sleeping hours. Meaning that for Amberlynn, since she is fasting for 16 hours, she could eat her last meal at 10 PM and then only eat again at 2 PM the next day. (Last meal at 22hr, eats again 14hr) Now I do think fasting is an excellent tool for Amberlynn because it is associated with a lot of health benefits, including weight loss based on something called post-absorptive stage. This stage means the stage where your body isn’t processing any food, and it usually starts 12 hours after a meal. In this stage is much easier for the body to burn fat since insulin levels are quite low. Basically, is when your body is not using the food you just ate for energy and has to turn to your fat deposits. I would love if Amberlynn spoke more about how she feels during her fast because at least in this vlog it seems like she only started recording during her “eating hours” for the day. So it would be interesting to see what’s happening if she has energy during her fast f she feels hungry or not and that sort of thing. But what do you guys think, do you believe this fasting is a good tool for Amberlynn? Have you tried fasting before? For the second part of this video, we’re going to watch her cooking, and there will be mostly notes on the screen since is just disruptive to record a voice over for every single note, so if you’re interested in nutritional facts about her meals let’s watch these meals together. (oh, our minds…) (Remember my little diagram of a balanced diet and such? Stating that it’s all about what you do the most…) (You are the rule, not the exception? Well, here the exception is the healthier ingredient…) (It’s like ordering a gigantic Mcdonald’s meal and then ordering zero coke. Which she has done… kind of) If you have watched this far, I can’t thank you enough for supporting my videos. Subscribe if you enjoy my content, like this video too and also let me know what you think in the comments down below. Thank you for watching. Byeeeeeee

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    Kind of wish I could post gifs here to fully showcase my feelings lol I had no idea about this live while making my latest video and watching it was an experience… Kind of, "ahhh, I almost forgot that this is the reality". Don't forget to turn your cc on and enjoy the video. 🖤

  2. Shimmer Shine

    Amberlynn: [stabs someone]
    Internet: [gets mad]
    Amberlynn: “Okay but Jefferey Dahmer killed people and I don’t see you guys commenting under his YouTube channel”

  3. Atikah Hashim

    She could loss all the extra pounds if she want to. But she won't be able to shed those attitudes. It's strongly glued within her for so long already.

  4. Sarah Rambo

    oof we're expecting a lot from a single cucumber! that meal was bad and Im glad the stir fry went better. I think she thinks healthy is flavorless and gross and in many ways sabotages her own attempts to be healthy by making hte driest most flavorless meals possible.

  5. Esther B.

    i tried IF 8/16, it didnt make me lose weight. but, it did cure my desire to eat ALL the time and energy spikes and falls throughout the day, and violent hunger pangs. so i consider it very successful for me. then i totally stopped doing it and started a whole food diet. i lost 10 pounds slowly. i would like to lose 5-10 more. but not now. dieting takes a lot of mental energy.

  6. Michelle

    I'm doing 16:8 IF just now (46 days so far). I'm following a low calorie diet and the fasting helps me keep on top of my snacking. I don't eat anything outwith my 8 hour "feeding window", which has stopped me snacking at night. I've lost 25lbs since 8th October. IF doesn't work for weight loss if you are still eating more calories than you are burning, same as OMAD doesn't work if you are taking your full day's calories (or more) in one meal.

  7. Katelin

    My best friend’s (who I basically class as my sister) mom does intermittent fasting after she came back from America (my friend is also half American) her mom gained 2 stone while over there !
    She was over weight before that but ever since she returned she’s lost 10st and her diabetes doesn’t affect her life anymore!
    And that’s all thanks to ketosis fasting, she actually gave me lots of information on how to start, what to eat and lots of other useful information.
    I’m going to start ketosis fasting in the new year and I’m hoping to lose 150lbs to get down to 140lbs / 10 stone I’ve also heard it can be quite beneficial for depression and my depression has been extremely bad lately.
    I think fasting is a great idea for amber, however I’ve been told you have to keep quite busy otherwise all your brain thinks about is food, as amber really doesn’t do a lot, I really hope she doesn’t slip back easily ….

  8. Kat Stevens Reborn

    I’d never seen the binge monster live before the other day. Really interesting to see the veil slip from her persona. Rotten pig, inside and out.

  9. John Smith

    My wife and I tried fasting a few months ago and after a 95 hour fast we have completely kicked the sugar/carb addiction. The relationship with food has changed forever. I cannot even stomach the kind of sugary "treats" I used to love to snack on. All the junk is disgusting to me now. I have lost almost 40 lbs in about a 3 month time period and feel better than I did in high school.


  10. erika rodriguez

    She does the same fasting window I do 16/8 it keeps my weight down and I have lost weight
    It does work but you have to eat well
    Not eat out or fast food all the time
    I do keto along with my fasting I think it’s a great combo
    It’s difficult at times but I push through
    I’m hoping it works for her but I think you’re right it’s all just part of this cycle ♥️

  11. Wildrose

    I don't think ALR can do intermittent fasting properly. She seems like exactly the kind of person who can fit a mountain of food into her 8 hour eating window, then wonder why she isn't losing weight. All this eating out, for example. Hasn't she eaten out virtually every day of this 'weight loss' regimen?

  12. Martin Tanz

    I am skeptical about the supposed benefits of fasting, but it is like anything else. If you eat mindfully, you can lose weight as long as you have a calorie deficit. If eating within an 8, or 10 hour window helps you do that, than it will work.

    But is ALR telling the truth, or is this just another cycle? I think it is the latter, and just a matter of time before she does another mukbang video. But I hope I am wrong. If ALR is down 100 lbs in 6 months, or 200 lbs by this time next year, than we will know she was serious.

  13. Esther B.

    as a dietitician to be, you are qualified to talk about her eating habits, but as someone who hasn't studied psychopathology, it's normal for you to get tricked by someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

  14. Emily So

    i saw a comment that if michael had amber's BMI he would be 885 pounds…. girl you really gonna say he's gaining weight. that's literally her only comeback and its mediore.

    she was checking herself out in the camera the entire live, it was so disgusting

  15. OzGirl PJB

    Watching Big AL's gargantuan gut sway back and forth when she waddles, and continues swaying for 10-12 seconds AFTER she stops waddling, I don't believe she's lost a SINGLE pound. Her gut/fupa area is massive—definitely MUCH larger than it was even 4 months ago. I believe she's WAY past 600 pounds and I won't believe a weigh-in unless it's done by a nurse at a doctor's office and recorded and uploaded to YouTube with no jump-cuts. Big AL's a narcissist and a master manipulator and liar, so I don't believe a single thing that she says.

  16. sue lawson

    Seriously, she needs to lose subscribers. And I say that not because she is super morbidly obese, but because she is a narcissist. They have no identity of their own. They constantly feed off reactions from other people, social media is their playground. She's leaching the life out of her girlfriend, yet pays her to stay. Horrific person.

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