Intermittent Water Fasting Results [Day 66]

hi everyone its Mieka and today is my day
66 weight loss results and my day one 30 day fasting weight loss results I
started this journey 66 days ago at 273.2 lbs starting it’s two seventy three point two my highest weight ever 297 my
go away 197 I don’t know if I want to go lower maybe I do age 41 height five nine
I think I’m still five nine because you shrink so I need to learn how to linked
in mind whenever so I could be back to five nine cuz that stretches out the fat
okay so today is day 66 of the weight loss journey and 30 day 30 day challenge
they won that’s how we’re gonna do it 30 day one okay I’m gonna tell you how much
I lost which is kind of outrageous what I lost
so this is what I’m doing for the 13 days of intermittent water fasting and then after I finished these 13
days I’m gonna look at my weight and I’m gonna reassess what I’m doing because I
want to be 197 before January 1st okay so what exercise did i do yesterday I
did the post office job for five hours which required me to lift heavy boxes
carry them and put them in boxes I’m sorting mail basically Priority Mail for
the you know the holiday seasons so many boxes gifts and all kinds of things so
that’s what I’m doing five hours of that then I came home for
some hours then I went to my hair job I do locks and braids I did 1:30 p.m. to
7:00 p.m. so my day was packed I ain’t nothing all I did was drink um
yeah I drank in that was it so yesterday my weight my starting weight for the
30-day challenge is 243 even now that really is not reflective of what I think
I was because I had a major major binge where I ate Captain D’s fish coleslaw
Freddy’s burger I had chick-fil-a chicken nuggets
I have Freddy sundae I had a bunch of gun all the bars I had a bunch of diet
soda I had so much stuff that my my stomach just needed to digest it and I
think I had myself in shock for a day so I gained like I don’t remember how many
pounds like four or five pounds so when you see today’s weight you’re gonna be
like what the hell it’s not it’s gonna get more normal here but I promise you I
don’t lie and I have scale shots of every day of the 66 days and I’m going
to at the end of this show a video with not today show a video with all the
scales I take a picture every morning first thing that’s the first thing I do
so this weight loss really happened um so I didn’t eat I did at least five
hours of exercise tons of walking times a liftin I feel I’m a bit to the gym you
guys I feel well this one muscles like wow cuz I’m just lifting steady lifting
um I think that’s all I had to say today so if you want to see if I could lose 46
pounds in 30 days subscribe and hit the notification bell I do videos every
single day so day one of this strict challenge um I wanted to quit
already and I’m not joking like it’s mental like I want to eat when I can’t
eat but it’s easy too fast for me I’m doing so yesterday was water fast
today is Sunday December 2nd is water fest again I have no hunger right now I
have extreme energy but I will be thinking about tomorrow when I can eat
and I’m scared to death I want to know what you guys eat on a daily basis I’m
just different ideas it might be fast food because I’m gonna work a lot
tomorrow I don’t know I’m not giving up fast food I’m not giving up a lot of
things right now um I had that sugar I am not having sugar for December you
guys if I have sugar or once or twice a month for the rest of my life I feel
like that success and I’m sorry I’m super congested um since the day before
yesterday my throat has been feeling weird and I’m so congested yeah I feel
like my habit is broken if I only have sugar once or twice a month like that’s
fine I don’t want to binge anymore like that’s another habit I want to get rid
of I don’t want to have a day like I had on day 65 like that was just ridiculous
I don’t want to eat like that I want to always have some kind of control maybe
once in a blue moon like every six months I you just eat whatever I went
but when you’re fasting and you’re doing a low carb like those cravings are so
different like the food the sugar the Sunday wasn’t even the best of me and
yeah I don’t know like my food habits are changing my body is changing
internally like whatever signals go to your brain to say you’re hungry or you
want this and you’re craving it’s changing dramatically um I would like to
know who is joining me on this challenge um what will be your challenge and you
could stick to it like if you go back to all my videos you’ll see I’ve been a
major slacker I should have been to go away already
six days I could have easily been to go away if I didn’t have all those regains
like I’m telling you if I could do this I know you could do it because we a lot
of us have the same issues if you love food and taste so yummy we have the same
problem so man I want you to watch everyday because I am NOT playing around
this time I’m not gonna cheat I’m not going to eat these days I’m gonna stick
to the oh man I thought I could eat eight hours here but I did four hours so
and I it’s funny because four hours is not a lot so I have to be strategic of
when I’m gonna eat the first meal when I meet the last meal and not to eat four
hours straight no and the choices man I treated see it’s all about habits I
traded my morning run this is what I used to get every morning you guys know
I’ve said this before I used to go every morning the wrong direction way out of
the way to go to work this was my breakfast and I’m not joking you guys I
would have four cookies this big they are so yummy I thought about it
yesterday the other day yesterday the day before I thought about it I thought
about what am I gonna eat on this day I could eat anything with no excuses like
I don’t have to say why did it I don’t have to make any sad stories I can eat
whatever yes I was just thinking about what am I gonna eat so four of these
sugar cookies they’re sugar cookies with white frosting I’m one to two slices of
pizza this is from Casey’s the gas station that has a most the best pizza
and the best sugar cookies then I leave Casey’s I start eating a little bit
while I’m going cuz I mean this whole thing before work then I go to
McDonald’s get a large diet dr. pepper with light ice because I gotta have more
in there then to hashbrowns sometimes I would get one slice of pizza all those
cookies and like a McGriddle milk where egg and cheese in the griddle
this is crazy I take it apart and I put a jelly on one side and have the other
side with the egg cheese and McGriddle and I put ketchup on the two hash browns
so I would eat all that food on the way to work took me about 20 minutes to get
to work and I might say one or two cookies if I’m stuck I don’t really get
stuck like I could eat a whole pizza and a whole tub of ice cream
and I don’t feel stuffed it’s so weird but I think losing this weight is
shrinking my stomach a little bit so going from that to have a chick-fil-a
chicken strips all the time like that was a good switch of a habit but now and
I used to do that at least four to five times a week because I go to work six to
seven days a week that is a lot of thing food that was my calories for the entire
day it’s not more it probably wasn’t past 2500 2500 has always been my
maintenance calories because I’m very active okay so then now I’m just stuck
on chick-fil-a chicken strips but I think I’m almost like just killed that
like it’s not even the appetizer I’m really nothing is appetizing anymore
nothing is like saying you gotta go get that but you’re still gonna see
chick-fil-a probably tomorrow um so yeah um I replaced some habits I need to get
rid of the diet soda habit and I want to have water with lemon water if you
infused with fruits okay that’s what I want to have but I’m just not ready to
try that yet so I spoke a long time okay now what’s
you bill a before I woke up this morning this is so crazy
at 2:00 not joking I’m not playing this is my real weight for pills that’s minus
seven point six pounds that’s not all weight loss that’s is some food
digestion and it’s also all of this before this after I’ve weighed 243 I
went and did all of them hours of exercise at the job and then
I also did oh yeah that was yesterday so then I went did all the exits five hours
to exercise so that played a part plus no food plus digestion plus I didn’t
have any salt so nothing’s retaining so that’s why we’re gonna see this we
probably will not see that again in one day okay but that means I’m only 37.4
pounds away from if I’m doing the math right thirty-eight pounds
I think that’s 38 pounds away from what my goal is so I need to lose a little
more than a pound a day and I think it’s doable
so if I could okay I’m gonna stop talking nice

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Reader Comments

  1. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Hi everyone. 30 days left in 2018. Let's give our all and start the New Year healthier!! What are your stats? How did you do yesterday?

  2. Fallopian Tube Formula

    I'm having problems too sis. But I love your attitude. Be sure to do them affirmations every day… This is what helps me… But some days I just don't do the affirmations! Grrr

  3. Triple H

    We are basically the same height… I am around 225 at the moment… Did Keto for 1.5 years and lost some weight but not a huge amount for all the hard work I put in so in September I switched to Non-Keto OMAD but I have just maintained my weight and haven't lost so I'm trying to transition to longer water fasts… BTW I clean fast… Just water, black coffee, and some pink salt added to my black coffee on starting on day 2.

  4. DeliciousRedApple

    Congratulations you have been doing an exceptional life change and Don’t worry about drastic switching bcuz it takes time to kick away bad habits (I used to be a huge binge eater and I relate on the pizza πŸ˜– I would eat a whole pizza before going to sleep almost every day)

    I want to join this 30 day challenge with you Girl my eating has been bad the past 2 months or so 😞 I need to take control

    My start weight for challenge is 232.6
    Highest weight 306.0

  5. ty4ree1

    Omad is life! I myself do omad mon thru fri. I eat what ever I want but I cook it at home. 16/8 is for the weekends this is when I eat twice no snacking inbetween meals. I will have fast food if I feel like it. Im down 40 pounds in 7 weeks so far.

  6. The Fashion Bandit

    I tried the snake juice diet, I can only fast for 24 hours. So, I’ve gone back to low carb only eating 20 carbs and 5 days in I’m down 8 pounds. I love that you post everyday. You are definitely keeping me excited about weight loss!

  7. A. B.D.

    Stretches out the fat too funny structure South the fat to funny buy 1 of those boards that you lock your ankles in and hang upside down that will stretch you out


    WOW Congrats πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ. I am so excited about the weight loss and fasting you got this Mieka you will hit your goal soon 😘

  9. StorageSlayer

    You might want to go longer on water fasts 3 to 5 days. To knock it out easily and quickly. 46 lb is vary possible but you will need to cut the sugar for sure and carbs are sugar when they are broken down. Keeping you in my thoughts sweetie. Yes you could of easily hit your goal. It's mind over matter .

  10. Siri7 Atma

    You are awesome,
    I am back from Bali Indonesia I gained 1.8 kilos but weight loss is not so important,
    It’s more for my health,
    Fasting is great once you go 3 days water fasting it gets easier.
    It’s so great to hear you are not binging.
    Carbs make you crave more food.
    You look awesome.
    It’s great to know non of us are perfect.
    I drank alcohol on a working vacation, the liver is so important in keeping the belly fat off, hee hee I am skinny with a belly πŸ˜‚
    Love your honesty ❀️

  11. Jennifer Finch

    Eat things like eggs, ground beef pattys with cheese, try to keep yourself in ketosis and you won't feel as hungry when you're not eating

  12. NappyNoLye

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I am 41 years old. I started alternate day fasting 1 week ago. I am down 8lbs. Keep up the good work. Watching other people progress gives me motivation.

  13. none given

    you will get there when you take it seriously…….until then you will stretch out the struggle. stop eating garbage (not trying to be rude,, but straight forward honesty is sometimes what we need. (i lost 40lbs) i am now a hair away from underweight, now focusing on muscle gains

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