Intermittent Fasting

there’s a lot to get used to and keep
track of when adopting a ketogenic diet but once you have the basics down like
your new grocery list and meal planning there’s something else to keep in mind
success on a keto diet isn’t just about what you eat though that is essential
it’s also about when and how often you eat intermittent fasting sometimes
called if’ is a trending topic in some diet & Wellness communities and relevant
to those of us on keto – when done properly if’ can be a powerful tool to
break through a weight loss plateau or ramp up your fat burning before you
consider if’ it’s important to know what your macros are and how to track them to
review this concept watch the ruled me video understanding macros and the keto
calculator or read the article on titled ketogenic calculator another
thing to remember is that you certainly don’t have to fast on a ketogenic diet
some people find it helpful and doable and others do not
there’s no reason to restrict yourself with intermittent fasting if it makes
you unhappy that’ll just cause stress and strain around your entire diet and
may lead to lapses in your dietary discipline that said if you want to
learn more about if’ here are some of the key principles there are two basic
terms – first familiarize yourself with feeding and fasting your body is in
a feeding state when you’re eating and in a fasting state between meals there
are a few methods of fasting one is skipping meals to prolong the time of
fasting the most common meals that people choose to go without are
breakfast and lunch another method is referred to as eating
windows this approach requires condensing your entire macronutrient
intake in between a four and seven hour window during the rest of the day and
night you’re in a fasting state the third and most extreme is a 24 to 48
hour cleanse this long of a period is really more of an extended fast than an
intermittent fast and we don’t recommend that people
new to fasting start here we found that the best if’ introduction is restricting
yourself to certain eating windows one common way people restrict themselves is
by eating only during the hours of 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. remember the time you
spend sleeping counts as fasting so if you finish your dinner at 6:00 p.m. and
don’t eat until noon the following day you’ve achieved an 18-6 window if you
hear people using numbers to describe their fasting habits the first number is
the number of fasting hours and the second number is the number of eating
hours for instance if someone says they’re eating window is nineteen five
that means they have 19 hours of fasting and five hours of eating you also don’t
have to practice if’ every day you can try it once a week or a few times a week
to see how it feels to adjust your schedule listen to your body and if it’s
working for you keep it up or try adding another day or two now why does if’ work
the key thing to consider is that our bodies can only take in a certain amount
of food at one time so creating stricter guidelines around
when we eat creates a built-in limit on our calorie intake people who struggle
with overeating or mindless snacking often find this very helpful during
fasting periods our bodies begin to break down stored fat for energy when
we’re in ketosis our body already mimics a fasting state because of the absence
of glucose in our bloodstream whenever you’re fasting don’t forget
that you’ll likely need to eat some extra fat once you break the fast in
order to hit your daily macros beyond weight-loss there are other proven
benefits of fasting Yoshinori Ohsumi who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or
medicine in 2016 discovered that fasting can trigger autophagy a process where
non-essential parts like damaged proteins are recycled in invading
microorganisms and toxic compounds are removed it’s basically like your cells
are getting a nice deep autophagy is an important factor in
stopping the aging process reversing disease and preventing cancer when we
eat three or more meals a day and fulfill our calorie needs even with the
healthiest of foods our cells can still get backed up with non-essential
proteins and toxic compounds to give cells a chance to clean themselves
without other functions distracting them we must give our bodies a break from
feeding through fasting this fasting process will not only activate autophagy in your cells it will also increase your ketones much faster than if you were
just eating a standard ketogenic diet if you combine intermittent fasting with
activities like walking cycling or lifting weights you can raise your
ketone levels and increase autophagy more than you would with intermittent
fasting alone many people who practice if’ also experience heightened mental
clarity because fat is considered one of the most energy efficient fuels for your
body to run on and your brain consumes a lot of energy once your body is keto
adapted your brain can effectively run on ketones which are derived from fat
breakdown in the liver an if’ only amplifies this effect if you maintain a
daily or frequent fitness regimen you might be concerned about how fasting
will affect the way you feel pre and post-workout not to worry
many studies have proven that intermittent fasting while training can
result in higher metabolic adaptations improve muscle synthesis and improve
response to post-workout meals here’s what a sample 3-day keto boost fasting
routine might look like on Thursday evening you eat a ketogenic dinner as
usual and those are the last calories you consume that day on Friday morning
within 30 minutes of waking up head out for a long walk you can drink a moderate
amount of coffee or tea not too much as it can cause mineral excretion which you
need to be aware of during fasting on the walk you bring along a liter of
water with a little bit of added unrefined salt that morning you walk for
three to four hours this is a long time so plan some phone
calls queue up some podcasts or find something else to keep you productive
during that time this long walk will use up your glycogen stores and force your
body more quickly into deep ketosis the quicker you get into ketosis the less
time you spend feeling drained if you can’t set aside this much time
one alternative is doing 45 to 60 minutes of high-intensity interval
training exercises after the walk consume a bit of MCT oil two or three
times throughout the rest of the day on Saturday when you wake up test your
blood ketones with a ketone blood testing kit they should be at point 7
millimoles or greater if you’re at point 7 millimoles proceed with your fast and
if not consider going for another extended walk then retest be sure to
drink plenty of water throughout the day on Saturday adding in a bit of unrefined
table saw to each 1 litre bottle on Sunday evening break the fast with your
favorite keto meal ruled me has hundreds of delicious
tested recipes to choose from that’s just one way to incorporate a three day
fast into your schedule even if you can’t make it for the full three days
smaller periods of intermittent fasting can still yield big results for more
info on all things keto check out all the resources on ruled me including
recipes meal plans videos testimonials and more

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Reader Comments


    going back on keto cuz after i went off I gained back most of it, even tho, i never wanted to eat another stick of bacon ever! I used I.F. and i got into keto within a day or so. its like adding a supercharcher to your race engine ! burns fuel like it too. most days i had to force myself to eat even 500-900 cals…

  2. Carel Joubert

    I only fast 13 hours a day. But my sleep down from 8hours and afternoon naps to about 5.
    Is it the fasting, or is it my low carbs? And why 🤔🤔

  3. Eyüp AVCI

    45-60 min of hiit? Do you know what hiit is? It's the thing that kills you during warm up. And makes sure you're dead for 15 more minutes. There is nothing after 15 minutes… Nothing…

  4. Broughtolife

    I am 39. I began IF and Keto, plus kettlebell on April 15th, weighing 377 lbs. I'm down to 363, with a goal to lose 50 by the end of August. 2 years ago, I lost 50 pounds on the same regimen but gained it all back when I stopped.

  5. vianca

    I was interested in what this was and now that I know what this is…. I have been fasting my whole life without realizing

  6. Sam Collins

    If someone told me she was animated I would believe it, anyone else think her motions are really artificial looking? 😂

  7. SeeburgMusic

    "Get up in the morning, and first thing– take a little walk, and bring along some water with a little fresh, high-quality pink rock salt in it". Yeah right Martha Stewart, I don't know where you live, but I fucking work for a living you fucking Stepford robot bitch.

  8. mufasaa hunter

    Guys I’m 14 and still pick my nose (consciously) is so satisfying. My girl friend said to stop or sheshe will break up with me but that was like 2 months ago and she's not gonna do that cuz I'm so s😉😉😉

  9. Odofoley Manko

    Does flat belly water containing lemon ginger and cucumber interfere with intermittent fasting during the fasting period?

  10. TB1M1

    The problem is if the diet was any good you wouldn't need to intermittent fast. What if you did keto and didn't intermittently fast what would happen to your blood lipids?

  11. ron leonard

    Interesting to hear about fasting while doing physical activities as it would be a worry for me. I will try both in small measures .

  12. Chris Fortune

    I do the IF 16-8 but I can't personally refer to IF as "Fasting". It's not legitimately a fast until at least 36 hours. All day with 0 calories and going to bed without eating, that's when I can call it a "Fast".

  13. Tony Blundetto

    I got hella sick doing this. Went from overeating everyday. To losing 80+ pounds in about 4 months. But I can’t get my appetite back it seems. I have to force myself to eat now. It sucks. The doctor I’m ok with the exception of vitamin D. So idk what the fuck to do anymore. Yea it’s probably the fastest way to lose weight. But beware. It’s not for some people.

  14. Brad Pie

    Been fasting while on keto for 4 days now. Haven't started exercising yet, went from 292 to 278. I can't believe how much I've lost in so little time!!

  15. Ken W

    The post–absorptive state lasts until 8 to 12 hours after your last meal, which is when you enter the fasted state…so 16/8 is barely fasting. Fasting doesn't start the second you put the fork down and swallow the last bite. Why OMAD is good and maybe throwing in a 48 hour fast once a week is good…fasting puts you in ketosis faster than eating the actual keto diet

  16. ✨SadCat✨

    I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting because I’m poor and can’t afford food on a regular basis.

    ….at least I won’t be fat.

    * cries in negative account balance*

  17. Fara Amin

    Does intermittent fasting work without exercise??
    During intermittent fasting,is it ok to do cardio or exercise at night?
    (I Don't have time to do exercise in morning)

  18. Raetron

    Just a rant 🤷🏼‍♀️ and just a heads up stuff like this creates starvation Ketones which are just as bad as real ones okay? Ketones are sugar in your body that turns on you and can probably will which makes it so you lose weight fast yes but it attacks your muscle mass and your organs. I as a type 1 diabetes deal with them a lot somedays it’s so bad I feel like my kidneys are shutting down, it can kill you in the worst case and it’s a temporary fix. I was in a coma for three days along with high blood sugars I missed out on a lot of high school and normal kid stuff because my body was killing itself and it made me really sick. Do you know a option to counter this?

  19. Abran Eys

    Been intermittent fasting for 17 days and have lost only 4 pounds. I do the 16/8 fasting. I eat between 12pm – 8pm . I feel like giving up! 😢

  20. Bolt_Kyng

    I started with keto, being able to fast just came alone with it because I’ve found myself not being as hungry as I use to be, Last meal is at 7p I won’t eat til noon after my cardio activity.

  21. Awake andreborn

    I will be ending my 3rd day of fasting tomorrow evening for dinner and am going to try keto for the 2nd time. This time on a OMAD. The last time I was on keto I gained 9 pounds in 3 weeks. I had a very hard time eating so much fat and I got very sick with the keto flu for most of that 3 weeks. I decided to give it a go again by fasting 3 days 1st. The information just seems a little overwhelming. I'm not very good at calculating things.

  22. bharat khatwani

    I have managed to shed 4 KGs(90 to 86 Height-175 CMs Age 64 years ) by IF.But I have hit a plateau, even though I have maintained calories deficit.I am taking home cooked food only since long.My current macros are 16% Protein and 64% Carbs.I have started taking Chia seeds twice a day from today to increase my protein intake.But I am not able to figure out how to bring down my Carbs.%.I am vegetarian(not even eggs).I am not taking sugar & wheat.I am taking Jowar roti instead of Wheat roti.I have replaced Rice with Kodri which has low GI.But still,I am not able to bring down Carbs%,Please guide

  23. Kevin Capistrano

    I love IF! I do 20/4 everyday. My blood pressure went NORMAL real quick!, No more breakouts, and I have a clear mind during work hours. I can tell that my body is in a fasted state when I start to feel cold (its normal guys). That means that your digestive system is at rest and your body is relying on Fat storage. Keep in mind that I still have cheat days every now and then, I EAT ANYTHING!!! I LOVE IF!!!

  24. l C

    Four fucken hours gtfoh lol omg who has that time she must have mis-spoke lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢

  25. Daniel Rodriguez

    HIIT training in the begining of a keto diet is not the best idea, I would wait about 4 weeks until your body is more adapted at using ketones/fat for fuel before HIIT training do low intensity cardio instead.

  26. GhANeC

    Hi RuledMe and all. Please help: I'm pretty healthy and strong, but definitely overweight, specially in the lower belly area. Been trying to shed fat and gain muscle by exercising some and eating less and more healthy, but now I need to be as lean and fit as possible for a couple of events coming up in 2 to 4 weeks. So I'm starting a one-everything-a-day regime: Only having a pushups/abs/HIIT session + shower + water/liquids + keto meal all only ONCE per day, for 5 or 6 days a week. And 1 or 2 days per week eating back to normal and stopping the OMAD+dry fasting regime, but not stopping the keto diet or exercise. Might dial down on all of this in a month or so. Still figuring out a good generous keto meal (perhaps, for example, 1 egg + 1 avocado + 1 tomato + 1 half salmon steak + 1 cheese slice + 1 green leaf salad + few brazilian almonds + few blueberries + few greek yoghurt spoons, is good and enough?). Also, thinking if I should buy fat burning supplements, to help, and if so which? But yeah, otherwise, what do you think? Good? Should work?

  27. William Palacio

    I gave you one million likes , not for being a doctor, but for being so pretty,, from Australia ,,that’s great thanks hon

  28. Ricardo Viatruso

    Make it simple, avoid all carbs and sugars. Fast 24-48 hrs a week or every other week, and drink plenty of water. Do a 30min walk/jog each day and skip breakfast always, skip lunch if you’re trying to really lose weight. That’s it, that’s all you have to do. I don’t agree with all of her statements but I’m a nurse and I’ve lost plenty of weight with keto+fasting. Last meal @8pm first meal after noon. Easy.

  29. techygrams 2017

    guys do not eat breakfast and lunch and just eat around 2 or 3 o'clock and just eat 1 very raw meal with fruits and raw veggies a day is all your body needs and drink a lot of water infused water or just plain water. your body will feel so much better.

  30. Shazana Khan

    Us muslims knew this over 1400 years ago to give our vital organs a break for breaking down food or whatever. We fast 30 days a year, 6 days for shalwal and 10 days before kurbani which is 46 days a year. I fast every day for 16hr to 18hrs. I have 3 small meals for keto. I don’t exercise much just dancing and walking little, after all I have a demanding 6m old son and still breastfeeding! When I fast during the night I do drink water that’s doesn’t break your fast, it’s not Ramadan!

  31. MoonlightDoom

    Skip the salad and there is more room for bacon and eggs. Salads are a byproduct of years of brainwashing. You are not a cow and anti-nutrients will lessen the effect of any meats you eat.

  32. aj

    I tracked my steps at work (an rv manufacturing plant) and I walk 10 miles a day 5 days a week while working. I do 24 hour fasting everyday. When I get off work I do Jiu jitsu for 3 hours. After that I eat and go to sleep on a big food baby. I wake up full of energy and ready to work. I am serious. This has been the best choice for me. I’ve done years of ketosis and 16:8 fasting but now i eat about 2 pounds of fruit, usually some oatmeal and Greek yogurt, whatever vegetables and protein. I seriously recommend 24 hour fasting. Seriously. I am a 5’10” 27 year old male. 3 years ago I was 215lbs. I’m now 173lbs (currently manipulating my weight for a bjj competition)

  33. gravity inverted

    I been thinking about changing my feeding time from 4-7pm to 7-10am – i work as a houekeeper and feel dizzy if i go all day without eating i think it would be better if i ate before work and then have a snack after a couple hours at work to prevent those feelings.
    any thoughts?

  34. Kathy Mack

    I’m sorry but only eating between 5pm and 11pm is a ridiculous way to IF. Who wants to go to bed with a full stomach? It interferes with sleep, for one. A much better window is something like 9am-5pm (16:8).

  35. c7042

    Me again. I've made appt with Dr. Oct 2 (soonest). Drinking more water seems to help. I am reluctant to give up OMAD because it seems to work so well for me. It's been a steady 2 lbs/week loss. I'll try 16hr fast tommorrow (9am very small meal) then eat main meal at 5pm as usual and see how that goes.

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