Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Results (INSANE TRANSFORMATION!) – Here’s How He Did It!

What’s up guys! Carlo Macapinlac here from I help busy professionals look good shirtless so they can feel more
confident and get the most out of their lives. And in this video, I’m gonna show you an
amazing intermittent fasting weight loss results, and I’m gonna show you how you can achieve
the same thing. If you’re new to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button to
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Okay, first let’s quickly define What is Intermittent Fasting and why should you fast?
The short answer is, because it works. Plain and simple. And I’m gonna show you some
crazy intermittent fasting transformation in a minute here. The long answer is that
intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you switch between periods of eating
and fasting. I want you to think of it as simply taking a break from eating when you’re
on a fast. The problem is, you can’t sell fasting to make money. It’s bad for business
because it simply doesn’t move any product. Instead, we hear inaccurate statements like
“breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” or “eat six small meals every
day,” “eat low calorie and low fat foods.” Basically, eat everything. And as we trended
to eating more and more, fasting became demonized and it’s almost become this sort of taboo
thing that people stay away from. It’s almost become a sin to miss a meal these days. You
know what I mean? Nowadays, we’re constantly being told what
to eat in order to lose weight. Which makes absolutely no sense. Listen, it’s hard to
lose weight if you’re always eating. I know, mind-blowing stuff, right? Yet we spend all
day thinking about what to eat, buying, preparing, eating, and cleaning up. Then you repeat that
cycle again a few hours later for the next meal. We basically plan our entire day around
food. Again, the problem with fasting is that it’s not a very marketable topic. There’s
nothing sexy about it. Think about it. In a world full of fad diets, fasting goes the
complete opposite way by telling you to simply take a break from eating. But again, it’s
been ingrained in our heads for decades through brilliant food advertising that we need to
eat all the time. Let’s quickly define the word fasting because
there seems to be a lot of negative stigma surrounding this word popularized by nothing
but bro-science and cooler talk. You hear things like, oh it’s gonna slow down your
metabolism, or you’ll lose muscle when you fast, or you’re starving yourself, that’s
bad for you. But again, there’s really no scientific data to back up those claims. They’re
absolutely inaccurate. Okay, this is pulled right out of Wikipedia. What is fasting is
as follows: “Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink,
or both, for a period of time.” Let’s focus on one key word in that statement: willing.
You’re willingly doing it. That’s the biggest difference between fasting and starving
yourself. In case you really need to know, you don’t enter starvation mode which is
the boogeyman that a lot of anti fasting people throw out there, until about 96 hours or longer
without food. You’d actually be shocked how long your body can function without food,
as long as you’re properly hydrated. I actually did a 3 days water fasting to prove this point
and I’m gonna put a link to that video somewhere at the top here if you’re interested. But
I’m not even asking for that. You’d actually be shocked by what kind of results you can
get if you even just do a 16 hour fast or basically by eating a late breakfast or skipping
it altogether. Now I’m gonna borrow a quote from Brad Pilon
from his book Eat Stop Eat. He said that Human beings can only be in one of the following
states: fed or fasted. Think about it this way. You’re in the fed state any time you’re
putting food in your mouth. After you’re done eating, that’s when your fast starts
and your body slowly transitions to the fasted state. Once your body is done digesting the
food in your stomach, that’s when it starts to use stored glycogen and body fat as a source
of energy. Translation? Your body literally starts to become a fat-burning machine during
the fasted state. And if you’re trying to lose weight, specifically body fat, that’s
exactly what you want. You start getting the full effects of this crazy phenomenon 16–24
hour fast after your last meal. The problem is, again, it’s 2018 and even
mentioning the word fasting sends shockwaves around the planet. You immediately start hearing
people say that there’s all these problems with fasting and so on and again without any
real evidence to back it up as if you’re gonna inflict permanent damage to your body
if you even miss a single meal. Instead, we start doing these completely artificial things
such as eating 6 meals a day, snacking all the time, we can’t stop thinking about food
and then you’re like, hey I wonder why I’m not losing weight. And that’s where a lot of people find themselves,
right? Comment below if you can relate. That’s definitely where one of my private coaching
clients, David, found himself. This is what he said when I first talked to him. “Of
course it’s extremely frustrating when you’re struggling to get the fat off and exercising
all you can! I kept wondering “what am I doing wrong?” Sound familiar? Again, this is common occurrence for a lot
of people. They follow the eat less, move more movement. They spend hours on the treadmill
at the gym. They follow the calories in vs calories out model, they initially lose some
weight then they hit a weight loss plateau even though they’re working out every day
and they’re on a calorie deficit diet and they can’t figure out why they’re not
losing weight. Well after 12 short weeks of working with
David, saying that he’s a completely different person would be quite the understatement.
You could barely recognize him! And I always say that health isn’t about the weight you
lose but about the life that you gain. You know what I mean? Like, seeing that number
drop on the scale is great but really it’s all about what kind of change it brings to
your life. And I asked him how this transformation has affected his life and this is from a personal
thank you letter he sent me, he said “I’ve never felt or looked better in my entire life.
I’m finally getting used to the extra looks being received from people. Whether it’s
because of my fitter physical look or just the personal confidence being exuded. I don’t
know for sure but it feels great. The boost in self confidence is immeasurable.” I mean, that’s just priceless! Who knew
that you can achieve your dream body in your 40’s? It just goes to show that it’s never
too late. Now if you’re someone who’s being struggling with your weight loss efforts
for years, You know, you’ve tried every diet under the sun, you’ve cut the calories,
you workout every day but you just can’t seem to lose weight? Or maybe you’re feeling
stuck because you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and you can’t seem to get out of it, you
feel like life is just passing you by and you’re missing out on opportunities, and
you realize that it’s time to get one-on-one professional help? Then feel free to reach
out to me. Head on over to my website,, read through the page and the success stories,
and fill out the application form for a free consultation. If I think that we’re a good
fit, then I’ll personally reach out to you directly. Now if you enjoyed this video, then
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so much for watching and I’ll see you in the comments section. Virtual high five!

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Reader Comments

  1. bckhoo

    Intermittent fasting makes so much sense, excellent video on explaining how and WHY it works! You can't lose weight if you're always eating and not allowing your body to burn its own fat fuel source, it simply doesn't make sense. IF really is as simple as it sounds!

  2. Tsz Ho Wong

    This is very boss! Question sir, I was watch Joe Rogan and he interviewed this lady who said that having coffee in the morning will activate your metabolism. Whatever that means, I get the impression coffee can break fast?

  3. SimonErich

    I agree. It's not just about looking good. I think what people often forget, is the health aspect. There is a reason our body evolved the way it is and after all, we are still animals.

  4. Alexander Putzer

    Thank you! This just gave me a massive motivation boost! I‘m never sure who to trust on the internet but IF really seems to be helping a lot of people. I‘m thin/fat if that makes any sense and I just really want my slim figure back and with that also my confidence !

  5. Kate Stiefer

    I'm new, I'm intrigued, I'm 65 and FAT! Everything you said makes so much sense. Thank you for helping me see that light at the end of the tunnel!

  6. Shiroisama

    Hi first time in your channel! I started my fasting just yesterday 16/8 I decided my eating window would be from 11 to 7 and I’m doing fine since I don’t usually breakfast early if I get any breakfast at all, my problem is the night meals. I got a lot of weight after pregnancy and I don’t seem to lose it even when I exercise therefore I lose the will to keep exercising! This fasting thing is like one of the last things I’m gonna try before I just give up… because honestly after all my effort to get back in shape I know I deserve to look and feel better than this… I just don’t know why the body doesn’t respond to the efforts… If I see results I will be glad to update this comment 😊 wish me luck please!

  7. sugadaddy drizzy

    you can easily fast for a week on water if you have substantial weight to lose. as long as you have fatty stores your body will have energy just stay hydrated. and i like the point you made about fasting being done willingly va “starving” 🙄

  8. Quadrocoptology DotCom

    I feel like a fast technicly starts after you run out of all glycogyn from the muscle and liver… or that's when I feel it kick in and starts burning BF usually around 36-48 hrs .. and starts breaking down lipids at a high rate.. it slows your metabolism though =/ but if you make it a lifestyle it ain't that bad as u get use to it..

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