Intermittent Fasting & Walking: My Daily Plan

hey everybody so I want to take a quick
minute and talk about intermittent fasting and walking which is what I do
to lose weight and how I’ve implemented it in my life
because this is what’s worked for me so there are two parts right the
intermittent fasting part and then the walking part so the intermittent fasting
intermittent fasting just means for those of you who don’t know that you
just don’t eat for an extended period of time
some people do different different amount of hours but for me I do 24-hour
fast which means I just eat one meal per day that one meal though I whatever I
want however much I want and I have no restrictions other than than that I do
drink coffee three times a day no sugar but I do have half and half in it and so
then on Sunday that’s my you know off day my cheat day whatever you want to
call it and I eat whatever I want however much I want whenever I want so
the other side of the plan is the walking so I walk six miles every day so
seven days a week I walk six miles a day and I do that in my house my own
personal preference is just to walk in my house and the reason for it is I have
no excuse not to get my steps in if I do it that way
I noticed before when I started setting this goal you know getting more steps in
and everything I just you know make up excuses it was raining outside so I
couldn’t get my steps in today or you know it or you know we got home late so
I didn’t want to you know go out when it was nine o’clock at night so one of the
big overarching themes is just consistency I keep my meal that I eat
one meal per day consistent like I’m always I just eat supper I don’t try to
change up the meal and say well today I’m just gonna eat breakfast and
tomorrow I’m just gonna eat supper it’s just supper and
and I’m very consistent about you know drinking three cups of coffee a day even
and then I’m also consistent with my cheat day
it is Sunday I don’t try to do well you know this week is gonna be Sunday and
tomorrow or next time it’ll be you know Wednesday nope it’s just you know Sundays
Sunday is my day off from this and and I just stay consistent with that and then
you know with walking it’s just yes I’m gonna just walk six miles every day
consistently so that’s my daily routine with intermittent fasting and walking

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Reader Comments

  1. Sabz Ji

    Thank you for sharing your plan. Iā€™m exactly where you started and I have just come across the OMAD concept. I know I can do this and I am going through your channel to learn more.

  2. Reshma Bangarimath

    Hey, love your videos. The simplicity and the way you speak. I have one question.. Do you keep a track of the calories you eat or are you trying to do a calorie deficit or something? Currently, I'm doing a 5-6 hour eating window. I'm trying to get it to four hours, but I am losing weight slowly.. Coz I eat whatever I feel like and how much ever it takes to make me feel full. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks in advance šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

  3. Latte Brown

    Six miles a day everyday! Woman how do you do it? It would take two hours out of my day to walk that many miles. I'm going to take it slow and work my way up to five miles a day for five days a week.

  4. BasildoomHD

    How much weight would you say you've lost in 30 days. I'm walking every day 5 miles and am going to start just eating one meal a day also

  5. faith zulu

    i went from slow metabolism to zero did you experience this problem I eat very clean and water a lot and workout
    how is possible for me to loose weight when my metabolism is zero

  6. tulasi-priya dasi

    I just started walking 14K steps, which comes out to a little over six miles for me. So far I've done it two days in a row! Have you ever talked to your doctor about what you're doing? What does s/he think about eating only OMAD?

  7. Amber Boles

    I like to have my coffee every morning with heavy whipping cream and a single pack of Stevia is this a good idea if I'm starting the Omad diet?

  8. Judith

    Thank you for sharing. I love your plan and even the part about still having half and half in your coffee! I am curious, before you started this did you have any health issues that you have been able to reverse such as insulin resistance?

  9. Amanda Ketcham

    Hi! I just found your channel and absolutely love everything you are saying! I know it is different for everyone but I feel the type of intermittent fasting you are doing is good for me too as I have seen results in going down to two meals per day. I was wondering:

    When do you drink your 3 cups of coffee? Is it during your fasting times or non fasting?

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