Intermittent Fasting & The Hormone Connection | Dr Will Cole | Fasting Summit

– With women, typically
women have higher levels of a hormone called Kisspeptin. Kisspeptin, higher levels
of Kisspeptin in women can make them more sensitive
to intermittent fasting. So, if with good intentions, because you heard about the great
benefits of intermittent fasting, you wanted to jump into
intermittent fasting and maybe, for your body
it was too much too soon, and then it can skew
their hormonal balance off because of these higher
levels of Kisspeptin. So if you have your
gut, your detox pathways and inflammation levels
sorted out to some degree, then it makes it more
of a natural next step to intermittent fasting. I would start with the food first because you cannot intermittent fast your way out of a poor diet. It’s about meeting your
body where it’s at today. What can you do today to improve its state, improve its health? And you kind of have to meet
your body where it’s at, and sometimes that’s
going really, really easy on the intermittent fasting, like the eight to six window plan, or the 12 to six or Crescendo Fasting. So these are some tools to consider as someone whose leaning into this. (jaunty guitar chord)

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