Intermittent Fasting: Supplementing While Fasting

Hey everybody!
Today is day seven. Congratulations, we are halfway there
for the intermittent fasting raw food challenge. Today I’m going to answer some
more questions, thank you for all of your questions, thank you for all your
comments. If you haven’t started on the intermittent fasting challenge raw food
challenge you can start anytime. I mean, you know, you can start today, it’s not
like you have to wait to do that. A lot of people are writing in saying they’re
having really good success, a lot of people are happy. Like I said, this wasn’t
a hardcore strict, you know, super strict fasting regimen. Like a water only
fasting regimen. This is more of an introduction to intermittent fasting, as
well as juicing, introducing more raw foods into your diet, getting your body
used to it, cleansing your body a little bit. For all those people out there that
are doing cleanse programs with this, congratulations.
I’ve already done one liver cleanse, and I’m going to do another one by the time
we finish this 14 days. It’s from my experience doing the 18 day water-only
fast, this is a, this is very easy in comparison. Because you can, at least eat
something every day, and I can tell you that time stands still when you’re doing
water only fasting, right? It seemed like, every day seemed like a week. So this is,
the time goes by so much faster when you’re doing intermittent fasting in the
in the raw food challenge. Some questions I have, “is it healthy to eat corn starch,
or tortillas made with corn starch?” Now I’m sure
people are saying right now, no that’s not healthy, and that’s exactly what I’m
gonna say is no, it’s not healthy. Try as much as possible to avoid anything with
corn, anything with soy high fructose corn syrup. Most of the stuff with corn, flour, corn
this, corn that, is going to be genetically modified. So if you do have
corn, make sure it’s organic, non-gmo, and I know that in Houston they have almond
flour tortillas, or just look into a natural flour if you’re gonna make your
own tortillas. So no corn starch is not good, try to avoid it as much as possible.
“Can you do intermittent fasting while nursing if you are taking multivitamins?
Or just a short one to two day fast?” I’ll tell you what, I would recommend for any
woman out there nursing, is to supplement their diet with iodine. That’s probably
the most important nutrient you can give yourself while fasting. A good prenatal I
liked, and my wife used, is the prenatal from the Pure Synergy company. Mitchell May, I
really like their products also. So look into doing that. I haven’t seen a lot of
research come out as far as intermittent fasting during, while you’re nursing, so I
don’t know. I really don’t know if I could give you an accurate answer on
that. It’s just, there’s, there hasn’t been a lot of research,
recent research, that’s come out on fasting, and things have changed. I mean,
yes Shelton, Dr. Goldhamer, I mean there are experts, or at, Dr. Fung up in Canada,
there are experts that focus on intermittent fasting and on water only
fasting, but there’s just still a lot of questions out there that we need answered.
“What’s the best type of magnesium to use?” That is a great question, actually
I’m really a fan of the magnesium oils out there, it just depends on what you’re
trying to accomplish with magnesium. I mean, that’s one of those minerals that
you have magnesium hydroxyapatite, you have magnesium oxide, magnesium peroxide,
magnesium orotate. I think the magnesium orotate is the best type to use, although
if anyone is suffering from any type of autoimmune disease I would highly
recommend looking into Dr. Hans Nieper, Dr. Hans Nieper, there’s a book he
wrote called the curious man. It’s unbelievable, he was the mineral
transporting guru of all time, he was from Germany, so I would I would
recommend looking into that. The magnesium aminoethylephosphate form, I
mean he probably has the most successful reversals of MS, ALS, any type of
autoimmune disorders out there, and he can explain whether or not the mineral
needs to go to the outer layer of the cell membrane, the inner layer of the
cell membrane, the cytoplasm inside the cell, it just depends on where you want
that magnesium going in the first place. Next question, ” what if you have no large
intestine or colon?” That’s even the more reason you should be fasting, or
intermittent fasting, or not, you know, putting any type of damaging foods or
sugars or anything else inside your system. So anytime you have any organ
missing, anytime you have anything missing from your body, or let’s say they
cut out a tumor from your bowel. You want to always eat as much raw, good, healthy food
as you possibly can, and avoid anything that could cause bowel damage, repairing
your bowel, taking a good probiotic all the time, taking enzymes. I’m a big fan of
enzymes, I created the Veganzyme product. It’s still the only enzyme formula in
the world which contains glucose oxidase. Glucose
oxidase is what keeps honey from from ever going bad. They’ve found honey in
Egyptian caves, it’s like 5,000 years old, and it’s still good, and I’m gonna let
you guys in on a little secret here, glucose oxidase actually converts
glucose to hydrogen peroxide inside the cell. Now if you look at abnormal cells,
especially cancer cells, you’ll see that cancer cells feed on glucose and they do
not like to be oxidized, they do not like any type of hydrogen peroxide, any
reactive oxygen specie. So if you could take a glucose and convert that to
hydrogen peroxide inside the cell. You’re doing a lot of good. All right next
question, “I’ve had five abdominal surgeries. What
about a young person with ankylosing spondylitis? Could that be caused by this
any type of AAS?” Any type of autoimmune, any type of condition that you’ve
acquired, can always be reversed. Don’t ever believe any doctor that tells you
that you cannot reverse any type of disease. I mean I I can always help
people out, even though I’m a big believer in the intermittent fasting, and
I’ve had just about every condition go away by cleansing the body, because it
all goes back to simplicity, right? You mean if you have a clean body, your
self-healing mechanism, addressing the root cause of the problem. I was talking
to somebody today whose wife was all kinds of sick and was going to all these natural
health care practitioners and I was like, well what are they doing to address the
root cause of why she’s sick? You know, you’re telling me all this stuff, and
they’re just giving her hit her a bunch of supplements. You have to address the
root cause. I mean you have to identify the root cause of why people are sick. So yeah, with AS, with young people,
intermittent fasting, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. Cleansing the body and
choosing the right things to surround yourself with, and to eat, not only
cleansing the inside of your body, but cleansing your environment in which you
live and work. “What do you take to help give up smoking,” is another question.
Unbelievably, over the years, we’ve had thousands of people say that just
cleansing their body reduces their desire to smoke, and Dr. Goldhamer,
he actually has a lot of people come to his clinic that don’t want to give up smoking,
and within the within three or four days of water only fasting, that is incredible,
are giving up and suppressing that urge. There is another illegal substance
in the United States, it’s being used in South America and it’s all, I think it’s
now being used in Canada, but it’s called ibogaine, ibogaine, I-B-O-G-A-I-N-E, and
that isn’t an, you can type it in online and that’s probably one of the most
effective substances right now. I think it has over a 90% success rate for
addictions, but you have to go outside the country to get that. The next
question is, ” what about vivid hallucinations, I did many three-day
fasts and a few of them had vivid flash hallucinations?” Yeah it’s common when
you’re doing water only fasting to have some hallucinations, you know, it’s
something that happens because when you run out of glucose and you start
producing ketones, talking and looking at a lot of different charted water only
fasting documentation and even welcome to Dr. Goldhamer as well out in
California who does the medically supervised water only fasting, he says
the same thing, you know. Some people, you know, I don’t think it’s necessarily
a bad thing. I think that you might just need to do some meditation, or just see
if it might go away, because usually you go, you’re gonna experience those things
and this is what the question says, during the first three days, that, during
the first three or four days, that’s always when you get, when you’re going to
experience the most amount of symptoms when you do in water only fasting. So
that’s my update for today. Tune in tomorrow for another update, and I hope
everybody has a wonderful and happy day!

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  1. bella123

    0:21 that's me……it went too fast. I saw the first video and all of a sudden you were doing it. You needed to give us the tools first, give us a few days to get ready, then do it. So now I will be doing this alone. 🙁

  2. Jordan Rivera

    God bless you for all that you do to help people. You've encouraged me so much to keep on doing IF and now I've avoided meat and incorporating vegan foods even tho I'm not really a vegan. Your Mom and Dad would be proud of what you do – I hope they're still alive and well.

  3. Brewtality

    Hey! I was asking about the iodine, which you used to talk about. I've been doing it lately and been experiencing pretty nice feelings, almost drug-like experiment, is that normal? And would you still recommend dosing iodine as the dosage you used to talk about? Can it be used as a antibacterial/antifungal agent? Would love to hear from you! I did post some of these questions on other videos earlier but you didnt answer!

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