Intermittent Fasting Success Story with Stephannie Tanner

in today’s video we have Stephannie
tanner she’s lost a lot of weight with intermittent fasting and she figured out
how to make it work for her life all right well thank you for being on
the show hey Stephannie why don’t you give a little introduction about who you
are and what you do hi my name is Stephannie tanner I am married I have two daughters one will be
16 in about a week and the other one is 12
I mostly stay at home and run them around and cater to their every need and
whim and I have my parents own a business that I kind of manage for them so I’m
busy with that also but it gives me a lot of flexibility so right great well so tell us a little bit about how you’re finding success with weight loss now. um well what I’m doing now is I am using
intermittent fasting and I’m doing OMAD I tried doing it in the evenings because
I thought that would work better for me and my family but what I’ve kind of gone
through some trial and error is that I feel better when I eat around two so
yeah so I’m doing kind of a big meal and then just kind of hanging out with them
we’re so busy in the evenings my oldest daughter plays sports for high school
and also travel softball and so we’re at practices lessons you know running
around constantly and so we don’t get to sit down and eat together at night very
often and so we just kind of when we all get home everybody’s kind of already
eaten and we hang out a little bit so it’s working better for me to eat
earlier and they I just feel better and movement every day some kind of movement
every day I had tried to literally regiment myself and that caused me
anxiety that would make you know if I didn’t do
what I had specifically planned to do I’d get anxious about it and either not
do anything at all or act like the crazy person and do all the things so
now it’s just everyday it’s more do I feel like doing so some days I may swim
some days I may do some weight training some days I may
get 20,000 steps in it just kind of depends and that just seems to be what’s
working right now and how much have you lost it was 60 and I’m up about six pounds
right you know it just it it’s a fluctuation I think last week there was
a day that I was at like 158 and the next day was 153 so you know there’s
sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to what the scale says absolutely and I hope people can hear that and really
understand the scale sometimes can fluctuate for no reasons you just stick with it and have to learn to deal with it Do you have a daily routine that you stick to or do you just kind of like you go with the
flow I kind of go with the flow initially when I first started to lose weight I it was like a program that
I had started and the way that it worked it was high protein and meal replacement
shakes and they did two days a week they call it a cleanse and later I figured
out that that was intermittent fasting and so I’ve kind of evolved from that
and so now what I kind of do it’s how I feel so if I get up and I want to have
coffee I’ll have some coffee I put what I wanted it if I want to put
half-and-half in it as you every once in a while like this morning I had creamer
that I’m good enough and then usually and that’s kind of how I’ve got to the
evening around the two o’clock is there were days that I just was like okay I
plan to have my supper in the evenings because I wanted that that’s what I
wanted to do I wanted that to work better for my family
and I found that in the afternoons like like a snack and so it’s like maybe
I’ll eat something high-protein and then that snowballed into all of a sudden
I’ve eaten and then I wasn’t hungry later because it was like okay well I’ve
eaten it’s no big deal my supper and then I’ll start over tomorrow but I
didn’t want to eat supper I felt good and so that’s kind of where I’m at now
so I get up I’ll drink coffee I want to you most of the time I want to you then
usually you know anywhere from 12 to 2 just depending on how I’m feeling what
kind of workout I did that day what my schedule looks like that day because
with my parents business every day is different and everything that the
business needs is different so like one day I may not hear from anybody at all
everything’s great and smooth and then the next day I’ve got 12 own calls that
I need to go put out fires so anywhere between 12:00 and 2:00 usually I’ll eat
I what I want however much of it I want and then in the evenings I’m good I
don’t even right so why don’t you tell us a little bit about your history like
with weight loss had always been challenged or is it just like you know
something you recently do it okay so growing up weight was not an issue at
all if anything putting on weight I was I was super skinny yeah and never I was
an athlete I played a lot of sports I never thought about my weight my weight
was never I would have friends that would talk about how fat they were and
it was like you’re crazy there’s you look perfectly fine and I never
internalized that I never thought wait a minute do I thought that do I look you
know whatever felt good and it was it wasn’t an issue I did not have good
eating habits growing up my my mom is 511 and naturally has no issues with
weight my dad is a scrappy little dude and he has no issues with weight
um I have a brother who is like six four and he’s a string bean no problems you
know and so like breakfast for us was a Little Debbie fudge around like that’s
what this was I drink cokes if I want to cut wolf okay
I’m from the deep south everything’s a you know drink those if you wanted them
just never thought about food at all it was something if I wanted it I ate it
and if I didn’t I did it and my oldest daughter I had it 22 and when I was 24 I
was I guess 15 pounds above my normal weight when I was used to I guess and
all of a sudden still like myself didn’t feel like I had any issues but the girls
at work were like always on diet and so then I started to feel like Oh am I you
know I’m bigger than I used to be and now all of a sudden I’m uncomfortable
with myself so I started counting calories and I
would get up every morning at 5 o’clock in the morning and go work out and like
work out hardcore and I lost about 20 pounds and felt really good and then my
we decided to have my second daughter so we had her I gained a lot of weight with
my pregnancy but lost it right after no big deal and then she had a lot of
health issues like really severe eczema terrible allergies and we decided that I
she was at her daycare and eggs is something that she’s allergic to and she
would steal the eggs off the other kids plates at breakfast
so it was like maybe I need to stay home with her you know they’ve got a buncha
kids it’s like herding cats in the rain there I keep that one kid from not
eating the other kids eggs so we decided that I would stay home and so when I did
that I didn’t have to get up in the morning to go to work so I didn’t get up
at five o’clock to go work out and so slowly put on some weight
again you know maybe maybe thirty pounds and he would have figured out now that
I’m paying more attention to this is everything about how you know when you
change what you’re doing in a way that you can’t sustain you’re going to gain
your weight plus because eventually you go back to those old habits right and so
of course I did it so I gained a little bit more and then about five years ago I
did meta past it was fine you know I lost about 40 pounds but couldn’t say
that because it’s food in the packet and so eventually you don’t want to do that
anymore you know people talk about how they take medications it starts to make
them feel better so they don’t need that medicine anymore it’s kind of the same
thing that you’re like oh I don’t need I can go I can eat regular food now extra
weight it was never an issue I’d never thought about it and did not good habits
because it wasn’t an issue and then and then as I’ve gotten older you know the
losing it and the gain and it and the losing it in the gain and the you know
it became an issue and then and you everybody says it but it’s 100% true you
know if I could go back to my 25 year old self and be like what you think this
fad is not so was there any plan aside from Medifast that you did and then
maybe you had some success but again it just kind of failed you or you know like
he thought it was gonna work out but it just didn’t and what did that look like
I think everything that I did was successful in that I lost me the initial
calorie counting that I did you know I lost weight with that the Medifast I
lost rated that now a couple of years before
this was last bout which I started in the very end of April 2017 so been here
before that I had kind of decided my life is great I have a
wonderful family my husband Leslie my kids love me I am healthy and that I can
do the things that I need to do so who cares who cares you know if I weigh more
than I would like to weigh and so I started walking because I wasn’t doing
any kind of physical activity at all and in my mind that extra walking every day
I was totally gonna lose weight because I mean I’m doing these things and I did
it you know I think for like two months I like really committed to walking every
day and I didn’t lose anything and it was like okay this is a waste of time forget this I’m busy and so I think that
was something that I thought was gonna be some sort of magical thing I’m gonna
walk right okay so do you feel like there was anything different this
go-around in particular like a mindset change or something that you just you
realize this just made it different this time yeah for sure
I think calming myself down mmm out and you know
really trying to understand why am i doing the things that I’m doing if I do something I’m an all-or-nothing
I’m all or nothing and I can get really obsessive about something me and I want
to know all the things and I want to do all the things and you know eventually
you burn out on that and we’re like then it’s like I don’t do any of the things
I’m just gonna sit here and be happy and eat my girls I’ve really tried to you
know you think you know yourself better than anyone else and you don’t I don’t
mm-hmm didn’t know myself nearly as well as I thought I did and so I feel like
really taking the time being a little older I guess and understanding that I
need to understand what I’m doing and understand how certain things affect me
and that’s another thing and I’m probably rambling at this point but
that’s nice I think you know there are certain things we know right so we we
know why certain math equations work the way that they do we know how how to put
a sentence together those are concrete things we don’t know
what’s specifically right for you you know you knew the Kido is not perfect
for everybody even fastest is not perfect for everybody you have got to
really figure out what works for you and there’s so much information out there
that you can really start spinning your wheels and start feeling like but this
is what all these studies are telling me it’s not working for me but it’s
supposed to be working for me and so I had to figure that out I had to figure
out for myself you know of course educate myself horse-feed as much
information as I could but then figure out how I could apply that to my life my
body and really make some changes and do some things that I can be happy with
long-term you know feel good because I didn’t realize how not good I felt until
I really felt good right yes yes because we’re not when I was 60 pounds heavier I
was happy with my life I had gotten to the point that I was like this is who I
am now I’m happy with this and then when I lost the weight and realized I was
kind of miserable I didn’t know I was miserable I didn’t know I was tired all
the time and I know and you know so it’s just
it’s just figuring out I feel like I’m being smarter about it if that makes instead of just like diving headlong
into it and loses weight we’re gonna beat myself into submission and are
there any challenges that you still face when it comes to weight loss it just depends on the day you know it
makes me sound like a crazy person but I feel like I’m a different person every
day and maybe as women will we are you know our home our hormones or different
and we’re a different person from week to week
so I just tried really hard to be as consistent as I can with the flexibility
that I’ve set for myself you know I know that every day every day is the new day
on the podcast a couple of days ago and I can’t remember now who said it but
they basically said you win some and you learn some but you never lose learning
from it you know and something I try to teach my kids the stakes are great the
stakes are like the best thing that you can do if you learn from it we’re trying
to learn from my mistakes because I’m still making them sometimes
it’s I don’t want to get into that activity and so I don’t and I I know now
I don’t feel well when I don’t do something even if it’s just walk in you
know a certain amount of day I don’t feel well if I eat just a bunch of junk
but the second is that something else I’m getting to you I’m just now getting
to realizing and telling myself now okay we’re gonna eat you can eat whatever you
want it however much of it you want it because what I was doing is I was eating
what I thought I needed to be eating but telling myself I could eat what I wanted
but not really later I’d be like I can have this because I can eat whatever I
want and then I was like Cookie Monster you know and then that day it was all downhill
from there whether or not you know I was like okay so I’ve screwed this day up I
meet whatever I want all the rest of this day and it’s more oh I’ll make sure
I keep it to this and that was just I just you know I just asked her and so
I’m just now getting until to a point where you know for instance yesterday at
the Ellen I had my meal I what I wanted and I had a big pumpkin spice like
cupcake and I hate half of it and realized I didn’t want any more of it
and it was like the clouds opened up the angel and I put happy that cupcake on
through the side okay I make mistakes every day but and there it berries
sometimes it’s with my eating sometimes is with my activity but I’m trying
really hard to learn from it and I feel like that I do a little bit every day
yeah I think that’s a really important thing a differentiation you made right
there like there’s a difference between saying you can honestly have whatever
you want versus like you can have up whatever you want but not really like
come on be reasonable right and we reasonably that’s when you start getting
crazy right but if you just honestly say it you can have whatever you want you do
stop sooner like I certainly found that so thank you sure and it’s just being
paying attention to myself you know paying attention to really thinking
about do I want this mom and if I do then I eat a little more it’s like hey
do I still want this then I do I eat a little more of it and that’s really been
working for me and you know I’m bad about I’m bad about being tough and you
know you don’t need to do all that sissy stuff away from that and really be nicer
to myself I guess as I’m saying it makes me feel like you big sissy but it’s true
I’m trying to be nicer to myself and that works so much better good work so is there any one big
lesson that you’ve learned from your weight loss journey that you like you
wish other people could just understand it too it’s figuring out what works for you
it’s really learning about yourself I I have figured out that there are foods
that I thought that I liked that I don’t you know your total pizza and hamburgers
and french fries are amazing and you should want to eat them all the time and
the truth of the matter is when I’m eating those things they’re okay but
those are not the things for me was figuring out figuring myself out
learning actually like here there was a time that I was drinking four to five
cokes a day probably which is crazy it was there you know but I didn’t really
like you know I would eat a bunch of Jerry OHS I don’t really like Doritos
they’re crunchy and I like crunchy things right it’s like the coats are
sweet I like sweet things but not eggs I like crunchy things not necessarily
Doritos but I sure as heck was eaten a ton of those things right right it’s big
I think you have to figure yourself out I think you have to kind of you’ve said
it before you have to look at yourself kind of as an experiment and kind of
distance yourself to a degree from it and say how do I really feel about this
thing that I’m eating which sounds crazy because you should know what you like to
eat but I didn’t think that’s I just think that’s important mm-hmm
so is there any question that I didn’t ask you that you really wish I had a
best you well I’m gonna tell you I’m a little bit
that you didn’t ask Jesse was doing oh but I I thought she probably gets all
the time hi really I think if you’d have asked me do I trust the most and who do I just
trust the most hmm the thing I trust most in my life is gone 100 percent that
is the only thing in my life that I can trust 100% the biggest liar that I know
is my brain mMmmm and you know there are times this just happened a couple of
days ago I physically I was sitting somewhere and physically could feel fat
for lack of a better word like the physical feeling of extra fat around my
midsection and when I reach down and there was not there was not there but I
definitely could feel it and you know my brain tells me things it’s kind of like
with the backing in trying to figure out what works better for me I have done to
I think up to 72 hours mm-hmm which I liked and I’m gonna continue to
kind of incorporate longer fast as I go when I feel like cuz they just make me
feel better mm-hmm but when I first started doing
those things it was like I how am I supposed to go a few hours without
eating I mean I’m just supposed to eat six times a day how in the world am I
gonna go 24 hours without eating and your brain smells you you’re coming what
are we doing those are lies this relies you are capable so much more than your
brain is telling you that you are capable of so I just I think everyone
should push themselves push yourself in whatever you know push themself to run
that makes you uncomfortable and it’s okay being uncomfortable is okay mmm is
how we grow and your brain is gonna tell you that you can’t do it it’s my brain
is the biggest liar that I know 100% and so it’s it’s it’s trying to figure that
out get a little bit smarter every day a
little more honest with myself right now thank you so much I think that wraps it
up I think you have a lot of wisdom in all that you said so people would like
to connect with you what’s the best way they can do that um I have a youtube
channel set you know kind of pushing yourself it makes me very uncomfortable
but it’s something that I’m going to view and it’s stuff step says so St uff
ste pH and say YS I’m on your Facebook page the six miles to supper Facebook
page it’s Stephanie Nolan Tanner everybody is
she seems to really be encouraging each other and being super helpful and I
think that that’s so important and so I’m around I’m on Facebook
again Stephanie Nolan Tanner yeah I’m fine with anybody you know even if they
just want to ask counsel Jesse’s doing we can talk about it well thank you so
much for being here and

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Reader Comments

  1. Franco Catucci

    Great video Kayla and its nice of you to take your time to listen to others success stories and youtube ing thier stories on OMAD and other fasting strategies thumbs up👍 great job Stephanie great progress thank you for sharing you story with us you are an inspiration 😀

  2. Teresa Mueller

    Thank you for these interviews. You are a great interviewer. You really listened to what Stephanie said and based your questions what was said and still directed the interview forward. Not everyone has that gift.

  3. Jenny Gray

    Great interview and that was too funny about Full House! I was thinking it from the get go 😂😂😂 congrats on your loss Stephanie!

  4. Susan Bybee

    I will echo what others have said about your thoughtful interviewing style, Kayla. Stephannie, well done! You really did the hard work both mentally and physically and it paid off in good health.

  5. Halaal Vibes

    "You win some
    You learn some!"

    Very enlightening!!
    Thank you Stephanie for highlighting issues that I know I face on a daily basis..

    I am currently doing 40 to 42 hour fasts (alternate day fasting)..
    On the first week..

    It's great to learn from experiences of other intermittent fasters..

    Thank you Kayla..
    God bless..

  6. henrietta henson

    This was a good talk …you are very good Kayla because you let her tell her story …l found this so interesting how we are all differant but arn't we so alike aswell …i just need the light bulb moment when i can leave half a cup cake on a plate @ know i don' t want to eat .it..its not happened yet…lol X

  7. I. Alegre

    It is wonderful listening to two intelligent women!
    I am doing OMAD since beginning June with great sucess – 24 pounds, 11kgr.
    Subscribe all what was said in the interview

  8. Anna Benedict

    I love listening to stories like this – I seem to do my OMAD this way too!! And the movement thing (for a woman of 57) is different every day too. I am in my gardens spring, summer and fall, indoor biking and barre method are my go to exercise:)

  9. Lorraine Gard

    Stephanie's openness and candid honesty is so refreshing… her focus on really getting to understand herself is truly what this whole thing is about. Thanks so much this was so helpful

  10. Connie LaFlamme

    Great success story and congratulations, Stephannie! I too need to be kinder to myself. I appreciate that people eat in all types of different ways during their window but particularly appreciate the success stories of people who eat whatever they want!

  11. Jasper Ann

    I love that she said she figured out that she didn't like different foods that she thought she did. I just realized that I don't like soda or french fries about a month ago. And I used to eat/drink those SO much!!

  12. Amanda Spears

    How long does it take to start noticing changes in weight with intermittent fasting? I know it's dependant on the eating window and what exactly your eating but I'm eating whatever I want and doing about a 20:4 fasting:eating window

  13. Alex Denton

    This was one of the best interviews on this I have ever seen. I can relate with the person talking I share the same personality type with her and the same experiences with burning out Because you put your whole self into knowing understanding the program and stress yourself out

  14. Shefali Bali

    Hi …m from india.its a great interview❤️.m on intermittent fasting started about 2 Weeks back however I wasn't able to continue with the same window everyday.some days it's 20:4 sometimes day I tried Omad ..changes in inches are visible however it's a different story on the scale…is it okay to have different fasting windows or should I try n sustain one particular window for better results..??

  15. Morgan Pocorobba

    This is awesome! I trust God, as well, and I get what you said – that you don't trust your brain. It reminds me of a song – Fear is a Liar. So true. Thanks, ladies! This was so unbelievably helpful! You're right also when you said we need to figure out what we really want. As I've heard from several ppl who do IF, ppl in this situation try to solve solve solve. We want to tackle and want to solve and it sort of feels like the ground just keeps crumbling under us when we try to get a handle on this. Esp with all the 'tips' out there. Overload of info, like you've mentioned. I think possibly we've experienced having a lot of responsibility and things have fallen apart so many times that we are just used to that and we end up trouble shooting TOO much.
    *Also, I think when we feel hungry (at least this is me), we panic instead of waiting it out. We initially feel that 'need needs to he met', (ossibly bc we are used to having yo fix things all the time in other facets of our life?) and also possibly fall into the trap a lot of processed food sets for us bc I think it tends to create extra hunger, for various reasons.
    But yes, as in one of your previous vids, simplifying IF seems like the key. 😊😊 Thank you so much!

  16. OverlandTT

    Ensure your scales are completely level and if they're digital you have to get on and of up to three times and take the last reading, especially if they are moved back n forth.

  17. Καλλιόπη- Ἐπιλογές καὶ Ἀποσπάσματα

    I really enjoyed the interview and laughed at several points. You are both adorable.

  18. T Wall

    Right around 27:00 she talks about being kind to yourself and also ask yourself if you really actually like certain junk foods and you realize you don't because you want to be so nice to yourself and you begin to reject what the market has told you is great food but it isn't ALL THAT!! So wise

  19. Freefalling into grace

    Dear Kayla, thank you for another wonderful interview. I love your natural and warm interview style. You have a gift for bringing out the best in people and allowing space for them to reflect in the moment. Wonderful listener!

  20. Jully R. D.

    Thank you!!! I feel so encourage to hear all these people's stories. Makes me feel that I can do it too! It's so important to know that the struggle is real and we are not alone. God bless you!!!

  21. Maria Montaruli

    I started off watching this interview thinking Stephanie was another blonde Southern phony (sorry that's my prejudice showing) but ended up literally loving her and her honesty and making me feel glad to be alive and watch the two of you connect and giving me hope that I can figure this out for myself too.

  22. Recon Kelly

    Keto is not perfect for everybody! You nailed it! That high fat with such low carb was making me feel like a LIVE WIRE 24 hours a day! Jittery and nervous and sleepless for 2 solid months…I am not sure why MY body responded this way but I had to stop that madness! Now I am working towards OMAD thanks to YOU!❤️

  23. Deborah T

    I love this message of finding the right "fit" individually. I tried keto but couldn't maintain it more than 3 months. I tried OMAD and was miserable. I tried Nutrisystem, but the packaged food didn't taste good to me and 6 meals a day and the carbs messed with insulin resistance. I'm going to keep trying until I find the right way of eating that works for me. I want the clouds to open up for me! I'm going to try again and need to lose 20 pounds.

  24. Kim Cremer

    As much as it's nice to hear that your scale goes up for no reason, there is a reason. If you are going heavy on carbs you will hold water. If you are near the time of the month where your estrogen spikes, you may gain some fat. A few pounds of water in one day has to do with carbs for most people. So be mindful of those sugars and carbs. Fruits, chips, treats, etc.

  25. Susan Edwards

    I like what Stephannie said about there being so much information out there, thinking it isn't working for me, but it should be – reinforces my need to study and experiment with my body to discover what makes me feel and function the best. I've had the same "cookie monster" experience and felt awful afterwards and made a rule to eat only foods I love and part of loving a food is that I feel good after I eat it.

  26. Emily from Alaska X

    I related to a lot of what Stephannie said. I love her ability to articulate her journey with humor and sincerity.
    Thank you Kayla for taking time to do these interviews. It helps me out so much.

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