Intermittent Fasting Results in 1 month (with pictures)

[inaudible] Apparently my voice is going out
because it’s so depressed. But, uh, I wanted to take this opportunity, I guess to do a video being that we
really can’t go outside because it’s about to pour rain at any minute. Looking
outside my windows are there. Um, I want to just make a quick video,
um, on my intermittent fasting experience.
Um, this is more of a video pertaining to
my personal experience rather than what intermittent fasting is and
how it’s been going for me. I have been doing it for about a
month now, maybe four or five weeks, somewhere in between there.
And I’ve been doing it every day. I’m doing the 16 and eight method. So basically I’m fasting for 16 hours
and then I have an eight hour eating window. So more specifically my hours
of eating and not eating. Um, I’ll have my first
meal of the day around one, two o’clock or somewhere in between there
and I’ll stop eating at seven o’clock. So seven, and on eating. Actually
I’ll say when I am not eating, while I’m fasting,
what I do consume, I don’t take any supplements or anything
like that. Or if I do have vitamins, I’m not taking it during
my fasting period. I’ll take that during my eating window.
Um, I drink obviously water. Um,
my apple cider vinegar drink, which is basically just two tablespoons
of apple cider vinegar and some cold for fridge water, um, about eight ounce glass. I’ll mix it up and drink it out of a
straw. I could put it down pretty good. Some people like to doctor it up. If
you do, I would look into it cause um, during your fast you don’t
want to take in any calories, especially drinking calories either.
So just keep that in mind. Um, green tea, if I mentioned
that, um, nothing in it. Of course I’ll just boil some water, have
a tea bag and I’ll drink some green tea or coffee or espresso. Again, black, I won’t put anything in my coffee or
espresso for obvious reasons because you don’t want any calorie intake
during you’re fasted state. Um, when I do eat,
um, I not that hard on myself. Obviously when you break your fast is a
big deal because you don’t want to fast and then get all your um,
like insulin levels down and you know, your blood sugar’s really good and, and you don’t want to go ahead and
have like a Mcdonald’s drive thru, like for your first meal of the day
or any drive thru for that matter. Um, a candy bar, a bunch of you know, candy,
whatever you want to be logical about it. Go ahead and put in a good
rule of thumb to put in. Um, when you’re breaking your fast.
Especially is high protein, high healthy fats and low carbs. What I personally do when
I, I love carbs. You know, obviously I love my bagels, breads,
that sort of thing. White Rice. If I do have anything like that, I keep
it towards um, the beginning of my fast. So like when I break my fast, my first
meal of the day, I’ll have a Bagel, but then I won’t have any more
carbs for the rest of the day. Not that I am intentionally trying to
take carbs out of my diet cause I feel like carbs are still important
for you know, for your body. They might not be the healthiest,
but you know, I’m not gonna rule it out altogether, but I tried to keep ’em towards the
beginning of my eating period rather than say eating right before I’m getting
ready to fast, if that makes sense. Which it should. Um, but uh, usually a big, I’ve eat
a lot of eggs. I’m like, I’ll break my fast,
I’ll either have my protein shake or um, I’ll have some scrambled eggs
and I’ll have a Tortilla, some salsa and I’ll make a
breakfast burrito per say. Um, something like that. I
like green peppers. Uh, of course you can’t really overdose
on vegetables, so whatever vegetables, I don’t even count that vegetables in my
calorie counting to be honest with you. If I do, I’ve been pretty lax
on counting my calories lately, but I’ve been doing it since I started
intermittent fasting up to about a week ago. I’ve just been getting
lazy by using my pal, my fitness pal on my phone and I’ve
been averaging around 900 to a thousand calories a day just from
intermittent fasting. Obviously trying to stay under 1200 just
because I want to lose a little weight. So, but I highly recommend this app for
your phone because it’s, I mean, as a beginner myself,
counting macros or calories in general, um, I found it very
user friendly, this app. So I’ll link that below or you can look
that up on your phone and if that’s something that you’re interested in.
Um, another tip that I wanted to mention
too that I’ve been lazy with lately but I’ve noticed,
um, especially in the beginning really good
results with was if you are thinking of intermittent fasting right before you
have your first meal and it doesn’t have to be right before you
break your fast or anything, but sometime during your
fasting window or period, um,
I would really consider working out, even if it’s a light workout or some
aerobics or yoga or walking or something athletic for, you know,
half hour to an hour. It’s just going to really amp
up the benefits of the fasting. Now, intermittent has been linked to
similarities with the Keto Diet. I can’t really speak on the Keto Diet
because I’ve never personally implemented a Keto diet, um, or looked
up on exactly what it is. But at the similarity I believe is,
um, when the Kiddos in your body are released
into your bloodstream after a certain period of time, which caused causes a increase in weight
loss because you’re actually tapping into the stored that within your body.
Something along those lines. Because I know with intermittent
fasting, what happens is, well, let’s just put it this way, on an any given day without intermittent
fasting, when you eat right, let’s just take this example.
Your body is working, its uses energy to process
your food, right? It, um, from the time that you eat your food
to the time you secrete your food, your body’s working to process the
food. Okay? And that takes energy. That takes work. Um, I believe I
read somewhere like three to four, three to five hours in total.
It takes to digest just one meal. Well obviously this takes energy. So when your body doesn’t
have any food digest, not only are you giving it a
rest, relax a little bit, um, and kind of just given an a break,
but your body needs energy still, so its not getting it from the food is
going to tap into your store fat for energy so you can keep it moving.
You know, you can keep going and function
throughout your day. Um, and that’s may…. may have some
similarities with the Keto Diet as well. I just know too that it’s beneficial
with the intermittent fasting for which I think this is similar to
Keto. Um, your high protein, high fats, low carbs or no carbs
with Keto, something like that. Very similar with the intermittent fasting
or recommended when you do eat with intermittent fasting. So, um, three benefits that I’ve personally
noticed is from only doing it for like a month or so I’ve noticed through specific
benefits that I wanted to mention in this video or include in this video. And one has been surprisingly my energy
levels and this is during my fasted state. Now, I’ve mentioned before
in a previous video that I had, um, a few months ago come off Adderall,
which I was becoming really addicted to. Um, obviously getting all my
energy from Adderall and
being off that learning how to basically motivate myself again and get
to that natural energy to where I don’t have to be so dependent on a
medication to get through my day. Well that was a process in itself, but I was really struggling with
getting that motivation back, you know? I mean it was a few months
and that even lyin, so, um, with this particularly
intermittent fasting, when I started this about a month
ago with, after the first week or so, I’ve really started noticing clarity, which actually was my second benefit that
I was gonna mention and energy levels. So I’d wake up and I like to
drink like a liter of water first. Um, just to get my kids off and
all that before I get back home. And I’m just drinking.
I’m not like downing it in one sitting, but I’m just drinking it before I
even drink my coffee or anything. And I get most of it down. Usually I’m
not drinking all of it before then, but before I get back home in any way. Um, but that, between that and the
water, perhaps it’s giving me energy, but I’m noticing too that I’m more clear,
clear headed. My brain isn’t so foggy or
drained or just miserable. The weather has a big effect on me as
it does a lot of people In the Midwest. We are struggling for nice
weather compared to say
like people in California or Tennessee even. It’s, it really
brings me down when I can’t be out. So that was a big factor too. Like right
now it’s raining, it’s gray outside, but I have enough energy to say even
do this video. I, if that makes sense. And I haven’t ate yet.
Um, I’m due to eat in about 30
minutes for my first meal or so, and I’m pretty pumped up man,
I’m still talking fast and all that. I don’t know that can say anything.
Um, but for the clarity being my second
advantage that I wanted to mention, especially when I do decide to do a
little workout or whatnot before I do eat, um, I noticed that I could
push a little bit more. I can stay with it a little
bit longer. Um, you know, I could do a good like 30 minutes on the
stairmaster and those things are tough at the gym or what not. And I was doing
this before. I’m not doing it now, but I can finish it all
in, not think about, okay, well that was good enough and
quit. And just the, you know, a little wussy I just more clear and
level headed. I want to push through. I’m feeling good. I don’t know it may,
it may just be a mindset, but, um, I’ve just noticed intermittent fasting
has really has contributed to that. Those two things for sure.
Energy and um, and clarity in the mind. And the third thing that I wanted to
mention off the top of my head is it’s really helped me to kick some extra
pounds that I want to kick here, that I’ve been on a mission to do for
the past month or couple months or so. Um, obviously at the beginning
of my weight loss journey, I was the first month I would say I
didn’t implement intermittent fasting. I just was okay…..
more conscientious on what I’m eating, kind of restricting my calories,
drinking more water. And that did help a little
bit, but I wasn’t, man, it’s like I didn’t even lose weight,
water weight really fast that first month. I’m still like, Okay God, oh, half a
pound to pound to go. Well, come on, this has to be a big…I quit Starbucks. I was going to go to Starbucks every day,
but once I um, implemented intermittent fasting, this
was the second month leading up to today. Now, um, I dropped five
pounds in that first week. Crazy!!!! Altogether now I’ve
lost 10 pounds altogether now. So I started now just
going from the beginning, intermittent fasting about 143 pounds. I weighed myself actually this morning
was my weigh-in and I weigh 135 pounds. So I mean give or take a few pounds too, before I started intermittent fasting,
I lost a total, but it’s really helped me to lose on
an average about two pounds a week. So again, I’m doing this every day. Um, and so far it’s been, it’s been
really great for me personally. Oh, you know, so far so good. I plan on doing
another check-in um, in another month. I like to give it a good month and then
post some pictures to kind of gauge and I’m not exercising a lot right now.
I want to, after I drop some pounds and I’m going
to start doing exercise videos and, and getting into a regimen and kind of
sharing that just to tone and lean up after, I just want to see
how this is working without
any kind of added routines. I want to just make a video
based on intermittent fasting
and its results within itself. And not couple it too much
with like exercise or anything
else because I want to see how it works on its own and give
an honest good review on that. So…. So if you guys have any questions or
any information that you can give me, um, concerning intermittent fasting
or perhaps your personal journey, please share them with me. I love to read other people’s and
look into other people’s journeys, um, whether it be with
intermittent fasting or
something else that’s working for them. Let me know if you want to
continue with me on this journey. Um, and see my…my videos on intermittent
fasting and health related videos. Nutrition-Related videos. I do do them for parents or
adults and children. I plan on, I’m getting into some children
health and nutrition as well. Being that I have two kids of
my own, um, please subscribe. I plan on, I want to do videos twice
a week. This is a brand new channel, so I’m still working out
some kinks here and there. Editing included and finding good
video and audio. So bear with me. But, um, it’s either going to be, do videos on Tuesdays and
Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays. I haven’t really decided yet,
but, um, once I do decide, obviously you’ll be the first to know
and I will post it onto my page so everyone else will know. But
again, thank you for joining me. Thank you for letting me ramble
on a little bit about myself. I’m still trying to get used to
the fact that talking about myself. So I’m doing these videos
to just as a side note, to help keep myself accountable and
keep myself motivated, even if it is, I am just talking to
myself and nobody watches, at least I have myself,
right? So again, thank you. If you are
watching. Thank you, I appreciate it. And I will be back again with more
progress and other related videos. So take care guys.
In the meantime peace! [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].

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  1. Shannon Minkova

    So here is my intermittent fasting (IF) results after a solid one month implementing IF everyday. Overall I feel great with more energy & motivation, increased cogitative clarity, and rapid weight loss without exercise. I incorporate apple cider vinegar and around 70 oz. of water daily at a minimum.

    I implement the 16:8 method of IF and my schedule is as follows:

    I start fasting every night at 7 pm and I eat my first meal anywhere in between 1-2 pm the next day.

    My goal is to lose another 10 lbs and start toning up my body. If you would like to follow me on this journey, I invite YOU to do this together. There's no time like the present to start getting healthy and to live an overall healthier lifestyle!

    Stay tuned for more videos and thank you for taking the time to watch mine! xoxo

  2. zamazingo089

    I also do IF mixed with 24 hours fast. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I only have dinner. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I eat lunch and dinner. My main purpose is to heal my body, help with energy and concentration, fix high cholesterol and of course always loose a little bit fat. I am very happy with my routine. If you haven't already, you can read Jason Fung's Complete Guide to Fasting. It explains everything. 🙂

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