hey guys it’s kevin Kreider more than
just muscle I am doing a QA for intermittent fasting right now so you
can submit your questions and I might be able to answer them in the next videos
that I do I’m going to be doing Q&A videos a little bit more often with
nutrition so if you guys once leave comments below and I’ll get them I’ll
get those answers to you in the next videos you can just go to my playlist
and I have all these videos lined up for you on intermittent fasting the benefits
and all the things I wish I would have known I thought I’d be able to help you
guys out with doing a little bit of Q&A so max X X I K 1337 says I am wondering
are you still using this method is it safe in long term and absolutely man
there are no studies that show that doing intermittent fasting is going to
be harmful for you long term if anything it’s probably really good for you
because when you think about it in our evolution times when we were we didn’t
have so much food available for us all the time
we were probably in starvation mode a lot more often than in feasting mode and
if we did we feasted at night and fasted or had very little small snacks
throughout the day now I do use a fruits fruit strategy to be able to hold off
that fast a little bit longer I only recommend that in the beginning when
you’re trying to get adjusted to fasting and the benefits because sometimes we
can get a little harsh going was six hours of our fruits for training our
body to always want to always need it constantly so it’s gonna take about a
week or two to break that pattern of your body always wanting food it’s well
worth that at the end because it’s then going to be functioning in a new way
that is better for you and healthier as well this one is by shad
Kirton he says can you drink pressed fruit and vegetable juice while in the
fasting period before you eat I always make juices like kale on Apple
can I drink these juices during the fasting period now here’s the thing guys
I don’t really recommend having any types of sugar or even fruit really
unless you’re trying to get adjusted with just a small Apple about an app an
hour before you break your fast because you get a little too hungry the problem
with a lot of fruit juice cleanses is you get rid of the fiber and the fiber
does and has many benefits to not wait your insulin levels because it’s not
digested by the body and what the fiber does it actually reduces the glycemic
index and if you don’t know if the glycemic index is just how fast your
blood sugar Rises and you don’t want it to rise too fast and the fiber allows it
to actually start rising at a moderate level and the thing about and fruit
juices is it will actually technically break your fast because the whole point
of a fast is to keep the insulin levels as low as possible so it can actually
help you to increase your growth hormone levels and your epinephrine
norepinephrine which is your adrenaline it’s when you get that height feeling
where like somebody does something to you like bumps you on the side of the
street no that’s your fight-or-flight response which is your adrenaline your
epinephrine norepinephrine sanderso what you need go on side but basically we are
trained not to react on those emotions and that
all spilling on a side note that was a fun little fact via the thing with juice
cleanses which I don’t agree with is the fact that fruit juice cleanses or fruit
cleanses or juices and stuff like that there’s so much sugar in it and you
won’t be able to release ketone bodies and ketone bodies are the benefit from
the passing that helps you cleanse and repair your body there’s many benefits
on ketones and being in the ketone aqip butyric state is what is actually gonna
help you to feel that high feeling that you’re gonna get from from the fasting
but when you do fruit juice cleansing totally shuts off ketosis because
ketosis can’t exist when there’s high levels of carbohydrate because the thing
is ketone bodies are released through your liver because there’s no presence
of carbohydrates going into your body so ketones
release I hope that made sense to you but basically they work against each
other it breaks the fast every time you have a
fruit juice cleanse and stuff like that we juice I recommend having that in
between your meals then just to be safe so for instance if you break your fast
at noon and you’re feeding windows until 8:00 p.m. have your first meal at noon
wait until around like 4 o’clock then have your wheatgrass juice and then wait
a little bit longer and then have your last meal that’s how I’d recommend
having the wheatgrass juice all right and now I’m going to go back to Max’s
last question he said basically he read that six meals everywhere is what people
are telling him to do and that’s just a follow-up I wanted to answer this
because it’s very important for you guys to know that the six meal theory is
bullshit now it doesn’t really hold validity unless that’s what helps you
adhere to a fat loss diet or if you can control yourself only having two hundred
three hundred calorie meals every single time then go for if that’s the way you
like it the thing that I don’t like about it
though is that a lot of people pick shitty foods like donuts and candy six
times a day and then they’re training their body to always
needed that and then they become type two diabetic and then they’re wondering
how the hell do I become type two diabetic I’m thin well it’s because you
trained your body to always need sugar and then it crashes many well it’s
horrible guys so the thing is and then you try three days without having any
type of sugar and you’re like this isn’t working and feel like shit well you
trained your body for about eighteen plus years to always need food
throughout the day and you go three days without having sugar and you’re eating
normally doing something good for yourself your body’s gonna react in a
fucked-up way it’s just the way it’s gonna go
patients keep doing it okay because here’s the thing in the end of it you’re
gonna feel so much better than you did eating all that crap all that time all
that consistency of eating crap if you’re as consistent as you weren’t
eating crap as you weren’t intermittent fasting and being healthy for yourself
you look like a Greek god and goddess you’d be fucking them unbelievable so
put that discipline and that habit-forming donut eating whatever crap
you guys do and put it into making your body function better function better so
you can mentally feel better and you’ll make everybody around you better – all
right guys so hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my youtube
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Reader Comments

  1. Brandon Battiato

    Intermittent Fasting is more than a diet, its a lifestyle! I started off with 16/8, and now have moved to the warrior diet. Your body adapts! Sugar cravings go away, along with the cravings of processed foods and that junk that has no benefits for us. IF is the way to go for longevity and sustainability in my opinion. Keep up the great videos Kevin, you have my full support!

  2. Diver

    The 6 meal theory stresses your digestive system, being in constant digestion all the time.
    You may feel bloated and less energetic (obviously) and it is much harder to split your calories in 6 meals and make these meals filling.

  3. PsychoMancy

    I need reverse pyramid training advice I'm a beginner. What set and rep range should I start with? How should I gauge my max weight bench presses etc? How long should I rest in between sets?

  4. Lina Wiklund

    Hi Kevin, love your videos! My eating window is around 4-6 hours. I like to eat two snack meals and one normal sized dinner. Do you think the fast would be more effective if I eat two meals a day instead of three, if it's still containes the same amount of calories. Or doesn't that matter as long as it's in the eating window?

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