hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than
just muscle I want to share with you in this video
q and A’s I’ve been getting lots of tubes which are questions about
intermittent fasting and I’m going to share with you right now some of the
questions that I’ve been getting that I wanted to address right now the first
one is by Calvin he says instead of coffees and teas is it okay to replace
that with the apple cider vinegar drink here’s the thing Calvin I’ve never done
apple cider vinegar it seems a little faddish to me some other people might
argue with me on this and I can’t really speak too much on apple cider vinegar
and the benefits cuz I’ve never done it I only read about it so I can’t really
tell you what to do what not to do based off of that that’s just my experience if
I’ve never done it before I can’t really recommend anything nutritional or
supplemental to you if I’ve never experienced that before so I can’t say
hey this is good this is not good and what I would do is share from my
personal experience on things and that’s just not in my repertoire so you might
have to find an expert on apple cider vinegar this I do know though it doesn’t
technically break the fast because there’s no calories or anything like
that and same thing with teas and coffees and it won’t raise your insulin
levels from what I’ve seen to actually break your fast so feel free not to
stuff that with the apple cider vinegar if somebody else recommended that to you
and the thing is it wouldn’t break your fast which is technically the point of
that the next question is by as Brahm del Ruiz drinking I mean he says during
intermittent fasting is there any gum or breath mints that can be taken without
breaking the fast first of all I would ask why do you want to have breath mints
or gum is it just a habitual thing or are you quitting smoking because if
that’s your biggest thing then just knock yourself out intermittent fasting
is the last thing you need to worry about if you need to quit smoking or
anything is it a habitual thing do you really need it why do you want it is the
next question and the thing is most breath mints aren’t calorie friendly
sugar-free and raise your insulin levels up to a
certain extent and technically break the fast guys even from a traditional fast
even having coffee and teas break a fast but we’re going for in this type of fast
is to keep your ketone levels up and rising throughout the day and to also
not raise your insulin levels up which will stunt the growth hormone levels for
the day or at least lower it and you won’t be releasing epinephrine
norepinephrine which is your fight-or-flight response when you have
sugar it will raise your insulin levels up and I’ll start to break the fast and
shut it down and you’re just basically in a Fed state then and then your other
sim but not your sympathetic your parasympathetic nervous system start to
kick in for digestion and relaxing and that’s not what we want with
intermittent fasting I would really pick sugar free options if you want be also
out of watch what type of sugar it is because if it’s the wrong thing it’s
like Zuri throw that will actually make you pop out of your butt if you eat too
much trust me I’ve had that problem before when I ate like all of these
sugar free or reduced sugar Reese’s peanut butter cups and I’m like oh my
god I’m like all out of me it was like crazy it was like that for two days
award be concerned about that too much of any type of fake sugar will probably
give you that especially if it’s a referral I hope I’m pronouncing that
correctly and the thing is guys that’s the thing with intermittent fasting you
just don’t want to raise your insulin levels up King says well 13 or 11-hour
or 14 10 or 15 nine work life 16-hour things I’m king I’m assuming you’re
asking what’s the best ratio or the time window for intermittent fasting I
recommend people just starting off try a 14-10 window to see if how it feels
because you’re just so used to eating breakfast first in the morning try that
out for size and then what you can do eventually is start to go to 16 hours
jump it up to 16 hours and then if that works start doing 18 hours stuck in 20
hours I do a warrior diet sometimes I’ll do 20 hours of fasting a 4 hour of
feeding when they’re not fit like one big meal continuously or two big meals
and I can still fit in that time period so I can do that if you’d like or you
can just fit one one hour it’s all up to you do what is
comfortable for you in the beginning get adjusted to it and then the best method
is really the 16-8 that’s one of the most beneficial and realistic for most
people maybe it’s not realistic for you to do a twenty and four because the
thing is 20 hours of fasting can be a little strenuous for a lot of people but
for me I’ve grown to like that a little bit hunger feeling because I’m like oh
my god I can look forward to that reward I’m not eating just chicken and broccoli
and brown rice or just a strict meal plan diet of tilapia that doesn’t taste
like very good except like it tastes like fish with lemon and that doesn’t
taste that great to me today with you I can enjoy like a burger and fries and a
nice piece of steak or peanut butter and lots of other carbs potatoes if I wanted
to or sweet potato fries or something I just look forward to that when I fast
that long and then I have a pleasure of just saying the day’s over my
parasympathetic nervous system is kicking in and it can relax or the rest
of the day and I love that feeling so the thing is that’s what I look forward
to and that’s the thing it’s up to you guys so see where you’re starting off on
if you’re just a beginner try the 14 hour fast and then the 10 hour or
feeding window which I to fit two meals in that time period or if you need to
three just start off with and then you can start cutting down the meals to two
when you do a 16-8 and then see if you go even further just test it out guys
all right I can’t really tell you exactly cuz I don’t I’m not personally
coaching you and I don’t really know anything else except what you ask for so
I’m just giving you the best knowledge off of what I have so guys please
subscribe to my youtube channel you can also get my coaching online in a sense
of you get video courses and I have courses made for you guys take the body
design tool fill out those questions it’ll guide you to the course that I
would recommend to you based off the questions I answered I asked my clients
anyway and you answer so guys please subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll
see you guys soon

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