Intermittent Fasting Program! | How to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a very scary word, right?! Most certainly you know someone who has had
to battle cancer…Or even maybe you yourself have had to come up against it. Now there is a study from the journal called
“Science Translational Medicine” that shows that not only can intermittent fasting protect
normal cells from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy drugs…but fasting can also
kill cancer cells! Cancer cells actually lack the metabolic flexibility
to use fat as fuel. They can only get their nutrition from sugar. The above study explains how cancer cells
lack the ability to respond and thrive under extreme environments. Now, one of these extreme environments is
starving the body of sugar, their primary energy source. Another one of these extreme environments
is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been shown to starve
cancer cells while simultaneously protecting cells from chemotherapy toxicity! In fact, one research group is working on
getting intermittent fasting approved by the FDA as a complementary therapy for cancer
patients. Now, although a great byproduct, intermittent
fasting is so much more than just about weight loss. It’s about your health, your longevity, your
lifespan…everything in between.

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