Intermittent Fasting Program! | 16/8 Intermittent Fasting

So how do you start the intermittent fasting
lifestyle? Well, the first thing that you need to decide
is what 8 hour window is going to work best for you. In this video, I am going to use my own example
of what works best for me to guide you in setting up your own time frame that fits your
schedule. I know some of you don’t have the same luxuries
that I have when it comes to being able to choose when you wake up and when you work
out, but just know that whatever works best for your schedule is going to be the best
option for you. In order for you to be successful, this can’t
disrupt your everyday life too much. On a sidenote, though, if you’re not exercising
in the morning just because your’e “lazy”…Then I want you to really consider it, because
it really is the best time to do so. There will be 16 hours in the day that you
are not eating. And to make that the easiest that we can…We
want you sleeping for half of that time. So in a perfect world, you will stop eating
four hours before you go to bed, and when you wake up, you will wait 4 hours before
you eat. For me, I have what I call the “11-7 rule.” I eat my calories from 11 AM until 7 PM and
I sleep from 11 PM until 7 AM. I have a whole video on fat burning and how
to get the most out of it, but for now, your best bet is to try to exercise in the morning
during that 4 hour time period that you are still fasting. It is also best that you eat within an hour
after your workout, to preserve muscle. And on a sidenote, you want to drink some
BCAAs right before your workout, and also make sure your post-workout meal (or Shake,
in my case) has about 20 grams of protein in it. I am a very big proponent for people only
eating three meals in a day…Like the good old days, do you remember? So for me, I have breakfast right around 11
AM, and my lunch is around 3:30 PM, and then I eat my dinner right around 7 PM. Again, I have a video explaining the benefits
of doing this for your hormones, but just know that it’s best for you to eat a substantial
meal…be full…stay satisfied for a few hours…get hungry…and then eat again. So in a nutshell, here’s what you need to
do. Figure out how many hours after you wake up
and before you go to sleep that will be your hours of not eating. Now, I can’t express the importance of how
much good sleep is for a lean body, so try your best to get 8 hours a night. But one thing I want to mention is that it’s
really counterproductive to eat right before you go to bed, so you have to leave at least
2 hours of not eating before you retire for the night. Once you know the eight hours that’s going
to work for your schedule, it’s best that you try your hardest to schedule your workout
in the morning, and, if at all possible, eating within an hour after your workout…Which
will be the first of three meals for the next 8 hours. Now, is that clear as mud?? Good!

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