Intermittent Fasting – Practical Consequences

What a better way to start the year with something that could change your life? Now, I’m not one of those people that will promise you something miraculous, something magical that it’s unreal, but rather I’ll promise you something that could change your life, it changed mine in a… Okay, not in a gigantic way, but nevertheless it changed my life, it impact my routine. So, every day I am performing better and being better because of this thing. Now, there are a lot of scientific background on this subject, a lot of positive ones, but the idea of this video is not to show you them, if you want to later you can research, YouTube and Google are your friends, but my idea here, right now, is to explain to you how this thing improved my life and helped me to perform my job and my duties in a better more positive way. So, what am I talking about? I am talking about intermittent fasting, which is basically used in long periods of time without eating. It can be 12, 14, 16 hours or even more. Now, I know what you may be thinking. I cannot, I cannot stay long periods of time without eating, I get angry, I get irritated, I get in a bad mood. I know this feeling because I had it before. I used to eat every three hours, and “oh my!” if I didn’t eat. I would get all those things I said being angry, being irritated, being in a bad mood, or being really weak like a de-energized. And when I first heard about fasting I thought the same thing: this is not for me and I will explain later, the transition period is actually quite short and not that harsh. So, usually people do intermittent fasting to lose weight, it seems to be a very good way to lose weight if it is your goal, but for me my goal was quite the opposite. I always trying to gain some mass. So I was a little worried that this whole thing would make me lose a lot of muscles, and it was not the case. When you are fasting, basically, your growth hormone can spike up to 2,000 percent. And growth hormone is considered one of the main elements to protect your muscles. So this is something to consider. Now, the question is: how? Just, how eating or not eating for long periods of time can change your life. Well, what I can say and what I can feel every single day is number one: I have a lot more energy. I know, makes no sense because I didn’t eat so, the conclusion, the possible conclusion would be that I don’t have enough energy, I’m weak for not eating or not ingesting the proper nutrients and calories that I so need. Again, this is not what happens. So I usually eat two meals a day, 1 p.m. and 8 p.m, nothing more. And the period of the day that I have the most energy is in the morning. I wake up and I am ready to go to do whatever I want. My body right now does not feel the urge for food. It’s actually it’s really, really rare for me to feel hungry, which is something really nice and again a lot of energy. The thing is even though it makes no sense, it is how it works. A lot of researches, scientific ones, claim that we human beings are not meant to eat every single hour. The men in the caves, how can I say it, the prehistoric ones, our antecessors, I don’t know, they didn’t have food every single time, and more important, sometimes not even every single day. Now, we can imagine a scenario, ok? So, I am a man cave, and I didn’t eat yesterday. So I am with my spear, c’mon spear, so I am with my spear and I see an animal. I need to hunt. Now, if the logic we usually hear is correct, what would happen? I would be really weak because I am so hungry. So, when it is time to hunt this animal I wouldn’t be able to, I wouldn’t have this explosion energy to go and hunt, and I would fail and thus the humanity, the human species would be extinct long time ago. We are all here. I’m here talking. You are here, there, watching, so we made pretty well, which means that our body has a lot of mechanisms to make us perform really well without food every single time. As energy! So, first thing and first positive change in my life is that I have more energy in my day and that I am sharper, my mind just operate in a sharper level so to speak, which is always nice. Second thing, which is also really important and especially for me because I am an actor, is this ability to be able to not eat for a long periods of time. As I said before, I used to have this urge to eat every three hours, I heard it was the right thing, so I start to do and my body got used to eat every three hours. But as an actor, sometimes I cannot eat every three hours, sometimes I am in the set recording and for whatever reason for whatever logistical reason I have to keep recording for longer periods of time. And having this ability is game-changing, in a way. I can, if I want to, perform well and be well without food. My body just… It is okay, you know, handling those kind of situations, which is always nice. So, let’s say that for whatever reason you cannot eat. You have an important meeting, you have a test, whatever, and you have to do something and you cannot eat. If you are used to do fasting, and I do every single day, you just can do it, you can… You know, endure those situations and be okay. Me before I would be just dying, you know, like “oh my god I’m so…” You know, in this lethargic, I don’t know it’s the right word, but this almost a zombie state, you know, like… And now I can do it well. So this is the second positive change, now the third and final one is that my days have more hours so to speak, because I don’t have to stop to eat every single time, I eat twice a day, and yeah the rest of the day I’m working, I’m doing my things, and more free time to do whatever I want and I need to do, which is really nice. Now, things to consider. This video is not something to, quote, convert you to something. It is to, maybe, spark on you some curiosity so you can do more research, see more videos, read more articles, and yeah, take your final conclusion after it. It is good, it is something really good and impactful. Things I might say that could help if you decided to try this thing. Number one: there’s probably three days of kind of a hard time, an adaptation period, be prepared. So, let’s say tomorrow you have a really important meeting, or task, or something, don’t do your first day of fasting on this day. Maybe postpone it later. This is something to consider, around three days. On this three days you will feel hungry, it might be strong, never like unbearable, but might be strong. But gets easy, gets way easy to the point you feel no hungry anymore. And there’s one less point to be made, if you are interested and you have the time just do it. You will not lose anything, maybe you don’t like it and then you return to eat normally, but that’s what I did, I decided, you know, I will give a try and if I don’t like I just turn eating normally. It’s possible. So, one more things like a brainstorm here, in the gym I am way stronger now. Again makes no sense, but it is what it is. I go do my workouts in the morning and yeah, I can lift way more weight right now compared to before. Who knows, actually the science knows, Google it. That’s it for this video, if you enjoyed it, if it was interesting or helpful somehow, please like the video, subscribe to the channel and yeah, See you next time!

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  1. Anita H.

    That's really interesting! I started intermittent fasting around one year ago for spiritual reasons. Later on i tried it to lose weight. I really like how it shifts our perspective, I think part of it is psychological – when we learn that it's actually beneficial to give our digestive traits a break, we naturally feel less grumpy about eating not as often – but the physiological benefits are there as well.

    Something interesting is that nowadays i do it sporadically, on a day with too many meetings for example, and I don't have an adaption problem even if I haven't done it in months. My body had grown naturally resistant to eating less often and I love it!

    I don't recommend running on an empty stomach though… I feel awful when I do.

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