Intermittent Fasting: Metal Toxicity and Mercury Exposure

Hello everybody! Today is day nine of the intermittent
fasting raw food challenge. Congratulations! We are almost done, just
a few more days and you will have accomplished something
that very few people in this world are able to accomplish. You know, thinking
about just water only fasting, there’s a minute amount of people in the world, it’s
almost like climbing Mount Everest. You know, you should have a plaque on your
wall of just this huge accomplishment, like running an Ironman, or doing a
marathon. I mean, it seems simple, but it’s really a mental challenge, and it’s a
physical challenge, and even starting slow with intermittent fasting is still
a great accomplishment. I mean, even if it’s from eleven to seven, I mean, later
on you can change it from twelve to six. And we had someone who made a mistake. You don’t have to start all the way over again.
I mean you know the purpose of this is is more or less for you to start
learning new behaviors, you know. I know people that do intermittent fasting and
every Sunday they just take a day off. Just because you’re doing something
doesn’t mean you have to actually do it all the time, because then you’re gonna
feel guilty, and stressed out, and that’s what you want to avoid doing, but the more that you accomplished in your life when it comes
to health, the better off you’re gonna be, and that’s why you just take it minute
by minute, day by day. I mean, in all honesty, we don’t even know if we’re
gonna be here tomorrow. So just setting short-term goals, and waking up in the
morning, and saying, “hey you know what, I’m gonna try to do this today, and if I’m,
and hopefully I’ll make it through the day,” and then set some goals for the
following day and you know before you know it four or five days are gonna go
by, or a weeks gonna go by, you’re gonna be feeling better, and
you’re gonna be changing your habits, and, you know, every now and then you’re gonna
slip up and you’re gonna go back to doing the old things, or you’re gonna go
to a birthday party, or you’re gonna go to a wedding, or you’re gonna go some
function, and you’re not gonna have anything there. So, I mean, just the whole
point I’m trying to make is if you did mess up, and you ate a cooked meal, don’t
worry about it. Just, I mean, it’s not worth stressing over. Just get back on
track, and do what you need to do. I mean that’s just a society in which we live,
there is no reason why anybody should be hungry on this intermittent fasting raw
food challenge. Absolutely no reason. You can pretty much eat whatever you want
between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., any type of all foods: fruits, nuts, seeds,
I mean, try, don’t eat only nuts and seeds, okay, because that, you’re going to be
increasing your fat content, and that’s, you know, for the people that are trying
to lose weight, although they’re good fats, that is correct, and they’re full of
good nutrients, you want to kind of spread out your food choices as much as
you possibly can. Balance them out. I know that sometimes I’ll avoid
eating pumpkin seeds during the day because pumpkin seeds contain more
l-tryptophan than turkey does, and that’s why people get really sleepy on
Thanksgiving, because they eat turkey and it has l-tryptophan. So it makes you
tired, and it makes you want to go to sleep, and pumpkin seeds actually have
more I-tryptophan than turkey does! So if you’re going to eat pumpkin seeds, make
sure you eat them later on in the evening. I keep getting asked
questions about raw food salad dressings, and I have a lady that just prepares
them. They’re just different types of lemon juice –
let’s say with coconut oil, or avocado oil, different herbs mixed in, there fresh
herbs like basil, thyme, and lemon juice. Stuff like that. I usually just, usually
go online and pull up, “what’s, what are some good raw food salad dressings.” So
there’s not really one that I would recommend, those don’t have any sugar, or
carbohydrates in them, and yes a lot of them do. So even if you can’t find a
completely raw, or or you don’t want to make your own raw, then you know maybe
just some straight olive oil, or avocado oil, and some raw organic apple cider
vinegar. That’s another thing that we usually mix in there. Now, this one of the
questions, another question, “if,” someone is asking my opinion on metal toxicity,
mercury exposure that is a huge huge huge situation that we’re dealing with
right now. Mercury exposure from amalgams and the teeth, and from toys coming from
China, and many other things. Then you have aluminum toxicity. That is one of the
things that’s on my radar, because aluminum is in everything, from deodorants
and cosmetics, to food, and aluminum foil that gets in your food when you’re
cooking it, aluminum utensils. Aluminum is being, they’re finding high levels of
aluminum nanoparticles in the air, and if you haven’t gone and checked out
chemtrails, I would highly recommend you you look into chemtrails. They are real.
There’s government documents. It’s not a conspiracy theory. I’ve done the research,
you know, a lot of these things that are labeled conspiracy theories are actually
the truth. It’s just the mainstream media, and you know, the very popular newspapers
out there are not telling the truth, because when you follow the money back
you’ll see that those are funded by links to pharmaceutical companies.
They’re funded by links to big agriculture business, Monsanto, and, you
know, if you just take the time – just never believe what you see, and what you
hear all the time, okay? I spent 20 years looking into and researching some of
these, what the mainstream media calls extreme crazy conspiracy theories, and
when you actually spend weeks, or months, doing the research yourself, then you
find out that these aren’t conspiracy theories. These are real; like fluoride
was put in the water on purpose to dumb us down. It was used in Germany in the
1900’s, and used in Russian in the concentration camps, and it was used to
make people non-aggressive, make people easily controllable. I mean this is
all public knowledge, if you know where to look. Why do you think they put it in
the water supply all over the place? So it dumbs people down, it causes health
problems, and the chemtrails is another scenario that’s ruining the soil. I’ve
talked to farmers, I’ve talked to agricultural, that, that are having
serious pH issues in their soil and serious levels of aluminum building up
in their soil. There’s been people that have been testing the air, and it
contains strontium, barium, aluminum, nanoparticles. The government, you can
bring up the government documents where they’re allowing billions of tons to be
sprayed under climate control. It’s called geoengineering, if, you know,
just type in geoengineering, chemtrails and you’ll see what I’m talking about,
but the reason why I’m saying that is: it’s important because you have to
address the root cause of all health problems, and when you’re looking at
metal toxicity, sure you could do some chelation, you can do some take some
different types of compounds, do some detoxification,
but where are they coming from? You know? Is there any possible way you can
eliminate them from coming in your body and I highly recommend anybody that has
mercury amalgams in their mouth find a biological dentist. Just type in, “biological dentist,” near your town and go get your amalgams removed, and taken out.
You know, that’s very important. I know it’s expensive, but it is expensive to be
healthy these days. I mean it’s just the way it goes. We are changing things, are
getting better. Things are improving, things are getting cheaper, more doctors
are getting into natural medicine, more dentists they’re getting away from the
fluoride, and the toxic mercury. We are making huge progress, which is a great,
great thing. Thanks to everybody, and all we need is to continue this revolution,
this healthcare revolution, but we are under attack by metals, and, and that’s
something that we need to address, and that’s why I developed Zeotrex, and
that’s why I recommend everybody goes through a chemical and heavy metal
cleanse once or maybe twice a year, but really looking at what is causing all
the heavy metals to come in. Looking at your environment, your work environment,
finding out if you’re exposed to any metals, cleaning up the air quality in
your house, cleaning up the water quality, and your,
I, “should root canals be removed, shouldn’t teeth be removed?” That’s a
tough question to answer. I’ve spoken with a lot of biological dentists, I have
a really good biological dentist, there’s a couple of them here in Houston, and
they still recommend taking the teeth out completely, because what they’re
using for root canals is toxic, however the good news is there is a lot of
research going on in Europe of possibly being able to regrow your teeth, and I am
looking forward to that because I have a long, long history of gum disease in my
family, and even though I eat healthy, I, you know, I just for some reason don’t
take care of my teeth as much as I should. I have been working with the
clinic in Thailand, doing some stem-cell research. They’re working on some things
for the teeth, so I think within five years, if you lose a tooth, I’m hoping
you’ll be able to inject some cells up into that pocket, and you should be able
to hopefully regrow a tooth, or they can regrow and put it in there for you. Lane
Smith says, “what would you replace fillings with?” So there’s a test that the
biological dentist can do on you, they’ll take your blood, and they’ll want to scan
to see what compounds are not going to cause any type of energy deprivation
from your body. I had that done, I mean, I can’t remember how much it is, maybe a
couple hundred dollars or something like that, and then my dentist, if I ever need
a cavity or anything like that, they know what compound to make it out of and
there’s probably a hundred different compounds out there like: zirconium,
different types of ceramic, different types of mixes that you can mix together
that are non-toxic. So the key is getting with a good biological dentist and
people fly all over the world here to Houston to see these biological dentists.
So I mean if anyone’s interested in that information, just put a reminder up there and I’ll make sure that I put that in the
comments. Next question, “when I took a probiotic I threw up. What’s wrong with
that? Makes me afraid of probiotics.” There’s no telling why you threw up
after taking the probiotic, but listen there’s a lot of companies out there
that are just throwing probiotics in formulas, and when they do that they’re
not aware and doing the time and effort in the research to see how those
probiotics are going to work inside your system, and how effectively those
probiotics are going to work inside your system, and a lot of the probiotics,
believe it or not, when we were looking at finding and developing a really
really high-end probiotic formula, and you can pull the patents up yourself,
just look at in Google on stabilizing probiotics, or heat-stable probiotics, and
you pull the patents up. I was shocked to see that those, that 90% of the
probiotics out there are sprayed with four cancer-causing chemicals, because
probiotics are sensitive to heat. They’re sensitive to moisture, and they’re
sensitive to pH levels acid, and alkaline. So what these companies are doing
is, they’re culturing the probiotics and then they’re spraying them with toxic
chemicals four times to make them heat-stable,
to make them resistant to water, and pH stable, etc, etc, and then they’re giving
those to you. So probably you had, I don’t know what brand of probiotics they were,
but you probably had a reaction to those chemicals. Not the actual probiotics, but
the chemicals and the byproducts that are in there.
“Who are the two biological dentists in Houston?”
Dr. Teresa Scott DDS, she’s in The Woodlands, and the other one is Dr. Bill
Glaros. Next question, “is it good to fast?”This is from Chris Hoffman,
thanks Chris for chiming in, “is it good too fast when doing a yeast
and harmful organism cleanse? Also should I take any my vitamins?” It’s always good
to do a low-calorie, either intermittent fasting, or water only fasting when
you’re doing a cleanse. It can only benefit you. So yes that would be a good
idea. There’s no bad time ever to do a cleanse, okay? Because the amount of stuff
that we’re taking in every single day, if you look at the hundred thousand
chemicals, and toxins, we breathe in every day, if you look at the hundred thousand
chemicals and toxins we eat every day, we drink every day, that we’re exposed to on
our skin every day… I mean it just adds up, and up, and up, and up, and then all the
food that shuts down the digestive tract, and our energy levels are so low.
We don’t have enough energy to heal the body. So next question, “what water
filtration system do you use?” That is a great question. I’m about to post a
interview with a scientist, his name is Winston Kao, but his last name is spelled
Kao. If you’re interested in his water
purification, whole house system, I spent months looking, every, about every few
years you have to go back and start from scratch, because so much is changing.
Sometimes, you know, just in the herbal field, you have to constantly, like every
couple months, things change in our industry. So with the water purification,
you know, technology is getting better, and better, and better. Even in Germany
right now they have they have this new pool system that creates
hydrogen peroxide. I’m probably going to be doing an article on that, where you
can convert your pool from chlorine to a hydrogen peroxide system, where it’s
actually, you’re bathing and you’re swimming in pure oxygen water. Which is
going to be amazing. So, but the water purification system I
have is custom designed for my home, and you can go to, I know one of his websites
is, and you could probably, I think, he has a link to his
water site on there as well, but he’s got one of the highest tech water
structuring units that I’ve ever seen, and actually you put a magnesium rod
down into the ground, and you hook it up to, it so it gets the 300 millivolts from
the earth. So it, it’s, it gets the voltage from the earth, while the water is being
vortexed, and going through this conditioning device. So you get that
structured, high end, healthy water for your whole house. Now there are many
different options like: hydrogen water under your sink, or stuff like that, but
it just depends really on your budget of what you can afford. So that’s that is my
thoughts on that. “How do you go about doing an eye detox?”
Well whatever, whenever I used to see patients, and I used to have people
coming in with pinkeye or any type of eye disorder, what I would do, I would take
a shot glass put it fill it up with distilled water, put one drop of iodine
the Detoxadine in there, stir it up a little bit, and then just use that to
rinse in my eye and I’ve done that with my children’s eyes as well. Also you can
use, fill a shot glass up with distilled water, not you don’t want to add the
iodine to the silver because iodine and silver will create a reaction, so what
what you can do is you can do colloidal silver. You can do it straight if it’s
you know 10, 15, 20, 50, 60 parts per million, or you can dilute it in some
distilled water and use that to flush your eye out. You can do that, and then a
few hours later do the iodine in the water, then a few hours later do the
silver, and then a few hours later do the iodine in the water again, that’s pretty
much the only thing I’ve ever used for detoxifying the eye that seems to work
extremely, extremely good. On the, on the topic of metals,
this is popping up back up into my head, Brownstein and some research, either he
published, or somebody published, said that iodine at 20,000 micrograms per day
dosing showed fluoride, bromine, chlorine, and mercury in the urine. Now, what does
that mean? That means that iodine can actually bond and detoxify fluoride,
chlorine, bromine, and mercury from the bodym because they were doing testing,
urine testing, on it and they found those compounds coming out in your urine after
20,000. After taking twenty thousand micrograms of iodine,
now the RDA of iodine is only 150 micrograms, so that would seem crazy, but
you have to remember the RDA is wrong on everything folks. I mean the RDA is the
minimum, minimum, minimum that you can take to maintain not having a deficiency.
“So can a person be allergic to iodine?” Next was Tana thanks for asking that
question. You know there’s there’s a difference, we’ve never had anybody have
any allergic reaction to nascent iodine, but there are people that have reactions
and are allergic to iodine in foods, especially
shellfish, but it’s not the same kind of iodine, so we always recommend maybe
putting a little tiny dot on your arm, or something like that, or under your arm,
and seeing if you have any type of reaction. We’ve had people that have been
allergic to shellfish, severe allergic allergies, to shellfish, that have been on
our Detoxadine, our detoxified iodine formula, and had zero symptoms, zero
allergies. As a matter of fact ended up getting better, because if you have, if
your doctor told you you’re allergic to iodine, most likely you’re extremely
deficient in iodine, and you actually need iodine, and then you’re going to end
up with thyroid problems, and all the other stuff. So anyway that’s my update
for today. I hope everybody has a wonderful day ,and I will see you

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  1. Martijn

    Happy birthday Dr Group 🙂 Thank you for making this world a better place by sharing your knowledge, exposing everything around us and making natural products that work. You improved my life and health a lot!

  2. Greatmindsthinkalike

    Also the chemtrailning is blocking the sun which gives us nourishment and it keeps the plant, and trees growing among other things!

  3. Kimberly Ann

    Hi Dr Group I’m new to your channel and happen to stumble on this. I have a question someone asked about teeth here ok my daughter (3) has a few cavities we’ve changed our water (filtering with alexapure and alkalizing with a vitev pitcher and changed toothpaste out) I think I’m seeing her cavities improve….but I cannot find any good pics or even an article that shows/tells me exactly what I should be seeing (signs & symptoms) of a healing cavity….any info is greatly appreciated I just want to verify that yes what I’m seeing is in fact healing or maybe I’m just ‘seeing things’ because I want to….hope this makes sense lol thanks a bunch!

  4. Ghost x Black

    Dr. Group, I had a cyst removed and they have me on DoxyCycline antibiotics how does that affect the cleanse?
    Additionally, I have tried to contact you for years to find out about my thyroid I have been on levothyroxin 175mg since birth it possible to use the Survival Shield (my family takes it but I have never tried it) to eventually no longer rely on my 30 day refills at CVS for the rest of my life?
    I love you and Alex Jones and everyone at GHC thank you for your help sir #MAGA #IW

  5. Jordan Rivera

    My previous dentist exclaimed more than ever about how healthy my gums are. I didn't tell him that I'm consuming lots of liposomal C that I make. I recently had 5 root canal teeth removed – it was a big deal, and I can't wait to get a permanent partial as the temp. one isn't so easy to have. Someone asked me why I would have 5 "perfectly good" teeth extracted. They tested weak or stressed so my biological dentist encouraged me to have them removed. I did it all at once, just novocaine. As you know, these teeth aren't perfectly good when they're all dead teeth streaming bacteria from them 24/7. Dr. Vickers, who operates a cancer clinic in Rosa Rita Mexico, said one needs to remove all their root canal teeth before coming to his clinic – that's how important it is. It would already be a big enough worry to hear the word cancer let alone then having root canal teeth extracted. I don't have cancer.

  6. Ella Bender

    Dr Group, thank you for all the information you share here, I look forward to your daily videos. My question is what are your thoughts on ketogenic diet? Thank you again!

  7. LJ

    Squeezed lemons is a very good dressing. It helps the purpose ad cleanses the liver. Yes Chemtrails are real. They are toxic young us with metals.

  8. Brandon Esteban

    Is it common for people with mercury fillings to have a hard time fasting? When my stomach is empty, it feels like the mercury vapors need something to absorb into. I am aware of the "herxheimer" reaction, and I'm pretty sure it's not that, since I've had many experiences with major detoxes.

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