Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Dinner To Lose Weight At Cheesecake Factory

hey what’s going on this is alek with the change your life diet i’m here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now today I want to talk to you about my intermittent fasting meal plan and in particular what to eat for dinner to lose weight if you happen to be at Cheesecake Factory so check this out and I want to talk about the vegan cobb salad the cheesecake factory happy to be here for dinner I’m not highly recommend getting in common style and it is absolutely everything you need for dinner you don’t really have to waste your time reading is early in the day go ahead and enjoy yourself but for dinner time is a perfect again because it’s no meat no carbs no bad carbs at least so has on beets asparagus flan avocado Trixie’s cucumber and tomatoes it is absolutely the best thing to eat for dinner meal and watch your calories watch your way to use a ton of weight so I’m just gonna keep it quick don’t forget to like my video subscribe and you your comments and questions let me know and if you actually check out my website change your life just making your life thanks now what I what I hate about regular salads is that normal salad is normally a ton of lettuce just a huge bed of lettuce and a little bit of like everything else a little bit made a little bit of cucumber and a huge amount of letters and some planning dressing so that’s why I like these Tom salad because it to get this got so much you stuck on days really hard it’s really feelings and it’s delicious and eight you know it keeps you satisfied not your regular salad will go right through you and eric still showing your smile your teeth nearly go yeah so talk to you soon that’s what i want to say I was and when is it safe two years in what else

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  1. Brian peace

    Hi Alek!
    It’s been a while, I have another question.
    How long should I wait to eat after I first wake up, like weekends I get up around 8 am and week days around 6am. At 6 am I’m not even hungry except looking for my morning coffee.
    God bless,
    Brian Peace

  2. Brian peace

    Hi Alek,
    I bought a few salad kits for the week because I’m lazy lol, eating salad and fasting like a boss! Can’t wait to see what Mr. scale has to say tomorrow.
    Take care Alek

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