Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – My Typical Breakfast

hey what’s going on this is alek with the change your life diet i’m here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast and now in this video I want to talk to you about my intermittent fasting meal plan and more specifically what to eat for breakfast to lose weight so check out this clip where i show you exactly what my typical breakfast is like now if you watch my other video you know that i have a nice big bowl of oatmeal every morning really hooked up a bowl of oatmeal with lots of lots of nuts in it almonds pecans pumpkin seeds also sprinkle some coconut shredded coconut on it really really healthy and as you know I’ve always said in other videos is that it’s too early in the morning i’m sorry i’m just like just woke up it’s a weekend so I kind of slept in late i just want to show you that i do eat a nice you know treat in the morning meeting a nice slice of pizza about a little tuna fish just whatever cup of coffee with some stevia and almond milk of course my oatmeal but you gotta got to have you know something really good for breakfast like a slice of pizza I own the whole like almost like having pizza on with like it’s something in the morning was guilt-free not going to get away and done they are you enjoy yourself don’t eat it right now at night you can get bad eat whatever you want in the morning on like i said you know i don’t know just keep my cholesterol down but you gotta have like a treat or something it could be like a bagel it could be you know a slice of pizza it could be on em go beyond where I’m going on piece of cake was something indulge in the morning so you get that you know you get your cravings out and allowed to no you don’t have to suffer all day so whenever you eat at breakfast time is absolutely guilt free so it was really good anyway i hope you liked the video on please like subscribe ask me any questions or comments nothing don’t eat this at night because yourgonna get fat but morning time is absolutely told 3 i’m going to choke over here on anyway so if you want my full diet plan check out my website change your life it just might change your life as you can see all gone on one thing i don’t like the price forgot to mention was done course you know on the weekend we got this piece for the kids late last night and I’m you know if you know what I see my other videos you know I fast in the evening time so I’m not going to be eating pizza at night I’m going too fast maybe after you know five o’clock six o’clock however you know I have a healthy dinner of just vegetables and then I’m going too fast rest the evening so i will allow myself to have a treat in the morning so like what I do a lot of times I’ll take it on to go the next month that’s why did tonight last night I took the pizza to go in preparation for the next morning I absolutely devoured so usually the same and you will lose a ton of weight take it easy

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  1. Cat On Point

    Do you miss eating with your family in the evening? Can you do a video about the social aspect of this way of eating? Thank you!:) love your vids!

  2. Brian peace

    Hi Alek, sorry to keep bugging you,
    But yesterday I went overboard on the amount I was eating.
    Just had my oatmeal and now I'm "satisfied". I've decided to knockout sweets altogether because it's like crack cocaine to my brain. Can I still lose weight without sweets on phase 1? I fill up fast so I need to cool it on my amounts, I just feel sick otherwise, is that ok? How do you handle overload?
    Thanks, I hope you're doing well.

  3. Brian peace

    Hi Alek,
    I think I'm going to go with a 16/8 starting at 10am And ending at 6, that way I have 4 hours on either end and I don't get hungry till 10 anyway, I like dinner at 5:30pm so I feel this schedule will work for me, does this sound good? I don't think I can do an 18 hour fast at least not now : )
    Thanks Alek,

  4. Brian peace

    Haha, I didn't make it to 10am my hunger pangs wouldn't let me be, so I ate at 8:30am. I'll just end it at 4:30 with veggies. This schedule is easier anyway.

  5. Cindys 4luvz

    I'm going to try this.. I have lost 90 lbs eating clean 3xs a day but now I feel I've hit a bump.. I want to lose 20 more pounds and just can't.. I really think this is the answer.. plus you're the first video I see that actually says to indulge in something to cut out the cravings.. makes sense.. thank you.

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