Intermittent Fasting Made Easy – The Mistakes I Made

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than
just muscle in this video this is going to be intermittent fasting made easier
and the mistakes that I made what is intermittent fasting
intermittent fasting is a restriction of food so you can be in a fastest and
slight ketogenic state for about 16 to 24 hours and a day and then you have a
feeding window it can vary from four to eight hours or even ten hours for a
feeding window depending on what variation of intermittent fasting you
choose number one the mistake I made which you can avoid is that I did a
water fast I did a complete water fast where I didn’t have any coffee or any
teas or even lemon water and I just avoided everything I mean I don’t you
barely even have water because I was like oh it’s fasting you’re not supposed
to have water either so I would just basically make it really hard on myself
and I would end up a little bit dehydrated too cuz I was afraid of
drinking even water too at the same time and that’s a really strict fast but what
I did was I even had a little bit of water but I didn’t know you could have
endless amount of water too and it’s really important to stay hydrated during
intermittent fasting so that’s a mistake and it can make it easier for you to
adhere to number two is that I tried eating super clean on this now what’s
the problem with this with intermittent fasting when you try to eat super clean
and only Whole Foods that’s not very chloric Lehi and it’s
very dense so you’ll end up eating very little amount of food because you have a
shorter window to actually eat and you get full or faster too when you eat just
basically baked chicken and a little bit of rice and some vegetables your caloric
intake is gonna be super low so you’re gonna be super lethargic too and you
gonna need one room while your Energy’s lower and you’re not losing a body fat
because your metabolism starts to halt and it slows down and you’re not gonna
lose more body fat after the initial boost of fat loss so you will actually
end up feeling worse because you’re just so deprived of energy because the
intermittent fasting allows you to eat more calorically dense foods and in a
shorter period of time and because you’re eating super clean you’re just
not gonna eat as much instead of being at a 500 cal
caloric deficit everyday you might end up being at like a thousand or 1,200
caloric deficit every day and initially you lose a lot of fat but eventually
you’re gonna just hit a wall your hormone levels are gonna drop because
you’re not getting enough fats in there your calorie intake super low so your
energy starts to deprive I mean your energy starts to get lower and you just
will come to a halt when you’re getting really angry very fast number three I
didn’t give it enough time I only gave it about two to three weeks because I
was like oh I’m getting results but I’m afraid I’m gonna lose muscle fasting
causes muscle loss your seed all of the magazines have protein every two to
three hours wake up in the middle of night because you don’t wanna be in a
fasted state and you’ll lose muscle protein and your body starts attacking
the amino acids and using it for energy through gluconeogenesis and all this
kind of stuff okay we’re getting way ahead of ourselves it usually happens
after at least 24 hours of constant fasting and the thing is we’re doing a
modified version of fasting it’s called intermittent fasting so what you want to
basically do is just ease your way into it really you just skipping breakfast
and what that allows you to do is your hormone level shift you’re all the
sudden letting your sympathetic nervous system tick in which releases
epinephrine norepinephrine growth hormone levels start to increase you get
sharp focus eventually over time but you’re used to basically having an
insolent surge first thing in the morning because you have breakfast and
then you started kicked in the parasympathetic nervous system which
gives you a little bit more authority it’s your food digesting if insulin
rises from your growth hormone level shut down more give your body enough
time to readjust that you’ve had about X amount of years of eating a certain way
it’s gonna take a little bit of time for you to get to the other side which is
the benefits of intermittent fasting give it at least 30 days try now guys I
eventually messed up with intermittent fasting those getting great results
number four is that I stand in track my calories and macros I eat whatever I
want and now here’s the thing for fat loss all you have to do is worry about
the caloric intake for physiques and basically trying to get aesthetics
macronutrient ratios do and then at that point so the example if
you’re a physique competitor macronutrient ratio is definitely matter
you want to get enough protein to the ratio carbohydrates and fats and
depending if you want to take a step further based off your body type of
changes so you really want to keep track of your caloric intake because what I
would end up doing this going through all these you can eat sushi buffets and
state buffets and just keep eating within this time part for him and I did
eventually gain some body fat i abused it so keep track a little bit especially
in the beginning get used to eating the same amount of foods but the thing is
what intermittent fasting does it allows you to eat a variety of great foods and
stay consistent with it every day until you get a hold of it until you start
losing body fat and gaining the physique you want number five the fifth mistake
is that I thought it was a diet it’s not a diet it’s just the way to structure
your food to make your current way of eating and the diet that you’re on if
you choose to be on a diet more enjoyable and flexible for you it gives
you oh because you’re only fitting your meals into two meals and all the
calories in the two meals instead of three four or five you end up eating
more foods because I found that at times there were times where I was like oh my
god should I have this burrito these this burgers and fries or so that the
chicken salad chicken with salad and I was like I looked at my my tracker and I
was like wow I think I need the burger the fried sorry I need more calories
today so that’s how you up didn’t foods that are good for you slash more
foods that aren’t really that good for you but you need the calories you’re
gonna make the trade-off in the decisions in that moment for yourself
but that is a mistake that I made as I thought it was a diet just like
everybody else did and I was like oh this is a bad diet what’s gonna happen
what what are they gonna tell me not to eat and what are they gonna tell me what
to eat this doesn’t tell you what not see a month eat it’s just the way to
structure how you eat that’s all it does doesn’t tell you to do anything else
it’s all up to you cuz you do intermittent fasting for fat loss you
can do it for mental power you can do it for bulking it’s a great structure that
makes it into your lifestyle which I love about intermittent fasting and
number six this is a doozy I drank too much coffee
during intermittent I drank too much coffee so say Oh a
bunch by appetite it feels great this I’m just gonna keep drinking coffee off
throughout the day we do warrior dive style ride only one meal a day but I’m
gonna have like six big cups of coffee about the other day problem what that is
too much caffeine will raise insulin levels about 200 milligrams of caffeine
start to raise the insulin levels and you might as well just have
carbohydrates or any type of food so I really recommend keeping your your
caffeine intake below 200 milligrams unless you’re about to worked out and
you’re about to be in a fasted state and you want to work out so you can go a
little bit high over the caffeine because you’re about to break your best
anyway and because you’re working out you’re getting a little more insulin
insulin sensitive and by the time you have that first meal your insulin
sensitive everything’s heightened and you can absorb all that food and it’s
just a great thing to notice is that too much caffeine can mess you up a little
bit and then you become depend on it and the caffeine and coffee don’t do the
same effects like kicking your sympathetic nervous system which is more
energy and it will also then reduce your food cravings but then you get used to
it and then the same amount of caffeine doesn’t reduce your food cravings so I
recommend not having too much coffee about two to three cups at the most
while you’re doing intermittent fasting and then maybe a little bit more right
before you work out on the days that you work out so guys I hope you enjoyed this
video please subscribe to my youtube channel I have an awesome free book it’s
called the intermittent fasting handbook fuelie muscle in strength you can
download it in the link above it’s free this is a free ebook coming right into
your hands and into your computer or whatever laptop you choose it’s free to
take and it’ll guide you how to do Kinnaman fast and better based off the
time day that you want to workout and everything and I hope you enjoyed this
video please subscribe to my youtube channel to see more and I’ll see you
guys next week

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Reader Comments

  1. Legend Spencer

    I will say I got down to 6% bf doing this and eating pizza fries everyday and about 10 beers, for 3 months. I did workout 3 hrs a day, and drank 2 gallons of water a day but I ate the same thing at the bar like 6 days a week for months while separated. Hands down the best eating method there is.

  2. uruk

    "We are basically just skipping breakfast." well, and making sure you don't get hungry at night, so you eat some crap just to still your hunger, and so disturbing your sleep and internal clock, and also having undigested food moving through your intestines.

    IF is amazingly powerful if you already had a great diet. And you have more time to use powerful nutraceuticals to increase the efficiency of all cells in the body, uninhibited by food. But yes, it's a great dieting structure that enhances the effectiveness of more regular diets as well. It's just the best! And you can be flexible, and cheat, as once you have experienced the mental clarity and energy from it, you won't want to go back to eating all the time.

  3. Pam Bare

    Great video Kevin! I do the 24 IF 1 meal a day on a very regular basis very easily. I know that in a roundabout way you mentioned "Control" I heard and I believe that triggering insulin is one weigh gain factors and that's the reason I do not have an "Eating window" Kevin, I can put away a good 4-5 lbs a food in one sitting, { And I am only 138 lbs} I can only imagine what I can do in a 4 hrs window, Good that you mentioned "Control" somewhere in the video.
    Right now, I am @ 124 hrs fast. Extreme?? No. I do this easy, and not for weight loss only but to feel very good, and to show food addiction who is in charge. Food addiction needs to be brought right to the front. I am at this stage and here is the icing on the cake: I am not hungry. actually feel like I can go on forever. Great job Kevin.

  4. Aerial

    Eggs have calories and it's loaded with nutrients. Add garlic, ginger, bell peppers and pure butter….Its healthy but not poisonous like everything else.

  5. Jackie Carpenter

    I fast anywhere from 13-16 hours depending on my schedule. I wake up and go workout in a fasted state. My question it ok to wait a few hours after my workout to eat my first meal? My schedule allows for me to eat at 3, but I'm normally home and done lifting by like 1 or 2.

  6. Bonecrusher

    Quick question, do sweeteners raise insulin when IF? And if so is it enough to cause a significant difference in results? I know calorie deficit is a big part of IF and I’m watching my calories but I don’t wanna miss out on the added benefits of IF. At the same time I don’t wanna punish myself if the impact is not that much.

    For reference purposes I’ve started last week and I put a drop of milk and Splenda. Just one or two cups during IF.

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