Intermittent Fasting: Loose Skin

if you’re really successful with
intermittent fasting are you gonna have a whole bunch of loose skin to deal with
let’s talk about that so this topic keeps coming up a lot in
the comments section I get asked this alot do you have a lot of loose skin
now that you’ve lost so much weight and you know at this point I’ve lost over 70
pounds and I understand this question because when I before I lost any weight
it was one thing I was really scared of like what if my body looks worse after I
lose the weight than it did when I was just overweight and talk about first
world problems right that’s complete vanity to be worried about these things
but you know it is something I’ve dealt with and you know they they say one of
the things were most afraid of is success it’s not really failure its
success we’re scared of and you know in this case I could see that because I was
really afraid of succeeding what would that be like I did eventually decide yes
I definitely want to get the weight off so I had to kind of figure out how to
deal with that fear and so here’s what I did first thing I did was I googled what
does your body look like after you lose 60 pounds because that was pretty much
where I was thinking I needed to lose too and I also googled what does your
body look like after you’ve had three babies because I have had three babies
so I wanted to kind of set my expectations like what is a normal
woman’s body look like because I’m telling you the stuff in the magazines
aren’t real you know so I wanted to see that for myself and what I found was
really enlightening I mean women have stretch marks okay I mean not everyone
gets them but most women do get stretch marks your body just changes after
weight loss after having babies you know so that was really enlightening it kind
of set up my expectations to you know here is probably what its gonna be like
so I kind of made peace at the fact my body’s never gonna look like a
supermodels body okay it’s just not that I’ve I’ve been through too much at this
point for that to happen so I sat down and I made a deal with myself and here
was my deal if you hate the way your body looks at the very end of it all after
you’ve gotten off all the weight you have two options one you can gain the
weight back I mean that’s easy right I’m a pro at gaining weight so I knew that I
could easily put back on the weight if that’s what I wanted to do but the other
that I gave myself I would get surgery so when I saw that I had options I told
myself you know it’s a bridge that I’ll cross when I get to it and so now you
know I am down over 70 pounds at this point and it’s fantastic okay I don’t
want surgery I mean I am very happy with how I look so the question is what is my
body like right now my stomach has always been my problem area you know I
have stretch marks I’ve had stretch marks even before I had babies I I do
still have you know some some I don’t know if you can see it but some excess
fat because you know I’m still not down to a point where my body fat percentage
is that low and I would say my skin isn’t super tight but it’s not super
loose either it’s just you know like normal skin it’s pretty much what I
would expect most women’s bodies who have had three kids and have lost over
70 pounds to look like I highly prefer it in fact I am proud of it every
stretch mark every every bit of my body I am so proud of it because it shows me
like where I’ve been how much I’ve accomplished and you know I’ve got three
gorgeous kids to you know show for it to like stretch marks to me are like badges
of honor and you know I haven’t bought a bikini yet but I did buy a tankini
that’s very modest and I’m very happy with it so far so that’s been my
experience with loose skin after having success with intermittent fasting but
I’m curious to know what have you found you know like have you lost a lot of
weight and did you have a lot of loose skin and you know how did you deal with
it do you did you just decide to think about it differently did you do
something you know physically about it let me know in the comments below okay
thank you for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below

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Reader Comments

  1. anderson cadogan

    I got some at the thighs, stomach and arms. At first I really didn't want any of if but i realize it just couldn't be helped no matter what! So I'm at peace with it!

  2. Beating Obesity

    Good attitude. I've lost close to 190 pounds and yes loose skin I have. I'd never consider surgery, just not that vain and I'm too old. My strategy is to just keep doing everything I can to minimize it, stay lean, build muscle, get sunshine and just give it time. I have to say that although the progress is very slow, it is slowly diminishing. Bottom line I'm far better off and happier with this vanity matter of loose skin than I was being morbidly obese. So I'm happy no matter what happens.

  3. Brenda Gaudette

    After losing 72 pounds I too have loose skin and after a year it's still there. I had in my mind that I was going to wear a bikini after losing the weight but that didn't happen and never will. I have come to accept the loose skin on my arms, legs, belly and butt and this year I will be rocking my tankini 😉

  4. ShushLorraine

    I've heard people say that losing the weight with a raw vegan eating does not have the problem with loose skin. I've also heard that "autophagy" that occurs with fasting, including IF, prevents a large problem with loose skin, as opposed to a non-fasting diet plan. I've lost 60ish pounds before with a bit of loose skin. That was a mostly raw vegan diet. This time, with IF, I'm hoping the autophagy will help with that problem. I'll find out, I guess.

  5. Krista Montana

    What a great suggestion of researching & setting real expectations – not what we see on TV or in magazines! I kinda think about it like this – losing weight doesn’t cause loose skin – gaining weight does… so it’s already there before weight loss. You’re right too – you can always gain it back, have surgery or accept it & make the best of what you’ve accomplished! Thanks:) oh & you’ve inspired me to walk! ! !

  6. betty spyler

    You should be proud! Not only because of what you've done to heal your body but also because you're a help to so many and you have a beautiful light filled way of making the viewer feel like we're just two friends, hanging out. Great info. Thank you.

  7. Mariam Kyrillos

    you go girl…your attitude toward this whole mission is amazing. I myself have one child and my tummy is my least favourite part of me that changed alot after birth. but when u reach a place that ur happy with urself then thats what matters more. i dont think u need to lose more weight though.

  8. Alexa Lou

    Great video. I’m down 95lbs and I get asked this every once in a while. (First, wow – people have some nerve to ask!), but also I am proud of what I look like. No, I don’t look like I did when I was 20 (I don’t know many people past mid-30 that do.) I’m still on my weight loss journey, I’m not sure how much more I will lose (maybe another 10-20lbs at most), and in the future I may decide to do something about it, but right now, I’m very happy with the way I look. I’m just trying to live my most healthy life every day.

  9. Megan Kohtz

    Dr. Jason Fung a Canadian doctor who recommends IF to his diabetic patients, says that IF weight loss patients have less loose skin b/c of autophagy, where the body eats the excess fat and protein, in the form of one's skin. Very interesting!

  10. B. M. Barker

    I have lost 83 pounds and I have a few more pounds to go. I have loose skin on my tummy, thighs, arms, and a little on my neck. I feel amazing, and I've found a way to make peace with my obesity battle scars. I wore a two piece to the beach this year and felt great. Like you, I'm very proud of how far I've come and it's ok to be ok with a bit of loose skin. I am loving my new body for the first time in almost 20 years. I fully intend to keep going and keep rocking that two piece. Surgery may be an option later, but financially, it doesnt look like any time soon. Thanks for the video!

  11. EqualLandFreePeople

    Fung seems to say your body when fasting will eat the skin (autophagy) as the are no holocaust victims or japanese prisoners with loose skin. A couple people in the Dr. Berg thread said if you limit protein while fast you won't get loose skin. A few say fasting is the key to not having loose skin. Also some indicator in the liver for autophagy increases 300% after 24 hours of fasting, and 330% after 48 hours (I assume it stay this high or higher for longer fasts). In my opinion people, doing 15-30 day water fasts seem to start getting real clear skin near the end. Also in my opinion, seems people that workout to lose weight seem to have the most loose skin. Dr. Anna Marie Cuervo from Einstein school, said some autophagy occurs during the 4 hours between meals. I have also read even in this thread that people that loose weight via vegan do not get loose skin (which makes senses since there is less protein). Just some ideas.

  12. Swati Nigam

    I lost 44 lbs (still a lot to lose), and I have loose skin on my neck only so far. I had expected the most loose skin on my tummy because I'm 51, had 2 babies, and carrying most weight on my tummy and thighs. And I did lose most weight off the tummy and thighs, BUT no loose skin there as yet. I have heard that with fasting you don't get much loose skin. Now I'm not doing extended fasts. I do OMAD. But I guess it is helping. Or maybe you don't get loose skin at 44 lb weight loss and will get them later. Who knows? Will update you when I do lose all the weight I am bummed about the neck skin though.

  13. Barb Drake

    I’ve just discovered you and I’m binge watching all of your videos 🎉🇬🇧 I’ve got at least 70lbs to lose (I’ve lost 17lb since September) and loose skin was my fear. Your video has put it into perspective thank you, you are a darling xx

  14. Michael Carter

    I lift weights to create a need for protein then eat less protein to force the body to eat skin! Why not? We eat less calories to force the body to eat fat don't we? People in labor camps didn't get loose skin.

  15. Darren P.

    I'm new on my Keto with IF journey. I've binge watched Dr. Jason Fung on Youtube. My plan is to use all the tricks I've found along the way. Periodic longer fasts to promote autophagy as well as collagen supplements, coconut oil, dry-brushing, dermal rolling, building muscle, coconut butter, and vitamin D lotion. I'll monitor closely to determine when a prolonged fast or perhaps a 24 hour dry fast is in order. Really, the answer seems to be to allow the body to consume excess skin. Wish me luck as I wish you luck too! Any other tricks are welcome btw 🙂

  16. Robin K

    I’ve been doing IF and a 5 day prolonged water fast specifically for autophagy and have lost 85 lbs. It has been a very slow process this past year and the weight loss stalled but my body completely changed! I have very little loose skin on my upper arms now and the last bit of my tummy is slowly whittling away. I’m so excited with the results of consistent IF and autophagy! I’m certain if I keep it up that my body will continue to shrink. It needs a lot of time! Dr. Jason Fung gives some great advice in this regard. Love your videos!!!! ❤️

  17. Suzette Spencer

    I just found your channel by “accident” and what a blessing. You speak a language of us who have traveled these weight and body issues. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. You have given me hope that I can also succeed.

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