Intermittent Fasting In The Morning | The Simple Way To Start

– What’s up guys? Colin Stuckert here founder CEO. I got some of my drink your fat. So this is some butter, coffee, it’s got some cocoa butter,
MCT oil, wild coffee. Looks like she put a little
bit of cinnamon in it, and some vanilla powder. I’m drinking this in lieu of breakfast. Today I’m gonna go over the
few points, a few of my tips, my best practices for starting
fasting in the morning. Why you should want to
fast in the morning, and what it’s gonna do for you. Let’s get to it. (eerie music playing) Why would you want to skip breakfast? Basic reason, your biology
is not designed to eat as consistently as you’ve led
to believe your whole life. Been led to believe that
three square meals a day, breakfast is the most
important meal of the day or I should say breakfast
in the morning is the most important meal of the
day and all this nonsense it’s the result of food marketing. Food companies, sub-men
companies, bar companies, they all make more money when you buy more and eat more products. This filters even into, like
fitness and health, like, you know, the idea that you
have to have a protein shake right after you finish your
workout or your muscles are gonna waste away you’re
not gonna get any gains. This is all marketing dogma. This is all nonsense. Human beings lived in the
wild as hunter gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years and before that, as primates. Food in the wild is not ubiquitous. There’s no grocery stores,
there’s not a butcher shop, there’s not a Whole Foods,
there’s not Amazon Prime, there’s no refrigerators, there’s no modern food preservation. What do you think we did
when we didn’t have food? We wouldn’t eat. Also, observational research has been done on modern day hunter
gatherers and so people that kind of lived the way our
ancestors would have lived, which there are still some
today that still live this way. They’ve shown that the peoples tend to not try to eat everyday. There’d be days that they would eat. There’d be days that
they would try to eat. And breakfast, especially in the morning, was like never a thing right? If they were hungry they
might snack on things they have, some leaves,
twigs, berries, whatever. But for the most part, hunter gatherers didn’t try to eat on a daily basis. They didn’t have the
hunger hormone disruption that we have. And this is fundamentally why fasting, intermittently fasting, I should say, which is basically meal
timing, is so good for you. In fact, did you know
that the reason we have the three square meals
a day is routed in when the pilgrims came over here
and settled the Americas? What happened is Europeans came over and they saw Indians who
they thought were savages. Didn’t have any kind of rhyme or reason to eat the way they ate food. Like the timing, how much
and what time of the day. Things like that. And so as a way to separate ourselves from the savages, because
they were uncivilized and the Europeans were civilized. The three square meals a day was born. And then you can trace
back to food marketing, process food revolution, TV advertising that would then market
like breakfast foods to kids and things like that. And all of the crap that’s been going on in this country for a long time. That is why we now have a, you know, 50 plus obesity rate, and
an even higher over weight, and the number one killer
being heart disease. It’s not a conspiracy theory and it should come as no surprise to see that we eat all this crap food on a regular basis, and we’re
fat and sick as a result. And then we throw in
pharmaceuticals and all this other corrective medicine
to try to fix people, when really they need to
fix what they’re doing by putting food in their body,
getting outside, walking, and doing all the things
that we know humans need to do on a regular basis. Trying to escape the sun. It’s pretty sunny out. One of the most beautiful
days in Austin in awhile. It’s been cold, lately. Why do I drink my fat in the morning? Now, if I’m talking
about fasting you’d think I’d be just saying to not eat food, right? But the reason this is so
powerful is because this is using fatty acids. It’s using, nutrients that aren’t going to spike your hormones, and
produce insulin and cortisol and all these things the way
that eating regular food does. So what you do is you get
some, some appetite suppressing nutrients that can also
help fuel you for the day. And you use this in lieu of
breakfast, especially for those that have been eating
breakfast for a long time. This is a great way to
eventually get to the point where you can go without breakfast then you don’t have to have anything. I do cold brew probably
50 percent of the time and I do the drink your
fat the other times when, um, I want also the other benefits of kinda’ cognitive clarity and, you know, if I’ve got a lot of work to
do and I really got to think then the MCT oil and the fats
really help fuel the brain and get into ketone production
and things like that. The drink your fat is really really good if you’re eating breakfast now and you want to transition off of that. So I highly recommend this. And you can find out kind
of my brief explanation, the basic recipe at You get the free e-book up there. Really, it’s, this is probably
the best way to start. Now you could, if you don’t
naturally enjoy breakfast and you’re not really
hungry in the mornings, just push back your
breakfast as long as you can. That’s the number one thing. Most people feel this need
because they’ve been pressured by society and all the
dogma that the media uses, that’s basically biased food
marketing propaganda crap. To think that they got to wake up and eat something immediately
or their whole day is ruined. Right? That is a fallacy, That is nonsense. Right? If you can go naturally
yourself, your metabolism, without eating food,
you’re going to get all the benefits of intermittent fasting. So you do that more, the better. The more you go without
food, the more you extend the period of time, the more benefits of
intermittent fasting you get. Which you get hormone
regulation, appetite suppression, you’re insulin sensitivity, GH production, I mean, in fact, for guys that
are worried about getting big or want to get big, fasting. Which is calorie timing,
not calorie restrictions, there’s a big difference there. Is, could be the best thing for you. Could be the treasure trove
of results that you just, it’s right in front of you, That you just need to crack open. Fasting is huge. In fact, with that, if
anyone is interested in that, I recommend checking out Checking out Martin B’s work. He kind of brought
fasting to the forefront and is largely responsible
for making it popular. which is awesome Right? If you don’t want to do a
black coffee or butter coffee, drink your fat coffee, even tea. You could do, you could
do just straight water with some apple cider vinegar. Which is actually gonna help
you in the fasting state, and or lemon or lime juice. And actually a dash of pink salt. I like to add that. And you can actually get wild pink salt at Wildfish dot code. Use code wildceo for ten percent off. Actually it might be twelve percent off. That is also a very viable option. And I think everyone, personally. I try to, and everyone should, wake up to a full glass of water everyday. I do it for my back. I kind of been working
through some back pain. And the number one thing
you’re supposed to do is drink a lot of water. To kind of hydrate everything
and make it elastic. And kinda’ lubricate the
joints and everything. Water also helps you suppress appetite. It helps you with those
feelings of hunger. So the more water you
drink the less likely you are to be hungry. In fact, if you ever are feeling hungry, drink a full glass of water
and give it ten minutes. You’ll be surprised. Its like the most natural
calorie restriction weight loss remedy there is. If you need to fast or you want to fast, or you’re feeling hungry, and you’re feeling cranky as a result, drink some water. It really is amazing. Okay so that’s gonna
be the my best option. If you’re not doing something like coffee and the drink your fat method. Is to drink a full glass of water with some lemon or lime juice. Or with some acid and with some pink salt. For those electrolytes. So let’s say you’ve got your fast down. Every morning you’re skipping breakfast. You’re pushing it back 4-6 hours. And then you’re just
kind of breaking the fast either at lunch time
or even at dinner time. I like to do that sometimes. There’s a lot of
different ways to do this. But the fundamental point
you’re trying to achieve. The fundamental goal you’re
trying to achieve with something like intermittent fasting. And there’s multiple ways to do this. But the way I do it is
typically two meals a day. With a 16 hour fasting window. Followed by an eight hour feeding window. And the more you can
compress that eating window, the better. So what that looks like is. If I break my fast at, let’s say four pm. In fact, let’s use a simpler
schedule for those that wake up and go to nine to fives. I wake up late, just
since we have a new born, so my schedule is a little different. Let’s say you wake up at eight o’clock. You don’t eat breakfast until 12 o’clock. Now, here’s something to keep in mind. Breakfast means breaking the fast. Your breakfast is now lunch time. It’s not lunch, right, if you
break your fast at dinner. It’s not dinner, it’s just breakfast. So again, this is all the
marketing, the societal, cultural stuff that’s been filtered
into our brains, it’s been pounded in there, that is not accurate. Breakfast is anytime you break the fast. So in that regard, sure,
breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because it’s the first
time of day your gonna eat. But it doesn’t matter when it is. It’s still breakfast if
it’s early or if it’s late. Alright. Moving on. So if you have a 16 hour fasted window. Which is a lot of the research suggests, is where you get a lot of
the benefits of fasting. Is when you can kinda’
hit that 16 hour mark. Kinda’ 16 between 16 and 20. And then like a full day fast,
super, super good for you. So then you should try
to do it once a week. But, in general I aim for a 16 hour window every single day. So if my last meal, from
the day before, to breakfast the next morning. Like so if you wake up
at eight and you don’t eat until twelve, that’s four hours. So your last meal would
have to be four hours before you went to bed if you’re
getting eight hours of sleep. Alright? So if you go to bed at
eight o’clock, eight pm. I mean who goes to bed at eight pm? If you go to bed at 10 pm, 10
am the next day is 12 hours. Add four to that, two pm would be the best time to break your
fast to get the 16 eight. Alright? If you wake up at six am and
your first meal is at six. Right? six hours of fasting in the morning. Then you’ll only have to hit 10 hours from the night before. You would have eight hours
of sleeping and then not eat at least two hours before you went to bed. But what’s great about
this is it can fluctuate. If you go to bed early or late one day, it’s going to be based
on when you last ate. So you break your fast, ideally. And again, don’t be neurotic with this. It’s not a big, like, you’re
not trying to win anything. There’s not any grand goal. You’re not gonna lose the
benefits of fasting if you don’t hit the magical number and
that’s something I see all the time with other diets and
keto and things like that. It’s like people think that
if they have 10 grams of carbs above what they should or
if they are not in ketosis all the time, that there’s no
point or there’s no benefit. That is nonsense. You get benefit the more
you go without food. Every single day that
you can go without food. Again, you know, medical disclaimer guys. If you have certain conditions where you need to eat, and blah, blah, blah. And plus ease into these things. Plus consult your doctor
if you’re on drugs or have any conditions blah, blah, blah. Disclaimer. Don’t take what I’m saying
as the end all be all. Do your own research et cetera. But if you can go periods of time without food and increase
that fasting window and do that on a regular
basis, you’re gonna get benefits from that
almost every single time. So remember the goal is
to simply go without food for periods of time. And those windows, that timeline, those windows can fluctuate. Alright? So don’t be neurotic about it
and don’t have it be something else that you bring into your
life that stresses you out. Because you are just going to fail with that kinda’ mindset Right? That’s why I love fasting though. Because there is so
much flexibility to it. I’m not neurotic with
breaking my fast everyday. If I have an early lunch or
whatever and I feel like eating, I’ll break the fast. If one day, I’m, you know, Taco Deli here, who has the best tacos in the
world, closes at three pm. Sometimes I just want to
eat those frickin’ tacos. And actually I don’t even get the tacos anymore I do the bowls. Because corn is no bueno, guys. I’m completely off corn. I’ve been off for awhile
even though I love corn. It does a lot of things,
messes with you, etcetera. Topic for another day. So if I want to break my
fast at let’s say 3 pm, right before they close, and my 16 hour window would have been better at like, four five
pm, six pm, whatever. I’m not gonna stress about it. What I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna eat those tacos at 3 pm, and then I’m gonna kind of intuitively. And my body at this point
is kinda grasped it. It just does it naturally. I’m going to eat my second
meal, which will be my last meal, within eight
hours of that first meal. So if three pm tacos, I have
to 11 pm to eat my last meal. So what I’ll do is I’ll work whatever. I’ll come home later and I’ll
eat whenever it’s convenient. I’ll eat at eight o’clock, nine o’clock, 10 o’clock, whatever. If I want to even eat late,
and I extend the fasting or eating period. Then I might eat at 11
o’clock, 12 o’clock, whatever. I go to bed late so, you
know, I can tend to eat late. And then I can start the
whole thing over the next day. Make them fluid. Don’t be rigid. If you want to eat or
need to eat that’s fine. But try to extend that period
of time that you go fasting every single day. That’s where all the
benefits are gonna be found. And the more you do that,
the more you’re gonna get all the benefits of hormone regulation, appetite suppression, etcetera. You’re just not gonna be a slave. And this is my favorite thing about it. You’re not gonna be a slave
to the hunger monster that most people are. You’re never gonna be saying
to yourself, I’m so hungry. Or any of that. Food whining, which is
really just hormone whining. You’re not gonna be a hormone slave. It is the most liberating
thing there is when it comes to nutrition and diet. I, just can’t stress this
enough which is why I make so many videos on intermittent fasting. Because, not only, does
all the research show that it increases longevity and
lifespan and all the things. But it just makes your
life simpler, and better. More fluid, less rigid. And you don’t have to deal
with feeling like crap because your hormones are
controlling your life. And that is extremely empowering. So I hope today’s video was useful. If you aren’t fasting, I
really hope you start fasting. If you have any questions or comments leave them below. Get the free e-book, There’s a great primer in there about why you do it, how to
do it, the base recipe. There’s a few other recipes
in there and I think you’ll find a lot of value in that. And, as always, life’s too short to be anything but your best. So let’s get off the sugar,
let’s kick the grains. Let’s kick the processed food. Let’s stop feeding this crap to our kids. And let’s live better lives more in tune with our biology and with our genes. And that’s how we’re
gonna change the world. Because we’re gonna pass
on that legacy to our kids. And the people around us are gonna see what we’re doing and
they’re gonna be interested and they’re gonna follow suit right? We can be a leader with these
things and people around us. We’ll pay it forward
through them through osmosis by just being who we are. Not preaching to people. You don’t have to shame people. You don’t have to convince them. You don’t even have to argue with them. Nothing. Just do what you wanna do in your life to get the results you want. And when you get those
results and people ask you how you do this and why you
feel so great or whatever. People are going to absorb that. People absorb behaviors
through observation And from being around you, not
from you telling them right? And that’s kind of a good
lesson for life, guys. You don’t change peoples
mind by telling them. You can change their mind
by them watching what you do and the results you get. As always, guys follow me
in Instagram @Colinstuckert slap to subscribe, jab the thumbs up, and thanks for watching. Let’s get to it. (eerie music) I know that we wrapped the video up, But this is gonna be my after
credits vid, like Marvel does. We’re gonna do that for
every video, or I’m gonna try to do it for every video. Make it kinda cool and engaging and fun. I just broke my fast. I wanted to kinda follow
up and let you know how my day went because the
video earlier, you know, I hadn’t eaten yet or anything. Now that it’s 6:30, I just
broke my fast and I woke up about twelve, so it’s
about six and a half hours from morning to my first meal. I did have some drink your fat
earlier, I had a little bit. And then I had a cold brew at
the coffee shop where I work. And that’s all I’ve had. And I’ve been kinda
working this entire time. Which that’s the best time to fast, is when you’re not bored. You’re not sitting around at home. You’re not just thinking about eating, or whatever, you know. That makes fasting easier for me. It also what makes my life simple because I got to work during the day and I don’t spend time
worrying about food. I don’t have to spend time
to get it, or whatever. And then on days that I
want to eat, I can just take a quick lunch break right? Especially up here, the domain, with restaurants all around. There’s a Whole Foods right there. If I’m going to then eat
my last meal for today, I’ll probably eat it between 10 and 12. So 10 pm and midnight. And it just depends on what’s going on at home and how hungry I get. I’m about to go work out. A lot of times what I like
to do is actually work out before I break my fast. But because I was up here
and I’m not really sure when I’m gonna get to the gym
I still have some stuff to do. I just decided to eat
now and get it over with. Again, personal preference, guys. You can be flexible with this. And if I eat my last meal
today at 10 pm, or midnight, tomorrow, depending on how
I feel, I mean, it’s Sunday, I probably will want tacos from Taco Deli. So I’ll probably break my
fast at three pm tomorrow. If I do that I will hit a 16 hour fast, as long as I eat at before midnight. I guess I have to eat
at 10 o’clock tonight will be my last meal. And then I’ll go a 16 hour fast tomorrow. If I eat my last meal at midnight, and I still want tacos tomorrow? Again, I’m gonna do that. And I’m still gonna
get 14 to 15 hour fast, which is much better than
most people do that are eating all the time and that are basically slaves to their hormones. I’m still gonna get a lot of benefit out of a 15 hour fast. You get benefit out of
even an eight hour fast. The longer that you go
without food the more benefit you’re going to get. Today’s my average, typical day. I wake up between 10 a.m. and
noon, depending on the baby, at night, keeping us up. And I’ll break my fast sometime
between four pm and six pm. And if I’m playing racquetball,
I go to the gym about six. I get done at about nine. And then my first meal is
literally like 9:30 or 10, and I’ve fasted the entire day. And I do that Tuesdays and Thursdays. And that just comes naturally, because I’m usually busy all day long. And then I get to the gym and I don’t want to play
racquetball on a full stomach. So I wait til after. And I’m tellin’ you, when
you start doin’ that. And you start training in a fasted state. Then there’s a whole
other world of benefit, that you have yet to unlock. And, again, like I said earlier. For the guys, or girls, you
know, that want to build muscle. Fasting can actually
be your secret weapon. It improves hormone sensitivity. It improves GH production, testosterone, and all these things. If you want to build more
muscle, fasting can be extremely beneficial and help you with that. It can actually help you
bust through some plateaus. Because, again, it’s about meal timing. It’s not about calorie restriction. People think that intermittent fasting is about eating less calories. Well, let’s take a day of 24 hours, and let’s put all those
calories spread out through the day, like a grazing
animal, like a cow right? Or, let’s put all those
calories together in one big meal a day or two big meals a day. The same amount of
calories, just compressed. So that period where you’re
not eating, you’re getting all those hormone benefits
that help with muscle building and weight loss and
all those things right? And, your getting the same amount Alright, well battery is
about to die so that’s gonna be today’s video. So just be yourself and
be awesome and be the best you can be and then pass
that onto someone else. That’s what we’re trying
to do every single day. That’s the point of
watching videos like this, so you can take action and become better. Thanks for watching. (eerie music)

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