Intermittent Fasting? I’m Gonna Try It

what’s up guys welcome back to my
youtube channel today is another brand new video I just follow some famous
youtuber they always start their talking by what’s up guys this is a another
brand new video. So as you know to increase height we need to make our body to
release as much HGH hormone as we can right. You know besides sprinting that
stimulate our body to release HGH Hormone, there’s another method called
intermittent fasting. I think so many people know about it but there’s so many
people who have doubt about it and they still missunderstanding about this
method you know this method had been researched
by scientists it got experimented on some volunteers and they show that the
result is HGH hormone release in man increased up to 2,000 percent of before
and woman is 1500 percent of before so it’s like it’s increased a lot increase
that is very good for height increase and gaining muscle so I think I’m gonna try
this but before that I will talk about I will talk about it for some people who
haven’t known this method okay so intermittent fasting is like it is an
eating pattern so there is a period in a day you don’t eat at all and there is a
period you eat. The period you eating nothing that called fasting and the
period you eating that call eating. That’s it just eating okay so you
know there are several patterns for the intermittent fasting like 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating or 18 hours
of fasting and 6 hours of eating or you do it during a week like 24 hours of
no eating at all. Do it once or twice But you know I prefer to do
16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating I think it’s very simple and like
very suitable for student like me so you know there some of famous actors and
famous sport players they try this method to gain muscle you know they
already tall so they don’t need to use it method to increase height at all. They
are Hugh Jackman and other person but I don’t remember the name. If you want you
can like search it by yourself. There’s so many useful information on internet so
you can go there and check that out so my plan is like this I will do the
intermittent fasting every day I will do the 16/8 pattern so it like 16
hours I’m not eating anything just drinking water okay and 8 hours I will
try to eat a lot eat so much because I don’t want to lose weight I want to gain
weight because you know look at my face it’s so skinny right now. In the
past, in Vietnam my face never like this man so so skinny see the hole like this
it is supposed to be like this. Just kidding but it is in Vietnam is better than a
lot it better than a lot. I will skip breakfast and then I will start eating
after 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and during this period you
try to eat a lot to compensate what you not eat in the morning. yeah
try to eat a lot in this period. So during this period I will eat lunch take
multivitamin and minerals, take whatever supplement I have, drink whey protein,
milk whatever. Just like during this period you try to eat a lot eat like before but you need to eat in this period and then after 8 p.m. you
eat nothing. 8 p.m. to noon of the next day you eat nothing that 16 hours of
eating nothing so remember just drink water, even whey protein you don’t eat
it just drink water you drink whey protein during the period of eight hours
I said before from 0 p.m (12 PM) to 8 p.m. and the rest of 16 hours of the day
you eat nothing ok ok so I think I’m gonna try this for a month and see the
result if I see any result and we update you guys after a month so I think I’m
gonna end my video today you know recently I’m very busy with studying and
stressed by some relationship but I’m not gonna forget on doing exercises to
increase my height. I will keep doing it no matter what you know no matter what
it even helped me to get over the stress from studying and some
relationship relationship ok so thank you for watching and if you like this
video please give me a thumbs up if you have any question or comment please
comment below and if you like video again please share my video to other
people can know don’t forget to subscribe me if you
havent so please subscribe me okay so see you guys in the next video bye

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Reader Comments

  1. Fadespace

    Hi ! I suggest why dont you hire a personal professional doctor so he can advice for your height growth and things you wanna ask him😊 btw im always rooting for your success goodluck!

  2. John Briggs

    Hey bro, I'm from Malaysia. I'm 18 this year and 173cm. My great-grandfather on my mother's side is 186cm. I want to reach that height same as my great-grandfather. What exercise can I do bro? Also, you are awesome bro! I hope you can reach your dream height in the future!

  3. Mohamed Ghodbane

    Glad to see that you're still at it, however surely your growth plates are closed. Therefore increasing HGH would only help in muscle hypertrophy (muscle gain), It wouldn't increase height . However sprinting you did on the other video does increase micro fractures in the end of the bone, once they heal they become stronger and possibly taller.

  4. Deus Vult

    Hi bro, I have recently found your channel, watched a couple of your videos, and I must say, the fact that you have grown 2.6 cm at the age of 24 through your own efforts, against all odds, is phenomenal.
    The sheer tenacity and dedication that you have shown towards your project are just simply awesome and should be admired by everyone.
    I have also decided to consider taking a journey similar to yours, and am curious about a few things. So I would like to ask some questions:

    – Is there a way to increase arm length?
    Since as a martial artist I would ideally like to increase my reach in proportion to my height, and an average human has a wingspan about equal to their vertical height.

    – Will the majority of growth come from the spine lengthening, or the legs lengthening?

    – How can I ensure that my legs grow the same length?
    Since there is no way of ensuring that both legs will have the same degree of microfracturing.

    – How can I keep the microfractures "open" so that instead of healing and simply fusing the bones together, the leg bones will grow into these gaps and thus become longer?
    This would be done with a metal apparatus in a traditional leg lengthening surgery.

    I wish you (and anyone reading this) the absolute best of luck in your incredible journey bro, you are an inspiration to everyone who watches this, and we are constantly rooting for you!
    Thanks taking the time to share this journey, you give us all hope.

  5. Arianna Sabatucci

    Hi Justin 🙂 I'm a 20 years girl that want to increase height and become tall… My dream height is 5'7 and I'm only 5'1.
    I was wondering if it is possible to join your Facebook group. Thank you in advance.
    Keep going and Don't give up!

  6. Anh Hoàng Ngọc

    A cho e hỏi, e thực hiện cái JP Stretch giữa 2 bên đùi có khoảng cách có phải khép kín ko, vs e bị đau đốt sống nối chỗ xương chậu và đau khớp đầu gối thì có vấn đề j ko ạ

  7. Edson Junior

    This will only give you the look of someone that has HGH. But you won't have it.
    The guy from the video of hgh with intermitent fasting, i asked him if it would make me taller he said no.
    So it's not real HGH.

  8. bruce song

    hi justin, do you have to try 24 hour without eating once or twice a week when ur doing intermittent fasting for the result to happen? or is it just fine doing 16/8 everyday.because I don't think I can not eat for 24 hours that's just too hard lol

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