Intermittent Fasting: How To Get Back On Plan

how on earth do you get back on plan
once you’ve gotten off plan this is important
it really helped me when I realized I need to start taking the very long view
when it comes to weight loss success and I’ve been able to drop 80 pounds and
keep it off one thing I had to realize early on was I’m gonna go off the plan
but I’ve got to figure out how to get back on plan I remember back in 2016 I
had gotten very clear on my plan but a vacation came up and I was so scared
because I knew I was going off plan for several days and I was terrified that I
would never get back on plan but what helped me in that moment was to realize
every week I’m practicing going off plan and getting back on plan because I take
a cheat day I realize like I have a lot of practice I’ll be okay and that gave
me peace but there were other times where things would keep coming up and I
would keep getting off plan so in this video I’m gonna give you the three steps
that I take to get myself motivated to get back on plan step one is analyze
your plan okay take your written plan out and look at what your plan is now if
you don’t have a written plan I would highly recommend write your plan down a
lot of times we think we have a plan but really if we were to try to write it
down we realize wait I don’t even really know what I’m doing here that was me
back in 2015 from week to week that changed and I never really knew what I
was doing in 2016 however and that’s when I wrote down very clear simple
rules you know it was intermittent fasting six days a week
cheat day on Sunday and walk six miles everyday if you do have a plan the next
step is to analyze is this plan too hard I realized that you know nobody’s gonna
give you a medal if you do a really hard plan it’s okay to make your plan easy in
fact I think that’s one reason why I’ve had so much success with weight loss and
keeping it off because it seems very easy to me if you find that your plan is
simply too hard I would encourage you change your rules make it easier make it
something that you realize like yeah I can do this let’s say your plan seems
you know reasonable you feel like you really can do this and and there’s just
something else going on now it’s time for step two which is the post mortem
what we’re trying to accomplish here is just figure out why does your plan die
basically this is an opportunity here because you can find out what’s going
wrong and you can fix it let’s say your problem is you’re just
eating during your fasting window I find it very helpful to simply ask yourself
why you know and what happens a lot of times since you don’t really know why
you’re eating it’s like I don’t know why I ate but if I asked myself these
questions I generally find the reason was I bored was I stressed was I
tired did I cave to social pressure to eat the great news is all of those
things are very fixable when you know like why you did something
then you can say here’s how to fix it for example like let’s say you realize
man I was tired and that’s why I caved to eating one thing you could ask yourself
is why did you not get enough sleep you know maybe the answer is getting in bed
earlier or you know maybe you like a late bed time well then give yourself a
nap you know say well I’m not gonna eat for you know that period of time but I
will allow myself to sleep if you’re bored
find some hobbies if you’re stressed try journaling or taking a walk but if it’s
social pressure one thing that helped me was to create some rules around that so
going back and saying okay I need to add a rule to my list I decided when there’s
a social event that I’m going to if it would you know basically rain on the
parade if I didn’t eat I’m gonna eat and then that became part of the plan so
then I wouldn’t feel guilty about going off plane cuz it is part of my plan if
however you’re finding that you’re eating out of true hunger then what
always worked for me was to just say okay I either need to eat more in my
eating window or I need to make my eating window longer I was all about
and just trying to make this easy and so if I found that I was not able to stick
my window I changed the window after you’re finished with your post mortem
then you have to look at the motivation now I personally find that once I’ve
done my post mortem and I can see you know those are the things the reasons I
was going off the plan and now I’ve fixed those things I’ve taken action
that to me in and of itself is motivating but if you’re still stuck if
it’s like well I think you know that that’ll fix it but I’m just afraid to
start cuz I just think I would just be right back here then it’s really helpful
to go back to your why why are you wanting to lose weight in the first
place and if you don’t have a clear answer on that you need to find out why
do you want to do this because it takes effort and lastly you just have to
realize you have you’re at a crossroads right now you can either quit or you can
press on and what I found for me personally is I
have to be really stubborn I really feel like being stubborn was a big asset when
it comes to losing weight you know I just said I’m just gonna keep at it and
it’s maybe gonna take a really long time but I’m not going back because if you
decide to quit and you just say I’m just gonna go back to eating how I used to
eat then you’re gonna be back where you were and for me that was not an option I
wanted so that’s how I motivate myself to keep on going even when I get off
plan I’m curious to know what are some tips and tricks that you have found to
get back on plan once you’ve been off thank you for watching be sure to LIKE
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