Intermittent Fasting: How Many Calories?

you’re intermittent fasting but how many
calories can you eat let’s talk about that
so I get this question a lot lately and that is how many calories are you eating
they know that I’m eating once a day but they’re wondering how many calories and
I have to give them the very unsatisfying answer I don’t know I only
know that I eat once a day that’s my only rule I do that Monday
through Saturday just one meal per day during that one meal per day I do not
restrict calories I do not count my calories I do not track my calories now
let me be clear there are some intermittent fasting people out there
that will still tell you you need to track your calories everything it’s just
not something I do so let me tell you about my experience with counting
calories back in 2015 you know I’d start weighing myself and I
was trying to figure out how to lose weight and I started in a minute fasting
and but it was a really short window a fasting that I was doing and so I
decided well I’m gonna also count calories and do macros and all this
stuff and so what ended up happening was I drove myself crazy because I started
out you know I would use my Fitbit whatever it was telling me I was burning
in calorie count I would use that to say okay I need to be at a deficit and I
would log all of my food and I saw no results so the next thing I did was I
said well I must not be doing this right so I started measuring my food and
tracking it still and it still wasn’t working now maybe it was just being
impatient I don’t know but then I started really driving myself crazy I
started weighing all my food it was absolutely driving me bonkers it made me
feel completely deprived it really put me in a bad place because let me tell
you like when you measure out a quarter cup of like shredded cheese and then
you’re like sprinkling it on your taco I just I hated that I felt like it’s so
unfair that I’m having to do this like you know measure my stuff and then
everybody else to the table was just you know piling on as much as they wanted
and the thing is is I love big portions and that’s really why I landed on this
plan I did not want to have to sit there and weigh my food and track it the
reason why intermittent fasting works for me eating one big meal a day I can
still have those big portions that I really like without having to track my
calories otherwise at least that’s what’s worked for me I’m the type of
person who if I’m gonna put butter on my roll it’s gonna be a slathering of
butter you know if I’m gonna put cheese on top of something it’s gonna be a
whole lot of cheese it’s just how I like it so if you’re curious as to
what I eat a couple of months ago I did post a video that was called
intermittent fasting meal plan and in on my website on the actual blog post I
listed everything that I ate for that previous week and so you can really get
an idea and you can really see I do not restrict any kind of foods I will eat
whatever I want for my meal some nights of spaghetti other nights it’s steak some
nights it’s beans and rice it’s just all the different foods so I think the way
this intermittent fasting plan works for me I am in some sort of caloric deficit
I just don’t really know how many calories I’m burning or how many I’m
consuming I just see the evidence of the caloric deficit when my weight is going
down so I’m curious to know about your experiences with counting calories do
you do intermittent fasting with counting calories I don’t but you know
maybe you have had success with it let me know in the comments below I love to
see all the different ways people are found to lose weight and be successful
at it and I know there are people out there who have had tremendous success
with counting calories so thanks for watching and be sure to LIKE comment and
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Reader Comments

  1. D B

    Thanks for the video. I’ve seen videos that people say you have to count calories or remove all carbs (keto). The reason I started thinking about intermittent fasting was that I wanted to eat whatever I wanted without counting calories as long it’s within my window. I’m doing 16/8 right now and hoping to lose weight. I’m trying to eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied during my window. I love your videos because your so upbeat and have great information in them.

  2. Garry Lawson

    Hey girly.. you're in my neck of the woods😃 I'm a Floridian, born and raised! So nice to meet ya!!!
    I found your YouTube's a couple weeks ago! I'm back on Keto again along with IF and it def works👍🏼 I have found your videos very encouraging😃 I'm on a roll right now with 6 weeks into plan and weight is coming down, Yay!!! But you've perked my curiosity with your YT video on Cheat Days.. and now this one.. what your supper meal might be, is it basically whatever you want without restriction?! My question is,, would that include Carbs,, maybe a Coke or Sweet Tea? Bread,, like a bun on your burger? French Fries? Or is it HFLC but "all you want" to eat of it? Gosh,, I've found a rhythm and finally getting rid of this "excess" lol,, but even if I could do what you do when I get to maintenance! I know everyone's journey is their own, but I love getting ideas and love the motivation ❤️ Welcome any Tips!!! Thank You so much!

  3. Angela Bower

    Do you track macros? Because I read that you have to track your macros in order to lose the actual FAT on your body and not overall body mass…

  4. Rhonda M

    Thanks for your videos, I am finding them very helpful. I've started using my fitbit again..10,000 steps to start and IF using the 18 hour fast and 6 hour eating window. Just started this week and am still struggling with hunger till I can break the fast at lunch but otherwise OK.

  5. ShushLorraine

    I'm like you – I never liked counting calories, weighing food, measuring food, and especially, logging my food. I can see the profit in all that, but it would drive me up the wall to do it. Food should be about enjoyment or simply survival. That's why I've always liked intermittent fasting (as well as raw vegan eating). You don't have to do all that recording with it. I"m now back on intermittent fasting and loving it. I am careful about sugar and white flours because I am type 2 diabetic. My numbers are getting better since I've been doing IF, and I expect a cure as I go and tighten the quality of the food I'm eating. I'm doing the 14/7 window so far.

  6. Beating Obesity

    two years ago I weighed 352 pounds. I went to one meal per day, cut out carbs, and did not count calories. Today I weigh 167 pounds, I lost 185 pounds total.

  7. Stephanie Boris

    Love your videos and you've inspired me to try intermittent fasting! But I wanted to ask… Isn't part of the reason you don't have to restrict calories in your one meal that besides the fasting you're walking 6 miles per day?

  8. Clara Marone

    You are a Godsend. I’m doing IF lost 7 lbs so far. I’m not making myself crazy anymore with weighing n measuring made me nuts. I am cutting sugar n high carbs though n pushing my fasting window to 17 18. In Italian n Sunday is pasta day so IM NOT depriving myself. Just way smaller portion. And tons of greens n small portions. N healthy choices. I did have a little ice cream last night. I’m not beating myself up about it though. Great videos. Keep em coming.

  9. lara l

    hi, i just found your channel and have been enjoying your videos. i have 3 questions:
    #1. did you make any change for maintenance with the amounts of food you eat , or in your window for eating? if not, are you still losing? is your long term plan to eventually go to 2 meals a day?

    #2. i am always worried that if i ate only one meal, i would just naturally cut back dramatically on calories and slow my metabolism down (with the fear that if one day i ever tried to resume eating a normal amount of calories, i would immediately gain). what are your thoughts on this?

    and #3. how do you manage to go all day until 6pm while fasting, without being starving? i have previously tried eating 2 meals a day in a 4 hour window- between 2pm and 6pm, and i was often hungry before 2 pm. i would love to try only one meal but i can't imagine being able to go that long without eating (or sustaining that long term. are you planning on doing this forever?).

    thanks so much

  10. Modern Gabby

    The only way IF works for me is the days I fast from 8-12pm and exercises between 10-11 am that’s when I see big results and my body fat melts away because I’m burning the store fat first

  11. Arlou_Aminah

    I'm very much like you. I can't track calories, it makes me tired and I don't enjoy my meals. Also, I have two teens and a 4 y/old so I don't have the time, nor the energy to track what I eat every day or make a different diet for me. What I do is that I bake a lot in that way I do not use much oil. But I do, like you, like butter and cheese, I'm gluten free because of my hypothyroidism and gluten really affects me. So I was amazed by your way of fasting because I'm Muslim and I'm used to fast, I'm actually fasting this month because it's Ramadan. The thing is that I always gain weight in Ramadan but now that I see your videos I know why. I eat before sunrise a small breakfast and a small dinner after sunset, but I keep eating here and there fruits, sweets, more food, snacks and visit friends and eat some more there. That is way. All this time I was telling myself that I eat only two times during Ramadan, and honestly, breakfast is not the big thing, but keep eating until almost midnight is. That is way I feel that your way of fasting will work for me because I'm used to fast but need to make some changes to try your way. Thanks for sharing your story with us! 😍 😍 😍

  12. juanita arbelo

    I don't track my calories either on OMAD. When I have a 6hr eating window then I do. I much prefer OMAD OR a 4hr window. I feel better and hate counting calories. I feel deprived! LoL I love IF.

  13. Nichol Newcomb

    I have a question for you. What are your thoughts on how to break a fast? I'm new to your channel so if you have a video on this I'd love to watch it. There is a lot of talk about what is the right and wrong way to break a fast and I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks! Great channel!!

  14. Christina Maples

    I do have a few questions. I've been doing OMAD for almost two weeks. My 1st question is, does it over load digestive system to eat so much at one time, as some say? Have you experienced any hair loss at all? When do you start feeling more energetic?

  15. frugalnanny

    thank you so much!  I eat once a day myself and I totally agree with you thoughts.I eat keto 100 percent of the time. no cheat day but other wise on track with your way of doing this. it seems OMAD I the only way I lose weight.

  16. Alana Chriest

    This sounds good except the part about "eating whatever you want" approach. This can lead to a nutrition deficit, and it does not account for chronic diseases related to food intake. Otherwise, I like the philosophy of not counting calories.

  17. Franco Catucci


  18. Shaheen Ali Khan

    I love your videos & your approach to weight loss . Everything you say makes complete sense to me and it seems achievable & sustainable.
    A question I had was regarding the coffee you drink … is that black or with a creamer ? I’ve tried black coffee but I hate hate hate it 🙁 … gives me acidity & makes me hungry ! However if I have it with some coffeemate I find it satisfying & it ties me over til the first meal of the day ! But then I’m reading that putting creamer in my coffee will break my fast & defeat the purpose… do you have any advice for me ?

  19. Next To Nolan

    Cool you are in Florida. Me too. I also have a goal of fulltime RV life. Funny. Just stumbled across your channel researching fasting. I understand that to burn one pound of fat we need to burn roughly 3000 calories. And if the avg person lives off of 2000 (women) – 2500 (men) calories per day, then it seems one large meal of 1500 – 2000 would result in a loss of one pound or a little less per week (wiggle room for water and occasional cheating fluctuations). That seems to be a safe rate of weight loss. I recently did the two meal fast…a brunch (11am) and an early supper (6pm), and yielded a good 3 pound loss week one, but then no loss at all week two. Modest portions, no calorie count, with a daily scale watch. Were the three pounds just water? Who knows, but I enjoy eating a real meal when I do eat. I have tried the low fat thing, the no bread thing, the gluten free thing, the no sugar thing, the counting carbs thing, and the nasty just green juice thing,… And I know I won't do any meticulous weighing food on a scale thing. Your approach of OMAD, reasonably healthy food, but with little restrictions and good portion sizes sounds interesting and may be more compatible for me. I saw s documentary on the miracle like healing of fasting, how it can be a reset for the mind and body. So, maybe the 24hr OMAD is a micro version of that. Plus with OMAD, you save 2-3 hours of meal prep and cleanup each day. That adds up to an extra savings of 14-21 hours per week. Lovin that! Maybe I can get some of that wasted TV time back, ha, ha!! Question: Any tips on cravings in between?? Is it just coffee and tea you do, or do you think one could have an almost calorie free bone broth soup (with celery and onion for flavor)? Your thoughts?

  20. Nikki Cole

    I do intermittent fasting on a whole food plants based diet is IF 2.0! I’m down almost 40 lbs and feel amazing. No animal products really gets you healthy without getting all that anima fat and cholesterol

  21. Fierce Family

    Great video!! I started with IF in Jan for 2 weeks and then discovered OMAD and you can MUKBANG. It has changed my life and I really got this down to science!! I've gone from 236 pounds to currently 166. My goal wt is 135 and still have a way to go! When fasting you need to do it right. This is a lifestyle not a diet and obtainable! Anyone can do it!!

  22. Michaël T.

    I've watch a lot of your videos, and I really appreciate what you share with us. I like the facility of IF, and could not keep it a long time with counting calories. I'm IF for 2 month, and i've lost about 20 pounds, but most interesting, it's a pleasure. This is not a constraint (not sure about this word in english… i'm french). This is a big difference with special diet. And because you can do it with pleasure, you can keep it for months, years, and even for ever !Again, I really appreciate your videos, and they encourage me keep going in an intelligent way.

  23. Free Spirit Adventures

    Will you please please do a video of your meals?
    I have watched a ton of videos and your plan is easy to stick to. I am down 8 pounds, took a break and kept it off. Back on OMAD this week.
    Thank you!

  24. Logan Callahan

    So here is a question, i know it's different for everyone but say I IF 20:4 my 1st meal is a meal replacement shake then 2nd meal is a fairly healthy meal would you suggest that plan might work? In your opinion of do you suggest a true OMAD eating whatever within reason? Thanks and Happy New Year

  25. Shyy Archer

    Im late on this video but…I use to have a weight loss coach and they had me counting calories. I was only allowed 1350 calories n i was about 230 pounds at 5'6 and i worked out(cardio)6 days a week. I did lose weight but i would literally be trembling and nauseous by the end of the day.i was miserable. So i quit and gained it back. I started if doing 16/8 no calorie counting. Two snacks and one meal(smaller portions). No more trembling and nausea.i love if. My heaviest weight was 276 and i got down to 161. You def don't have to count calories but portion control if you are eating more then once i think is key.

  26. Andrea Smith

    What a breath of fresh air! I just started my IF. About a week ago
    I've lost about 4 pounds, but what I've noticed is, my stomach has lost some of its puffiness. I'm 63 years old, and I had 3 plus surgeries on my lower abdomen. So I have no muscle control there
    And after 30 plus yrs, well I think u get it. Anyway, I've pretty much done what you have. And I have somewhat tracked calories, just because I was curious, but really, I eat what I want And have even eat off time once. I love this lifestyle. It works for me! Gonna keep going to see what happens! Bless u.

  27. Mary Ellen Brixey

    I just started OMAD for 5 days now and I think I can do this! It gets easier. Thank you for your advice and opinion and for sharing your experiences.

  28. Frankie Fernandez

    Great video. People need this insight. It's supposed to be easy, natural and cost effective. When I was doing OMAD I basically ate until I was full. I generally ate about 2 plates of food that had a nice mix of meats, vegetables and some carbs. That was it. After 2 weeks of eating at the same time every day, your body adapts and you only get hungry at that time. I have a 4 hour eating window now but will go back to OMAD just before summer to get better definition. Easy peasy.

  29. Safer Sephiroth

    Did you ever try 16:8 intermittent fasting? If so did it work? I'm currently on my first week of trying fasting ever. I'm on day 4 of IF. If OMAD is more beneficial I would love to know. 🙂

  30. Danelle Nelson

    yep, i relate. been there done that. i love your method. freeing. Hope i can get there. how do you not obsess about getting enough nutrients. OH NO, now you're going to drive yourself bonquers about that. Sorry, that's what I worry about…..

  31. Jen Shively

    I've only been doing this for a week but already I have my big meal and don't necessarily want sweets and end up choosing healthy things and definitely go for things that are higher in fat and protein quite naturally so that I'm satisfied. It seems pretty natural and easy. Down 2.5 lbs in a week and it was easy peasy…

  32. Denis Prieur

    ohhhhh Kayla! you are so right! i started ketogenic diet with IF..i started 16/8..then switched 18/6…now..i pretty much omad all the time…..but i almost become freggin crazy with all this macros counting…geee! I was so confuse cause every body on the keto Community have different opinions about everything! Now..after listening to you, i will calm down, i won't count this Madness of much protein, how much fats, how much carbs. how many calories…ahhhhhhhgrrrrr! And i will do the Sunday everythings permitted! i will take it easy and flow with the wave!!! i've lost 22 pounds so far, but the best part is: i was diabetic….no more! i'm off my medication! i had high blood pressure…no more! off this medication also…so right off the bat, it's all good! I didn't even realised that the health benefit is sometime more important…the weight lost is a side benefit after all! Thank you Kayla!!! bye the way, you are very hot to my eyes!!!! lol! respectfully…Denis from quebec canada!

  33. Queen Bee

    I'm finding that OMAD at lunch has been working well for me. Tracking calories makes me crazy too and it makes me think about food more, which gives me cravings and defeats my progress. If I can eat what I want at lunch time, and drink water the rest of the day, I find I have consistent results. And I'm talking about a huge meal plus dessert. And I don't feel hungry or think about food the rest of the evening.

  34. Jade P

    I have a question. If I'm doing 16/8 and eat 2,000 calories in my eating window, will I maintain or lose weight? Plus I'm not active..

  35. Val

    Question let's say you make rice and beans for dinner and you want a 2nd bowl would you have it? For me I would be full for an hour or 2 and maybe have a 2nd bowl. Just wondering.

  36. B VA

    I just saw your menu for a week, and I was somewhat surprised that for most days, it really was not that much food for one meal. I guess from your videos it sounds like you eat much more than what you actually posted. For instance,, the meal of 4 chicken thighs and 1/2 cup mashed potatoes???? Not a lot for one meal a day.

  37. Yukon ice-cream

    Awesome that you found a way to lose weight without going crazy. Calories in vs. calories out count but if you are only eating once a day it is unlikely that you will overeat. I too intermittent fast and love big meals. I never eat breakfast, have a typical lunch, a small snack, and a large dinner (i.e. 2-3 meals/day). I track calories using Myfitnesspal- works for me.

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