Intermittent Fasting: How Long Does It Take To Adjust?

Will intermittent fasting cause my body
to be in a never-ending state of hunger? Great question. So most people when they hear about
intermittent fasting they think I’m gonna be hungry all the time, and it’s a
question I had too like how can you go so long between meals? and won’t you feel
hungry constantly? and I wanted to know how long will this take for me to adapt to
or do you ever even adapt to it the assumption is because we’ve always
eaten you know three meals a day or six meals a day or whatever it is we’ve been
eating that way for such a long time that it must take a really really long
time to get used to a new way of eating but my experience has proved different
and I’ve also read a lot of other stories of people who do intermittent
fasting and their experiences and I’ve also talked to some people who have
started to do intermittent fasting as well and they’ve all kind of had similar
experiences so today I’m gonna share those with you so one thing this weight
loss journey has taught me is that our bodies are capable of so much more than
what we think they are capable of we are highly adaptable so back in 2014 I was
running three miles every day and I was just kind of vaguely worried that maybe
that was too extreme you know and so I I read a book called Born to Run by
Christopher McDougall and that really shifted my paradigm on what our bodies
are capable of adapting to and the book is a really cool book I highly recommend
you read it but the big two things that I learned were there’s ultramarathoning
which is much more extreme than even marathoning which most people think is
pretty extreme in and of itself so for example he talks about the Badwater
ultramarathon which is a hundred and thirty five miles long and it’s right
through Death Valley so that’s really extreme and people do it and survive and
then even more incredible than that he talks about the Tarahumara Indians who
run routinely run over 200 miles in just like two days they they’re constantly
running basically and so there are some amazing things that our bodies are
capable of so then when it came to intermittent fasting I realized like you
know our bodies really are capable of more
we give them credit for so I have found that for me personally I adapt fairly
quickly to a new eating pattern so for example you know if I were to go on
vacation and just started eating you know three meals a day even though I’m
used to eating one meal a day it’ll only take a day or two before I’m you know
getting hungry three times a day wanting to eat conversely I can switch right
back within like a day or two if I’ve been eating three meals a day because
I’ve been on vacation when I get back from vacation it’s very easy to go back
to fasting even small little things with my eating I’ve noticed can become habit
really quickly for example you know my husband and I started eating popcorn
when I was in maintenance mode and I realized that like after just one day of
doing that I was craving popcorn it was like I was hungry for popcorn the very
next night so it’s very easy to get into an eating pattern whether it’s positive
or negative and you know also I take one day off from intermittent fasting
Sunday’s are my day off so on Monday that’s like the one day where I do feel
hunger during the day just on and off it’s not a constant state of hunger but
I will feel you know hungry at those times that I ate the day before and what
I’ve realized is I’m really not feeling hunger I’m just feeling the habit and
I’ve talked to other people who do this and they kind of have the same
experiences of once they you know kind of change their pattern then it’s like
the very next day they feel that same pattern emerging so there are two
options when you’re deciding to in a minute fast you could either go gradual
or you could go drastic and I would say that probably if you if you go really
drastic you should allow for about a week or two for your body to really
adapt and it’s probably gonna be pretty you know trying probably more mentally
rather than physically you might have nausea and things like that however I
didn’t go from eating you know three to six meals a day down to eating one like
I do now it was a very gradual change for me because that’s how
I felt comfortable doing it I just kind of pushed my window up further and
further like hour by hour until I was eventually doing you know one meal a day
I did a whole video about you know how to make intermittent fasting easier so
you can check that out if you’re needing some guidance on that it really depends
on your personality whether you want to be drastic with this or whether you want
to go gradual I would suggest just whatever you think work for you some
people like making drastic changes and then other people just prefer to kind of
make micro changes which is what I have found for me is the most effective way
to make a change so to wrap up remember your body is amazing and highly
adaptable realize that a lot of times what you’re feeling is just the habit
not an actual hunger and remember if you’re having trouble and it just feels
way too hard instead you know take a step back and try the gradual method you
know just try going from you know maybe like an eight hour fast up to you know
maybe a nine hour fast and then ten and when you get used to that bump it up to
eleven until you are starting to notice some good results so I’m curious do you
practice intermittent fasting and if you do how long did it take you to adapt
okay thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and be sure to
check out my video five ways to make intermittent fasting easier if you’re
needing a little help

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Reader Comments

  1. anderson cadogan

    I was so determine to lose weight on the first Day of IF I tried the warrior method of 20 hours fasting then eat in that 4 hour window which is usually 1 meal. I realize on that day that I was no warrior. So i switch to 18 6. With Hunger like i said coffee keeps the cravings down or sometimes ya might end up giving in. If that happens I walking or jog on the spot for 10 to 20 mins just to burn some of that mistake off!

  2. M Hodges

    I started right after my flu..I did 16/8. Its been 2 weeks and 2 days. I've never felt hungry. Only thing, I eat 4-9pm..i get sleepy after my first meal. Which is around 5-ish.

  3. Laura LaLone

    Hi! I just discovered your videos. Thank for making them. Question for you….I am wondering how you handle morning coffee. I don't do caffeine but I'm pretty addicted to my decaf soy latte in the morning which includes 1 cup of soy milk. I usually have mine around 11 am and then eat between 2 pm and 9 pm. I appreciate the fact that I need to be more consistent with choosing exact times for my eating. What is your experience with the coffee thing? Ok to do or does it sort of wreck the fasting situation?

  4. Malisa Kenney

    So I just started the whole intermittent fasting and to night is my first full night haven’t had food since 6:30 going till 8:30 am walked
    3,000 steps today and just found ur videos today and been playing around with the fasting since Friday but I’m gonna get serious with it and I thank you cuz I was wondering bout my exercise so we’re gonna do this I’m nervous but excited don’t know if I can cut out this sugar in my coffee I guess we will have to see in the morning

  5. MacX85

    I'm doing 16/8 most days and 24 hour fasts twice a week. Sundays is my day off, you could say where I'm brunching with my wife.
    Doing 16/8 was never hard for me as I'm usually not hungry early in the morning. I actually felt stressed eating my breakfast in the morning since my wife wants to have lunch at noon. At this point I'm still in the middle of digesting my breakfast…
    So one day I said: ok, guess I'll have to skip breakfast and have it later in the day.
    It took some getting used to but it's fine. Turns out what I'm actually craving in the morning is coffee which I'm having now anyway.

    Doing the 24 hour fasts was hard in the beginning. Not so much because of the hunger… I can deal with hunger quite well. But I was getting headaches and nausea after 20 hours. But I adapted and now it's no problem anymore.

  6. Kim

    My husband and I are considering doing this and were discussing it over coffee this morning. He mentioned he would be curious as to what your bloodwork was like?? Talking about glucose levels…have you had any bloodwork done while doing this and do you mind sharing??

  7. Live. Chill. Life.

    I feel like an important learning point of intermittent fasting is people begin to understand it is OKAY to be hungry. This fear of hunger is ridiculous. You're not going to die if your stomach is empty for a little while.

  8. Janet Shenefield

    You have made my life simple! 3 miles a day walking..low carb..6pm to 1pm with 2 coffee S with half and half….water!!

  9. Frolicking Elf

    Hi, I'm Frolicking Elf and I WAS an emotional eater… and WAS an I'm-bored eater… and also a munching-at-the-computer eater as well as a doctor-told-me-too eater… all bad habits that I broke over-night when I jumped right into my metabolic cleanse, and then practiced Intermittent Fasting once I got the hang of it… For me, had to go big or go home! No weaning, just cut out sugar, dairy, red meat, and most carbs. And on the onset of the keto-flu symptoms… apple cider vinegar and bone broth were my key to staying strong!

    Six pounds down in three weeks, and this is now a lifestyle change I prefer. I have more energy, I don't feel hungry… and now I feel like my doctors recommendation to eat 6 small meals a day was actually aggravating my blood sugar, not helping it!

  10. Gloria A

    I do it. I just kinda fell into it. I realized I needed to ear less and eating less often was easier for me. Right now I do want to lose so I am pushing that tendency to intermittent fasting a bit. Some days one meal or veg juice freshly made in AM and dinner in the evening. I grew up hating to eat breakfast as a kid. For a while I made a concerted effort to eat breakfast daily and just gained weight (but I did learn to love and get creative about breakfast foods). This way I enjoy every meal, savor the foods, and feel full after a reasonable amount of food.

  11. Inez

    I eat one meal a day at 4:00 with a one hour eating window. I also eat a plant based diet, but don’t limit natural carbs at all. I eat lots of potatoes:) I love this way of eating, but did have to change my mind set in Reference to the amount of weight I lose in a week. I’m losing 1 pound a week and I’m good with that. By Christmas I will have lost down to my goal weight and I haven’t suffered. I see this long term. There has been a couple of times I have had to adjust times but, it’s easy enough to do.

  12. megan belveal

    Kayla— I truly look forward to your videos and really appreciate your knowledge and demeanor regarding OMAD. Just a question— Do you have any GI distress after you break your fast everyday? Just curious. Thanks!!

  13. Nadia Simaani

    Wow, thank you for your videos! They taught me a lot! I have a question regarding hypoglycemia. Do you think IF can help eradicate it? Thank you for your answer 🙂

  14. Amy Lynn

    I have been IF on the 16:8 for 5 weeks. I was hungry every morning, till I began my eating window, for the first 4 weeks. This 5th week I feel more adapted, and I’ve started 18:6 in the last 3 days. I’ve lost 28lbs so far. I have went from eating 3100 calories a day to 1200. I lose weight most everyday! I feel amazing! And I am so glad I push thru the hungry times. It’s worth it!

  15. Jeannie Pettit

    Yes I’ve started intermittent fasting, almost a month now. Where I’m struggling is I’ve added cardio & I think my body is just adjusting to it.

  16. thinktank 007

    I had my cheat day the last Sunday and getting back on omad was incredibly hard.i broke my fast after 22hours 30 minutes and had lot of no more cheat days for me

  17. Nicole Leposki

    I have been doing IF since about April 2018 I lost about 15 LBs. I fell into it by doing biblical fasting and found videos about IF while searching for Daniel Fast videos. This is the best "diet" I have ever been on, because like you I want to be able to eat the things I like and can't sustain diets that eliminate certain food groups. I usally have a 16 hour fast window, but every Tuesday I fast until dinner. I am considering a more regular OMAD. My favorite part is I can enjoy food in social situations 🙂

  18. Evelyn M. Young

    Can you have an in-depth video about what you may have experienced mentally and emotionally on your journey?
    It's been over a month, and I'm leaving the house without a snack.
    Huge breakthrough! The Father has absolutely been patient and faithful to continue to heal me from the inside out and literally renew my mind every. All I have to do it keep going.
    Congrats to you on your success!
    Be blessed

  19. daniel koester

    Doing Omad, took about 2 weeks to adjust and I go all day until about two hrs before eating to get hungry and not very severe and only lasts less than 5 minutes, no big deal

  20. sAmiZZle82

    i wouldn't see it only depends on personality on whether you make a drastic change or subtle gradual changes. Drastic change like this will release cortisol, which is not what you want!

  21. Angels Hovernear

    What a lovely girl …great video…thank you. I am down to two meals a day and working on getting it routine. I love what you said about stepping back if need be.

  22. Rashmi Sharan

    Hey ,have been following you lately and can say you make it sound easy and simple. I have been doing IF for the last 2 and half months. Have lost some 9 kg's. I do try to follow calorie count but sometimes it goes for a toss. But I follow 16:8 diligently though. Need to do OMAD twice a week. Am gearing up. You genuinely inspire me. Thanx for all the mental support. 😊

  23. Mariah Dellorfano

    My schedule changes daily, so I was wondering if you know if doing OMAD is possible if, instead of eating at exactly the same time every day, I eat one meal during the same three hour window, like from 4-7 pm?

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