Intermittent Fasting: How It Affects You

hey everybody today is day three of the
intermittent fasting raw food challenge hope everybody’s doing great hoping your
mental clarity is there that you’re all jumping up and down with joy because raw
food tastes so good and you love it and you’re getting your body is now getting
used to intermittent fasting by this point in time so hopefully you can
develop a trend and that’s something that you can adopt even more raw food
into your diet and more intermittent fasting into your regular routine going
forward that’s kind of why this is just an introduction it’s a New Year’s
resolution it’s a challenge but more or less it’s an introduction to changing
your lifestyle and eating more raw organic foods it doesn’t mean you need
to completely change every single thing that you were doing in the past, but you
know little changes add up to big changes and you’re gonna notice that at
the end of the 14 days you’re gonna be feeling a lot better and probably you’re
gonna look better as well I mean you’ll probably lose some weight and your skin
will look better by the way these yellow glasses I know this is just out in
another direction but if you do have a computer and you’re working in front of
a computer really look into getting yourself some of these Gunnar glasses
these are block the harmful blu rays coming from your computer screen so I
try to wear these as much as I can. Today I’m going to answer some more questions
keep your comments coming that’s what we’re here for to try to help you out as
much as possible. If you’re doing cleansing programs like colon cleanse or
liver and gallbladder cleanses during the 14-day raw food intermittent fasting
challenge, if you have any questions about those feel free to write them in.
Love to get your comments, love look at the questions. I actually really
do enjoy answering questions on a regular basis because it is so important
and people are constantly wanting to learn that’s just to me I always ask as
many questions as I possibly can because I want to continue learning. I mean it’s
something that we all should do in our personal life, you know our relationships
with friends family coworkers constantly learn it’s constant and never-ending
improvement, so the first question is does intermittent fasting burn fat? Well
anytime you’re going to reduce the amount of food that you’re putting in
the system, hopefully everybody is doing a little bit of exercise at the same
time and that’s going to be different for everybody, but yes intermittent
fasting does over a period of time burn fat. If you were to eat between eleven
and seven and by the way I know there’s been some questions about can I change
my eating times, yes you can, I mean really all you know I just came up with
eleven to seven but you’re more than welcome to change those times if it fits
your schedule and that’s really what you should do is look at your schedule and
see when are the times that this is going to work best for me,
and kind of set those schedules that are gonna work in your lifestyle and
maybe with your family I mean I know a lot of people, and I’m a big believer of
sitting down with meals for the family and for me in the morning the kids are
getting ready they’re going to school it’s kind of you know chaotic, so you
know it’s not really that big of a deal we don’t have a sit-down breakfast so
that’s that’s why that works good for me is to just skip the breakfast meal I
like to go work out in the morning, I like to meditate in the morning, but feel
free to change that schedule so it fits your lifestyle. Back to the burning fat,
you will I mean obviously if you’re gonna eat during your eating period and
you’re gonna pig out on pizza, and eat a carton of ice cream, and eat a bunch of
candy bars and stuff like that I mean that’s you’re not just you’re probably
not gonna lose anyway. You know it’s all about your choices in life isn’t it? I
mean everything is a choice that you have to make in life. Do I choose to go
to bed at 8:00 or do I choose to go to bed at two o’clock in the morning after
I watch three of the three more episodes of this series on Netflix? You know, do I
choose to spend more time with the kids or do I choose to go out to parties with
my friends? I mean you know it’s just like every single thing is a choice in
life and it’s just about making more good choices than it is making bad
choices. I mean so that’s why you can do the 80/20 rule or you can do the 90/10
rule 90% of the time you are making those good choices 10% of the time
you’re not. Why is fasting so effective? Well fastings been used for thousands
and thousands of years it gives the body a break really it gives the body the
ability to utilize its energy stores for healing and regeneration that’s the
short answer, but that’s the best answer that I can give on why it’s so effective.
What are the different variations of intermittent fasting? There’s a lot of
trending individuals, doctors, experts, I don’t know if I would say experts, but
there’s a lot of YouTube videos coming up right now with people trying
different things. The variations of intermittent fasting really is just how
many hours a day do you want to fast? Do you you can even do 23 one which is you
fast for 23 hours and then you have one hour every single day where you eat and
then you fast for another 23 hours all kinds of different programs out there
you know that you can utilize if you have one good
balanced meal a day that would probably be just fine to do that. You know, but
that’s something that you want you want to look at your own body your
own environment any conditions you might be suffering from or maybe you just want
to slow the aging process down tremendously, so you you might want to
just do something like the eleven seven which we’re doing now or even do the
twelve six which is going to add two extra hours of fasting per day. I have
noticed because normally I do do the twelve six, and now that I’m doing the
eleven seven is so much easier to do the eleven seven just that extra hour from
eleven to twelve, and that extra hour at night, you know going from seven pm back
to six pm it really does make a difference. I mean that’s two hours of
fasting I’m losing but we just as a culture and as a society we like
everything to be you know we don’t like to run around hungry all the time, or
have to deal with hunger pains, or anything like that but I tell you that
water is an amazing substance and that if you are hungry at all if you just
drink about eight to twelve ounces of water purified water, and just wait a
little while that will calm app that will calm your appetite down as a matter
of fact water has always been listed as one of the number-one appetite
suppressants there are, so people that take these pills out there or these
weight-loss pills with these appetite suppressants in it I guarantee you a
glass of water is going to work better than those appetite suppressant pills
that people are taking out there. Can diabetics practice intermittent fasting?
They can of course I always recommend that you monitor closely your blood
glucose levels most likely with the intermittent fasting the raw food diet
that we’re doing it’s not a ketogenic diet it’s more of just a lifestyle
change, so there’s so many different options out there
there for you and then once you transition off of this and you can start
having like maybe some cooked and steamed vegetables and everything and
then maybe let’s start limiting for those meat eaters out there start
limiting your meat content to two maybe two times a week, and then down to one
time a week, and then you know maybe you can even make that step to become a
vegetarian or a vegan so you don’t have to deal with all the negative effects
and all the chemicals and toxins and all the meat products out there are there.
Are there any negative effects of intermittent fasting? Not that I have researched or
that I have seen so everything that I’ve read has been very positive. I would say
that if there are some people that when they change their diet up a little bit
you might have some healing crisis or you might have a detox reaction maybe
headaches for a couple days maybe some joint pain or swelling or it’s just the
body’s natural process with any type of detoxification a good change in dietary
habits what you’re eating only pure nutritious raw vegetables nuts seeds
fruit etc. your body is just in heaven because your body wants that
nutrition that pure live food that’s just initiating your system to repair
itself and to regenerate, so in that process your body is also going to be
pushing some of this toxic stuff out, and you might be going through a little bit
of a detoxification syndrome especially if you’ve decided to give up any
caffeine. Caffeine has one of the hardest detoxification withdrawal symptoms there
are usually headaches that which can actually be pretty severe for two to
three days. Not everybody suffers from that I mean as a matter of fact probably
one out of ten that I’ve talked to have gone through
that with caffeine withdrawals and very rarely we’ve been doing detoxification
for 20 years very rarely do I even hear hear of somebody that goes through a
severe herxheimer reaction, or a detoxification crisis when they’re when
they’re cleansing or especially during intermittent fasting so that would be
maybe what I would not consider it a negative effect because it’s actually
positive when you’re feeling those things because you should realize that
this is your body telling you that you are toxic and that you need to be clean
and everybody has a self-healing mechanism, and that’s how your
self-healing mechanism is starting to build back up and support you. Does
drinking alcohol affect my intermittent fasting progress? While alcohol is always
going to affect your progress no matter what I mean alcohol is an endocrine
disrupting chemical it’s a toxin to the body it wreaks havoc on the liver, it
wrecks havoc on the bowel, kills off microbes in the bowel. If there is any
alcohol I can tell you I’ve had conversations this is interesting and
this was this was I had never heard this before I was talking with I can’t
remember who it was, but it was some fasting expert that was well, actually it
was Dr. Thomas Seyfried I haven’t posted this video yet, but I was doing an
interview with him he’s he’s been working as a professor at Boston College
and the guy is a genius when it comes to intermittent fasting metabolic therapy
and he is a big proponent of the ketogenic diet. My problem with the
ketogenic diet in most in ketogenic diets out there is the fact that they
allow meat and eggs and all kinds of other stuff in there, but he told me
that he was doing Studies on intermittent fasting and water only
fasting and grapefruit juice, a fresh grapefruit juice and
red wine, and white very high-quality champagne did not increase the glucose
levels. I mean in other words it kept everybody in ketosis that was very
shocking to me even though I know they’re very low glycemic foods and you
can always look at different places and pick a bunch of low glycemic index foods
if you are intermittent fasting I would recommend doing that anyway because
during your meal times the least amount of bread, carbohydrates, corn potato all
of that stuff you you’re gonna consume which none of that is really you’re
going to be consuming during the raw phase anyway. You know looking into just
reducing some of those after this would be a good idea, so yeah I mean alcohol
will affect your intermittent fasting progress I know a lot of people out
there like to have that glass of wine or like to you know drink some alcohol. My
recommendation for anybody who’s like that is to take some B vitamins take
some oxy powder every night that you drink alcohol whether it’s wine or
whatever and if you do drink hard alcohol go to a gluten free alcohol
maybe like a Tito’s people recommend Tito’s vodka as a gluten-free option out
there as well, so those are just some side notes that I’ve kind of learned in
the last few years and few months and a few weeks. Should I have a certain,
this is a really good question, should I have a certain number of
calories during intermittent fasting? well the least amount of calories the
better I mean if you can put you if you can keep your calorie content below
2,000 that would be I mean depending on what your goal is if you want to lose
weight regardless, if you could keep your calorie content under 2,000 calories a
day that would be a good accomplishment. You know, the lower the caloric intake
the more healing you’re going to get it’s a direct relationship to the
healing process because it’s more it takes calories are basically the
expenditure or energy that it’s going to take your body to break down those
calories so everything in your system works off of an energy scale basically,
and that’s why digestion takes the most amount of energy from the body it can
take up to or more than a hundred percent of the of the energy produced by
the body, so the least caloric intake the better. Then the next question is can
I still exercise daily? Absolutely. Recommend getting as much exercise as
you possibly can it’s only going to benefit you it’s gonna speed up your
metabolism they’re showing that exercise might actually have an effect on
producing new stem cells in the body now, so whatever exercise you want to do
anything is great. Yoga, pilates, high intense, you know, short
bursts high-intensity exercise, walking you know anything that you want to do,
burpees, I you know you can do a lot of exercise just from your home or your
office I mean you can do jumping jacks that’s what I do I’ll take a break and
do 50 jumping jacks. Do some push-ups, do some sit-ups, do some you know, just wall
squats or do some burpees or something and you know exercise is pretty easy to
do anywhere you are. Essential oils during intermittent
fasting can I still put them in water? You can do whatever you want with
essential oils. I mean that’s natural it’s they’re not regulated to put in
water or food for internal use only although I completely disagree with that.
I think they can be highly effective taken internally so whatever you want to
do with that is fine it’s not probably only gonna help you so that’s great.
Can I eat only fruits during the day and no veggies? Yes, you can. You can eat
fruits there’s been age long documentation regarding people that just
used to do just fruit fast. As a matter of fact, there was a great fast cure that
was very popular in Europe and the in America ended up starting in Europe with
a lady who would give her clients nothing but grapes to eat all day long,
and no matter what condition the clients came in with, that’s all she gave him it
was called the grape fast. You can probably pull that information up online
and and they would just that’s all they would do until they got better, and it
was a doctor down in Florida years ago that was doing the orange juice cure he
called it the orange juice cure, and all he had his patients do was eat oranges,
and press and drink the juice of oranges so he had him actually eat the oranges
which was which was the fiber part of it that they need, and then also had them
drink the orange juice until they were healed and he had some patients that
just went 40, 50, 60 days on just nothing but orange oranges and same with the
grape. So yes. I mean fruits are amazing because they’re over like ninety five,
ninety to a hundred percent, well not a hundred percent, but over 90
percent water and that water is already structured good water that you need
inside your body and fruits have oxygen vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber I mean fruits have pretty much everything that you need and
when you eat fruits by themselves and you’re not mixing sweet fruits with
subacid fruits or acid fruits then you know you do have all the natural enzymes
in the fruits as well people worry about the glucose levels and all that stuff
spiking, but fruits are an amazing food full of antioxidants, full of vitamins,
full of power, power for your body it’s like fuel that goes into your body you
know here’s our gas tank you know we go to the car and we put the thing in and
we fill our car up with gas and makes it run. This is our gas tank right here. What
are you putting in there to make your body run? What does this, what does your
engine need and what does your body want? It does not want anything dead, I can
tell you that because there’s no energy derived from dead foods, or processed
foods, or microwave foods, or anything else. What your body wants, if you look at
the teeth, if you look at our body, I’ve studied if tried to I’ve tried to look I
was a carnivore for years and years I eat crappy, ok. I can remember eating
Salsbury steak dinners, tv dinners when I was a kid, but what I’m saying is I’ve
done the research and we do not have canine teeth to rip and chew flesh, we do
not have a pipe like digestive system like a carnivorous animal, we do not have
the claws and the ability to you know run super fast to kill our prey, we do
not secrete hydrochloric acid in our mouth. I mean we just I mean it’s it’s
very simple if you just look at the way a carnivorous animal is made and then
you look at us I mean we’re made to be vegetarian in nature. If you look at what
happens when we consume meat it drains energy from the body massive amounts,
okay. It puts zero energy back into the body.
What happens when we eat raw fruits and vegetables and stuff from the trees that
are grown naturally they look like a seed put massive
amounts of energy into the body. Raw seeds nuts all that stuff. All that
actually contributes to energy the good energy that we need so when we fill our
tank with get with you know what our body needs to run it needs to be with
raw, you know good healthy organic high energy super foods and foods that our
engine needs to run on. Thank you, so much to everybody out there for supporting
Global Healing Center, thank you. Pat yourself on the back for doing this
challenge and until next time I will see you later

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  1. M Arnold

    Thank you… For EVERYTHING you have & are doing for the "masses". A true, inspirational light-worker well on your way to completing your mission. Love & Respect brother…

  2. Cloyette Grant

    I'm doing the liver cleanse right now. I'm on the last day. I didn't know I could have done the I. fasting with it but will do the intermittent fasting from tomorrow.

  3. Joy H

    If I apply 4 drops of iodine to my skin which I think is equal to 24 mg's of iodine, or if I drink 4 drops of iodine in my water; which method delivers the most iodine to my system?  It has been my understanding that if you pass anything through your stomach you are destroying a lot of the intended dose.



    I have Painful knees (I believe its arthritus) .Will fasting regularly help my reducing pain levels being so high?
    Thank you

  5. Patryna's Writings

    How do we know if essential oils really nature organic which brands or what should it say on bottle. What do you think about coconut oil put it on our food or eating or cooking with it?

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    I'm glad I found this video, I'll have to find the others so I can see how you are having people do this fast. I've been watching Dr. Berg, he's great, but most of the people he works with, in regards to the keto diet, are trying to lose weight, and I don't need to lose weight. My body is seriously ill, I think it's cancer, and I want to try the fasting, but I don't wan to hurt myself in the process. can you point me in the direction of your beginning videos for this kept fasting? Thanks so much.

  7. Catherine McMartin

    Agreed, we were never suppose to eat meat, never were. But, the powers that be exploited the animals and lied to us to make money, and keep us sick. Thanks for sharing this.

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    For the most part I like your content, but I’m not fully convinced that we were not meant to eat meat. Also, did you say that fruit contains oxygen in this video?

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