Hi folks you may be wondering why i called this video as Intermittent fasting holy grail After all, there´s a lot of material on web dealing with the same subject But, before i answer you this question if you allow me, let me talk a little about myself I always went a fat ass child who tried practically ALL THE TRADIONAL DIETS Do i got great results with that? Off course i did but never got close to my goal i always dreamed to achieve 7-8% of body fat and it was only in mid of 2010 when i discovered and put in practice intermitente fasting for the first time I NEEDED TO SAY GOODBYE TO 4 BIG THINGS IN MY LIFE: ONE goodbye tuppewares eating twice or thrice a day has never been so easy TWO Goodbye hunger i wouldn´t imagine that fasting could be so powerfull inhibiting the cravings. THREE Godbye to fat rebound the diet it´s so flexible that i could maintin the results with no headache and FOUR Goodbye stubborn fat for the first time in my life i could drop below 7-8% Body fat in other words, exceeded expectations. As you can see i follow IF as long as 5 years and helped to popularize the method here in Brazil thereby i belive i have some authority to pass on some knowledge. But now answering the first question on this vídeo why i called it IF holy grail? That´s because i created a trully IF guide compacting all the relevant info on the web i also want to thanks Martin Berkhan and Dr. Bojan Kostevski for provinding the most complet of scientific data out there. In this vídeo you’ll gonna see the features and curiosities about IF as well the benefits either for aesthetics or health and finally debunk all myths around the world of nutrition. Are you ready to see where eyes cannot reach? Take a seat and let the revolution begin. Saying that Intermittent Fasting do not work for those who wants to get really big professionals bodybuilders it´s such a lie I have absolutely sure that 99,99% of you that are seeing this video don´t have the density, quality and shape volume of these athletes. Like the deceased bodybuilder Serge Nubret famous in the mid-70´s by eating one big meal a day. Like Michael Lockeett, Fred Sanya the famous boxer Herschel Walker or the MMA fighter Ronda Rousey now shooting movies in hollywood. The actor Hugh Jackman follow the IF protocol to achieve an extreme ripped body. Very interesting to say that the 4 times Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler praised the IF writing a note in your facebook. What all these personalities have in commun? Each one of them have an extremely busy life and needed to find something that make diet easier, founding an easier way trough IF protocol. IF has been popularized around the world by 4 big strends, maybe the most popular of them was Martin Berkham who created the Leangains protocol where you under-eat for 16 hours and over-eat in a 8 hours window. Ori Hofmekler created the Warrior Diet protocol where you under-eat for 20 hours and over eat in a 4 hour window. Brad Pillon created the Eat-stop-eat method where you do fast 24 hs a day once or twice a week. That´s maybe a more flexible way to follow intermittent fasting. An the most used in scientific studies the alterneted day fasting where you do fast for 24 hours every other day, proves to the world that IF is salutogenic that means that even without calorie restriction or in a Junk food eating style, there were great health improvements. IF is divided in a 2 big phases the under-eating phase where you do need to fast 16 up to 20 hours a day and the over-eating phase where you do need to eat in a 4 up to 8 hour window. That means, if your last meal in the previously night was at midnight, your first meal next day should be at 4 pm or in the limit of 8 pm. But, if you´re following the method for the first time, you should try an adaption phase, starting with a smaller fasting hours, and, bit by bit, increasing it to tradtional method. In the fasting state, you can use coffee, water and tea abundantly, off course without sugar you can use sweeteners, rather Stevia wich is one of the few if not the only that do not mess your metabolism, Soda an guns are allowed sparingly cause the chemicals found in them is just to much they´re endocrine disruptors. Little snacks trough the day are allowed, but certainly it will not be needed due to the great hunger inhibition that fasting offers you. Now i´m finally going to introduce you the lean gains protocol, wich will allow you a body recomposition, that means burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously. It´s an extreme easy and flexible protocol that fit whatever your workout hour. First, you´ll need to workout three times a week, each other day, choosing by preference if it will be monday, wednesday, friday or tuesday, thursday and saturday. Always interleaving with the rest days. If you workout firts thing in the morning, go on empty stomach, just with 15 gr of BCAA 15 minutes prior to training, when workout it´s over go home and eat your first meal, if it´s still not the time to break the fast, take again 15 gr of BCAA right after training, repeating the dosage every 3 hours until the breaking time. Your first meal should be the most caloric of the day, prioritizing carbs and limiting fat, the other meals should be light in calories, prioritizing fat and limiting carbs. If you workout in the afternoon or night, the protocol should remains the same, your bigger and high carb, low fat meal should be always right after your workout, BCAA should only be used if was passed over 2 hours between pre workout meal ant training, in order to cause an hyperaminoacidemia state. Don´t be fool of yourself, eating a hig caloric and high carb meal priot to sleep will not make you a fat ass. In the denbunked the myths section, you´ll see a lot of scientific data proving the benefits of this eating style, either for aesthetics or health. Do you imagine why you do need to eat your bigger meal right after training? well that´s a technique created by the physician John Kiefer, that consists in the nutrient partitioning, whatever you eat will be used more readly for their actual functions, avoiding or inhibiting completely the fat gain, in the near future all the drugs and supplements will be focused in this action mechanism, either for aesthetics or health. Intermittent Fasting provides you a fertile ground for fat incineration, dropping your insulin, increasing your glucagon and catecholamines, wich will activate your hormone sensitive lipase mobilizing your stored fat, leading them to mitochondria, where it´ll be burned off. There´s also a blood flow increasing in the abdominal areas, making easier to catecholamines to get in these stubborn places. You may say, low carbs diet also burns fat thereby i do not need to follow IF. Well, don´t forget that the present triglycerides in low carb diets, inhibit hormone sensitive lipase similarly to insulin on high carb diets. After 16 hours of fasting, whe´re burning almost exclusively fat, this can be proved measuring the respiratory quotient, there´s also a 5 fold increase in the uncoupling protein 3 expression, that controls the hydrogens ions in your mitochondrial crest, improving energy utilization and inhibiting the lactic acid and cramps. You can treat leptin as an metabolic thermostat, when you go on a diet your body doens´t know if you want to look good to the summer, or if you´re entering in a period of food shortage. Leptin just signal to lower your hormones that controls your metabolism, sexual and anabolic hormones also decreases, that explain why it´s só hard to get ripped in a diet, or, why you got a libido loss, in these situations it´s much more important to get alive instead procreate. In an incredible way, Leptin don´t fall in mens following IF, in womans there´s also a 40% increase. That´s an unique fact that only IF can offers you. Another amazing thing, is that IF can block the Alpha 2 adrenergic receptors, that if you don´t know it´s one of the major contributors for stuuborn fat storage. IF it´s amazing for muscle gain, even on a cutting diet. Increases your adiponectin wich will increase your insulin sensitivity and the glucose transporter glut-4, that means that the carbohydrates you ate, will stock as glycogen on your muscle and liver in a much easier way, leading to a greater muscular volume and vasodilatation. There´s a 6x increase in your growth hormone secretion, yes the same hormone that athletes and personalities are paying real fortunes to obtain, now you can get for free an excellent sparing muscle and fat burining toll. Some say that IGF-1 wich is nothing more than GH metabolized in the liver, falls. Well, not all scientific evidences point to that, there´s studies made in humans (ramadam fasting) proving there´s no decrease in IGF-1 levels after 16 hours fasting, another animals studies also show an increase. IF improves the correlation between testosterone and estradiol hormone, seting right this hormonal imbalance wich is seen in a lot of average joes, yes, today men are getting feminized. IF causes a 60% greater muscle retention relative to an ordinary diet,. even though the methods used in this study cannot be 100% accurate, it´s a great news anyway. People who follow IF can confirm in pratice, that there´s really a greater muscle sparing effect. In the post-workout meal period, IF show an amazing increase in the enzyme, wich denotes protein synthesis, relative to traditional diet. The glucose transporter, also fat burning enzymes were again much higher in the IF group. The glyocogen storage after a cardiovascular session, were ridiculously higher than breakfast group, would seem a lie if it were not true. Another enzymes responsible for the energy cycle, showed discrepancies between genders. While there was an advantage in men in the IF group, this advantage was seen in the female breakfast group. Despite this study show that woman do better eating a breakfast previously a cardio session, i would say we cannot take this as absolutely true there´s a lot of examples of women around the world, doing just great with IF. And what about the cardiopulmonary capacity? Well, it depends on th intesity of VO2 máx above 65% breakfast group do better below this value IF goes ahead, that means if you´re a hight intensity athlete you´ll do better with a meal prior to exercise. IF is amazing for hunger inhibition it modulates ghrelin wich controls your appetite trough your feeding patterns that means, if you eat always at 10 am, you´ll always fell hungry this time but if you embrace an IF protocol ans start to eat in the afternoon or night your hunger first signals will appear always in the afternoon/ night period in other words, ghrelin are now adapted to your newest feeding pattern. there will also be a big increase in the catecholamines release, strongly inhibiting you appetite similarly to drugs like sibutramine, amfepramone, etc.. but in a phisiologically manner, completely safe to your organism beside that, will be the PYY neuropeptide secretion that inhibit your appetite and the NPY neuropeptide inhibition that stimulates hunger Average Joes, do not fell fully satisfied with a regular meal size they have a higher dopamine threshold it means that only after a giant sized food serving their dopamine can release in an enough quantity reaching their “mesolimbic dopamine pathway” system given the gratifictaion and reward fellings.
thereby IF can be a life saver for this kind of people IF is awesome for cardioprotection, inhibiting atheromatous plaques in your blood vessels furthemore increasing angiogenesis trough basic fibroblast growth factor. leading to an myocardium resvacularization imagine being stuck in the traffic, and need to find alternative routes to your destiny that´s what happen in revascularization a collateral circulation is reached to your myocardium allowing a constant blood flow Beside an improvement in arterial hypertension and diabetic nephropaty IF can lower your homocysteine levels today not only an important cardiovascular risk factor but higher homocysteine levels, knowm as hyperhomocysteinemia can let you predisposed to several diseases you become a true time-bomb, wich can explode at any time NEUROPROTECTION Intermittent fasting is an excellent neuroprotector beside protects you from Alzheimer, Parkinson, senescence and eplepsy inactivate factors wich could kill your neuron, activated factors wich protects your neuron your mood is substantially increased due to the happy neurotransmitters endorphins and serotonin increase Fasting makes you smarter further increaes your hippocampus neurons also increases their conections throught brain derived neutrophic factor wich is highly secreted during fasting today is known that intelligence is not measured by neurons numbers what really matters is their connections Beside protects your myelin sheath and spinal cord against damage there´ll be a glutamate blockade in the nmda receptor, wich could cause excitotoxicity today one of the majors contributors for depression, anxiety ans stress Protection to your digestive system the gut is one of the most important human organ after all we are not what we eat, but wat we can digest, absorob and assimilate The gut possesses more than 100 trillion neurons, and 30 neurotramsmitters 95% of your happy neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in the gut Your microbiota is responsible for more than 70% of your immune system and with neurons causes some actions like food digestion, absorption, peristalsis and fermentation in addition to a metabolism of xenobiotics and bile acids, also synthesizes vitamins B and K for every darkness there is light
for every work thre is a rest for all the ying there´s a Yang eating every 3 hours, you end up overloading your digestive system losing a precious rest and metabolic optmization oportunity that IF can offers you inhibiting fatigue, weight gain, immunity fall and constipation Antidiabetic i never seem im my all life, nothing better than intermittent fasting against diabetes besides causing an amazing improvement in insulin sensitivity trough the adiponectin increase there´s also a cholesterol transporter HDL increase there´s a meaningful fasting glucose decrease, and improvement of all related diabetes damage personally, i´ve seen the diabetes cure for those who followed if protocol quite the opossite to what is propagated in the mainstream midia Anti-cancer IF has amazing anti carcinogenic proprieties beside offering protection against epidermal, lymphomas and renal cancer and talking about kidneys IF preserves glomerular filtration and renal plasma flow protects you also from liver and prostatic cancer and talking about prostates IF causes a testicular mass preservation morever what everyone should know is that even not following IF a smaller meal frequency promotes a greater cancer protection everyone should follow a low carb based diet, low in the aminoacid glutamine An interesting pharmacological resource is Low dose Naltrexone, but, this is a topic for an upcoming video Metabolic syndrome IF offers you protection against all parameters relative to metabolic syndrome especially in inflammatory profile, oxidative stress and weight gain it is worth to say that all diseases virtually have an inflammatory profile In women there´s a decrease in LDL transporter and tryglicerides , without interfering on HDL transporter in men there´s an increase in HDL transporter, a decrease in LDL without interfering on Tryglicerides ANALGESIA Stop felling unnecessary pain, IF modulates your nociceptive neuron and togheter with the beta-endorphins release there´s some great pain inhibition, it´s like having headache remedy evereday for free ANTI-AGING IF slows the aging clock, in animal models there´s a 27% increase in life expectancy as well resveratrol substance found in grapes, IF increase the protein expression of Sirtuin-1 known in mainstream midia as the elixir of youth, and what this substance do? it causes a mitochondrial biogenisis do you know anyone who´s always tired, felling sleepy during the day, that let the workout for the next day? well, i would not say that this person is lazy i would say that this person has a mitochondrial deficiency, probably due to the bad energy use this is called functional hypoxia there´s a theory called mitochondrial theory of aging wich relates the good energy use with the slowing aging process in addition offering you a dense protection wall against oxidative stress by increasing antioxidant enzyme expression and beyond the inflammation inhibition, IF increases the HSP-70 schock protein that preserves the protein dimensional shapes in your body, aiding their metabolic functions in the 2nd century Before Christ, was common the death by poisoning Mithridates the king, in order to avoid the worst began to take low poison dosages, for somehow become immune and that´s exactaly what happen, when his kingdom was invaded no one could kill him poisoned Perhaps from there, has arisen the phrase (What not kill me, makes me stronger) In organism this principle is called hormesis, wich causes a molecular adaptation everyday day when you do fast you´re exposed to low physiological cortisol doses causing the eustress, eustress is the good guy that increases your mood cognition, memory and performance Distress in turn is the bad guy, that leaves you dumbed down, depressive and etc.. but, this kind of stress just appear when you´re exposed to chronic and excessive cortisol levels something related to emotional problems and a lot other variants The molecular adaptation causes an antioxidant enzyme fortification, protecting against reactive oxygen species and neurotrophic fortification protecting you against glutamate excitotoxicity AUTOPHAGY autophagy is like a basement cleanliness, throwing out all the garbage replacing it for brand new material, it´s the best detox system ever tell me the truth, sometime in your life you´ve spent money with detox shakes or another product that in 99%of cases were false advertising now you have in hands and for free the best detox system ever created in the face of the world Autophagy is when you do stimulates lysosomes organelles to break unwanted intracellular products like virus and bacterias increasing your immunity if you get an alcohol blast today, and next day do IF, you´ll get rid form ethanol much more easily as well undigested food particles, a real cleanliness in your cytoplasm and endoplasmic reticulum Beside the neurotoxin removal, responsible for Parkinon and Alzheimer disease and the old mitochondrial shift for new ones, improving significantly your body energetic function Autophagy alsos protects you form death and cellular necrosis for you who are going bald, excellent news, it´ll be a nice alopecia protection. As you get older, there´s a decrease in autophagy process fasting and uses substances that also aids in the process will leverage the action whe can call this sinergy Green tea, Coffee, metformin, Resveratrol and Vitamin D3 aids in the process as well as lithium, but id like to highlight that lithium is just safe in orothate form uncovered in germany it´s a nontoxic form, unklike the carbonate that damages your health in very different ways Intermittent fasting causes catabolism? Maintining stable glycemia is priority in our body, liver works incessantly releasing sugar to the blood in order to occur such maintenance only after a complete emptying of hepatic glycogen your body starts to use aminoacids from your muscle tissue and, in a process called de novo gluconeogeneis turn them into sugar, bringing back the glycemic stability Such pathway is known as Catabolism, wich yo do loses muscle mass. The scientific papers are clear, showing that even after 16 hours of fasting you´ll have 50% of hepatic glycogen and 50% of plasma aminoacids contributing for glycemic maintenance face this aminoacids as the cheap ones, they´re not comming from your muscle tissue, instead they´re comming from your still being digested food protein After 24 hours of fasting, there´s a 57% of hepatic glycogen fall, even so, zero catabolism Only after 40 hours of fasting, should occur a completly hepatic glycogen emptying and, in theory the high rate of gluconeogenesis would lead us in a profiound catabolic state, but, impressively some studies shows that the catabolism gene is even activated after this time. Further the growth hormone increase secretion, that inhibits catabolism, there´s also a ketone body production that spares hepatic glycogen, serving as a secundary energetic substrate. Thereby, i´m proving that in a non retarded diet, there´ll be no catabolsim at all, even after 16 up to 24 hours of fasting. IF lowers metabolism? Off course not, the majority of studies shows an metabolic increase, 3.6 up tp 10% in a 36-48 hour of fasting, another studies show up neutral in a 72-96 hours fasting period, just a few shows a metabolic decrease in a 60 hours period. Frankly speaking, in a 16 up tp 20 hours fasting protocol, i assure you a metabolic increase, it can be felt, in those who follow IF. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? First of all, i wanted you to know that breakfast is an artificial habit, created by kellog´s industry, yeah, that one from tony tiger cereals. If you type in goole, “breakfast makes me hungry”, you´ll find more than 28.600.000 references. When you´re sleeping, and suddenly wake up there´s a huge body homeostasis break, letting your cortisol in alarming levels up to 20-30 nmol/l, unlike the afternoom and night period wich you´ll find 2 up to 5 nmol/l, this phenomenon is called CART “cortisol awakening response”, and it´s responsible for an insulin potentiation. When you eat your breakfast, there´ll be a huge insulin spike, similarly to diabetic pepole, called postprandial hyperinsulinemia, and in a period of 30 min up to 2 hours after that meal, you´ll fell and extreme hypoglycemic hunger, this not happen on IF protocol, where we do break the fast in the middle afternoom. Despite this statement cannot be generalized is what more founded out there. Late night carbs are fattening? There´s some myths, that are such absurd that is worthless to be discuted. Imagine, you´re in South America, and, suddenly you are teleported to China, according to Greenwish Meridian, are 12 hours apart. So, if you get your carbs 6 am on South America, you’ll get no fat, but, if eat the same carb at 18:00 o´clock on China, oh my god, now this carbs get really fattening. That makes sense to you? There´s hundreds scientific papers showing the various health and aesthetics benefits form this eating pattern, check this video description to found nice 7 ones. Intermittent fasting causes hypoglicemia? If we want to know if a fact is true or lie, we must look by it´s evolutionay side. Do you ever imagine, a Homo-Spaiens needing to carry tuppawres for to an every 3 hours eating, to avoid a hypoglicemic state? It just doens´t make sense. Only after 72 hours of fasting, would occur a glycemic drop causing a cognitive defict, however this would be temporary, until body can adapt to ketone bodies. Studies shows, that even after 22 full day off fasting, cognition is even affected. More over, the world is upside-down, a lower meal frequency showed a better glycemic control relative to a higher frequency pattern. Completly the opposite form what is shown by mainstream midia. The body can only absorbs 20-40 gr of protein at a time. By the way, do you know where comes from the myth that wes should eat every 3 hours? It was in a study made with whey protein, in wich have an aminoacid absorption rate of 10 gr per hour, in this study were given 30 grams of whey for each participant, and after 3 hours, no aminoacids were found in the subject, EUREKA, we should eat every 3 hours to maintain a constatly aminoacids flow in the plasma. What happens, is that theses scientists forgotten to say that every food has a different aminoacids absorption rate, an usual pizza slice can provide you aminoacid flowing up to 5 hours, if this same study were done with whole eggs, the results would be 7 times longer. The majority of animal protein digest in a 3 up to 6 gr per hour rate, exceptionally sirloin steak, wich digest in a 10 gr per hour rate. When you do eat a mixed meal, there´s a macronutrient interactions, carbs, proteins, dietary fat and fibers, slowing the nutrients digestion rate, if you eat a meal posteriorly another, there´ll be an even longer delay. And what about body protein utilization? It will depend wholly and directly from your lean body mass, the larger you are, get´s harder to grow and the protein needs will be reduced. It´ll be nonsensical need more protein to grow less. And relative to protein synthesis and muscular anabolism, would be a difference between eating in a high or low frequency pattern? Well, in elderly individuals the lower the frequency, the higher the protein synthesis, and showing no differences in young individuals. In other words, put it clear in your mind, a bigger meal just will take a longer time to be digested and absorbed, not changing your final results at all. Eating every 3 hours to stroke the metabolic fire? Everytime you do eat a food, your body spend energy and produces thermogenesis in order to digest and absorb the nutrients, this phenomenon is called TEF, thermogenic effect of food. A larger meal TEF it´ll be identical to a six smaller meals, if both are the same in terms of calories and macrocomposition. . That means NO, eating every 3 hours do not stroke your metabolic fire. Intermittent fasting do not work for women? This myth was spreaded trough the blogger Stefani Ruper, after mistakenly analyze some scientific papers and began to popularize the myth in her blog. This same myth was debunked by Anders Nedergaard a PHD, that reassessing the studies proves that they were not being properly interpreted, for those who wish follow the discussion and ideologies between them, can access their blogs and keep up with, it´s very interesting If Intermitteng fastig did not work for women, how to explain Dr. Sara Solomon results? Or Ronda Rousey shape, or even my girlfriend results Alessandra do Amaral, who follows the protocol almost 2 years. By the way, if you want to contact her for some tips, fell free to add on her facebook page, check link below.

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  1. Leonardo Estevam

    preciso fazer um treino aeróbico para condicionamento cardiovascular, porém não quero parar com a musculação, como conciliar essas três coisas?
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  2. Miguel Cervantes de Oliveira

    É realmente necessário fazer um bulk? Ou podemos fazer o IF, e tentar não exagerar as calorias a mais assim mantendo o BF e aumentando a massa magra aos poucos?

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    Absolutely great video. Intermittent fasting is one of the greatest things to ever happen to fitness and bodybuilding, if not the greatest. "What not kill me, makes me stronger"

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    Can i ask you a personal question? Did you use any form of steroids during your weight cut. I ask this because it would help you keep your muscles during your cut.

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    all, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method
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