Intermittent Fasting: Gaining Weight

what should you do if you start to gain weight when you’re intermittent fasting this is an important topic because nothing is more frustrating when you’re trying to lose weight than if you start to feel like you are gaining weight instead so in today’s video I’m gonna talk about how I look at weight gain how I define it and what I do about it the first thing to do is to not panic okay in 2015 that was my problem I panicked all the time about my weight I was in a huge rush to make the weight go away and I ended up panicking all the time and changing my plan and just in short not being consistent but in 2016 I got very clear on my plan I said you know I’m gonna do intermittent fasting six days a week I’m gonna do a cheat day on Sunday and I’m gonna walk six miles everyday once I got very very clear on my plan I also said I’m gonna take the very very long view I’m not gonna start you know panicking every time there’s a gain or perceived gain and I said I’m gonna just take it six weeks at a time and really even two months at a time that’s how long I started to look at and really even years out into the future that’s what I was more concerned about like am i doing the things that ten years from now I’m gonna be at a healthy weight and if the answer was yes I was gonna be okay with that but I know that’s a lot easier said than done you know when I look back over my weight loss journey I can show you you know that the weight doesn’t go this way you know it goes like this and notice there is that that little up part and that’s the part where you can start to panic and think oh my gosh I’m not doing the right things and then you just change everything and you end up doing nothing at all like I did in 2015 but what I found is more helpful is to start taking the long view realize you know they’re gonna be those up fluctuations just like there’s the downward trend and you just have to learn how to deal with that and I think it’s an excellent idea to analyze you know if you start to notice again do something about it here’s how I analyze whether I’m actually gaining or not and there are times I’ll tell you even now where I’ll have some you know weeks there where it’s like come on is the number it’s going up why is it going up it should be going down because I’m doing the right things but I always go through the same process and it keeps me on track the first thing I do is I ask myself am I being consistent and am i following my plan actually every day as part of my checklist that I go through and one of the tasks is to just simply ask myself did you stick to your plan yesterday this is crucial okay I have noticed for myself the only times that my numbers have really ever gotten really kind of out of line it’s when I haven’t been consistent I’ve had too many off days I have too many off plan days so I simply ask myself did you stick to the plan and I’m brutally honest with myself about whether I stuck to the plan or not now I’m brutally honest but I’m not brutal with myself so you know I’m very strict it’s like did I have a single bite of food during my fasting window and the answer is no I did not stick to my plan the day before but I don’t beat myself up about it okay that has been so huge I don’t beat myself up it’s just about you know understanding okay well I didn’t stick to the plan okay no big deal I just know that if the numbers are gonna cooperate that’s one reason why so if I’m being very very consistent and and and I can realize that yeah you know I’ve been super super consistent then I look at the numbers and I take again the long view and I’ve looked at the numbers you know for the past few years and during those times where I’ve tried where I was trying to actually lose and I was being very consistent when I look at you know two months out so I take that 7-day average and then I look two months out generally speaking I can always see that after two months of time that number has gone down but there have been times where even when you compare two months there have been you know just slight fluctuations up but overall if you look at the long term look at that column and see how the number it goes down and down down eventually but it’s all about just being stubborn letting the scale catch up to the effort and staying consistent with the plan now during all my time of doing this I’ve never had to actually change my plan didn’t want to change my plan I didn’t want to have to change no the things I was eating because my plan is to eat whatever I want at my one meal and I like that and if I find it very very easy to stick to so I have never changed the plan and I’ve just kind of waited it out and that’s what’s worked for me now let’s say though that maybe you’re kind of new at this and you don’t really have any results to go on and for six weeks you’ve been really consistent with this plan and the numbers are just going up here’s what I would say first of all assess your plan and make sure you really do have a clear plan so that you really do know that you are doing a plan and then the second thing to do is to maybe look at pushing your fasting window to be a little bit longer anything shorter than like a 16-hour fast sometimes people either don’t have any results or maybe have even some slight gains and you know it’s not something I’ve ever had to do but if you don’t want to make your fasting window any longer than what it currently is you might have to look at tweaking your your eating like what are you eating how much are you eating and then go from there so that’s what’s worked for me basically takes a very long view don’t panic stay relaxed don’t beat yourself up and get right back on track if the problem is you’re not being consistent maybe even look at making your plan a little easier so that you can be consistent I’m curious to know like how do you look at games do you have a trick to kind of get yourself back encouraged okay thank you for watching be sure to LIKE comment subscribe 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Reader Comments

  1. design_girl33

    For women…don't forget your weight can fluctuate up to 10 lbs. on or around your cycle!! It's that little fact that has helped me through my journey. =) Kayla, I am now trying OMAD, for awhile I have been doing 12-6 eating cycle. I am excited to see my results and eating what I want for dinner. =)

  2. 5D or Bust

    I plateaued. The way I thwarted this and still eat all the wonderful things I love to eat, I now fast 48 hours once a week. Just came off a 48 hour fast today and ate an awesome supper. This 48 hour fast is enough to drop at least one pound a week. On the last stretch to loose the last 20 odd pounds. Going 48 hours without food is eazy peazy. IF you can go 24….you can go 48.

  3. anonbutanon

    Even if results are slow, it's still a healthy way to eat, so it's worth it to me to wait any glitches out. The other day I saw a sign that made me scramble for a pen and I wrote it down. Here's the wisdom from the car wash: If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up.

  4. Darren Cole

    I have seen my weight go up by as much as 8 lbs overnight. Its crazy how much it can fluctuate daily so I fully agree you have to look at longer term. Another thing that helped me break through a 6 week stall was to do a couple of 48 hour fasts. That really busted the wall and got me going again.

  5. Dipika Sutaria

    Hi mem how you know that I want motivation right now??? I did 30 days omad and lose 4kgs but after almost about 25 days I don't lose any…. it always fluctuating 1 to 3 pounds up and very disappointed .so from last 3 days I quit my omad and gain 3pounds back..I want to lose only 6 kgs so how can I get back to my intermittent fasting ?? I feel very depressing need your help

  6. Margo Lucas

    You are always so encouraging! I had a great victory moment yesterday. About to have my yearly physical. Found a copy of last year’s physical. Weight was 168. Today I weighed 143. I have been beating myself up b/c I can’t seem to break into the 130s (goal is 138), but finding that paper was so encouraging! Kayla, how much money did you raise for the well? I received the sweetest thank you note from Kinship United thanking me for my donation.

  7. c los

    You motivated me to start fasting again I was wondering if you were always on a calorie deficit eating once a day or you don't look at those numbers when it comes to your one meal or do you try to maintain a macro base in that one meal

  8. Amy S.

    I enjoy your successes and watching you. I don't do OMAD but I do intermittant fasting and keto like eating with great success too. But I watch you because your advice/success helps me to maintain. Thank you! What I wonder is how do your kids feel about your eating style. I wonder if they will have memories of mom eating this way and if it will at all influence them either positive or negative down the road. I am 51 and remember my mom's eating style when I was a child. I am curious how this plays out with your kids. And again, I love your positive message and encouragement. You help so many!

  9. Penney Elliott

    Can someone tell me how quickly you can see results. I have just started so I expect no results right now. But I'm committed to a four month trial period to see if it works for me

  10. Lo Joes

    I gained 10lbs. When I checked today I'm down 5lbs. So, just stick with what you were doing and don't give up because the scale went up a few. You keep going when it's going down right? So, why stop when it goes up? That's when you should push harder.

  11. Sarah Atrushi

    during your eating window are you counting calories? are you eating until youre full? is it one meal at a table or is it a window of time where you can eat a bag of chips on the couch? i am interested in what your OMAD eating window looks like. I have been watching your videos for a couple months and started the 16:8 plus 6 miles a day walking and I have had great success! I am curious about OMAD and wonder what exactly your eating window looks like.

  12. Sami Samo

    Hi dear
    Because i just start i told u
    Today is my second day
    I have a question
    M little confused
    You said u eat what u want and as much u want in your diet and 6 days
    Then u said your cheat day on Sunday
    So basically what is the deffrence between cheat days or 6 days meals?

  13. The Insufferable Tool

    You are like the female version of smarter every day. Your delivery really reminds me of Destin’s. very cool. Great vid. Sub’ed

  14. Trang do ngan

    I have been doing OMAD and to day I tried fasting for 36 hours straight with just tea and water. And I actually feel kinda bloated, and I gained more than 1lb at the end. Can anyone tell me what's happening to my body? I didn't eat anything and I gained weight 🙁

  15. Michael Russell

    Good vid.

    I'm only on day four having a 2 hour eating window. I'm glad you said look at it long term. I was going by the day.

    I started at 198
    2nd day was 194
    3rd day was 196
    today I'm 198?!

    I'll continue and fingers crossed it drops.

  16. LoveCruising!

    Thanks I needed to hear this. I have been disapointed lately, I seem to be gaining alot more lately, even after incorporating more 24 hr fasts.

  17. arxdeath

    Thanks. I gained weight and it drove me crazy. I was having a better diet before the intermittent fasting: soups, vegetables, etc. But after I started fasting, I felt like I could eat things I wasn't eating as long as they were not in the fasting period. Now I am going to be very strict.

  18. Clover Yordanova

    Needed this one today. I will take the longview and stick to the plan. And let's be honest, last night I went a little off plan.

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