Intermittent Fasting for Women | Dy Ann Parham | Fasting Summit

– I was doing everything healthy. I was working out, I was coaching women
on health and fitness, and then I ended up being pre-diabetic, insulin-resistant, my
thyroid was crashing. I became you know, I guess
a little depressed about it, because I’m like how
much more can I work out, how much more can I diet, how much more can I eliminate, and feel good again. And my body was putting on weight, and it had all this sudden cellulite I couldn’t get rid of. And I started practising
intermittent fasting, and I was like most people, I was following a bunch of
people on the internet going. Like one person said I could do this, and the next person
says I can’t, I do this, and then I do this, and
then I should do this, and I just stripped it away
and went down to the basics. And that’s really when
I started seeing some completely reversals
of my health situation. No longer pre-diabetic, no longer insulin-resistant, started losing more weight, belly fat was going away, all those hormonal conditions were gone, and I was able to actually
heal my body through fasting. (soothing guitar outro music)

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