Intermittent Fasting For Women (DOES IT WORK + RESULTS)

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back
to my YouTube channel. So today, on Sunday, we
are gonna be talking about intermittent fasting. I’m gonna be discussing why I
do it and the benefits for it. So if you guys are interested or looking to get into
intermittent fasting and need some more info,
do continue to watch ’cause we will be
jumping straight into it. (upbeat music) So, intermittent fasting, what is it? So intermittent fasting is
basically a structured time frame when you actually eat food. So there’s a couple of
different ways that you can do intermittent fasting. You can do a 24 hour fast. You can do a 16 to 8. You can do a 14 to 10 ratio. The one that I follow most
days is the 16-8 ratio, where I will do 16 hours of fasting with a 8 hour window of eating. So times can vary, depends on when I normally
start my meal in the evening, but for example, I might finish
eating at say like 8 p.m. and then I’ll start eating
again at 12 p.m. the next day. And it will be 12 to eight and it will continue in a cycle like this. So I think there are tons of benefits that we’ll get into with
intermittent fasting in a moment. So basically that is intermittent
fasting in a nutshell for you all. Now the reason that I got
into intermittent fasting was about a year and
half to two years ago, and Aaron actually got me into it. Everyone must be thinking,
God Aaron’s full of wisdom, but I was never a breakfast lover at all. I used to hate getting up and forcing myself to eat breakfast. And I was one of those
people where I believed breakfast was the most
important meal of the day, so I’d never leave the house
without having breakfast. But it used to always make me feel sick and I used to hate doing it, and along with that, what
I’d actually end up doing is I’d end up eating more in the day. So when Aaron told me a little bit about intermittent fasting that he
had discovered it from a lady called, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, I did a lot more research
into it and found that it was something that I really
wanted to get in to and just eat the amount
of calories that I need in a specific time window,
which is eight hours for me. So with breakfast, a lot
of you might be thinking oh my God, how do you not eat breakfast? Look, everyone is different and everyone has to
respect everyone’s opinions and what they want to do with their body. I personally don’t like eating breakfast because, like I said, I
used to always feel sick and I’ve never been a person
that wants to get up and eat straight away. I can’t do that. I don’t eat breakfast because to me, it just doesn’t really
matter when my metabolism is burning energy in my body. Whether I have it at say
8 o’clock in the morning versus 1 o’clock in the afternoon. To me it doesn’t matter as long as I’m eating
the same amount of macros and calories that I would
throughout spreading my meals from eight in the morning
til eight at night. Against me having it at 12
or one til eight or 9 p.m. at night. My body is gonna be burning
the same amount of metabolism and calories in my body as it would if I was
to eat in the morning. So to me that doesn’t really matter and that’s one of the reasons
why I don’t think breakfast is the most important
meal of the day at all. So moving back
(pop) onto intermittent fasting, I wanna talk about the benefits. Now there are a ton of benefits
that you can research online but a few that I want to point out, which is the reason why
I’m on intermittent fasting are things like, it improves
your cognitive behavior. It helps with your sleeping. It helps your cells rejuvenate and repair and it also helps slow
down the aging process, which is great ’cause I’m now 25 and that’s beginning to slow down. It also helps with
inflammation in the body as well as helping burn fat. Which is one of the reasons why I did it, so you hope to lose weight. Another great reason to do fasting, is it actually gives the body
some time to digest your food. So instead of eating
every two, three hours your body is constantly working
hard to digest that food. Now everyone, of course, will have a fasting state
when they go to sleep, but I personally think it’s
great to give your body that 14 to 16 hour window of fasting so it allows your body to
actually digest the food and get the nutrients
that your body needs. Ah, that’s great, I’m filming and my mom decides
to put the TV on upstairs. Lovely. So another… Okay, so one of the problems
that I want to discuss with intermittent fasting
that a lot of women are concerned about is the hormone imbalance.
(pop) So a lot of women think that
if they do intermittent fasting they’re gonna have some hormone imbalances whereas they might not have a period, the fertility rate might be lower, and they might have
sleep issues and concerns because of the hormone imbalance. So the reason why this
can happen in some women, and you might get hormone imbalance is because your body is
entering a starvation mode after a certain amount of time. Which is good because we’re
gonna be burning the fat in our backup storage. But the problem for woman is that we are very sensitive to this because our bodies, obviously,
are here to carry babies and when we enter the starvation mode, our body tries to protect itself and basically says we can’t reproduce because we can’t keep a
baby growing in our bodies if we don’t have the right nutrients and food in there for it. So I think that the
reason that this happens to certain woman is because
that you’re actually pushing yourself too hard. What I mean by this is that, you might be doing intermittent fasting for a period that is way too long for you. You might be on a calorie deficit when you’re not actually
getting the right nutrients and calories that your body needs. And on top of that, you might
be pushing yourself too hard with exercise, in the sense
that you might be going too hard on the cardio. So a combination of all of those things are actually going to
put stress on the body. If this does happen to you, number one, I recommend
going to the doctor and just finding out if
it is intermittent fasting or if there is anything else going on. So definitely go see a doctor. One of the signs that you can
look our for is, you know, sleeping problems, missed
periods, and darker hair, hair falling out. Anything that happens, you have to go to a doctor straight away and ask them if they think
that your intermittent fasting is right. But secondly, one of
the things I would do is change the intermittent fasting
times that you’re doing. Have an experiment and
see what works for you because every single person is different and not everything works for everyone. So I started off, when I was
doing intermittent fasting, I think with a fasting window
of 12 hours I would eat. Then I’d break to down to 10, then I’d break it down to eight. So currently I do practice 16 to 18 and sometimes I might say do 14 and 10. So it’s just about figuring
out what’s right for your body and actually listening to it. Dr. Rhonda Patrick really does recommend just doing a fasting session of 14, 10. That’s what she recommends to do anyway and that may be a great
starting point for some of you. So do check that out. So another thing that I would
also help looking into is especially your calories. So you might actually be not eating the right amount of calories you need. I know that if you’re
trying to do weight loss and you’re looking to obviously burn fat, that you would think that you need, that obviously you need a calorie deficit. But you need to make sure that you’re eating the right
amount of calories, especially in that time frame
that you’re trying to eat. So make sure you know the
exact amount of calories that you need, especially when
you’re on a calorie deficit and make sure that you hit those numbers. And one way that you can track
it is through MyFitnessPal that’s what I use. And now that I know exactly
the amount of calories that I need to lose weight
or maintain my body fat I just make sure that I
understand the amount of macros that I need and I follow that and track it through MyFitnessPal. So I highly recommend getting that if you guys have not
got it and you wanna do intermittent fasting. So that is one of the big
advices I would say to you is, (pop)
listen to your body. You know, go with what your
body thinks is best for you. And if you wanna just start off slow, do some research online and figure out which fasting
times you wanna go for yourself and just start slowly. So another topic that I
want to quickly touch upon with one of the cons that
people are worried about when doing intermittent fasting is (pop)
binge eating. So they think that when their
body is in a starvation mode or they think thar they
can’t eat for a few hours, they’re gonna end up binge eating when it does come to the time
that they can eat their food. So, I actually don’t
think that will happen because I think intermittent fasting helps with appetite control. I’ve noticed that when I have been doing intermittent fasting,
when it comes to the time that I’m allowed to eat,
I eat a nice big meal. And I know that when I’m eating say, two big meals and my snacks,
I’m actually fuller for longer and it helps me not
wanna binge on other food like processed foods. Its really helped me… Intermittent fasting has
really helped contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle and I feel that’s one
of the reasons for it. So if you’re worried about that you’re going to be
the person to binge eat, trust me you won’t be. Like I said, you just got to experiment and figure out what sort
of times are best for you when you’re doing intermittent fasting. Just play around with the numbers and see what you think works for you. And then I like I said, when
it does come for you to eat, if you need to track it through
things like MyFitnessPal, please do and just make sure
you are hitting your calories, your macros, and you’re eating good food. So since I’ve been doing
intermittent fasting, that’s when I actually
lost all of my weight (pop) and I started doing it, like
I said, about two years ago when I come back from
Florida I started doing it and that’s how I actually got
rid of all of my extra weight that I wanted to drop. So I continued to do that for about a year and then I’d say, the Christmas just gone, I sort of let it go a bit, I wasn’t really concentrating on it because I’d been home and I
was seeing friends and family. But now I’ve jumped straight back on to it and already I can see that
my body feels so much leaner, I feel better, I’ve got
so much more energy, and I just think personally
that intermittent fasting is such a great way of life and it’s something that
everyone should try and see if it works for them and if it does, definitely continue and adopt it into your lifestyle. The increased energy has
honestly been amazing. I have so much energy when
I wake up in the morning, that’s when I do my workout, I always do it first thing in the morning. And I feel that I can
seriously just bust out a really good intense exercise then. I feel like my cognitive
behavior is so much better. I’ve always had a very good memory, but since I’ve been doing
intermittent fasting my memory is a lot sharper
and I don’t feel so cloudy. Like you know when your mind feels foggy, I don’t really get that
often, to be honest. So like I said, I lost weight
off it and I’m more lean. Definitely digestion as well, its really helped with how
frequently I go to the bathroom. I used to struggle with it
I think because I used to obviously not eat very well. Especially a lot of processed food, which is gonna clog up my body. But since I’ve been eating healthy and doing intermittent fasting, my body is a lot more like regulated. So I feel the digestion is a lot better. And with my periods, actually,
they are frequent anyway, but I’ve actually got
rid of the cramping pain. Which is really weird. I used to suffer really bad from cramping and I’m someone that really
dislikes taking any medicines like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, and since I started doing
intermittent fasting, I noticed it last year when I
was in Lisbon for the summer, I never really got cramps. Like, it just didn’t
happen, which was amazing. So I think intermittent
fasting was amazing for that because they were horrible. And if you’re a girl and
you experience cramping, you know what I’m talking about. So give intermittent fasting
a go, cause it does help. And finally, I also don’t binge eat. I used to, especially when
I was younger at school, like I said, I would eat,
like constantly I’d be hungry. Especially in between like lessons, I’d constantly want to have snack. And definitely after
school I used to come in and eat like toast or French stick and I’d have like chocolate
all the time and tea. I just felt like I was constantly
hungry and I’d binge eat especially then. So having this regulated
time for me to actually eat in a certain time frame, from
like one til eight at night or one til nine, I know
that I’m not gonna binge eat because I look forward to the big meals that I’m gonna be having
for like lunch and dinner. And I know I got my snacks in between. So I don’t binge eat and I
actually eat a much better diet. So they are the reasons why
I think intermittent fasting benefits myself and I feel
like it could benefit you. Of course if you guys have any questions that you want to ask, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please don’t forget to give
this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
cause it really does help. And I hope that you guys
enjoyed this kind of video. If you guys wanna see something else, let me know in the comments below and I will obviously try and
film it for you next time. On Thursday, I’ll be back
with another workout video so don’t forget to check that out. Have a lovely morning, afternoon, whatever time it is for you and I will see you guys on Thursday. (upbeat music)

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  1. What is Life?

    Oh, God. I need help! Can you please make a video of how to stop binge eating forever? Thank you so much, beautiful!πŸ’– I love your videos. Keep it up!

  2. Thinh Nguyen

    Oh, that's what I need now to prepare for my beach trip next 2 weeks, hi bikini, I could wear you :), thanks for your tips

  3. ya girl

    This is such an interesting topic, and I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes I get guilt trips and think about myself skipping breakfast as a bad thing for my metabolism but I know it’s just another thing from society that we continue to obey and not accept everyone’s body is different. I have a question though, if I fast for 24hrs, is my metabolism suffering? Or do I have to make sure I eat the right foods before so my body can absorb all the needed nutrients to contribute in my daily activities? Love your videos and get so inspired by ur health and bodyβ™₯️

  4. Juliane K

    I learned so much from this! Thank you Holly! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• I will try the 16 to 8 hour intermittent fasting from today and see how it goes!

  5. Isabella Isaksson

    Hi Holly! I just found your channel and love it…it is very inspiring. <3 I have been off working out now for some time but your videos really gives me a kick in the butt to get started. πŸ™‚ As to intermittent fasting I've been on the OMAD system (One Meal A Day) for over six months now and I feel great. Can you please do an upper body workout video soon with special emphasis on the arms (I'm struggling with terrible 'bingo wings')? Or maybe even a video focusing only on the arms? Or both? πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much, take care and I'm looking forward to more videos! πŸ™‚

  6. Danni Marie

    She may have said this in the video but I zone out sometimes and I don't wanna have to watch through it for this one question ima ask…or two. Does the fasting period include water ? Like i can't have water, tea, coffee, or like amino acid drinks during the fasting period or could I?

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