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hi guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s video i am again going to talk about intermittent fasting a lot of you guys love my intermittent fasting series and you all want to know more about intermittent fasting when i uploaded my video on what i eat in a day intermittent fasting style you all really appreciated it. so thankyou so much and always share with me what kind of videos you like to see so always share your response in the form of likes,shares and comments so that i also know what kind of content you like to watch on my channel so there is one frequent question regarding intermittent fasting that people ask all the time and that is what time to pick to fast and . to feed you guys are having a difficulty in understanding that how to chose your fasting window so in today’s video i am going to share about this very topic so that you know when to fast and when to feed. and how to regulate your eating pattern. so that you get maximum benefits out of intermittent fasting. lets get started with the video. alright guys, the the first thing i want to share is that in intermittent fasting there is no hard and fast rule on when to fast and when to feed.that you have to fast only from this time to that time. The beauty of this eating pattern is that there is you have to chose your fasting and feeding pattern according to your lifestyle and your schedule. there are a lot of differnt type of fasting patterns in intermittent fasting. I am going to share that also with you all. so there are mainly 3 types of intermittent fastings. 16:8 ratio , 20:4 ratio and 5:2 ratio. In 16:8 ratio 16 hrs is the fasting period and 8 hrs is the feeding period. whatever you want to or have to eat , you have to eat in these 8 hrs. then we have 2nd type of fasting . where there is 24hrs ratio. where you have to fast every alternate day for 24hrs where you have to have only liquids and these are the liquids which you have to consume. so the 24hrs fast is a little more tough for those who are working and go out and stuff. it is not at all practical according to me. the 3rd fast is that yo have to fast every alternate day. this is extreme fasting and i will never recoomend you all to do this kind of fasting. so the most commenly practiced form of intermittent fasting is 16:8 it is esy , practical and achievable and i am doing the 16:8 ratio of IF since a year now. its been a year since i am following IF and i am following 16:8 pattern because according to me it is sustainable. and if you are also confused on which pattern to choose the i will recommend 16:8 now lets talk about how to manage this ratio. when to start the fast and when to end the fast. so what i did was , i am a morning person, i wake up early in the morning. so i used to break my fast around 11:00-11:30 am that means the night before i stopped eating around 7:00-7:30pm and then from 7:30pm -11:30 am i had my fast. and that is how i complete my 16hrs fasting window. i follow this pattern because i stay at home most of the time and this is practical for me and i do not feel that hungry early in the morning. so i adapted this pattern of intermittent fasting. but if for eg. you do night duty or night shift and you feel more hungry at night then you can very well choose the night window of feeding. like if you have your night duty from 7:00pm -4 :00am then i would say keep your eating window from 7:00pm in the evening to 3:00 am in the morning. so this way your 16hrs will be completed. total 8 hrs of your feeding window will be completed this way. and the you will come back home you will sleep and all of that will be counted in your fasting window. and then the cycle will continue like that. that is how simple and adaptable intermittent fasting is. It is not necessary that if i show my feeding in the morning so you also have to follow it the same way. because my feeding window is apt according to my lifestyle. But if your lifestyle suits according to the night shift or any other shift then you should follow that. If you are a person who cannot skip breakfast because you have that habit then i will recommend you to start your fast from say 4:pm and end it at 8 pm. This way u will have your breakfast at 8 am. basically you just need to focus on ur fasting and feeding and see that there is a gap of 16hrs before you feed next. and those 8 hrs of feeding can be whenver it suits you according to your convinience. This eating pattern is so amazing that even if you go to a party and finish your last meal at 3:00am then also you can follow your diet pattern. next day after 16hrs have your first meal. that is how adaptable intermittent fasting is. and that is why i love intermittent fasting. in this eating pattern you dont have to be in a restriction that you have to eat in so an so time only. you can have anything in this eating pattern in your eating window. and you have to select your eating window on your own. i hope you got the basicsof intermittent fasting. where you have to choose your eating window on your own. according to your schedule. now the fasting and feeding window is the most important because if your feeding window is not designed according to your schedule then in the long run it will be difficult for you to follow.

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  1. Taniya Sharma

    Kehtey hai ki weight loss journey mein hmey changes krtey ehna chaiye tabhi weight loss achey se hota hai mujhey lgta hai hai after 2-3 mnths hmari body Ko Intermittent fasting ki adat ho jaegi phir weight loss nahi hoga tb hmey kya krna chaiye

  2. kaur Jatti

    Mai 12 fast opn krti hoon but drct lunch krti hoon.
    7pm last meal le leti hoon..

    Plss Azra 10 kg lose krne k leae dinner recipie share kro intermittent fasting k liae

  3. kaur Jatti

    Hii Azra mai 12 baje drct lunch krti hoon jismain 2 roti ek sbji dahi or salad hota hai..
    Fer mai 3pm ik cup milk tea leti hoon gudh daal kr..
    5pm koi bhi fruit or roasted channe.
    7pm kabhi milk kbhi toor daal..

    Ye theak hai??

  4. dr faheem khokhar

    Hello dear I am hadia mujy apsy ye puchna tha k mera bmr 1350 h lykin mujy smj nh aa rhi k weight loss k liy kitni calories diet fallow kru khuch log khty hain k eat mor and loss mor but me kia kru mujy kesi ny Kaha h k 1500 calories diet fallow kro but I am worried about it plz help me

  5. Heena Parmar

    Diii mene aapki intimating fasting diet se 1 month me 5 kg lose Kiya
    Or 3 inch body fat lose hua h
    Thank u so much dii…..😘😘😘😘

  6. Reshma Chowdry

    Mam mera weight kum hota hi nahi 60kg per hi ruk gaya hai.gym may trainer bol rahe hai aap ki body may protein kum jaaraha hai.plzzzzz reply mam

  7. modern kuri

    Maine 10am se 6pm ka start kiya hai 3days me mera 1kg gaya hai muje thyroid hai mera weight tu kam hota he nahi tha lekin intermittent fasting se fark pada hai me sab kuch khati hu

  8. Safoora Bibi

    Kea hum three step main diet takseem nai kar sakty for example 10bjy breakfast or2 bjy lunch 6 bjy night last dinner ho jay to thek rahy ga plz reply zror

  9. Nandini Gautam

    Hi azra di lloking cute main bahar gai thi… main mrng me milk tea leti hu bf me uttpm or poha n lunch 1.30 2pm.. 1 roti nnrat ko kuch ni leti… is it rite ar wrn

  10. Shivangi Bhadgal

    Mai bhi yeh follow kar rahi hu but mujhe koi bhi fluctuations nahi dikh raha weight me 11-7 eating hours hai …. Tell me something jisse reduce ho sake pleaseπŸ˜«πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’“

  11. Ayesha Fayyaz Fayyaz Ahmad

    Mam please I want a complete information about omad(one meal a day) Azra Kya aap Meri help KR sakti Hai I want to know all about omad like Kitna woght loss hota hai omad sy 1 month mein Kya Kya khaa skty Hai excercise ke zaroorat Hai ISS meal plan mein ya nahin kindly reply

  12. pooja kashyap

    Hiii… Azra, mein IF diet kr rhi hu. But isme mera inch loss ho rha he. Weight loss nhi ho rha , dont know why ?? Plsss guide me. Mera metabolism b shi kya galti kr rhi hu mein

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