Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss (3 Things You Need To Know)

– Are you looking to start using intermittent fasting for fat loss? Maybe you’re someone who’s actually done some intermittent fasting and now you’re looking for ways
how to do it better. Well, whatever your
level of experience is, whether you’re someone
completely new to the world of fasting or you’re someone
who’s actually done some protocols like the 16 eight
approach with skipping breakfast or maybe the one meal a day approach, in this video what I’m gonna
share with you are actually three things that will make
you better at intermittent fasting so you can use
this very powerful strategy to lose body fat and actually keep it off. And a lot of this here
is going to be based on scientific research as
well as my person experience because I’ve done intermittent fasting in a variety of different
ways from 2012 or so, and done a lot of research on the subject. It’s actually one of
my favorite strategies for getting lean and staying lean because it makes the journey a lot easier. So I want to help you avoid a lot of the mistakes I made along the way. And also by the way in this video, there’s no mainstream fitness nonsense, no supplements, no BS,
none of those quick fixes. I’m gonna give you the
truth and the honest thing you need to hear about
using intermittent fasting. Also, my name is Mario Tomic
and if you’re new here, make sure to hit subscribe below if you love personal
development and fitness, and also make sure to hit
that bell icon as well to get notified when new videos come out. And now, let’s dive into it. So the first thing you need to know about intermittent fasting for fat loss is how hunger works while
you are in a fasted state. Most people don’t know this,
but real physical hunger actually comes and goes in waves, and these waves closely follow the pattern at which you normally eat your meals. So when you look at a research studies when they have someone
who’s used to eating multiple meals per day, now
they have them fast for 24 hours you can clearly see these waves of hunger coming and going and these waves of hunger are related to a hormone called Ghrelin, which is also known as the hunger hormone. So these waves have a spike and
then they go down over time. This is exactly what
advanced practitioners of intermittent fasting
know is that when you get really hungry, when you’re
on the top of that wave, when you feel like you’re
starving, you actually just have to wait a little bit. You can get distracted,
you can drink some water, you can do something, and that
hunger will actually go away. And this is something that
beginners, usually when they get it, they freak out, they start eating, they start snacking, maybe
they break their fast, or they just don’t get that
body trained to that new meal pattern, because this
pattern is actually trainable. So if you train your body
properly, you can only be hungry once or twice per day compared to if you are snacking
consistently, if you’re eating six, seven meals per day,
your body is getting trained to eat six or seven times per day, and it is going to be hungry
six or seven times per day, which makes fat loss a lot harder. Because it’s much harder
to control calories if you’re consistently hungry. That’s actually one of
the biggest benefits of intermittent fasting, is this idea that you can actually
control the food intake and you’re not as hungry. Now speaking of hunger,
a lot of people actually think themselves into being more hungry, and this is called the
ironic process theory, and more known as if someone
tells you don’t think about the pink elephant, you’re going to think about the pink elephant. So as you’re freaking out about hunger, and you’re thinking about
when is the eating window, you’re counting the
minutes to the next meal, and you’re just psyching
yourself out and you’re getting food obsessed, you’re getting more hungry and you’re getting
triggered to be more hungry. So you want to be thinking more about just letting the eating window happen and knowing that there
is that adaptation phase if you just plow through that hunger using something like more water, more tea, sparkling water, whatever you need to do to actually just train yourself
to experience that hunger less, you will find intermittent
fasting very enjoyable and it will actually save
you a ton of calories and make this journey of
fat loss a lot easier. Now the second thing
you need to know about intermittent fasting for fat loss that that intermittent fasting
actually works the best when you stick to healthy foods. And I see this mistake
with a lot of people when it comes to their
diet when they first discover intermittent
fasting, is now it becomes an excuse and a free pass
for eating a lot of junk food and a lot of processed food in their diet. And this is actually a big mistake because as you get closer to
that 10% body fat level or getting closer to seeing your abs, if you’re not eating healthy food, you’re gonna have a much
harder time to stick with that even though you’re using
intermittent fasting because intermittent fasting
may work in the beginning, but as you have to eat less
and less to get leaner, you’re gonna hit a wall and
you’re not gonna be able to go over that wall and
you’re gonna hit a plateau. Another thing actually
why it’s not a good idea to eat all that junk food, is
you have to think long term. How is this going to affect my health? How is this affecting my longevity? So don’t use intermittent
fasting as an excuse to eat a bunch of junk
food, instead still practice that 80, 20 nutrition rule
where 80% of your food still comes from whole
healthy unprocessed foods, and about 20% can come
from those processed foods if you want to do that,
so still follow the basics of a healthy diet to get the most benefits out of intermittent fasting, and your body will love you for that
and you’re gonna get much, much better results with fat loss. Now the third thing you need to know about intermittent fasting for fat loss is that calories and macro nutrients still matter a lot whether
you’re fasting or not. I specifically see this
mistake with protein intake and so many of those that switch
to one or two meals per day and they’re chronically under
eating their protein amount. They’re basically following
a low protein diet because they’re used to
eating a certain amount of protein rich food per meal,
and while they were doing three or four meals per day, it was okay, but now since they’re doing
one or two meals per day, they’re basically under eating protein. And they’re doing that while
they are in a fat loss phase which is risking more muscle loss, they’re not gonna be
building as much muscle, and they’re not gonna
get the sitali benefits. So this is a really sub-optimal approach so you want to be careful not
to under eat your protein. Now with calories, there are
so many BS groups out there claiming nonsense like if you just do intermittent fasting
it will get you shred, you never have to worry
about calories at all. This is not the case for most people, and this is exactly why
so many guys get stuck at 15 or 20% body fat and they
can’t break through that plateau because these groups and
not telling you the truth. If you want to get to 10% body fat you do have to look at your calories. You do have to manage that as well. Intermittent fasting alone is still great, but it’s not gonna be as
effective if you’re not combining it and managing your calories
and your macro nutrients, and this is where it really shines. If you combine the calories macros and intermittent fasting you have
a really effective strategy to get to 10% body fat, and actually stay between 10 and 12% body
fat if you want to do that. Now if you do want to get to 10% body fat, I have a really cool video
that I want you to check out here at the end, it’s
gonna really help you on that journey to 10% body fat. Other than that, if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit sub, if you liked it, hit like as well, and I will see you in that 10% body fat video, peace. (hip hop beat)

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Reader Comments

  1. Mario Tomic

    If you're looking to do intermittent fasting for fat loss here are 3 things I wish I knew when I first tried it out. Enjoy! -Mario PS. Also check out to learn about getting to 10% body fat.

  2. Simon Fauteux

    I need to work through those hunger waves. Sunday I usually have breakfast with friends and family, I’m constantly hungry all day. Work days I’m fine as I do not break my fast before 5 PM. I love IF for hunger control, it makes things easier to control how much you eat. I still follow healthy whole food but like I said once I break the fast, my hunger is just like out of whack…anyway thanks for this quality content. #AbsForSummer☀️

  3. TheGamingPriest

    One mention: although coffee blunts hunger sometimes when drank in a fasting window, it also screws with the blood sugar.
    Thank God for religious fasting. As an orthodox we have 1 meal days quite often and even full 24h fasts in some periods. Great content, Mario.

  4. TheSpiritualWar

    you should do a video about the negative side of being low bodyfat. like tired, low energy. more sooner frustrated with social life and so on…..

  5. JSway Fitness & Nutrition

    You mean to tell me that the sensation of hunger is just a hormonal response? Wow that’s a new way to understand it

  6. Ken Jay

    Thanks for sharing.  Great informative video.  You really break it down well.  I have been doing keto/IF for seven years.  I like the mental clarity, high energy, reduced inflammation and appetite suppressant attributes.  I have a basic list of items delivered from Whole Foods twice a month.  I enjoy a plant-based keto lifestyle along with 18:6 intermittent fasting daily.  I have two well balanced meals daily over six hours.  I avoid fruits except berries, starches, grains, corn, sugar, soy, refined carbs, GMO's and processed foods.  I keep it simple so I do not have to over think it.  Keep sharing.  Cheers!

  7. Jack ́

    Hey Mario,

    thanks again for the awesome content :). I've been using intermittent fasting for almost 2 years now.
    For me the key point was to change my self image, as you explained in your video "why diets don't work"

    Check it out guys!

  8. Xauthority

    Did 7 day fast, went from 89 to 83. I felt wonderful, but then I returned to my old habits. And now back at 89 within one month. Feel pretty demotivated now. Cant even fast for one day now because of the guilt I have now. The courage is lost .

  9. Thomas Keets

    A 💯 percent of the foods I eat are clean whole-foods! NOTHING from a package. I also incorporate intermittent fasting for 24-36 hrs. I’m currently on my second week of OMAD. Great mental clarity and energy! Eating is such a reward at the end of the day.

  10. William Freeze

    I've been doing if to maintain my current weight. Right now I'm eating about 3k calories in a seven or eight hour window. Besides weightloss the mental clarity during the fast is nice. I also have about 28 ounces of tea in the morning.

  11. Kay Hawkins

    Dont have a problem with feeling hungry just want my morni g coffee so bad and blavk coffee really is not coffee at all to me without cream and a tad of sugar.

  12. Adithya Suresh

    Hey Mario, great content. YouTube suggestions finally working well for me. Subbed!

    Quick query.. while intermittent fasting, when is the best time to hit the gym and have your protein shake?

  13. Harpreet Singh

    I’m skinny fat, should I be trying to cut the fat first then bulk up? Meaning a fat loss work out plan should be my approach?

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