Intermittent Fasting: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Welcome to day five of the intermittent
fasting, raw food challenge. It is going by really smooth for me, and hopefully
it’s going by really smooth for you, and you’ve taken the time to really learn
more about intermittent fasting. Watch these videos, asking more questions. Thank you to all of the people that have contributed to the comments, I really
appreciate all of the positive comments it’s just great to be on this journey
with everybody together, and it’s just a healthy journey that we should all do
all the time. There shouldn’t be a New Year’s resolution, it should just be
this is what I’m gonna do all the time. Unfortunately starting in November,
usually, or starting from Halloween, the 31st of October, that’s usually when most
people gain 5 to 10, even 15, pounds from candy. Then you have Thanksgiving, and
then you have Christmas, and the holidays, and travel, and all that stuff. So I want
to answer some more questions today. The first question is, and I get this
question all the time about thyroid. “I would love to hear your advice on
Hashimoto’s and naturally regulating a hypothyroid, I’m pregnant and
desperately need your help.” In my research, all thyroid conditions, whether
it’s hypo, hyper, or Hashimoto’s, and Hashimoto’s just means you’re going like,
this, you’re going hyper and then back to hypo, and then hyper, and then hypo. What
is the root cause of thyroid conditions? What is the root cause of endocrine
conditions? What’s the root cause of glandular conditions? It all boils down
to endocrine disrupting chemicals, and high estrogen. Which basically those chemicals cause malfunction in your estrogen, and for guys to prostate, and you know, most women there’s a higher percentage of thyroid malfunction in
women, but guys the same thing affects them. All of the endocrine disrupting
chemicals is why guys are having problems with high estrogen content, in
low testosterone out there. So my advice, iodine deficiency is one of the leading
root causes of glandular malfunction, and thyroid conditions, so, and as a matter of
fact, I would pull up the studies on pregnant women, just type in Google
pregnant women, iodine deficiency, and you’ll see that pregnant women really
need excess iodine because it can cause mental retardation and the children and
it’s it’s a very very very common scenario now. Why is the thyroid being
attacked? That’s the next question you have to ask yourself. What are the three
components that attack the thyroid and the glandular tissue in the body? Well it
just so happens to be the halogen. So you have chlorine, then you have fluoride, and
you have bromine. Iodine has been removed from practically all salt, it’s been
removed from all the breads, it’s been moved removed as a ingredient, and added
ingredient hmm that’s strange why would they all of a sudden remove
iodine and add bromine instead? And add fluoride into the water and chlorine
everywhere? Well all of those attacked the thyroid. Those are halogens. Harmful
halogens, and guess what iodine is? The only thing that’s going to get those
halogens out of the body. So I would highly consider looking around your
house, looking at your environment, not drinking tap water, you know, removing any
sources you can find that may contribute to fluoride, chlorine, or bromine. You can
go online and type in foods that contain bromine, or bromine exposure, and you’re
gonna find all kinds of things out there. Most bread contains high levels of
bromine, which is a whole nother show on gluten, and bread, and how toxic that is
for your body. So I’ve worked and done a lot of research, and I would highly
recommend that you watch two of my youtube videos one is the video on
endocrine destroy everything you need to know I think about endocrine disrupting
chemicals, or that I don’t, I don’t, remember what the title is, but it’s
about hormones, okay, just go to our Global Healing Center YouTube account
and look for the long video on hormones or endocrine disrupting chemicals. And
then the second video I would highly recommend everybody watch is that
everything you need to know about iodine video. They’re long, but you might be
suffering from, and I’m not just talking about this person, but everybody out
there I would say, actually 95% of the world’s population is iodine deficient. I
mean, I feel comfortable saying that and Dr. Brownstein would probably back me up
on that as well, I mean he’s written books on iodine. You can go to Amazon
books, and type in iodine, and you’ll see many books that have been written.
Why is it so secretive, and why is it not out in the mainstream. Well anything
that’s really helpful for your body is going to be suppressed to some degree.
That’s just, you know, taking money away from the pharmaceutical companies, and
that’s, you know, that’s that’s not what, they’re not gonna go broadcast water
only fasting everywhere, or intermittent fasting, and, you know, those are all
things that we’re coming up with and we’re trying to teach people about. That
can, you know, benefit their life. I mean there’s that, read, go on our website healing, the Detoxadine section, for the iodine,
and just read the reviews. Just read all the reviews. There’s thousands of them.
And you’ll see all the benefits, and all the changes that have taken place with
everybody out there, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s about looking at the root
cause of why you’re not feeling good. Whether it’s headaches, whether it’s
migraines, whether it’s thyroid, whether it’s joint pain, heart disease, skin
conditions, it doesn’t matter. After 20-something years of studying all
of it, and still continually studying, it’s in simplicity. The body wants to heal
itself really, really fast and if you just cleanse the body and you eat
healthy and you avoid all of those toxins in your living environment the
body will heal itself really, really fast. So that is the question on the
hypothyroid. The next question is, can you intermittently fast after having your
stomach made smaller? So I guess that’s talking about like a gastric bypass or
something like that, and if you’ve had, let’s just say any surgery for example,
you’ve had, your appendix taken out, you’ve had your gallbladder taken out,
you’ve had spinal surgery, it doesn’t matter, any type of surgery you’re going
to have some form or some percentage of scar tissue inside your body the reason
I’m saying that is because, especially when you go into water only fasting, your
body is going to rapidly attack any type of abnormal tissue in the in the body. As
a matter of fact, there’s been reports of people that had big scars down their leg,
and they were doing water only fasting, and the scars just disappeared. I mean
that’s an incredible, that’s, that’s how incredible the body is, that’s how
powerful your body is. I mean, I, I’ve spent probably a year and a half, or two
years, trying to find every single piece of information on
fasting, water only fasting as well as intermittent fasting, and books of just
case study after case study after case study of every possible thing you can
think of being reversed. Now that doesn’t mean that everybody should, needs, to do
water only fasting. Because you can accomplish the same thing, it just might
take a little longer with changing your lifestyle, and that’s really the root
cause that needs to be taught, not like eat, you know, eat crappy, don’t learn
about chemicals or anything, and just do water only fasting or intermittent
fasting, or just doing intestinal cleansing, liver and gallbladder
cleansing, harmful organism cleansing, and chemical and heavy metal cleansing. You
know, people do that, but that’s not the the true answer. The
true answer is to slowly change and educate yourself and your family as to
avoiding the chemicals and toxins, and that’s also how you change the
environment, and change the world, because if we’re all not buying things anymore,
that’s why the big agricultural food companies right now, we’re going non-gmo.
It’s because we all together created that demand for products that are
non-gmo. That’s a humongous victory, a humongous victory. Because when you start having the Unilevers and Nabisco’s and all of these poisonous food companies
start announcing that by 2020, or sorry by 2025, or whenever, they’re going to be
non-gmo. That is awesome. And let me tell you, nobody in the government, in politics,
made that happen. We made that happen. The people made that happen, and that’s how
powerful the people actually are at creating change. So you can, if you’ve had
any surgery, or stomach, or anything, intermittent fasting is is fabulous for
you, because the less amount of food that
you’re going to have in your body means the more energy. It’s very simple
equation, less food equals more energy, more energy equals faster, rapid healing.
So I mean if you just remember that then that’s that’s why intermittent fasting,
and that’s even why water only fasting works so effectively, because you have
less food to digest, and less food to digest means, and that’s why raw food
actually works good because it’s, it’s already in a digestible, a really easy
digestible state. When you cook it it becomes more difficult to digest, and you,
the life force of it is gone. So anybody that had has any past surgeries, anybody
that’s had their gallbladder taken out, appendix taken out, or it doesn’t matter,
whatever you’ve had done intermittent fasting is going to be beneficial. I
cannot think of any condition where intermittent fasting would not be
beneficial. Maybe somebody that has severe fluctuations in their insulin and
glucose levels, maybe diabetes person would want to really look hard at
structuring their intermittent fasting program, or do some medically supervised
intermittent fasting, or water only fasting, but that’s kind of… and maybe
somebody out there that knows and I would be happy to review that
information if anybody else knows of any other conditions that wouldn’t benefit
please let me know. I don’t claim to know everything. I just try to do the best I
can and provide you with things that I feel are going to help you become a
better person, and help you become a healthier person. What kind of cleanse would you recommend
for somebody getting off of artificial sweeteners? Well the people
that I’ve talked to that are getting off of artificial sweeteners, probably the
headache is going to be something that they might have to go through for a few
days, intermittent fasting, raw food as clean
as you can possibly go. If you want to just do a juice cleanse for two or three
days to kind of help your body clean all that out of the system, yeah I would
definitely do a liver cleanse. At least one, probably three. I mean I used to
think one liver cleanse was enough, but now we’ve realized by evaluating so many
people that have done liver cleansing that one liver cleanse is only gonna
purge about fifteen percent of your liver, and we know now that if anybody is
sick, I mean there’s not any clinical research, but I mean you can learn a lot
from just evaluating people over the years, that pretty much if anyone is
suffering from any symptoms or is sick, their liver is only functioning at about
40 percent, under 50 percent. Okay that’s because our livers are
congested. I mean it’s like an oil filter in a car that’s never been changed and
it’s just this big sloppy mess of stuff inside the liver, and so with one liver
cleanse you’re only really purging about 15 percent, and so let’s say your liver
is only functioning at 40 percent, right? And you do one. That’s gonna bring it up
to 55, you do another one, that’s gonna bring it up to 70, then you do another
liver cleanse, it’s gonna be up to 85. We think, I mean I, and this is all theory,
but I think once your liver is functioning above 80 percent that pretty
much all of your symptoms, this is what we’ve seen okay, pretty much all the symptoms
that people are suffering from are gone once the liver is clean and working at
about eighty-five percent. So it’s, it’s, it’s incredible how powerful the body is
when you just clean and heal the gut and you clean and purge the liver. Major
transformations happen inside the body, as a matter of fact though just to
mention this, I’m actually doing my liver cleanse tonight. Today is day 5 of the raw food intermittent challenge. So I’ve been
eating raw foods, I’ve been taking Livatrex throughout that whole period of
time and so tonight I will be doing my olive oil. So this is going to be my
first liver cleanse of the year. So artificial sweeteners, you go through the,
the regular cleansing process. I mean, you know, as you start eliminating,
eliminating these things from the body the body will naturally over
time start cleansing these harmful chemicals out. And the last question for
today is going to be, what supplement do you recommend to curb your hunger at
night? I crave carbs at night. If you’re craving
carbs at night you probably might have some fungal overgrowth, some Candida,
maybe some mold in your body. It depends on what time you go to bed you know. So
many people are staying up, staying up, staying up late, I really do not
recommend staying up past 10:00 p.m. You should be asleep every single night by
10:00 p.m. and even better 9:00 p.m. even better than that 8 p.m. That’s when
your body takes the energy it needs to start healing all the tissues when
you’re sleeping. So it’s very important to get, you’re gonna start hearing and
seeing more research on the benefits of sleep coming out in the next four or
five years, because a lot of people are studying the benefits and what it does
for your hormones, and what it does for your brainpower, what it does for
your, all of your systems really, your cardiovascular, your nerve neuromuscular,
your immune system, I mean the people are actually, in universities, are actually
starting to study these things now. So what if you do get hungry at night? The
best thing to do to curb your appetite is drink a large glass of water. I mean
water is a natural appetite suppressant. if you’re still having you know little
hunger pains. Listen, hunger pains usually only last
for maybe 5-10 minutes and then they’re gone. So you might just have to tough it
out. It’s not good to eat after 8:00 p.m. either, just to put that out there, you
know, you don’t really want to eat after 8:00 p.m. Water and Oxy-Powder, I mean, if
you want to take something that might kind of calm your stomach down a little
bit from hunger, take a few capsules of Oxy-Powder and that’s gonna benefit you
anyway because it’s gonna go down through your intestines and you know
help you clean out your bowels. So those are my recommendations and answers for
today. Keep all your questions coming and anybody that wants to report on any
positive experiences they’re having or negative experiences that you might be
having, or anything that we can help you with, let us know in the comments. I hope
you have a wonderful and healthy day.

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Reader Comments

  1. Rho Z

    Awesome…thank you! Off the record a bit…we have an RO system for our drinking water but when I use it in the humidifier, it still makes white dust. Makes me assume there is still a lot of hard chemicals in it. What drinking water cleaner do you use and recommend?

  2. Ann Curtis

    Hi Dr Group… feeling great so far! Sleeping really well. I ate late the other night and woke up with a headache. That was my clue that eating at night is not good for me. My question is: my husband is a big coffee drinker. I've read mixed reports about coffee while fasting. What are your thoughts?  Thanks!

  3. Alyson Kipp

    I have been fasting Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (eating 4 days a week), and doing interval HIIT training. I've lost 6lbs in less than 1 month and went from 102lbs to 96lbs. If I get hungry I will have some seltzer water (no sugar/calories) and it helps me. Does this break the fast? Is seltzer water ok to have? Please and thank you

  4. Terry Pagan

    Intermittent fasting has changed my life for the better in all aspects. Not sure for others though. Worth a try..lost 60 lb and lept off for 5 years i love it. Its Not a diet, but a lifestyle…

  5. Dream Seeker

    I had some belly fat and blood sugar issues for several years. I started intermittent fasting several months ago and the belly fat is gone and I am now in control of my appetite instead of my appetite controlling me. I save a lot of money on groceries now that I don't eat near as much as I used to and have a ton of energy. Thank you for sharing all of your videos!

  6. AM B

    I’m on my 14th day. I just want all of you to feel how I feel when I touch my belly… I’m about to cry… I didn’t workout at all but that stubborn belly fat that I always wanted to get rid of for the past 5 years and I failed every single time, is gone! This is so crazy…

  7. Jordan Rivera

    Every time I've tried the oxy powder I get diarrhea for a few days. I know it dosen't help to have a tendency to have diarrhea anyway if I'm not careful such as drinking too much strained green juice etc. Even after a 6 day water fast I woke up the last day and had diarrhea, kind of puzzling. Why would this be? I eat better than 95% of people out there and have lots of energy unless I go through bouts of diarrhea which can last for months, sooo frustrating, as I do so many things including intermittent fasting, no sugar, few grains, infrared sauna, coffee enemas, exercising, etc. I never get GERD symptoms, just tired when this happens.

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