Intermittent Fasting: Different Types of Intermittent Fasts

Hey everybody today is day six of the
intermittent fasting raw food challenge. So congratulations to everybody. You’ve
almost gone halfway and for me, you know, this is fairly easy since I’ve already
done water only fasting for eighteen days, but you know this is a good way for
your body to start getting used to small independent changes ultimately going up
those stairs. You know just if perfect health is up
here at the top of the stairs, and disease and cancer is at the bottom of
the stairs, just if you’re taking one step every single day you’re making
progress, and making progress. So I want to answer some more questions, the first
question is how many hours do you recommend intermittent fasting for
beginners? Well I mean anything really, I mean, if you want to start let’s say
10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. would be your feeding time that would be 14 hours. I
would say that would be a good minimum amount of time that I would start with
would be 14 hours. That would mean from 8 o’clock at night all the way until 10:00
a.m. in the morning you’re not eating and then what we’re doing now is a
really, really good one which is the 16-hour and that’s obviously we’re not
eating from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the morning and then we’re also
incorporating the raw food aspect into that. So that’s even better, so your body
is getting right now 14, I mean I’m sorry 16 hours of rest and healing time and
because we’re all eating raw food during that period of time, we’re getting that extra boost of energy and nutrition, and you
know, if some people out there juicing that’s even better. I’m trying to
drink one to two green juices every single day. So any fasting is good for
beginners, I mean, if you even wanted to do let’s say 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. I
mean that’s, you know, that’s getting closer and closer to what you know the
general person’s life actually is, but you know the more time that you give
your body for healing the better off you’re gonna be. It’s just a simple
equation. Okay. Next question, since titanium dioxide is in coffee
creamers what do you suggest for a substitution as a creamer for coffee?
You’d be amazed at how many times we were talking to people on the phone that
have had chronic fibromyalgia type symptoms, headaches, migraines, and joint
stiffness, and pain and we analyze what they’re putting in you know they do a
diary of all of their food items all their liquids that they’re consuming
every day and you can pretty much bet that if you’re having any horrible
symptoms that titanium dioxide might be involved. We’ve completely gotten people
off of titanium dioxide and all of a sudden within weeks, even days, their
pains go away, they’re able to move, and it is extremely damaging to the body.
That’s why I brought it up, but the good news is there are many many coffee
creamers out there vanilla whatever flavors you want that do not contain
titanium dioxide anymore. I routinely, like probably once a month, I’ll go to
Whole Foods and go through the natural medicines still I mean not in the
natural food stores just to see what new stuff is coming out and I’ll go aisle by
aisle you know just to see how things are changing, and we’re making huge progress with the non GMOs, the certified organic stuff, the
biodynamic products that are coming out, which are like organic times a hundred,
times a thousand for effectiveness. So the good news is I’ve seen a lot of
different coconut creamers, almond milk creamers, pecan milk creamers, with no
titanium dioxide. When product, this is the next question, when products like the
Gatorade bottle I’m looking at say natural and artificial flavor what
exactly does that mean in modern terms, can’t that be variations of msg? Yes it
can be variations of msg and a lot of different toxic substances can be
legally allowed. To say natural flavoring you know there’s a deception that’s
going on all the time in the food industry. They want to hide all these
chemicals from you, I mean, can you imagine if you went to the grocery store
and on the box of the food or on the label of the meat it says contains 500
thousand parts-per-million lead, contains glyphosate, contains, you know, a list of
like 50 different chemicals, in there as a disclaimer. It’s almost like, there’s almost like, just being fully
transparent. I mean if companies were fully
transparent with all the stuff they found in the products and the thing is
you’re not even required to test for any of that, so you know all of these things
that are just chock-full of chemical, after chemical, after chemical and
especially the natural and artificial flavors, those are very hard to
distinguish. First of all I would recommend not even having Gatorade in
your house at all. You know, Gatorade is nothing more than water with some artificial colors in it, artificial sugars, sweeteners, or high
fructose corn syrup. I mean, getting with synthetic vitamins and nutrients you
know I talked to professional athletes that come see me because they want to
figure out how they can improve their game, or increase their speed, or their
agility, or whatever, and it’s amazing to see what professional athletes what
their diets are, the lack of nutrition, the lack of education. I mean we can
improve somebody’s abilities by ten percent just by getting them on healthy
foods and avoiding all the chemicals they may be exposed to on a regular
basis. So first of all, you know, that’s just just a telltale sign. I mean, you
should not even have Gatorade in your house to begin with, get off of it, get
organic. Get an organic sports drink or better yet just use water with organic
apple cider vinegar if you wanted to sweeten it up a little bit. Use some
organic stevia. Okay. Next question, is Livatrex okay to drink during the
whole cleanse? Livatrex, Zeotrex, Paratrex, Oxy-Powder, I mean whatever
you’re gonna do during the cleanses is going to be great. That’s what we want to
do. As a matter of fact, I did my liver cleanse last night. I drank the six
ounces of olive oil last night, laid on my side, and today I’m just kind of
relaxing a little bit, and you know carrying on my daily activities. So I’ve
already done one liver cleanse, in October I did an 18-day water only fast,
pretty much raw food since then, and so I’m going continue as much as
possible because in about, well let’s see on January 24th is when I turn 50 as
I’m looking at turning 50 as not doom and gloom but I’m looking at turning 50
as the second chapter of my life. Basically as I am just a seed right now,
when I turn 50, and I am about to start blooming into
a flower for the next 50 years. So yes you can take Livatrex, you can take
all of the supplements, you know, it’s just gonna benefit you even more. And the
last question for today is, can you shed some light on this for me, I can’t seem
to fast more than 24 hours, this is a very common question, without getting
severe palpitations and an urgent need to eat, help me what is this? Well
whenever somebody tries to do a water only fast, that’s why dr. Goldhamer,
myself recommend, you know, if you’re really serious about it, you want to do a
long-term water only fast, just do it in a medically supervised facility. You
know, go out there to the True North Health Center or call over there and
they can give you a list of all the doctors that have been trained to
supervise a long-term water fast. Especially if you try it yourself and
you notice that you’re having a lot of symptoms, and that’s why we all have to
say, you know, this disclaimer all the time. Water only fasting is the is the
most beneficial healing thing you can do, but at the same time most people
experience some pretty hardcore symptoms in the first three or four days, and a
lot of them think they’re dying, and they run to the hospital, and they go to the
emergency room, or they’re you know something that you definitely want to be
aware of and do your research, a lot of research, first before you make that
decision, but heart palpitations are a very common thing in water only fasting. I
mean that happened to me it happens to a lot of different people, skin rashes,
pains, I mean just all kinds of things can happen when the body is in that
rapid healing mode, and in the hunger as well. I mean at 24 hours, I mean that is,
all of us that do water only fasting are going to be hungry usually up until the
48, or maybe even the 72, hour mark, or past the 72, hour mark, that’s when your
body is using up the rest of its glucose and going into a state of ketogenesis, or ketosis, and that’s when you know you start getting
that dizzy when you start running out of glucose completely, when your body makes
that shift into ketosis. That’s when we get hungry, and dizzy, and that’s when you
really should, you know, be resting a little bit. I remember the first time
that happened to me and I started feeling dizzy, I started getting really
hungry, and I just laid down and 45 minutes later I just popped up with all
kinds of energy, and it was gone. It was that shift from burning your glucose, or
getting out of glucose, and going into ketosis. All right so that’s my update
for today. I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I will catch up with
you later.

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  1. Lucy Lanuchi

    Dr Group have you investigated ,WHAT FOODS HAVE aborted fetal tissue in them? The company is called cinemix it's out of California and it gives you a whole listing of the foods that have this enhancing flavor in them

  2. Jamie Lovelyday

    Hi, thanks for this video. I have a question – the liver produces ketones between 10-12 hrs of fasting (no calorie intake fasting that is). Is this not the same as being in ketosis? I notice you mention that it takes 72 hrs..thanks.

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