Intermittent Fasting: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Welcome to Day 1 of the Global Healing Center
2018 intermittent Fasting/Raw Food Challenge! Today is Day 1 and I want to
wish everybody the best out there. Please ask any questions that you may have and we
will be kicking off today with lots of smiles and a good positive attitude
because we know that the body’s self-healing mechanism, and you, are going
to be feeling really, really good after the 14 days has ended. Now the
intermittent fast is obviously, that I already posted in facebook, from 11:00
a.m. doesn’t matter where you are what time zone you’re in 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
are the hours where you can eat during those eating hours you can eat only raw
food: any kind of fruits that you want, you can do fruit smoothies with water,
you can do fresh green juices, you can eat salads, nuts and seeds, if they’re raw
preferably sprouted such as these these I’m excited
about doing this as well I just finished an 18 day water fast as you guys know on
the YouTube channel so this is, I wanted to make this intermittent fasting raw
food challenge fairly easy. I know some people out there saying this is gonna be
super hard, but really hopefully, good health I can tell you how, to you know
get healthy, boost the immune system, cleanse your body, keep cleansing your
body, and that’s how your body’s self-healing mechanism will activate
clean and repair the gut. Clean in all that congestion out of the liver and
gallbladder, clean all those harmful organisms
out of your system clean all those chemicals and heavy metals, but
ultimately the root cause is going to be your lifestyle. How do you live your life
every single day, every single minute, every single hour, that’s the ultimate
solution to everything. Stress, anxiety, depression, you know every
meal that you eat, how often you eat and I know it it seems hard for people to
make a transition in their life and how clean and non-toxic their home and their
living environment is at their office and at their home you just have to pay
attention to where you are, and and try to do baby steps. You know try to next
time you go to the store buy organic or maybe even start your own garden outside
of your house, but the purpose, one of the purposes, you know ultimately I want
to help you out and go through these things because the more that we do these
cleanses, and the more that you do intermittent fasting, and the more that
you eat raw good healthy organic foods the more good stem-cell production
you’re gonna have and the more healing you’re gonna have inside your body and
the more energy you’re gonna have inside your body. Dead food equals death, live
food equals being alive! Especially I talked to people all the time that are
in their 30s, that are in their 40s, that are in their 50s, that are on
multiple medications, they’re exhausted all day long I mean why would someone
want to live their life like that. I mean it just doesn’t make sense. Don’t you
want to feel like you did when you were 15 again? I mean when’s the last time you
actually looked in the mirror and said, “I love myself, I am super confident right
now, I am super happy in my life right now?”
Unfortunately that doesn’t happen too often, at least you know from the people
that I talked to, and from the you know just a general survey. I mean
you can look at how many people are actually sick and on medications out
there nine out of ten over the age of 40 pretty much that means our healthcare
system is a disaster. So anyway back to the positive, these 14 days are going to
be kind of like a training for your body too. It’s going to be a cleanse, hopefully
I’m going to get at least one liver cleanse done during this 14 day process
one intestinal cleanse done during this 14 day process and hopefully you guys
can do or complete a cleanse as well. You’re going to be drinking water, the
liquids that are allowed are water, of course purified water,
kombucha I mentioned kombucha but that is the kombucha with no sugar added, okay
so if you go to the grocery store they do have some with stevia that would be
okay, herbal teas and but just try to drink as much water as you possibly can.
Then foods are gonna be anything raw, like I said so I know there’ll be a lot
of questions and it really won’t be nearly as not even a fraction as hard as
if we were to do full-blown water only fasting for 14 days. At least this way
you get to actually eat, and don’t pig out either during the 11 to 7 timeframe.
Remember you’re doing this for your body, you’re doing this for your health. Now
there’s one other thing I wanted to cover because I know a question came up,
“can I have diet drinks while I’m doing the intermittent raw food challenge?”
Diet drinks, I firmly believe that my aunt when she got brain cancer died because
she was a tab drinker and she drank colas with artificial sweeteners
diet drinks basically sometimes up to 12 a day for 20 years and she ended up
dying of a brain tumor. I pulled up my research document on aspartame now, I’m
not gonna read through this whole thing because I have research documents on
pretty much every chemical and I think maybe if you guys are interested, if you
want me to start doing this, I can go through, and I update these all the time.
by the way, I can go through these research documents and basically just do
a small webinar or a series on each one of them but for today to answer that
question no. Please get artificial diet drinks, or for that matter any type of
sugar-free foods that you’re gonna find at the grocery store anything like that
out of your house, out of your diet. For example, aspartame is a non saccharine
artificial sweetener currently used in over 6000 diet and low calorie food
products, and that number is probably even up to 8000 now, I think the last
time I updated this was probably a year ago. Aspartame gained FDA approval while
it was owned by Donald Rumsfeld. Wow. Interesting. Who was at the time the CEO
of the pharmaceutical company Gd Searle and company. Rumsfeld
earned millions of dollars by marketing the product as NutraSweet, and when
medical research into the product confirmed the risk of brain tumors,
Rumsfeld simply hired another FDA board member to overturn the ban that the
current board had inflicted – they were going to ban aspartame. I mean this
is crazy when you look into who’s involved in the approval of these
chemicals, and these drugs, and these food products that literally kill you over a
long period of time. You’re gonna see the same people the same pharmaceutical, the
same heads in the food industry that are the same heads and the government
industries. Everybody works together Monsanto if you look at all of
the people that have been in charge of agriculture and the USDA and all that
stuff, you’re gonna see the same people from Monsanto, it’s it’s sickening we
need to break that whole conspiracy model up. Which we are, I mean
everybody is just refusing to buy all of these toxic chemicals and food products
which is great, it’s that we the people that end up winning these challenges
that we’re facing today. So did you know despite its apparent danger to animals
and humans aspartame has been approved by the FDA a total of 26 times over the
last 23 years? Why? Why does that have to be approved 26 times over the last 23
years? Start asking yourself more questions you know. Why do we have so
many problems with health care, why am I sick, why am I depressed, why do I choose
to do things the way that I choose to do things? It’s very good to ask questions
all the time. Listen more talk less and ask questions more, just always ask
yourself does this sound true what I’m hearing and that’s why I would say listen, I’ve
been studying this stuff I continue to study this. I’m infatuated, I mean, I just
I’m addicted to studying this because I want to, it there’s such a there’s a
negative and a positive to everything but I always focus on the positive but
in order to focus on the positive you have to understand like, don’t you think
you need to know why you have cancer before you understand how to treat
It efficiently? Or any type of disease for that matter. An analysis done using MEDLINE showed that 92% of non-industry sponsored studies, reported one or more
problems with aspartame in terms of its effect on health.
These studies reported a range of side effects including: fibromyalgia, brain
tumors, memory loss, lymphoma, leukemia, and peripheral nerve cancer, headaches and
migraines symptoms are one of the most common side effects of aspartame. By the
way, if you’re having headaches and migraines another big, big, big, side
effect or something that causes those is going to be titanium dioxide. Look, if
you’re if you’re having headaches, migraines get rid of the MSG, get rid of
the aspartame, and look in all the foods that you have in your house and see if
any of them have titanium dioxide. We, when we were working with fibromyalgia
individuals years ago, we had pretty much every single fibromyalgia person was
consuming massive amounts of titanium dioxide. A lot of the times it was in
their coffee creamer, and we got them off all titanium dioxide, and within three
days their pain and their stiffness was almost completely gone. So this and
also aspartate, which is actually found in aspartame, and glutamate which
is monosodium glutamate the MSG that I was talking about both of them act as
neurotransmitters in the brain by facilitating the transmission of
information from neuron to neuron. Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain
kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the
cells, this influx triggers excessive amounts of free radicals which kill the
cells. These are excitotoxins, ingredients like aspartate and msg, excite or
stimulate the neural cells to death so basically it’s like speed for your neuron
cells in your brain. They go so fast that they just die, they can’t even
handle it. That’s an excitotoxin and there are many
excitotoxins that are being put in the food supply today, like artificial
colors as well. So when, this is scary, when aspartame is digested it
yields 10% methanol, which is wood alcohol, the wood alcohol is widely
distributed throughout the body including the brain, muscle fat, and
nervous tissue, it is then metabolized to formaldehyde which enters the cells and
binds to the proteins and be in a genetic material. So you’re almost
embalming yourself slowly when you consume artificial sweeteners and diet
drinks. Also formaldehyde is a known stimulant for cancer, and genetic damage
in the cell. I mean the one thing we don’t want to do is genetically damage
the cell. Aspartame, this is very interesting, aspartame accounts for over
75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported by the FDA many of
these reactions are very serious including seizures and death a few of
the 90 different documented symptoms listed in the report as being caused by
aspartame include: headaches, migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness,
muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, rapid
heart rate, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations,
breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus,
vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain. So if you’re suffering from any one of those
symptoms, you might want to see if you have any hidden artificial sweeteners in
any of your food products, and if you do slowly started getting yourself off of
any type of artificial sweeteners. So that’s my report for today, maybe I’ll do
another report later. Today’s Day 1, I wish everybody the best you can do this,
stay positive, it’s going to be great for your body. 14 days intermittent fasting
raw food challenge, until next time. Live healthy!

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Reader Comments

  1. Mike Smith

    I recently bought a toothpaste at my local health food store got home used it once and thought man that tastes nasty, #2 ingredients was titanium dioxide errrrrr

  2. Patricia H

    How funny! I started intermittent fasting today without knowing you were doing this. I also had ordered a colon and liver cleanse yesterday, again,not knowing you were doing this. Have been raw for about 16 months. Synchronicity, huh?!

  3. Jordan Rivera

    I could listen to you all day long. I'm always learning something new, altho I've known that diet sodas are dangerous for one's health. At age 67 I don't take any pres. drugs. Once when I was in a waiting room in a clinic a man about my age told me he takes 40 prescription medications, 50 pills/day – what kind of doctors would give that many?

  4. R. Ann Rousseau

    I have sarcoidosis ofc the liver. it effects the lymph nodes in my chest and abdomen. Remicade and Prednisone havent worked. I have neuropatjy as well. Drugs are not working. I agree the healthcare system is a vomplete disaster. Will this help?

  5. Stephy Nicole

    I just saw your video today I will be starting the challenge tomorrow. Im excited thank you I've been wanting to do one and now I have the motivation! Thanks Dr. Group

  6. bella123

    I've been intermittent fasting for about 4 months. I've lost 10 pounds and I think if I was to do a raw diet I would lose more. I do a 16:8 fasting and I eat pretty much whatever I want. But I've noticed the plateau and not losing anymore weight. So for me I wouldn't mind doing this raw diet so I can lose more weight but I have no idea how to start because I would eat anything I want in my intermittent fasting. I could use a push in the right direction. Thank you Doc for this video.

  7. Tee Pe

    I'm finding it hard to stay on water only fast so this challenge temps me but will I still get into autophagy and fat burning? I thought took days to enter ketosis or will my insulin still be low enough to burn fat?

  8. Little Voice

    That's a big feeding window. I'm use to a 20hour daily fast then a small window of eating. I have 1 meal per day and 1 snack before bed.

  9. Richard Sprague

    Dr. Group, I'm 32 and I've been smoking for 15 years 5 to 10 cigs each day. How bad is smoking for your health and how much of anti-smoking propaganda is true/nonsense.

    If I quit now, can i stop/reverse any adverse effets? I love your products btw and the way you talk!

  10. Aιμιλιος Xαλεποπουλος

    I find myself not wanting to eat breakfast anyways. So I intermittent fast 5 days a week. Weight loss is very very gradual. But its happening.

  11. ReallyOrganic

    great vids, dr. g! did you know that dr. mercola puts TITANIUM DIOXIDE in his probiotics? I couldn't believe it when i saw that. i heard there is lead in his 'lead free' cookware too. check out LEAD SAFE MAMA on facebook. she tested it with an xr spectrometer.

  12. Mary Fougner

    Hi, Everything I've read, with one exception, says IF is the way to go for blood pressure and sugar issues. An article popped up saying that it's not all that good for blood sugar because it raises cortisol levels which in turn raise sugar levels. Can you speak to this, as to why? Or is there something more to just IF fasting that isn't being given? The article was from 2010, and there just may be better info that has come out since this time. (love your fasting challenges, btw)

  13. ALnajlaa UK

    You look Awesome in this video 😍🤩😍🤩🦋💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋💜Trauma is the root cos of the human Software they just live& do based on what exactly in there program ✨

  14. Fran Jablonski

    This is so helpful for us all, I can't thank you enough for all you do!! Even though this video has been done a bit ago, it still rings true today. I'm glad you're "addicted to this research " as you put it. Also share the findings of what you uncover. Thank goodness for that!! Keep up the good fighting for our health , and you look great in purple too by the way!! 💞 Love to you and your family and all who help you behind the scenes. Bravo! ~~ Peace ~~

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