Intermittent Fasting as a Spiritual Practice | Dr Daniel Kalish | Fasting Summit

– More I meditate, the more
energy that’s generated, the less food I need to function. We use food to numb ourselves out, and of course we do that
on an emotional level too, obviously, emotional
eating, it’s the whole, you know, “I split up with
my girlfriend or boyfriend, and I gonna eat my ice
cream” kind of thing. But I think, deeper than
the emotional cravings, is this sort of, you know,
sense of spiritual void that people try to fill with food. And also, when we get more
spiritually connected, and it gets scary, food is a
way to kind of shut that down. People are afraid of change. Even if, this is an interesting thing, even if the new thing is
potentially, exponentially better, it’s still scary. Just like what you were saying before, a true hunger versus emotional hunger, and that is a discipline that’s
well worth understanding, because you’re learning
about yourself, right? You’re learning how, you
know, who you’re true self is versus your personality self. (upbeat pop music)

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