Intermittent Fasting And Walking 80 Pounds Down Live Q&A

all right I think we’re live now
hopefully the signal is good I’m trying to look and see hopefully everything is
gonna come through okay we’re in a new location and we just got here so
so hopefully the internet will stay good and welcome to the YouTube live I don’t
know if anybody’s here yet looks like maybe one person’s here but um so today
we drove for like three hours so hopefully and hopefully the rain will
not be too loud let me know if you at any point you have trouble hearing me
and I’ll either talk louder or maybe I’ll have to go inside let’s see
J if you are in here if you could comment so that I could make you a
moderator so and if you have any questions at all you can pop them in the
comments to introduce myself my name is Kayla and I’ve lost 80 pounds
as of this morning with intermittent fasting and walking I walk six miles every
day and I eat one today basically to sum up and I also have a cheat day every
Sunday so any questions you have it all about intermittent fasting about walking
six miles a day about cheat day or anything like that just let me know okay
are you a real estate agent I thought I remember hearing that in one of your
videos Amy asked um I was but I ended up not really enjoying it as much
as I wanted to I just didn’t fit really with you know my life and and what I
enjoy doing so yeah I ended up just saying I’m done but my husband is still
one but we’ve started full-time RVing so we’re kind of transitioning out
of that okay let’s see and you like watching the videos and
they’re helpful well thank you Amy I appreciate that I always try to make
them as helpful as I can I try to be as transparent and everything is possible
so thank you for that that’s really nice so I’ll go ahead if nobody has other
questions ah there’s my husband is signed in as coffee coffee coffee show
so hopefully I can set him as the moderator I still can’t figure it out so
oh well hopefully ha I can put somebody in a timeout but I won’t put
him in a timeout okay so let’s see Phyllis I love your videos also I was
wondering do you really eat a lot of different things on your cheat day it
depends on the cheat day um some cheat days it’s been like oh man I mean
especially in the beginning in the beginning cheat day was like wow you
know I get to eat you know all the things in it and I really didn’t overdo
it but I did eat a lot more you know things I’ve been craving and it because
at that point I had a lot more cravings in general um now you know that my
relationships with food and everything have have just become a lot better I
don’t crave as many of those you know you know forbidden foods I don’t have
any forbidden foods anymore so um so yeah it ends up being less you know variety
and stuff I mean I just eat whatever I want so some days it just kind of
depends on the week and it kind of depends on you know my monthly cycle and
everything as far as you know far as hormonally speaking I’ve definitely noticed you
know I crave more sugar and sweets and stuff during that time of the month then
in just regular you know regular times okay so hopefully that answers your
question Phyllis thank you for asking Meat Is Murder only
okay all right so let’s see just five weeks in for intermittent fasting and
seven pounds lost that is awesome Joe so much easier for you than tracking points
so I guess that would be Weight Watchers I think right so um yeah not having to
track anything as far as points keep keeping up with points that was something
I really wanted to avoid because I know historically with me I can I can do it
for a while like the Zone diet you have to keep up with like percentages and
stuff and for a while I can do that but eventually it just gets to be too
confusing and go back to eating however I ate so so I’m glad that you’re having
success – that’s awesome seven pounds that is great let’s see
Deborah says hi started watching you a few days ago thanks so much for your
inspiration oh thank you I’m honored that you were inspired um today is day
one trying a 18:6 Wow so I would love to know how
that goes for you I’m always interested to see you know because some people do
this really aggressively like they’ll go from you know and I think I would call
an 18:6 pretty aggressive like I was a wuss
okay like I I was like okay I’ll just not eat for an eight-hour stretch in the
beginning and then I just you know pushed out breakfast a little later or
so mine was very very gradual but you know other people will be more
aggressive with it and I think I mean a lot of people have said you know some
people say they they go straight from one way of eating to the other and it
doesn’t even affect them and then other people say you know it took them like a
week or two to just so I would love it if you update me and let me know how it
goes for you too let’s see let’s see Carlyne hey Carlyne wanted to ask you if you’ve noticed any muscle loss do you still have good muscle tone doing
IF okay so I have not noticed any muscle loss okay I don’t know how one
measures that you know like I can still pick up my kids and
you know in the process of RVing and stuff we’re doing a lot of things I you
know I did the monkey bars the other day which I couldn’t do before I lost the
weight but I don’t know I’ll flex that’s I don’t know that’s that’s that’s my
muscle so but I have not noticed any kind of like wasting away or anything
like that Jason Fung has a really good video about why intermittent fasting
does not cause muscle loss he can maybe google that or hopefully I’ll remember
to put that J can you make a note to put that my husband’s taking notes of
the questions that we get so that we can put that in the description with the
start times and everything that way hopefully it’s a really easy video to
kind of go through and find your questions okay Jo yeah it is raining
here I’m in Georgia now and which is where I was born and raised so it’s
raining it looks like it’s gonna like rain all week long so we’ll see let’s
see Lady Desa greetings from Bulgaria oh wow you love my channel well thank you so much well hi from America and I just man all these people from
different countries that is just so cool to me thank you for watching I
appreciate that um your video is really helping Yris I hope I’m pronouncing your
name right Yris Dell I’m trying to adapt your what would this look like if it were easy it is not what comes naturally to me but I’m trying to
thank you okay thank you for telling me that Yris uh yeah that is hard for me as well it it’s like the opposite of how I tend
to be I tend to be pretty driven I would say really stubborn and I a lot of times
I will make things harder on myself than they need to be but then what I’ve realized is nobody’s gonna give you a medal you know if you make this hard on yourself
you know and you’re just like you know miserable like nobody’s gonna
know it’s only you so trying to make things easy
it goes against you know everything in my nature to do that but it has been so
important I think for continued success and maintenance so because today I can’t
read if I said that on the video but I earned my 80 pound weight loss
badge on Fitbit so that was huge for me I was I’m just really excited now that’s
not my seven-day average but it is my single day like that’s my record first
single day weight so I’m like super excited okay that’s it Carlyne
looking good thanks Carlyne helga says greetings from Germany oh
thank you Helga thank you for watching all the way from Germany and Kim well
thanks for watching appreciate that G says hi how important do you think it
is to track your walking with a fitness watch you think I can get away
with only using a smartphone I’m trying to work up to 6 miles a day awesome uh I hope
you enjoy it as much as I do because I really really love my six miles everyday
it is like it’s just almost impossible to be in a bad mood when you walked six
mile so um uh so fitness trackers I’ve got a Fitbit
I’ve got an Alta I love my Fitbit I’ll uh I had a Flex
before but for a long stretch there I did use my smartphone because my Flex
broke and then I just said you know what I can use my smartphone
it’s a pedometer and you know what it was just as accurate and there’s a lot
of pros to it because then you don’t have another device to have to deal with in
charge and all that stuff it can be I would say just as that you can have
success either way like the main thing is you’re committed to the miles you
don’t have to buy any additional equipment I mean heck you can get one as
little cheapo things if you really just want a pedometer you know it’s like you
know it’s like I don’t know a couple dollars from Walmart but yeah
smart phones worked fantastically the problems I had with the smart phone just
for my own convenience where they didn’t fit in my pocket really well
so I had to either have pockets I did end up like sticking in my waistband with
athletic shorts just little annoyances like that that’s you know and then fitbit has the badges and I just love badges I’m so motivated by them it’s ridiculous okay so I hope that answers your
question G Jo it’s kind of funny five weeks ago I said to myself no eating for
three hours yeah yeah it’s um it’s one of those things boundaries right just
boundaries having some sort of boundaries with food and that’s what
pretty much any diet plan is it’s just you know whatever you can figure out to
put some sort of boundaries up and you know for me at first eight hours was tough it
was like okay I’m just not gonna because that was a stress eater so it was like
just how I dealt with stress was like pop something in my mouth you know so yeah but now here I am doing OMAD who’d a thunk right okay
Hyat says hi youre nearly three weeks nearly three weeks in and you switched from
intermittent fasting to OMAD halfway and you’ve lost 9.5 pounds that
is awesome wow that is excellent you’re so inspirational and easy to relate to
thanks for videos and really appreciate your channel well thank you Hyat um I hope I’m pronouncing your name correctly that that is fantastic like I mean I
never I never had that fast of a weight loss as far as like you know week after
week after week you know my average is about a pound but that is that it’s
fantastic congratulations okay let’s see what you got here now they say three
hours till I eat so I yeah right yeah isn’t that funny because you get used to it too
like now I don’t even use it like I mean occasionally I’ll have a day where I’m
hungry but most of the time it’s like oh wow it’s already 6 o’clock it’s time
start thinking about eating you know so it gets very easy yeah it yeah you said
going longer it gets easier yeah and it definitely that’s definitely what I’ve
found Jeanine says thanks so much for
inspirational channell I’m honored you think it’s inspirational it is so much
more my style than tracking everything in calorie counting anything so much
yeah Jeanine I’m right there with you out
like I just I can’t it well for one counting counting my calories just made
me feel so deprived but now try like tracking I don’t track calories either
because that drives me nuts too and points or whatever but tracking my
weight is the only thing that I really have found is really useful but let’s
see let’s see Linda hey Linda from Greece I remember you I remembered
your name from last week still OMADing it’s so easy not him to think of
food for most of the day amen I mean that has been when I was thinking
like about why I why I prefer OMAD because a lot of people are like well you know are you still doing that did you go back to eating two meals a day and I mean right
now I’m still losing some more so I’m at OMAD but you know I’ve been thinking
about you know do I really want to go back to the other way and I just really
love not having to think about food until suppertime so um so yeah let’s see
all right let’s see hi this is my first okay Roxanna hi this is my first week of
IF’ I’ve read about all the positives have you seen negative side effects okay
negative side effects I’m trying to like because I’ve been doing it for so long I
try to think in terms of over those years any kind of negative side effects
okay so one thing you have to learn how to deal with is the social aspect and
this is something that it really depends on your life I think I happen to
have a life that OMAD is really easy I mean homeschool my kids and we’re
full-time RVers so the social aspect of like constantly being asked to lunch
or doing playdates with other people’s kids and stuff that doesn’t happen to me
so I would say the lifestyle that you live you want to look at your life and
see will this fit and and then customize your plan based on your life because
then that is a serious thing you know you don’t want to cut people out of your
life you know just to be able to do this certain kind of eating so you have to
figure out how to you know navigate those waters what else um in the
beginning when I was learning how to fast like as far as you know dealing
with hunger there were occasionally times where like I wouldn’t eat enough
during my window and then I’d feel some nausea but I always take that like
anytime I experience any kind of negative symptoms so let me list a
couple like a headache or nausea or if I’m not sleeping well I think that
pretty much covers it those things always told me you need to eat more
during your window so that’s what I would do and then the those symptoms
would go away I don’t think there’s been any other negative well you know my
husband would tell me I would get hangry especially around that time of the month
like he would say you need to eat something and so I would have my
emergency chocolate but I think that’s all I can think of on the negatives if
if there’s something negative that you’ve read and you’d like me to you
know tell you whether I’ve experienced it pop it in the comments and I’ll
answer it okay Amy for the ones not losing weight they may need to cut back
calories a bit I count my calories along with IF’ and with success and was
successful after trying and failing at weight loss once I reached 49 right so
yeah so Amy what I’ve found what I would say is because the thing that really
appeals to me about intermittent fasting is that I don’t have to count or track
calories now but I do have a very short window I mean at this point it’s one
meal you know it’s just sit down for the one meal
and eat so so yeah I would say right if you want to have a longer eating window
and you’re not having results and you’ve been very very consistent with your
fasting window because a lot of times it’s just you’re not sticking with the
fasting window but if you’re being super consistent with a fasting window and you
really tried it for you know a good stretch of time I would say three or
four weeks and you’re not having any results then you might want to shorten
your window or you know if you’re good with counting and tracking and go for it
I just hate it it’s just that’s my hang-up not anybody else’s let’s see hey
love your videos can you tell us how tall you are
yeah I am five six just like my husband said so now I am in alright so I started
out at 222 and five six and that was severely obese and then and now I am as
of this morning 142 and that’s in the normal weight range I think at 154
that’s when I hit normal weight for BMI hopefully that answers your question
let’s see hey I love your videos can you write sorry who is we Agnes you
asked I don’t know what that refers to so if you could tell me some context
sorry Joni I started averaging my daily weight
like you suggested and it’s so encouraging oh yay down a pound this week
on average but it wasn’t that much if you don’t average yeah so the
seven-day average keeps me sane it keeps me on a much more even keel because my
weight a lot of people ask me does your weight fluctuate like yes like if you
watch my monthly progress reports I do those because I want people to see like
the weight doesn’t do this you know it’s like this you know over time so my
weight and like I think I look back and most of those months where I’ve done
that because I always post how much did my weight fluctuate the most my weight
fluctuated within a single week so within a seven day period the highest
number and the lowest number as far as single day weight how much does it you
know vary by and it can be five or six pounds easy most months so so yeah mine definitely fluctuates a lot and it would
drive me crazy if I tried to figure out like well have I lost or not you know so
and I actually the reason I started doing it that way I read a study that
said people women who or I mean maybe it’s just people in general who were
just told their 7-day average so they would they would weigh them and they
would just tell him their 7-day average they wouldn’t tell him the actual number
they lost more weight and were just successful overall with with weight loss
though so that I tried it and I loved it so good glad you like it too Joni okay
all day mom took an antibiotic for illness and it’s throwing me off
fasting today is the last day of the meds yay have you ever had troubles with meds
no um I I never go to the doctor or hardly ever um and you know that’s I
know people were very you need to go and I know I will but I just don’t take that
much medicine in general like I what the way I was raised really was like we were
self-pay so like we had to be like really sick to go and so that’s kind of
why I do it myself I come if I’m really sick I will go to the doctor but I’m
just rarely sick I mean I just I don’t know I don’t know what to tell you so um
but yeah but I will say medicines will definitely mess with your hunger with
your hormones and everything like I remember when I was probably a teenager
I think I was around a teenager maybe a preteen or so I had to take steroids cuz
a hornet bit me or stung me and my arm just swelled up really bad and so I had
to go to the doctor and they gave me steroids to take and I remember being so
hungry all the time so yeah I can totally tell how that would messwith you and
probably also I would guess that it could cause some like nausea and stuff too I mean I don’t know I guess it depends on the medication so glad though
that it’s working out for you let’s see good for Graceful Sky i need to walk
more oh I missed your comment graceful sky I don’t know if it’s
maybe I missed it okay so Albert says Hi I enjoy your videos hi Albert
thanks for watching I agree I hate count Darlyne says I hate counting calories
even though it works it does like people who count like I heard somebody I think
it was actually Jason Fung the other day saying like that it doesn’t work and I
think I’d probably disagree with him on that I think the thing about counting
calories is you have to be so consistent with it and in the real world it’s just
really hard to be consistent over time with counting calories you know weighing
measuring food you know over time that’s just my opinion or at least that was my
experience with it and but I’m not a doctor and I’m not a scientist so I’ll
leave that the doctors and scientists to figure it out let’s see dawn oh you’re
homeschooling Mom too all right awesome yeah we homeschool our kids use the
Robinson curriculum so I love all these home schoolers I’ve met on here okay
Hayat says I’m really keen to be more intuitive eater so I try to listen to
my body for clues on how to feel full is this something you do or do you go about
what portions look like Hayat I go by how I’m feeling so and that’s been a journey
like that was that was my big struggle I think um a lot of times I was just
eating you know eat you know a lot of times it was stress eating so it’s just
eating and eating and eating and then you end up being miserable and so
intermittent fasting put that boundary around food that said okay you can’t eat
right now so then I started to learn okay I’m
actually hungry or I’m not and then that kind of helped me to get to the point
where I could really start to tell okay am I really full right now or am I just
eating because the foods here but that’s been a very long process
but yeah and okay so here’s another one of just my observations it depends on
the time of month is as far as how much I need to eat or what like when I feel
full okay so like during my period for example I tend to want more food I
just do like I’m just hungrier I need bigger portions and I’ve learned to just
listen to that and I do and so I just sit there I’m like okay I’m not gonna freak
out because I really need this food right now and then there will be other
times in the month where it’s like man I really don’t need as much food so I
really try to be intuitive as well I don’t just arbitrarily say portions
because it’s such a complex thing too because it’s not just about like that
time of the month and everything for us ladies out there but it’s also about
like how active you were too like and you know the body is so complex I think
really going on intuition is probably the best idea that’s just my opinion
okay let’s see here um okay dawn yes do you eat a lot of carbs during your one
meal yeah I do um I would say I’m probably
higher carb than anything else and you know carbs are cheap you know that I
mean ultimately that’s the thing like I’ve got a family to feed and so um our
meals tend to be you know higher carb and I mean we do like we try to eat as
healthy as we possibly can you know but I’m certainly not gonna sit here and
pretend like our eating is really really great by any means I think it’s you know
more like a average family or kinda food like pasta
you know spaghetti beans and rice which I’ve heard is a complete protein if you
do beans and rice but yeah so I don’t count carbs
I don’t limit carbs I don’t I don’t try to eat any particular way it’s just like
whatever like you know there might be some other nights where it’s like man
pleasing chicken with roasted vegetables I mean it just it just depends but yeah
I don’t limit carbs let’s see let’s see thanks Jo hall okay graceful sky I’m sorry I missed your
comment is I think it’s not showing it on here for me do you worry about not
getting enough fruits and vegetables on your diet with OMAD
Darlyne no I don’t because here’s why I wasn’t eating any differently like you
know like that the I think a lot of people ask this question as if like I
used to eat you know the right amount of fruits and vegetables in the right
amount of whatever and you know like now I mean I eat them when I crave them and
I try to get as many vegetables in as possible but you know like before the
way I was eating wasn’t like a bunch of fruits and vegetables for breakfast and
lunch it was more like you know bread and eggs and stuff like that so um I
would say I’ve probably made overall overall that’s ate my diet has improved
because I eat a lot well I just eat a lot less in general I eat a lot less junk
food type things when I do have the junk food you know cuz occasionally I will I
just don’t need to eat as much of it but yeah like and then you know people
change their minds every five seconds as far as how many fruits and vegetables I
mean I heard something other day is basically like fruit’s for you well you
know like I think just everything kind of in moderation so and I also go with
how I’m feeling too and so in so many other cultures see that’s another thing
that so many other cultures eat so many different ways you know so I just kind
of say well I’ll do the best I can okay also with you
with counting calories you have you have to be honest must log everything and I
agree that’s exhausting yeah it’s exhausting but it’s a good practice I
think as far as like just from that standpoint of having to be honest with
yourself and that because that I think you know like I track my weight and
that’s an exercise in being honest with yourself every day
about where you are and so yeah counting calories same thing
okay let’s see let’s see family of seven completely understand yeah no I guess
that’s about carbs are cheap what weight do you want to stop at um I don’t know
yet it’s really to me more about when does
my plan stop working like at this point I still have belly fat so I’m thinking
I’d like to lose a little bit more but I’m really happy where I’m at too – so okay
carbs are good home-cooked food is always best yeah whatever maybe cost has
Mama’s and Papa’s love put into it food that’s right yeah like um yeah I kind of feel that way
like home-cooked meals and we do I cook from I cook all of our meals pretty much
I mean people’s definition of from scratch are different but I cook you
know the actual food I don’t buy a lot of boxed things or prepackaged like the
Stouffer’s whatever you know I just you know make the stuff from scratch
generally speaking but I don’t like make my own pasta from scratch so can you make a speed video of how you
walk six miles a day Sophia asked well I have a video about how I walk six I’ve
made two videos on how I walk six miles a day like one I did was frequently
asked questions about walking six miles a day and another one was just about how
I do it like that was the first video I think but basically just I get out there
and walk six miles so 14,000 steps but alI I care about is
that my Fitbit has 14,000 steps at the end of the day I don’t try to say well it’s
gotta be all at one stretch or you know it’s got to be in the morning it’s gotta
be at night nope just as long as my Fitbit says 14,000 steps by midnight it
counts and there were times I was getting my 14,000th step at
midnight okay let’s see graceful sky it’s okay I just said hi
and that today you went for a walk for an hour and 15 minutes awesome
I’m not good at the going for walks thing yeah yeah but you’re trying to improve and I
you know I had to bribe myself at first to get out there and walk I was like
okay well you can watch you know netflix or Amazon Prime or whatever like you
watch movies the entire time if you’ll just get out there or you can be on
Facebook guilt-free you know as long as you just get out there and and it
doesn’t matter how slow you’re out there just as long as you you know and that’s
what I told myself and you know and now I love my walks like I just I love them
and so you know it’s it’s something I think you’ll you’ll find
that you enjoy over time let’s see hi Kayla this is Christina
from Utah hi Christina I have to say you’re amazing oh and an inspiration to those you
help well thank you Christina I you know I appreciate that I I just I’m trying to
put my experience out there for people so that you know my hope is you know my
hope with starting the whole channel was just like maybe like one other person
will see the video and be like hey she did it I can do it you know and so I’m
touched so thank you Albert okay
lets see Linda says that’s what’s so good you can eat what you like whatever is on the
table I’m 65 lifetime dieter first time I’m losing and no problems no
deprivation four months 10 kilos 22 pounds yes I remember the kilos from last time that is awesome thank you for sharing
that Linda yeah lifetime dieter yeah that’s pretty much been me like I was an
overweight kid like when I was probably one of the reasons I have a hang-up
about going to the doctor is when I was like I think about six years old you
know the doctor said that I was overweight and in my mind the way I
remember it is he was really mean and he put me on a diet and you know I just
like I get really nervous at doctor’s appointments from then on but it but yes
but now when I just allow myself whatever I want it’s just has
completely changed my life around food and just in general changed my life okay lets see how let’s see how to boost up energy levels during fasting Kurat I hope I’m
pronouncing your name right Kurat so I have found with intermittent
fasting my energy levels are awesome however I will say you know I had I mean
I still have body fat on me so that’s probably part of the reason because you
know I’ve actually got fat stores to to burn and that you know causes me to have
more energy maybe if I ever felt low-energy I always said to myself okay
I need to eat more at my meal or during my window and so that’s what I did so I
think if you’re feeling tired you should probably eat more but and also
okay I will also add feeling good like filling up your life with things other
than eating has been important to me too like I was thinking the other day because I
was listening to the radio and there was like a song on there from one of my
first playlists that I made on Spotify because I made some playlists like back
in I think 2015 or maybe even 2014 I think 2015 though I was like okay I’ve
got to change my attitude and so I just started like making songs like the
craziest songs you know that you’re like ashamed that you love them but you love
them and they make you feel good and make you sing and dance like I had to
get myself like out of my own funk you know so so that was a big part of it so like so
feeling Low Energy if it’s like a thing where you’re just
kind of feeling like I just don’t want to do anything you know like I say seek
out things like seek out new hobbies and interests and you know get interested in
something um pretty much anything can be interesting if you just take an interest
in it so I read that book I didn’t make that up
sorry I hope I put I hope no one got put in a timeout just now I’m trying to
scroll up on this screen but okay Albert do you ever think of doing OMAD every
other day or having two cheat days in a row yes I think about or is it scary to go off OMAD so first of all no it’s not scary to get off OMAD
to me it’s like the easiest thing ever like especially now that I’ve documented
all of this so well because that was like another reason I start the channel
I thought I want to remember this is exactly what I was doing this is exactly how I was losing weight and everything so that if in the future anything ever
you know threw me way out uh you know way out in left field or something
I could remember and I could say no this is how I did it because so many times in
the past it’s hard to remember like what does that doing back then you know like
well how did I lose that weight um so OMAD every other day or 2 cheat
days in a row yeah I when I finish losing weight now I’m gonna experiment a lot
I’m gonna like just see what works what doesn’t oh man
I read about this one guy the other day that what’s-his-name somebody sent
me the link to the article Nolan Shaheed
I think it’s that I think that’s his name but anyway he is a runner he
OMADs but when he is not like training he only eats one meal every other day I
thought man will forget that never well I don’t think I would ever do that
but yeah but yeah I plan on doing tons of experiments when I get down to where
I wanna be but it’s not scary to go on to go off of OMAD like I do it
every week you know with my cheat day and so like when I go on vacation
sometimes I’ll just go completely off and it’s now that I know how easy it is
to get back on it’s not scary it was scary at first but it’s not scary
anymore helga can you eat chewing gum in the fasting time and drink coffee with a
little milk Helga I drink coffee with half-and-half three times a day I do it
first thing when I wake up a little bit later and then in the afternoon and half
and half because you’re from Germany so basically cream Iike cream in
my coffee I think that’ll translate the right way
because a lot of English people of British people rather like when I say
half and half they’re like what in the world is that so um it’s basically half cream
half milk that you buy in the store already mixed like that um so as far as
chewing gum like so in the beginning I had gum I had mints any anything that I
like felt like oh just need something to kind of chew on or whatever now I don’t
need that anymore maybe occasionally I need it’s just for
my breath or something but cuz I get a lot of questions now that people are
saying that their breath stinks or you know whatever because I guess yes a lot
of people are doing keto along with this and and I I haven’t noticed but
hopefully my breath does not stink let’s see so I Helga my philosophy is allow
yourself what you need during that time even if it’s like kind of a crutch to
get yourself to you know being really consistent in the fasting window you know like
I said that those were kind of crutches for me
I kept the coffee because I love coffee and I want it
you know life and I wanted during my fasting window and I was able to have
results and that was the main thing having results for me let’s see let’s
see I want to work up to OMAD but I give in every day and eat early you’re a
stay-at-home mom I’m very picky okay mommy tiff yeah um you know here’s the
thing though OMAD there’s nothing special about it I don’t think I mean
unless you know unless you’re type like me
cuz I think I’m kind of an outlier as far as how much food I can eat at one
sitting but a lot of people were like well I can’t eat enough on OMAD like I
can’t eat enough to stay full and I would say well you don’t why are you
trying to get – OMAD then like just stay where you’re at like as long as
you’re having results so um you know if you’re having results on a longer eating
window I say go for it but but maybe there’s a reason you’re trying to get to
OMAD so but you’ll get there it just takes time I mean I was just very
gradual with it so uh Stuart says do you feel that walking so much has helped her
metabolism hard to say you know I did things like that are supposed to be
really great for your metabolism before I started doing you know OMAD and
walking like I did power lifting like deadlifts really heavy well for me heavy
deadlifts and you know squats and all that stuff
and I just didn’t lose a lot of weight with it and but now when I’m doing OMAD and you know walking it’s hard to say you know is it though is it the OMAD is it the walking or you know how’s my how has my metabolism done I think it’s much better
now I feel like it is but I haven’t been tested there what makes me think that is
my energy levels are great I stay you know warm like I don’t feel cold all the
time and I’m sleeping really well but you know again it’s kind of a hard
thing to measure I think like I’m I was looking into it because I just was
curious like how any studies been done as far as metabolism rates you know
you know I was looking more intermittent fasting versus regular kind of eating
but it’s kind of hard to measure it I think let’s see okay let’s see well man
let’s see a lot of comments so I’m trying to can you
show before photo you look so good oh thank you Lisa um I I don’t have that
ability on this Facebook live but if you go to my website you can see my before photos like all all different angles because that’s
how I did it in the beginning because like I’m not gonna be in denial anymore about how I look like um and if you click on the one that says my story you’ll see the Facebook
photo that started it all where I got tagged in the Facebook photo and I was
just mortified you know I was like I did not recognize myself so you can
check it out there let’s see Tracy I’m new fan just started
watching more on an empty stomach and Wow feel great thank you for you’re such
an inspiration oh well thank you Tracy thanks for watching yeah I feel
really good when I compare cheat day versus just a regular day I really feel
a lot better on the non or on the non cheat days it’s like so when I’m doing
OMADI just feel more energy and everything I keep the cheat day because
it’s just so darn easy and I really don’t want to change anything like
anything at all while I’m doing this once I get down to where I want to be
where I feel like okay that’s enough weight loss I’m gonna experiment a lot
with you know different kinds of patterns and stuff and just kind of see
what works for me alright let’s see okay Melissa says is it defeating my
purpose to 18:6 Monday through Friday and OMAD Saturday and Sunday no I don’t think so I
think that’s fantastic that’s much better than whatever what I do because I
take Sunday completely off um I think it’s great I think whatever whatever
works for you like the best thing I can say is be consistent like right now what
you’re doing say okay today I started doing it this way okay and here you know
I like to track my weight I do it every day and then you know I try it as a
six-week experiment now I would say okay that’s been that and it you know pay
attention to how are you feeling how easy is this feeling and then you know
if you’re having results and its feeling easy do it you know like if you can keep
track of it I think that’s fantastic let’s pattycake I’m ashamed to say
my favorite exercise song is ice ice baby hey Ice Ice Baby it is an awesome
song well that’s not there’s some bad language in it and stuff I guess but I love that song it is in it is
probably on my playlist and if it’s not it would it would go on there today for
sure yeah like any songs anything with a good beat like that Meghan Trainor song
all about that bass I mean at I put everyone on that playlist like that I could you know
pump myself up to so let’s see how long is your eating window or time do I give
it for a meal okay so John I sit so because I’m at OMAD now when I’m when I
say OMAD one meal a day I mean literally one meal a day we sit down as
a family we eat our meal and then when I stand up I start fasting again so my
window is probably 30 minutes to 45 minutes I would say like I don’t time my
meals I don’t say hey kids you know it’s been 30 minutes so mommy’s got to get up
from the table we sit there if we talk we laugh at me sometimes it might be an
hour just I’m really laid-back about it and just
sitting there at the table eat till I’m full get up start fasting again let’s
see alright Don says are you are your servings are your servings of coffees
eight ounces two to three servings a day my servings are topping twelve ounces
yeah twelve ounces I actually measured it the other day for somebody I can’t
remember who asked me that yeah 12 ounces it’s a contigo travel mug and I
fill that thing up so yeah okay lets see autumn I am doing 12:6 window with
Weight Watchers loving it awesome autumn that is great I have known a lot of
people that that have had really good success with Weight Watchers so that’s
awesome I say whatever works for you that is fantastic
so congratulations too funny I went to the doctor around age 10 and went home
with a diet book oh yeah now at 51 I have the proper tools to keep this
weight off it’s very exciting for the first time yeah I I tell you what it’s
so funny like so now I got thing that was kind of silly of me to to feel like
you know weight loss is luck like I just you know maybe it’ll work maybe it won’t
or like you know that you couldn’t figure it out but I’d just made up my
mind like I’m gonna figure it out like I’m gonna keep track of my results and
just be stubborn until I you know figure out what works for me and I figured out
what works for me so I’m pretty excited about that it somehow is really
empowering I think so Richard you’re doing a 23:1 feel
super fantastic yes pretty much what I’m doing
favorite OMAD meal Darlyne asked you know my now we’re gonna start talking
about food and that’s kind of mean for these people that are fasting right now
and I don’t know what time it is right now it’s 3:34 I had a
three-hour drive today so let’s see one of my favorite meals is man pleasing
chicken with the thigh skin on like bone in thighs it’s like with maple
syrup and Dijon mustard that you mix up and a little bit of vinegar and you like
put that in a really hot oven you roast it it’s really good and then roasted
vegetables or steak cuz I love steak I love a good steak so okay well we
have been live you guys for about 43 minutes so and I’m in Georgia now near
my family sounds like a visit them San San 80 pounds yes just came in Congrats
thank you so much SanSan I am super super excited about dropping 80 pounds
like I’m not like I’ve got to get my seven-day average to be down at 80
pounds loss that’s my makes little goal but I’m
super excited so did I get headaches on OMAD no whenever I get a headache
well sometimes coffee will do that to me like if I have more coffee than normal
the day before I’m very sensitive to caffeine like that but if I ever get a
headache I always take it a sign as a sign that I need to eat more at my one meal it
doesn’t happen very often though does my stomach growl during fasting time
um occasionally yeah like my stomach actually growled just a minute ago but I
looked at my watch just like I wonder is it time to eat right now cuz I kind of
lost track of time on here um but no not generally um and usually if it growls it
stops you know within a little while but yeah in general it’s like not true
hunger whenever I kind of like if I feel kind of hungry it’s usually just boredom
that kind of thing not that I’m bored very often anymore but has it affected your
period so as a medical question I mean I can’t answer as a doctor or a scientist
I can tell you I have not noticed any kind of difference with my hormones
actually I’m very regular as far as all that goes I did a video about
intermittent fasting and how it has affected in my period so and basically it hasn’t so
hopefully that helps you out let’s see but you can certainly talk to
your doctor about it okay so thank you guys so much for watching
oh um be sure to go over to the forums if you want to you know kind of get
together over there I try to be pretty active on there and there are a lot of
people that are you know supporting each other and you know talking about you
know different topics and everything so um alright well I appreciate all you
guys watching and if I didn’t get your question I’m sorry but we’ll try to get
to it next time try to do these live videos every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern
Time Eastern Daylight Time so so again thank you guys so much I really
appreciate every one of you

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Reader Comments

  1. Janet Shenefield

    I walk 8- 15 minute segments each day…2 hours a day..or daily 6 miles. I eat 2 times a day. Keto eating or low carb. I have lost 78 pounds and n the last 2 years. Good luck! I enjoy your videos!

  2. Janet Shenefield

    I IF. 6pm to noon the next day. 3 cups of cream coffee daily..really helps . My 2 meals is the food that I ate in my one a day in the past.

  3. Craftybunny

    Congrats on the 80 lbs! w00t! I just checked and I have lost 27lbs. I have beat the goal I set for myself, but judging from the tummy fat, I probably have another 5 or 10 lbs to go. I too, am not someone who visits the doctor unless there is something wrong. The last time I went the doc said "well it probably just peri-menopause…but we should run these tests to rule out cancer"… 3 unnecessary biopsies and a huge medical bill later. Yup, it was peri-menopause. She wanted to put me on hormones, but I declined them because I don't want to postpone menopause. I also homeschooled my daughter. She is now attending college, making all a's and loving it.

  4. Coach Ree

    I live in Georgia…it has been raining like crazy lately! I have been doing IF since May of this year. I love it. I do 18/6. Congrats on your results!!!

  5. Lisa Cee

    Love this video. I have noticed that when I get emotional or stressed – I no longer turn to food but I turn to jogging or walking!

  6. Lisa Cee

    If I struggle early in the day, I’ll have about 9 grams of MCT oil & coffee blended together. Hits the spot & helps me get through to the eating window.

  7. Solange Manirambona

    I had a baby 3 months ago and I am breastfeeding and I'm doing IF for 3weeks but no results. What do you eat and how many calories? I need to see results, What can I do? I have been doing 16:8 . Please help

  8. Anna Benedict

    I have been watching your channel for a few months now
    Love the simplicity of this lifestyle, I have made OMED a part of our eating plan as of late, IF was gradual over a year span!! I just got a Fitbit and now to get back to a walking routine🤗

  9. Tracy Webb

    I have been fasting and eating one meal (between 4-6 p.m.) for a few months now. I drink water and coffee (once a day with 1/2 and 1/2). I seem to be gradually losing weight but, I fluctuate a pound or 2 up and down for weeks then finally go down, then flucuate again. Do you think that I should have lost more weight than 10 pounds in 2 months? I'm wondering if my weight loss would be faster if I didn't drink the 1/2 and 1/2 but, others say fat during the fast can be beneficial. I don't walk 6 miles but my dogs do drag me about 3 a day. No other exercise and I eat fairly healthy but usually have some chocolate or a muffin each night with my OMAD. Thanks for your input.


    you are saying you do one meal a day but do you eat more during your fest time? I mean one meal and then other eating? or just one meal and done? Can you drink anything while fasting besides water?

  11. henrietta henson

    I wish i could walk ..but an injury that makes it impossable to weight bare for any distance , its sad for me because i would love to walk for miles but i cant't …luckily with IF i am able to lose wieght so easily … so thats good.

  12. laurie thomas

    I just started the 16-8 method but I have coconut creamer in my morning coffee. Can’t have dairy. It has a gram of sugar pr serving. Should I try to drink it black? Somethings I’ve read say no sugar during fasting. Love your videos!

  13. One Love xoxo

    Hello, ive watched most of your videos today lol..I need to lose 70 lbs and your videos have been an inspiration..My question is, the 6 miles are they done before or after your meals. When I dont eat i feel faintish, fatigue and i get bad you walk before your meals or after your meals?

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