Intermittent Fasting And Walking 6 Miles A Day Live Q&A: August 22, 2018

we’re live hey everybody I was just
trying to find a good spot to land I was hoping that you could see the river
behind me but I’m here in Missouri right now and the Mississippi River is just right back there hey Joann
let’s see and my husband’s in here moderating comments as CoffeeCoffeeCoffee so if anybody has any questions at all about intermittent fasting or
weight loss or walking six miles every day anything let me know just to
give you a little background my name is Kayla
I have lost 80 pounds so far using intermittent fasting and walking six
miles every day hi Katherine oh it’s grey and cloudy in England ah
but you’re in England and I just think that’s so cool I would love to visit
there sometime hey Tracy and Emily or well EmValentine I wonder if are you
the are you EmKay on the forums just wondering you don’t have to answer if
that’s not something you wanna share hey Vicki glad to see you’re here
I bet it’s hot in Florida it is cooler up here it was like 60 degrees this
morning hi Cynthia from Germany oh man I just I love that there are so many
people from different countries watching that’s just the coolest thing
hey Carol Oh Joanne you’re up to six miles on the elliptical my hat is off to
you that is that’s fantastic I remember I remember the elliptical used to
just kill me I haven’t been on an elliptical since I was over 200 pounds
but oh man they’re so hard but but easier on the knees I think hey John hey
Albert hey Mel from Wisconsin hey I’m closer to you than I normally have been
in the past Christina oh you’re from Utah yeah and I
remember you Christina you’ve commented before and I’m glad you find it inspiring
it’s noon in California oh but smokey yeah lots of wildfires out
there right now right we’re having to like we’re trying to make our way up to
Glacier National Park and there’s some fires up there so stay safe over
there Susan Vickie yeah no so hot down there okay oh and you’re from France okay well
thank you for joining us EmValentine let’s see
Tracy you asked have you ever read eat stop eat I have not read it I have heard
good things about it and it was one of those things that kind of intrigued me
because I believe at that point I can’t remember what year it came out but if my
memory serves me correctly it was one of those things where I thought huh like
don’t eat for I think a day right like it’s like you eat like oh now I can’t
even remember the plan but I remember it intrigued me because it was so different
than any other kind of diet plan I’d ever heard of like I’ve been on a diet
my entire life it feels like but I had never really thought of the concept of
just not eating for a period of time and so then that was kind of one of those
things where I thought that sounds like something I could do so it intrigued me
and I think that’s probably why I even looked into intermittent fasting in the
beginning I believe my brother-in-law Roger Cox was the first one to ever
tell me about eat stop eat but I could be wrong on that Oh Mary you’re from
South Wales in the United Kingdom oh well hello Mary let’s see Tracy you said
in Eat Stop Eat he recommends two 24-hour fast a week and not daily okay yeah so
um and that would certainly be easier right I mean because it’s basically a 24-hour
fast that I’m doing every day but then I take Sunday completely off I I wonder in eat stop eat if you can answer this do they like tell you to count calories I
can’t remember if that’s a thing or not in that one
oh yeah Mel you’re talking about how freeing it is to say you can eat
whatever I want between these hours you have to refine your diet more soon but
you feel good well good I’m glad Mel I that was very freeing to me too just the
idea I can eat anything I want right now like and in the beginning like I’ve talked about before it was kind of one of those
things where I was like oh you know I can eat anything so you know there were
all those foods that I normally wouldn’t allow myself that I’d allow myself
but then my eating did get better just because it was like you’re really
starting to focus on how does this taste how do I feel after I eat this you know
and yeah it’s very freeing so I’m glad you’ve had that experience too hey Linda I’m so glad you
made it from Greece ah I’m gonna visit one day not
maybe not you but I will visit Greece one day I really want to hey birdy Tracy okay so
no calorie counting so eat stop eat I’m wondering Tracy have you ever done it
and what were your results because I know that’s a question people have a lot
with okay so Tracy you said two 24-hour fast so that’s like two days of OMAD
and then just the rest of the time and so for five days out of the week you’re just
eating whatever you want no counting calories required that’s interesting
never tried that are those cicadas let me listen yes I believe they are cicadas
Kayohim man they’re they’re not nearly as loud as the ones we heard
in Illinois oh my goodness you could be driving down the roads there at night
and it’s just you can hear it through the windows it was crazy loud and I’ve
lived in Florida and it was way louder than Florida okay Mel just cannot count
calories and points with five kids and home schooling and life at this time it
makes it simple yes and hey yay for homeschooling I’m a home schooler
also I’ve got three not five so wow you you you’ve got your hands full and yeah
that was another thing too with me is like I just I can’t focus on all the
things right like I’ve gotta simplify and that’s why I went so simple like
I did and it worked but it was very freeing to be like okay I’ve got this I know what I’m doing
cuz that was another thing too in 2015 half the time I didn’t even really know
what plan I was doing you know it’s kind of like what I’m counting calories but
I’m also trying to work out CrossFit three times a week and then you know
it helped me to simplify so I’m glad that it’s simple for you too – okay let’s see
Tracy you’re eating OMAD currently and it’s just easy I think you’ll stick
to this plan yeah yeah I like this plan too – like it’s so easy it’s just it’s
become second nature to me it’s just I remember the beginning it didn’t feel
like second nature it was easy but it was kind of like I didn’t feel like
normal like this is like I can do this while I’m losing weight but don’t I want to
get back to like normal life with three meals a day and now it’s like no I like
this I like this better let’s see yes love the OMAD diet ate lunch at 12pm so
Joanne do you you just eat lunch every day is that right at noon because I’ve
never done that I’ve never done that like my meal has always been supper time
but I’ve often wondered you know what would it be like to do it at a different time
of day let’s see birdie you’re doing one meal a
day on weekdays when my meal time comes you’re very hungry yeah so birdie um do
you feel like that that’s always the case like how long have you been doing
it I wonder and I mean I think a lot of people tend to find I mean by one meal
I’m hungry like I’m ready to eat and it depends on the time of month and everything sometimes that’s a little
bit more intense but I would be curious to know how long you been doing it and
if you’ve noticed it getting any easier or not or if you’re just saying like by
the time your meal comes you’re hungry let’s see hi Henrietta
okay clotted cream from from Devon England which is where clotted cream comes from well
that’s very interesting now clotted cream you’re gonna have to
help me with that one because is that like a really thick cream I know I it’s
okay English you know things from England and then things from America our
dairy is just so confusing like trying to explain to people like you trying to
explain to people from Great Britain what is half and half like over here
half and half is a thing but over there not a thing so much so if you could
explain to me Henrietta what exactly is clotted cream okay Vicki
you’re five pounds from your goal but the thought of eating whatever I want in my eating
window still scares me but I love how you teach to experiment love your attitude well thank you Vicki yeah it is so freeing to just say it’s an experiment
like in life with anything if you just say you know I’m just gonna
experiment here it it kind of takes the pressure off and you can just kind of
step outside of it you know like instead of saying like it’s all my fault if I
fail just like that experiment failed you’re just the subject you know the
test subject you know I really do try to do that like when I weigh myself in the
morning I try to just think of myself as like the scientist who’s just noting
what is the weight today you know trying to take all the emotion out of it as
best I can but that has been freeing to me to do that so and congratulations on
being five pounds from your goal that’s awesome Michelle I want to graze all day how
did you get past that or did you not have that issue Michelle yes I had that
issue I was the type of person I think I’m part Hobbit I mean I would just you
know want to eat all day long like breakfast then second breakfast and
elevensies you know it was the whole thing and it would you know like any
time my kids left something on their plate it was just you know I I don’t
like to waste food so I would you know eat that stuff so yeah I was a grazer
and we worked from home that’s another thing we homeschool we
work from home my husband works from home so we’re all at home all the time
and there’s plenty of opportunities for snacking so how did I get over that well
that was the good thing about intermittent fasting to me was there was
a clear line a clear boundary that said no eating during this time and that
really helped me because before I could always justify in my head oh it’s just a
bite oh I don’t want food to go to waste oh you know I’m a little hungry I’m a
little you know need a little snack and so so then if I had that boundary it was
a clear violation if I ate anything you know so it kept me from grazing and then
that really helped me to start to see those things like oh you know you’re
eating cuz you’re stressed or you know you’re eating cuz you’re bored and I
started to realize all these things like I’m not really hungry during those times
and so help me to put those boundaries up so that’s that’s how it helped me it
took a while for it to start but it took me a while to realize true hunger what
what does it look and feel like versus what are these other things that other
reasons I’m eating okay also dr. Fung Tracy you say dr. Fung
says that people who eat all night will lose weight slower than those who
earlier but because that’s when I eat more I think you mean responsibly it
says irresponsibly irresponsibly let’s see I think that’s what you’re saying
like you eat more let’s see you love your dinner I think you’re saying I think
what you’re saying is you prefer to eat dinner because you can be more
responsible at that time and yeah I mean and that’s certainly I mean I don’t know
what the research says and certainly he’s probably studied it a whole lot more
than I have I tended to keep my windows open like later like when I was when I
had a eating window now I just do OMAD so it’s always just suppertime probably
around 6:30 but in the in the past what I would do is I mean I would push my
window later in the evening because I found it easier to stick with fasting
the next morning light so in other words I found my willpower was best in the
morning and the worst late at night so I just tried to work with my strengths
there like okay well you know you you just can stay fuller longer did I say that right I
think so in other words it was easier for me to you know go off plan if
my window would have been closed at 8pm but since it was still open at 8:00 p.m.
sometimes then that was helpful so I was always willing to sacrifice speed as
long as it made it easier so in other words like I just wanted it to work I
didn’t really care how fast it worked I just wanted it to work and be and feel
really easy okay yes so Joanne you just eat at noon you go to bed about
6:00 you get up at 2:00 whoa go girl 2 and you go to the gym and you stay
there for three hours Oh hats off to you man you are
disciplined goodness gracious let’s see Carla you asked have your food
choices on your free day changed over time yeah
it has in the beginning cheat day was it was on you know like it’s like okay all
this food that I have waited all week for and it was sometimes it was dumb
stuff like you know turkey sandwiches you know these things that just seemed
so tempting during the week there was like when I had it like why why did I
care about this but which is instructive too like once you realize like oh
this seemed so so tempting but um but in the beginning it was like oh man peanut
butter ramen that was something I mean I still love my peanut butter ramen but it
was just something in the beginning it felt like it is just my my all out day and
then now it’s just like no big deal I mean I I eat a pancake breakfast a lot
of times we do donuts on Sunday morning if we don’t do pancakes
but it’s not like a thing anymore like I gotta do it I just keep it because it’s
like this is super easy so why change it and then overtime too – it’s like before it
used to be like I would feel like yay I get to have breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks and now it’s
just like I mean normally what’ll happen now is like I’ll have breakfast and I’ll
have supper I mean I’ll have snacks it’s just not a big deal you know what I mean
so and then the food choices you know they’re I don’t know it varies week to week it really just depends on what I’m craving too – but it’s it’s less of the oh
gotta have ice cream now type thing if that makes sense alright okay so Henrietta you call
half-and-half double cream clotted cream is heavy cream until it forms a crust is
really thick with scones oh whoa so you put it on scones yeah so Devon cream tea
that’s something I need to try I want that in my life
oh man that sounds really good so thank you for sharing that Henrietta very cool
alright so clotted cream and so you guys are responsible for that well thank you
hey mr. BB from NYC okay Mel you said intermittent fasting helps me to not
Center my life around food as much yeah on Weight Watchers I felt like that’s
all I could think about because you’re always planning meals and points this
seems more like healthy for your mental health
yeah that is what I found and and I know people
that have had great success on Weight Watchers and really I think it’s all
about what what works for you and you know everybody’s so different as far as
personality types and the things you know some people are like they think a
lot and they kind of get on in their own head and they overanalyze and all that
stuff and some people love to plan out things so yeah I I certainly found
intermittent fasting showed me how obsessed I was with food before you know
like just how much I let it kind of control my mood and you know it was
really too important in my life I mean I do still have food but it’s in a
healthier I’m in a healthier place now Oh Lindsay you live in Devon too – oh
how neat that you two live in the same area so I don’t know how big it is but
maybe it’s a small world after all let’s see Birdy you’ve been doing one meal for
a few months love eating this way I think my body just says okay food
time yeah yeah yeah I have definitely found food tastes so much better now
like because if you’ve been fasting all day you know it’s it’s just I think you
enjoy it more I enjoy food more and I’m less picky you know as far as like
vegetables and you know things like that like beans and rice is like wow I can
really taste how this tastes you know instead of it just being food
if that makes sense um let’s see Tracey I just tell myself that whatever I want
in the moment can be eaten later yeah learning about glucose levels and
all the other benefits of fasting helps you fast easily yeah I think so too like
the it’s funny I really didn’t research too much into the benefits of it like autophagy
and all that kind of thing I just you know I researched a lot in
beginning to try to figure out how but I didn’t really understand the scientific
aspect and I’m still you know it’s most of it’s way over my head but there are
some really cool things that that fasting does and certainly I just felt
better doing it so I didn’t really even look at you know I’m certainly not one
to monitor you know glucose levels and all that stuff because that would drive
me crazy but yeah I think it is and it is good you
know to occasionally like try to find reasons you know like why I’m sticking with it and stuff like that especially if you’re if you’re hitting a
plateau or something it’s good even though I’m at a plateau right now this is
good for my you know you know whatever you found out about it okay yeah oh yeah
I’m impressed by that three hours of exercise too you let’s see
Mel asks did you ever rotate your open window a few times I’ve started eating
later and stopped later normally I try to keep it the same
um yes so Mel it was kind of trial and error in the beginning for me trying
to figure out you know when does this make most sense I try to work with what
is the easiest time for me to not eat you know like so breakfast and lunch that
made sense and so as I was working it up you know it started out I was just
pushing my breakfast later and then I said okay well I can also get rid of
lunch pretty easily and then you know like I was talking about earlier it kind of seemed easier to me
to say okay well I feel like I’ve got good control in the earlier part of the
day so if I but I have worse control say like around you know 8 p.m. or whatever
so let me keep my window open a little later so I can have a snack and I can
still be obeying the rules and it all feels very easy um I’ve been really
pretty consistent though since doing Oh mad as far as keeping that at supper
yeah I haven’t really moved that I haven’t I have not experimented with
like say lunch only or breakfast only just because that’s not what works for my
family too I mean we love a good family supper you know we all sit down no
devices we sit there and we talk about our day we don’t watch TV and if I had
to just sit there and not eat that would really cramp everybody’s style so I just
don’t do it let’s see ok Carlene oh you’re frustrated you’ve been doing
intermittent fasting for four months you’ve lost 22 pounds you’re doing fantastic but not
but now nothing you’ve been stuck for so long no carbs two meals no carbs
21:3 IF everyday any advice okay well first of all you’re gonna be fine okay
plateaus are a mental game okay you have got to be stubborn you have got to say I am not giving up I’m not giving up now I didn’t do the no carb thing so I’m not
gonna tell you to eat carbs because I love carbs but you don’t want carbs so I
will say this though I have experienced plateaus so basically what I’m saying is
I’m glad to hear actually that people who do no carb still occasionally
you know experience plateaus because I think it’s just a universal thing okay the weight and on the forums and maybe I can link
this in the description for the video I in the forums
I shared a spreadsheet that shows what my weight has done every single day
since 2015 when I started weighing so February 2015 all the way up until this
morning what you know what are my daily weights
what is my seven-day average look like and that way you guys can see it’s like
this okay and then sometimes it’s just like oh when is this ever gonna and then
it drops and it I wish I could say you know I know that your Plateau will break
after X number of days of staying on plan all I can say is you just gotta be
more stubborn you got to be more stubborn than the scale and just say
I’m not giving up so you know take your time scale but you know I’m doing this
that’s what worked for me but yeah Carlene just hang in there you’re gonna
and and and I should have pointed out 22 pounds in four months I think is
fantastic I mean look when I was when I had the
most weight to lose or you know like when I went from 205 or 207 down to 155
157 so 50 pounds that 50 pounds it was one point one six pounds a week on
average which meant there were some weeks that it was better but some weeks
were worse some weeks you know it goes up a little so just be stubborn keep your
chin up all that good stuff okay sansan I usually OMAD at dinner hour but
sometimes I have a late lunch and that’s it
does it matter when we OMAD as long as it’s one meal a day
let’s see coffee twice a day with half-and-half and might slow down
success for me but I love it I love your program Kayla well thank SanSan thank you for joining
us too – okay so does it matter when you’re OMAD is I’m pretty loosey-goosey okay
like like I mean generally speaking we at 6:30 but if it’s at 6:00 or if it’s
5:00 like I don’t care I you know I’m just like as long as I’m eating once it
really depends on our schedule and you know are we traveling that day and that
kind of thing I don’t think it affects anything enough to say like don’t do it
or or do it this way like I’m more of the opinion like just relax and don’t
worry and don’t stress because stress you know if you’re stressed too much
then that can cause your body to you know be all crazy and produce cortisol
and all that stuff so I’m all about being relaxed again but being relaxed
and letting it take time with the weight like the scale might slow down a little
bit you know if because what what some am not saying that you do this sansan
but I think what what I could see is you know if it’s a thing where you have
supper supper and then you have a late lunch
well then that next day if you’re gonna try to wait all the time all the way
till supper there’s gonna be a little bit longer but fast so then you might
find that it’s a little bit harder that’s the only thing that I would say
might be kind of a concern okay but I love my coffee with half and half too hey Nonna Grace glad you could
make it today Oh Joanne you guys are so sweet let’s
see Tracy you drink half and half as well with coffee still losing inches
weight etc but maybe I’m losing slower but I’m happy Yeah right yeah that was
the thing with me I just really I was in a place where I felt like I could do
this forever so if it takes a year or two years or three years
I can wait I can do this like whereas every other thing I’ve ever ever tried
it’s like when will I ever get this weight off so I can go back to eating
the way I want to eat you know which is totally the wrong thing to do because
you’re gonna gain it back but if you if you go back to eating how you used to
eat which was my you know the thing that I was constantly doing uh Carlene
yeah cuz Carlene – lets see for let’s see four weeks I mean sorry four months
times four weeks that’s sixteen so you’re over a pound a week that’s what
I’m saying let’s see what the show about everything didn’t you do a video on that
scale not sure if you’re talking to me about like the I did do a video about
weighing every day also this past week did one about your seven-day average I
use a Health-o-meter that I got at Walmart let’s see Mel asked are you familiar
with Heather and half-size me podcast I’m not you know it’s funny because I’ve
got a YouTube channel all about weight loss and everything
I never even when I was losing weight you know like I’m still losing very very
slowly and everything but I didn’t ever listen to any podcast just because I got
to the point where I felt like information overwhelm like I need to
just focus on you know my plan and just do it and try to not have these things
saying oh well you should try keto and you should try paleo and all that so
so like I kind of on purpose limited you know that but I’m curious to know who is
she and what is the podcast about um sounds interesting half
size me I’m assuming it’s like weight loss
success stories which I think are very motivating and that is something I did
do is seek out you know the same kind of like people who had success kind of
starting where I was and kind of same age same kind of background type thing
like they’ve had kids and all that and seeking out those success stories was
really helpful let’s see SanSan at four months if I’ve
lost 22 pounds I’ll do a cartwheel yes yes exactly yeah I you know I but I
understand it is tough though when when you’re going along and it’s liek everything’s
great it’s like Oh why did it stop working it’s still gonna
work I think that’s been my experience I mean I keep I keep thinking one of these
days this plan is just you know it’s gonna completely stall out but it hasn’t
okay when on a plateau Tracy you say on a plateau just think of how
frustrated you would be if you just gave up also fasting is a healthy way to live
so stick with it yeah yeah that was a thing a lot of times I had to ask myself
like okay if I quit right now I’m gonna go back you know to being 222 pounds so I
guess you know I’m okay with being stuck for now being stuck is better than the
weight going up and then you know the weight going down is slightly better than
being stuck I get that but yeah it’s all it’s a mind it’s a mind game you gotta
just win it okay Carlene you’re gonna be more stubborn good give it another round
Oh Thank You Carlene let’s see Henrietta I think Carlene should do greens and a few berries
not starchy carbs for the keto limited carbs find the weight goes off steady
with that and one snack and one meal finish yeah I mean Henrietta I think that’s great
if that’s a plan that people can stick with I just can’t I I can’t do that plan
I like carbs and I’m gonna have carbs and and I understand that it will
probably be a bumpier ride you know as far as like you know it although didn’t
somebody right now I can’t remember Carlene if you said that you were low
carb no carb but you know that but I get it you know a lot of people do say Keto
but then you know I’ve seen people that are on keto that are stalling out too so
yeah that’s just I I think better to it always helped me to just say what can I
stick with I never made a change that I felt like I could not stick with over
the long term which is why I just kept my plan the same and waited out the
plateaus but that said are you doing any weight
training and do you find and do you exercise in a fasted state okay so
I don’t weight train anymore at this point I’m a full-timer RVer
now before I just didn’t have a gym membership and so it’s just kind of a I
mean I thought about maybe like doing push-ups and stuff or I don’t know it’s not something I do right now but yes when I walk I
am usually in a fasted state most of the time at least mmm for the past several
months now I’ve been getting my steps in in the morning and so I’ve been fasting at that
point for probably at least 12 hours you know and generally my steps are in a
more fasted state than a fed state it’s all kind of a you know at what point are
you fasted and what point are you you know fed at what point do you go from
being in a fed state to the fasted state it’s all kind of a spectrum that’s at
least my kind of understanding of it so so hopefully that answers your question
let’s see yes it was your video this week I think we’re talking about the
scale about the seven-day average yeah now I can’t sorry what the show about
everything now I can’t remember I think you said something about the scale
that I was using anyway if you got a question just let me know sorry Edwige
hi from France oh hi you’re one let’s see after being one
pound away from Onderland I had my cheat day and put on four haha you already
lost 2 though yeah I love this lifestyle now I’ll learn to be moderate on cheat day
well Edwige I tell ya my weight you know I can I don’t know if every woman I
don’t think every woman experiences this but like I can eat Mexican food one
night and the weight goes up by 3 or 4 pounds over night and we all know
that’s not real weight you know it will come off it’s just water weight you know
because you can I mean our I can tell you know I eat the food and then I’m like I’m so
thirsty you know so I’m drinking the water and then it eventually goes away
it takes a few days usually to come off but yeah I
don’t despair you’re gonna be fine your you’re close you’ll get there I know how
that is but you know as far as cheat day cheat day was always my free day I didn’t ever try
to be good on cheat day what I found about trying to be good on cheat day was then
I felt like I could cheat through the week I just had that I mean not that I
did that that often but I started to notice that like because I was
wanting to try to speed up results you know everybody gets in a hurry or
I do so I would sit there and think hmm but this cheat day if I’ll just be good then then
you know my weight loss will quicken well then of course what would happen I’d be
good on cheat day and the next day you know maybe I wouldn’t have lost any weight and I’d
think you know it didn’t work and so then I would think well you know since I
was good on cheat day then maybe I could have this bite of something or whatever
and then when I started to notice that pattern of thinking I said no I’m
gonna do do cheat day right I’m gonna not withhold but that was just for me Oh
Carlene you have lots of friends here so good let’s see let’s see okay so that
the the Half I think it was called half size me success stories that advocates doing
what works yeah so she started so the guest talks about where when they
started having weight issues and she’s a homeschool mom well I’ll have to check that
out that’s great yeah I think listening to success stories so so key protecting
yourself like protecting like your mindset that was something I had to
learn in those early days because your brain has a tendency to seek out
information that confirms what it believes right so in beginning I was
kind of seeking information to show me like well it’s really hard to lose you
know the weight and so probably you just won’t lose the weight after three kids
and all this stuff and so I would find myself following these blogs of women who
either you know lost the weight and regained it or were just struggling not
having success and then when I realized that’s what I was feeding my brain I
thought I’m gonna I’m not gonna do very well
with my weight loss if I continue to listen to that so I would I turn you
know I stopped reading those blogs I tried to focus on finding success stories like
leangains was one that I loved because it was specifically intermittent fasting
success stories which watch the language on that site it’s pretty rough but let’s
see Sansan I’d have to say I did pop around for a while seeking out OMAD
success in other places but now oh just me you guys are so sweet hey
Adele love your videos hi from South Africa oh that’s awesome
do I eat 23:1 or 19:5 OMAD I eat OMAD so you know what that works out to be on I’d say most days is like 23 and 1/2
hour fast 1/2 hour to eat supper I don’t set a clock I don’t watch the clock it’s
just like around 6:30 we sit down we eat we talk about our day we you know we
laugh and everything and then when we’re all done eating I stand up and I start
fasting again so I mean I’m not like ok kids
it’s been 30 minutes I got to stop eating I just eat you know I mean we
don’t sit there for an exceptionally long period of time though so I would
guesstimate most days it’s a 23 and a half hour fast 30 minutes of eating but
basically just say OMAD for the sake of clarity Tracy I was a homeschool mom
now my daughter is in her last year at nursing school oh and your son is a
college freshman aviation student so man you raised them right that’s awesome I love
to hear homeschool parents who have raised these kids and they’re doing
they’re gonna do awesome things in life that’s great
Cristina weighing everyday is the best advice and on this journey weight does
fluctuate so much yes amen averaging out each week is much more
accurate yeah I think that really really saved me in the beginning of you know
just seeing it inch down ever so slowly you know like because because
like I was talking about you know my weight would just like would jump up by 3 pounds then it’s down and then it’s up and then it’s down then it’s up but when I had that average
going it’s like ok it’s coming down and then it just kind of kept me on an even
keel and it kept me from celebrating too early too you let’s see
you’re vegan so my carbs are very high I’ve lost 20 pounds awesome eating
OMAD I’m also also walking six or seven miles day it’s working like a
dream that’s awesome 93 that I mean yeah so vegan see that’s always so
interesting to me so many people eat so many different ways you know here we
have a vegan who’s lost weight and we have somebody’s eating keto or no carb
and lost weight you know I think and and I’m I’m eating everything you know so it
can be really interesting I think to see like and that’s why I try to be try
to remember to not ever be dogmatic with any of this I try to tell you
like here’s my experience but I think you can work a lot of different ways
I met somebody heck um it’s probably been a year ago now but she had lost
like a hundred pounds and she ate six small meals a day I mean like complete
opposite from me but the point is she was able to stick to that plan I would not
be able to I would eat six or seven large meals a day
Mel yeah I’m a full time RVer for about four months now okay so let’s see yeah one meal yes one
meal can totally put the pounds on and again that’s why I love the seven-day
average so much the running seven-day average everyday I know my seven-day
average so I don’t only just do it week to week either I’m doing it so everyday
I have a new seven-day average and keeping track of that man it just keep
keeps me sane I’m telling you okay so what are my thoughts on the new study
about low carb diets shortening lifespan so funny that you asked that because
someone sent me a link to an article Evie I don’t know if she’s I don’t know that
she’s on here but I thought was very interesting the Columbia was from
Columbia University I believe and it was about just some some tools you know to
and tips you know like according to research and one of the things was you
know high carb or higher carb isn’t necessarily bad or you know low carb
isn’t necessarily the only healthy way to eat and it mentioned lifespans
we’re slightly better I think when you were higher carb again the thing about
studies is you can pretty much find one to back up your opinion that’s what
that’s what I found I mean it makes your head spin so I try to take it all kind
of with a grain of salt think it’s kind of interesting but I think it’s better
to just say how can I eat you know maintain a healthy weight you know
that’s that’s kind of where I’m at it’s like I try to do the best I can but I
just I don’t I can’t do the low carb thing and feel very good yeah so another
thing that it was talking about I believe in that same article was
weighing everyday which was super important to keep the weight off oh yeah Cox Family
travels thank you SanSan my husband’s probably over there like why didn’t you say the name of the channel Cox family travels we also have a Coffee
channel called coffee coffee coffee where we do coffee reviews let’s see
Henrietta I find limiting carbs helps because your body runs on fat instead of carbs
and sugar makes your brain clear and energy levels are amazing coming off sugars is like coming off heroin and well you know I’m sure like if and if that’s how you feel like
I think that’s great like if you feel better when you’re low carb I say do it
just not how I feel when I’m low carb SanSan I wouldn’t be able to eat for a
whole hour though the way you wolf down food yeah I’m telling you I can I can put
away food with the best of them but but yeah and although that is something I
have become better about just because I’m more relaxed around food I do find I
can sit there and take my time with it more and just have it be kind of low you
know low key and like and I find that I can stop before I get miserable it’s
like oh yeah I’m starting to feel full now and it’s just nice to be more
relaxed about it okay Sasha hi I’m new subscriber from Jamaica
thanks for the good content well thank you Sasha for joining us and thanks for
subscribing Lisa hi from California new to intermittent fasting love hearing your
journey oh well thank you so glad that people can like get get something
out of it you know I it just makes me happy hope yes
yeah I remember being there like thinking you know like I’m just not
gonna be able to do it I mean I struggled my whole life with weight so
this wasn’t just like I put on some pounds when I got pregnant with my third
it was like it’s been a lifelong thing so there is hope is that a fitbit I’m wearing yes Joanne it is it is a fitbit Alta I also
have a video about a video review my fitbit alta and overall I love it I love Fitbits I love the community be my
friends on Fitbit it’s in the description here I’ve got a lot of
friends on here and I’m sorry to anyone out there who’s asking me to be in a
challenge I can only be in ten at a time and fitbit says you can you know can’t
join that one because you’re already in ten so let’s see exactly it was a
garbage study yeah love your park background yeah so that yeah that said and thanks the
mississippi’s right over there you really can’t see it but there is a
beautiful overlook but there were people there so I don’t want to do the I’m an
introvert so I just had to find my little picnic table and there was a group
of kids that walked by that kinda made me nervous but okay
yeah let’s see okay so everyone get on Kayla’s forum oh yeah yeah you guys
share your experiences on the forum
it’s great people are sharing over there you know it’s a good way to for it to be
able to you know discuss things you know in a forum setting which can be a little
bit easier than YouTube comments YouTube comments are really hard to keep up with
so I do try to always answer YouTube comments I’m sure some fall through the
cracks and I’m apologizing right now if it happens to you but okay so and I try
to be really active on the forums this past like month I’ve been visiting
family and we just visited one of my husband’s Marine Corps buddies and so it
like this past month has been a crazy month but hopefully I can be even more
active over there now okay Debra thanks for being my Fitbit pal oh you’re
welcome thank you for being mine I’m ahead oh you’re ahead of me today
alright well right now I’ve got like 17,000 and something so and I’ve got to
walk a pretty long way back to my car so I’ll have to come after you okay LJ are you saying you
should weigh every day it helps me stay accountable yes in my opinion what has
worked for me is to weigh every single day and to kind of almost ignore the
single day weight but pay attention to my seven-day average which is just the past
seven days of weight I add them up and divide by seven so every day I have a
new you know seven day average and I have a spreadsheet that calculates it
for me automatically that has really kept me kept me accountable you know
while I’m losing weight it helps me stay encouraged when I’m hitting a plateau
because a lot of times the plateau isn’t like a true true plateau it’s moving but it’s just so slow that otherwise if I wasn’t keeping track of my seven-day
average I would think that I was in a plateau but the other thing that I like
about weighing every day is when you’re in maintenance mode it keeps you
accountable it keeps you from getting too far out in left-field
that’s what I found so yes I probably said it
wrong didn’t I sorry let’s see it takes me about an hour to eat my one meal
because I eat wow 3,000 calories 23:1 for me that’s awesome like I don’t count
calories so I have no idea how many I’m eating I ate a lot of Taco John’s food
the other day and it was amazing but that we haven’t been to Taco Johns in so long and we
found one in Tennessee I can’t even remember where we were
let’s see hi just got on you might get a Fitbit for your birthday well I think
you’ll love it um so many people I’ve talked to you I mean they’re
occasionally you know if you don’t use it you’re gonna say well it didn’t work
or if you you know I think the thing is a lot of times people will wear a Fitbit
and then not really do anything with their eating and it’s just can’t
outrun your fork I have found that to be true so but Trudy if you get one I hope you’ll be
my friend on Fitbit Mel do you live let’s see do you do lives on your RV
channel we are gonna start doing lives on our RV Channel I think this week
we’re gonna do like just you know talk about what we’ve been doing the past
week where we’ve traveled to you know things we’ve learned things like that
we’ve done some campground reviews but we’re gonna try to do more of like lives
and stuff now Nicole hi you inspired me to keep trying and your encouragement to
mix it up until you find what works for you has been key oh good Nichole I’m
glad that it’s working for you yeah I I really want people to always figure out
like what works for you like figure it out like customize your plans
specifically to you and then then then you can really take ownership of it I
think cuz that’s that’s been key for me to be like I don’t care what anybody
else says about half and half in your coffee I’m having that half and half in my coffee so yeah let’s see diet studies are funded by the food companies so be wary yeah you’ve tried
it all and OMAD works exactly like there’s always money involved in gosh I
think everything right and and you know I don’t know that it’s all nefarious but
really you know you can Google you know why is the vegan diet bad you know and
get plenty of really really high you know high quality studies that have been
done to prove that and then you say why is it the most optimal diet and you
can get plenty of evidence you know so I feel like it’s um mostly about like what
do you feel best on how do you feel best what are you you know eating or what you
know paying attention to what you’re eating and then and how you’re feeling
uh let’s see yeah Carlene you asked I know you drink a lot of coffee but do
you drink of water a lot of water also I drink I drink to
thirst so it just depends like I do not sit there with a water bottle and
like try to gorge myself with water just cuz I don’t like the way I feel when I
do that um I feel like we have an instinct right thirst and so that tells
us to drink so that’s what I do if I start to notice that you know I’m
feeling light-headed or anything like that especially because in the Florida
heat you know especially when I was getting my steps in in the Florida heat
I had to be a bit more cautious of like okay make sure to get enough because you
are sweating and stuff but I like that Lacroix unsweetened tea I I wouldn’t say
that I drink a lot you know I just drink to thirst what would you eat for your
one meal like protein to carb fats Henrietta I just eat whatever I want so
it just depends it’s never a set amount of anything I try to keep some fat in
there and I try to keep some protein in there just because I’ve found like if
it’s only carbs I’m gonna be hungry the next day probably feel a little nauseous
too like if I just had let’s say a stack of pancakes and just syrup on them not
gonna feel good the next day I’ve done that and it’s like oh man I felt full
but I did not feel good afterwards but if I say like I’m gonna have eggs with
that and some turkey bacon and butter then yeah I feel better so that’s like
one one example but I don’t do any ratios okay so one meal it might be
pretty high carb and another meal be pretty high protein another meal might
be pretty high everything I just you know go on what we’ve got around and eat that let’s see Lisa I do walking videos from Leslie Sansone I’m gonna butcher her
name Sansone I hope this counts for walking Lisa I think everything
counts and so you know like your steps like you know one thing and I just
remembered this the other day like for a while there I would do when I had a step
goal I would do um it was not dance dance revolution the little uh salsa thingy
not salsa man Zumba that’s it Zumba like I had a Wii Zumba game thingy
and I would do that and that would get me I don’t know like 6,000 steps it was higher pace
like harder harder to do like more challenging I think than just regular
walking I count everything like I just strap my Fitbit on I count it you know
whatever whatever that thing is but but that’s been a long time
since I was doing that and so that was like in 2015 maybe the beginning of 2016
Deborah my friend Barb is here with me watching you oh hi Barb
she is stepping on stepping and doing OMAD with me she lost Barb lost so much
she had to buy a new Fitbit band Oh congratulations Barb that is awesome
your Fitbit band was falling off that’s fantastic
that happened to me too like like with when I first got to Fitbit I needed the
large band and now or yeah and now I’m down to a small band and it’s actually
I’m gonna have to tighten it a little bit but it’s nice it’s nice that is
awesome congratulations let’s see em just friended you on fitbit will help to get those
six well I hope so I find it really motivating it’s neat to
be able to kind of have that community there there’s also a little feed I
sometimes post in there I’m not the best posting all the time though Catherine do
you walk six miles at once or do you break it up in the day I break it up
sometimes sometimes I like lately it’s been all six miles all at once generally
speaking because it was so hot in Florida so so hot it was like we better
get like we had to wake up at 5:00 and try to be done really really early in
the morning or it was just so incredibly hot like the feels like was 90 and
it was five o’clock in the morning down in Sarasota so but I always said it counts
so like in the very beginning it was like this for me for whatever reason I
could just not get going some days like I would wake up and I would just think
well I’ll get my steps in eventually eventually and it would be nine ten
o’clock at night it’s like well I’ve got to walk quite straight for the next two
hours in order to get my steps in and I would do it I was very disciplined about
getting my steps in but you know it was all about like what how it fit in my day
and it took me a while to really realize I had plenty of time it was just I was
not being consist- not being good about saying I can get up
and get some in so it doesn’t matter mean break them up break them up into
15-minute for even less I would just do it however I
could hi everybody Kayla Evie you’re asking can I have
cheat weekends you can do whatever you want to do Evie I think I I think that’s
a very interesting idea I’ve never done more than one cheat day a week I didn’t
I didn’t feel like I needed it but I do have you know rules in place for going
off plan like I have these rules that I just say okay like you know I’ve
talked about it before like if we’re gonna have a family lunch and it’s gonna
be you know right in the middle of the day and all that I will go off plan for
that day or not sorry not for that day but I’ll say okay I’m gonna eat lunch and then I’ll eat my one meal or you know go on vacation and I won’t be on plan you know that kind of thing so I
I think some people do it probably differently probably some people say
well I’m never gonna go you know off plan for for those things I’m always
gonna be on plan but instead it just worked for me to say occasionally I mean
I’m always intentional about it whenever I decide to go off plan but but look I
say you know I would try it as an experiment and see you know what’s your
results that’s what I’m always like yeah go ahead do that and you tell me how it
goes for you like so Evie why don’t you be our guinea pig and you
have a cheat you know consistent cheat weekends and you tell me what your
results are okay SanSan love you live talks I’m so glad like I’m wondering you know
do people it seems like people like these so you always pick up something
new like the seven-day average you start an average new every day that’s
interesting so yeah so it’s a running average so like the way fitbit does it
if you’ve got a Fitbit I can’t remember if you do or not um what it looks like is
it just takes each week like it starts on Sunday so and it will show you like
one number that’s your seven-day average for that week okay so like say from
August 1st to August 7th it’ll take those seven days it’ll add it up and
show you that one number and then it’ll say ok from August 8th to the 15th I
think I’m doing this right or the 14th whatever it’ll be another
average so but what I’m saying is I’m doing every single day so the
spreadsheet calculates just the previous seven days so you’re constantly getting
that seven day average there’s just more data I like data okay anima I’m gonna do a video just on the seven day average
spreadsheet because I want people to be able to see like how to do it because I
think sometimes it’s a little confusing I probably didn’t set it up the best so
OMAD let’s see Deborah you say OMAD is freedom from being obsessed with
eating lost forty two pounds but now I’m a your underwear keeps falling off that’s great
oh man 42 pounds down congratulations that is awesome that is awesome that’s a
good place to be go get yourself some more underwear though let’s see that said my
Fitbit calculates my calories burned at 3500 calories a day
so eating 3,000 keeps me in a deficit I eat three hours before bed so my body can rebuild after
fasted weight training earlier in the day that’s great um I always got so
frustrated with the Fitbit and the calorie count because I would do that
like I would use I had an accurate weight in there and I would strap the
thing to my wrist first thing in the morning and it would say okay you you’ve
burned this many calories so I used that and I tried to be in a deficit and I
don’t know I don’t know if my problem was that I just didn’t give it enough
time or if I was just like if it was just inaccurate for me or what but it
was so frustrating cuz I would think that I’d be at a certain deficit you
know five seven hundred calories and still not losing like I thought I would
so yeah but I’m glad that you it works for you and that’s the thing that
matters if it works for you awesome let’s see yeah Debra everybod’s wantin to know how
long that took I know this sounds stupid but how does Fitbit track your steps it’s
magic no I think there’s like a little something like a little motion
sensor in here and then it just knows like when you are when you’re walking it
kind of picks up on that that bouncy thing it will just so you know like you
can fool it okay so like my husband when he’s driving the RV and he’s doing this
it will count his steps like yeah he’ll look down and it’s like oh it looks like I you know I
walked about six miles but he didn’t but I would say
overall I’ve found it to be very accurate just as accurate as a pedometer with
your phone you know if you use your phone as a pedometer I found them to be
very accurate oh but like it won’t count if you’re
like pushing a cart in Walmart I found that out too you because that was really
frustrating the beginning when I was you know it felt like a lot of effort to get
my steps in and I would go to Walmart and be pushing around that cart and then I’d be
at the end of you know checking out and I’d think oh man I didn’t get any steps in
that’s got to be wrong let’s see Seema do you find if you eat a lot of carbs in
your one meal does it stall you again I eat I would say I eat a lot of carbs a
lot at the time so I’m probably higher carb than anything else carbs are cheap so with a family of five on a budget it’s just you know how it is like we ate like last night
spaghetti you know with jarred spaghetti sauce and that was really high carb
actually I didn’t have any protein last night now that I think about it
well the Parmesan cheese on top but I’ve not noticed that eating one way
stalls me because I really don’t eat one certain way enough to be like oh you
know that that’s stalled me out because I just eat whatever I want so and I try
not to pay too much attention to that because ultimately for me what’s
important is can I stick with this over the long term and this is what I can
stick with over the long term I can do OMAD I can eat whatever I want so I’m
not gonna change my eating to try to get quicker results and then try to figure
out maintenance by going back and adding in foods I would just rather always eat all
the foods and then figure out how I can lose weight doing that so and which is
what it did okay hopefully that answers your question Henrietta I can’t
exercise due to a tear in my knee still losing weight might not be as fit but
hey yeah that’s awesome Henrietta um yeah I think that is so important the
eating side of the equation I think so okay let’s see okay good you love the live talks Mel awesome okay aw you asked how long did it take for you to lose the 65 pounds
okay so 2015 I lost about 15 I kind of lost 20 but then I started gaining
back so I think I started 2016 at about 207 205 by the end of by November of 2016 so in January
2016 now that’s when I said okay intermittent fasting six days a week
cheat day on Sunday six miles of walking every single day when I did that so from
January 2016 to November of 2016 that’s when I lost about 50 pounds and
then I’ve lost an additional you know 12 to 15 since starting this channel so I
wish I could say it was you know it took me this long if I had been doing that
plan I don’t know how long it would have took me if I had realized that in 2015
that all I needed to do was just intermittent fasting and walking but I
didn’t know that I was just doing you know just not being consistent that
was mainly my problem in 2015 yeah Christina the beauty of OMAD is not having to count
measure omit food I agree like I just it drives me crazy so I’m
just the type of person though that will just overanalyze everything so I think
that’s one reason why it helps me it works well with my personality okay
Deborah I started stepping in March and OMAD in June I was really stalled at
200 pounds but now it’s really coming off awesome I’m telling you that
200-pound mark it was so tough and I mean at that time I just didn’t know you
know like I was that’s around the time I had my back injury with deadlifting and
all that stuff and I got so stalled for so long and it was so frustrating but
I’m so glad I stuck with it so congratulations Debra that’s awesome okay Victoria eating one meal a day is
about the only weight loss technique that I haven’t tried I guess I’m going to have
to give it a go yeah I’ve been there Victoria it was like I’ve tried every
other thing and I just couldn’t stick with stuff over the long term I always
ended up going back to eating cake and popcorn and you know you know bread you
know all the things so it’s what’s worked for me
Thank You Joanne have a wonderful evening too let’s see that said have you
calculated your lean mass gains example my whoops lean mass gain was 40 pounds
body fat was 54 net loss of 14 pounds let’s see no I haven’t ever calculated
that like so I think you’re saying probably that you oh okay okay okay I
get what you’re saying now sorry I didn’t I think I’ve misread something so
okay so you’re saying in the process you’ve
gained muscle and you lost fat so really the scale looked like you only lost 14
right but so no I haven’t done that I can look at my body and be like yeah
I’ve compared to what I was I would say that I probably gained muscle cuz now
I’m active before I was sedentary and now I’m walking you know consistently
and definitely lost fat so yeah but I don’t know the actual numbers on that
because I just didn’t have a thing that would measure that Henrietta I can’t
believe yo were ever overweight oh well thank you Henrietta you’re so
sweet no but I was quite overweight
aw you said you deadlift how many times a week do you deadlift I used to
deadlift to be clear I in 2015 I was going to the gym everyday I was really
into powerlifting for a while there didn’t have a coach that was probably a mistake because I
was doing the deadlift one day and something snapped I don’t know what
happened I didn’t go to the doctor but like I was seeing stars like when I
looked up and I was I mean I was hurting I took I mean I I took Aleeve and stuff
and eventually got better but I just had to rest a lot and and I couldn’t after that
I mean I tried to go back to it but I was so nervous about hurting myself
again or hurting myself worse and it took a long time to get over that injury
just like sitting would hurt and stuff so that’s really why I had to figure out
like okay what can I do that’s not deadlifting because I love to lift heavy
weights oh man like one of these days would I ever consider getting back into
that with a coach yeah maybe if I had a totally different life because right now
it just wouldn’t work with my lifestyle but I really did enjoy weightlifting
though a lot ah Debra says if she can do it anybody can
that’s right she had a heart attack she’s had she has diabetes OMAD and
moving has saved her life Thank You Debra for sharing that that is
that is a good testimony right here Evie guinea pigs have it good yeah your
problem is really unpredictable hunger 3 miles a day eating a balanced OMAD
every day plus a hundred calorie of a something around noon and a can of
v8 why hunger only on some days that’s a great question I have found for
me I think a lot of it has to do with hormones I certainly notice more hunger
around around period time yes I mean in a big way it can be pretty like whoa why
am I so hungry right now but then also you know I feel more hunger when I’m
stressed or if I’m bored or you know I’m not bored very often but if I am
stressed bored tired that’s another thing like if I didn’t get enough sleep
the night before and then you know like then there’s so many other factors too
right like there’s the weather and the you know are you getting over a cold or
you know did you walk in more elevation or you know it’s just there’s so many so
many different factors that for me it was just about staying consistent saying
well I’m just not gonna eat right now those are just my you know observations
okay Christina I’ve read to get an idea of actual fat loss is to measure your
middle hips and stomach and keep track of it yeah and I and I have those
numbers somewhere I can’t remember now it was pretty substantial I think my
waist I’m gonna say a number and then it’ll probably be wrong 44 inch
waist I think now it’s like 30ish something like that dependsthe thing about the
measuring is like I can cheat that so easy you know like suck in you can
really suck it in and have different measurements but that was me the other
the other week somebody asked me specifically like well how how big are
your around your waist and I’m pretty sure that was the measurement but I tried to just be relaxed I tried
not to suck it in but okay let’s see Victoria do you drink wine with OMAD I
do I’ve never told myself you can’t have wine now here are some observations
about wine first of all if you’re fasting and you have wine and nothing
else that wine will hit you like a freight train or at least it does me like I’m
I’m not one to be able to hold my I don’t have a very high alcohol tolerance
okay so like a small glass of wine and I’m done usually but the thing is like
it makes me hungrier if I because I’ve done it I’ve not been scientific
with this okay so this is all just kind of like my observations if I have it
with my meal then it’s not bad it doesn’t it doesn’t affect my hunger levels
the next day however if I have supper and then later on my husband’s like hey
you want to have a glass of wine I’m gonna say yes but the next day I
probably will feel hunger and maybe even some nausea so so I try if I’m gonna have
wine I try to have it with my meal I actually had a glass of wine yesterday
with my meal and I’m trying to think today if I felt hungry
I’ve been busy today so I really don’t have time to be hungry yeah I didn’t
really maybe early in the morning I kind of felt kind of hungry nothing too
unbearable obviously how much did I lift oh mr. BB you would ask that uh I cannot
remember now isn’t that horrible because I was really proud of myself I’m sure
people would laugh at whatever my deadlift was I have it in a spreadsheet
somewhere J if you’re still listening you can find my uh my deadlift I
search in my Google Drive for deadlift but it you know I enjoyed it basically
let’s say that I really enjoyed dead lifting it was my favorite lift too- oh
man I just hate that I messed up okay crafty crafter says my PA told me being
tired does in fact make you eat more yeah oh and you’ve walked almost eight miles today
that’s awesome crafty crafter um yeah that’s certainly true I think when
you’re tired it’s like you just can’t figure out that you’re full or and that
was my experience like I’m so hungry it’s still eating what why am I not
getting full right now Debra if you’re overweight or diabetic
check out Jason Fung’s video uh yeah on intermittent fasting at OMAD
he is a spectacular resource love that man I want to say that he was the reason
why I realized it was okay for women to do longer fasts than like cuz everything
I had seen before that was like 14-hour don’t do longer than a 14-hour fast and I’m
pretty sure he was the first one was like you’re gonna be fine so I mean he
didn’t tell me that like it was just something I read that he had written so
Henrietta you asked how many coffees do you drink in a day usually about three
that’s not something I’m like really super strict on myself on it’s just
generally that’s how it ends up happening if if it’s more than that
that’s okay if it’s less than that that’s okay
most time three though uh Wow you want 12 and a half miles yesterday crafty
crafter don’t know what got into you well what did get into you that’s pretty
crazy that’s a long way to walk okay Evie says Kayla and crafty thanks for the
thought about being tired causing the increased eating hadn’t thought
that but it fits yeah yeah certainly it hungry is such a funny thing too it’s
like you know you can feel really hungry and it’s just you’re not really
hungry I mean you know you feel it but sometimes you’re just really not so
it can be a deceptive little feeling but anyway well we’ve been live for over an
hour now so probably time to let you guys go but thanks for joining me
be sure to head on over to the forums if you want to get in on the
conversation over there hey crafty you’re gonna walk a half
marathon go for it I say ah there we go PR of 230 on my deadlift Thank You J
and then shortly after that I hurt myself so thanks for watching I will see
you guys next week live Wednesday 3:00 p.m. Eastern
Daylight Time thanks aw I I am just thrilled and shocked at the amount of
subscribers that I have so thank you yes Deborah you reward yourself you have
done some good work uh so bye Evie thank you for joining us
and and if you guys have any topics you want me to cover in videos always let me
know always let me know what kind of content you’re wanting to see and I’m
happy to oblige okay well thanks for watching be sure to subscribe if you
haven’t already and I appreciate it thank you guys very much
bye Dori

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Reader Comments

  1. Sharon Pesce

    Hi Kayla, I have a question. I have been doing intermitt fasting for 3 weeks. I am doing 18/6 now stated with 16/8. Still learning things. My question is after my lunch i am not hungry and wont eat til later when i get hungry. If i dont get hungry how do i get in my fruits and other food.?? I feel i need to eat more fiber so i need to get my apple in and i am not hungry…thanks how can i handle this for my food groups

  2. Albert Ward

    Hi Kayla, sorry I had a bunch of little things to do. I only caught a few minutes of the beginning of the live show. But am watching the video now! I love your show!

  3. Teresa White

    i tried to do the omad but i got a terrible headache, not sure why but i am leary to try again.. maybe trying the 18/6 would work better but your story is so amazing to me. i like listening to you.

  4. Jennibeans25

    Dr Berg commented on that high carb will give you a longer live. He claims the study had red flags all over it. Starting off with who paid for the study. Also that the study was based off a questionaire. Basically the study is [email protected]

  5. Sonya M

    First off I'm down 20 1/2 pounds. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„So, have you ever felt super tired after a meal where you're struggling to stay awake? That happened to me yestetday. I ate rotisserie chicken and a salad. I ate enough. I didn't over eat either. I felt like I'd been smacked with a bag of sand by the sandman. Today i had no issue when i broke fast and ate my meal. I felt great. Got my 15k steps in. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜„

  6. Sonya M


    Because of you i stopped caring about what the scale says. I've stopped putting myself down and have counted each little drop as a small victory and the days I'm not dropping I've stopped getting so discouraged. I've changed my whole way of thinking. It's crazy! Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’–โœŒ

  7. Cheryl Clyne

    Hello Kayla, I haven't been doing good with IF at all for two weeks now, in fact I am not doing it at all right now and I feel rotten about it but at the same time I just can't get myself back to it!! I have gained back half the weight I had lost already and yet I just keep piling junk in my mouth! I need to find my way back to IF again some how! Just wanted to share this with you because I know you understand struggles! Thanks for being here for everyone! xoxo

  8. Michelle Baker

    Hi Kayla
    My name is Michelle I am from the Florida panhandle. I hope I can catch you live next time. I have been following your story for a little while now and I just want to say you are an amazing person and such an inspiration. I've been doing IF for a month tomorrow. So I am still fairly new to it. I am working my way to OMAD but I am not there yet I started at a 12hr fast now I am at a 20hr fast. so I am super proud. I just wanted to say thank your for doing all you do to help us who are just beginning our weight loss journey.

  9. The Warrior

    Hi Kayla, i am intermittently fasting for 16:8. I have lost 5 kilos. I am pre-diabetic. I have to cut my carbs for the best control. My issue is that sometimes i just cant control my urge to have chips or have rice. I feel so guilty about it. Can you let me know how to stay motivated on our chosen way to diet..thanks so much for the videos!

  10. Mary A. Kennedy

    It was nice to listen to this today. I was able to watch the whole video this evening. I have had some interesting experiences lately- people asking how I have lost weight. Yeah I say when they ask I eat a lot less! I feel too weird about telling them about fasting — it is just easier. Saying that I have a close Jewish friend and he asked me what I was doing. I asked him if he ever fasted for religious reasons and he said totally. Then I explained eating only one meal a day and told him to look up intermittent fasting on YouTube. I could see a lightbulb go on in his head.

    I think your discussion about people feeling uncomfortable when you do not eat and they do is so true. People want you to eat even samples in the grocery store — I just tell them I am full from a big lunch. They seem understand that more than telling them I am fasting.

    So you are doing an rv life. Do you plan to come Canada? I bet you are seeing the country in a whole new way.

    I am reading the Artist Way and plan to start the morning pages soon. I can already feel changes in my creative spirit and that is thanks to you recommending that book! Great video today. Mary

  11. Katka

    Sometimes you can find clotted cream or double devon cream (if its labeled double devon, its also clotted cream here in the states) at the higher end grocery stores. It's really good but I know I gained too much weight on drop scones, clotted cream and jam. They are so good!

  12. D B

    Great live video! I thought it was interesting when you mentioned that when you walk with a shopping cart that it doesnโ€™t count your steps. I never thought about that!

  13. What's Up Noelle

    Hi there! I just wanted to tell you a couple things! 1. I am so very happy when I watch your channel. You are so positive, no matter what comes at you and you always see the silver lining and that just brings me so much joy. 2. I am on an 16/8 right now thanks to you, and am down 16 lbs over 2 months. I hit a plateau and took your advice about just being more stubborn than the scale. It mocked me, that scale. I stayed at the same place for 2 1/2 weeks, but I just kept saying โ€œKayla says to give it 6 weeks.โ€ And it finally broke and now I am dropping again. Your advice is solid and very comforting. Lastly 3. I think you are amazing for having done this and also for helping others. You didnโ€™t have to do that and itโ€™s people like you that make me feel good about the world when things look bleak. โค๏ธ

    Ok, I will stop with the love letter now, but I have been watching for a couple months and I thought you should know that you are an angel.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  14. Carisa noneya

    I'm noticing, whatever people call it; (carb cycling, low carb.. Etc) that switching up foods in the diet seems to help the majority of people. Everyone is different, and I love carbs and my goal is to be metabolically flexible. Some people are lucky to do this more optimally than others.

  15. Zephyr OnFire

    Sweetie, can you tell me how much half and half you put in your coffee? Also, do you think it would make much of a difference if a person used full fat heavy whipping cream? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your approach to fasting (a.k.a. Dirty fasting) as far as drinking your coffee and actually, faring better than being too restrictive. And then, of course, your OMAD later on.

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