Intermittent Fasting and Sleep

how does intermittent fasting affect
your sleep I get a good many questions about
intermittent fasting and how it affects your sleep some people find that it
actually helps their sleep and some people find that it disturbs their sleep
so in today’s video I’m going to talk about what I’ve experienced along the
way because I’ve had both positive and negative experiences and I’ll tell you
what I did about it so first of all when I was obese I did not sleep well I slept
a lot but I did not sleep well I would sleep maybe 10 hours a night and when I
woke up I felt exhausted I was getting up a lot in the middle of the night to
go to the bathroom and stuff but it was just not a restful sleep with intermittent
fasting I implemented it very gradually I really wasn’t consistent at first but
what happened after I became very consistent and I started to lose weight
I started to notice some things about my sleep patterns first of all they became
a lot more sound I slept really well and also I started to require less sleep I
would wake up after say five hours of sleep and feel very refreshed and ready
to start the day which worried me actually because I thought this is this
is not enough sleep it can’t be you need you know like eight hours right because
of that I researched and and I tried to see if other people were having these
same kinds of experiences and sure enough I found a lot of people find they
just don’t need as much sleep when they’re doing intermittent fasting and
so from that point on I said well as long as I’m feeling really good I’m just
not gonna worry about it so when I would wake up you know at four o’clock in the
morning I would just go ahead and get up and get my day started and most of the
time I found that I could continue on throughout the day like that
occasionally I would find you know after being up for about an hour I was ready
to kind of like go back to bed for a little bit and I would always allow
myself to do that so I think if you find you just require less sleep that’s
probably pretty normal but let’s talk about like if you’re having trouble
sleeping because this occasionally happened to me especially when I went to
one meal a day OMAD I find there’s like this kind of a fine line between
eating enough and kind of like overeating with OMAD you have to find
that sweet spot where you’re eating plenty so that the next day you’re not
hungry until your meal and you also want to be
having results you want to be losing weight and I found that if I ate to
complete satisfaction you know in other words like I was good and full
but I wasn’t feeling uncomfortably over full that I would still lose weight with
one meal a day but occasionally I would try to say well what if I ate a little
less than that like what if it what if I kind of you know eat but I’m not gonna
be completely full just leave myself just a little bit hungry and what I
noticed then was I stopped sleeping well I couldn’t go to sleep
easily and I wasn’t sleeping well at night and I would wake up kind of feeling tired if I found
myself experiencing like negative symptoms like that like I was not going
to sleep easily or I was waking up a lot at night or when I woke up I felt tired
I took that as a signal to eat more at my meal and I found that I could eat
enough at my one meal so that I was sleeping really well and feeling full
until the next day and still having results but if you find that you’re not
able to eat enough at your one meal I would recommend that you lengthen out
your window a little bit so that you can eat maybe twice during the day at least
I believe it’s very important that you’re sleeping well in order to lose
weight and and to stay on plan because if you’re feeling tired because you’re
not sleeping well it’s gonna be much harder to stick to your weight loss plan
overall and counter-intuitively that can mean that you need to be eating more
than what you are and if intermittent fasting has affected your sleep habits
let me know in the comments below you know what was your window and how did it
affect your patterns have you gotten better sleep or worse sleep since you
started intermittent fasting okay thank you for watching be sure to like
comment and subscribe down below thank you for watching my video I hope you
found it helpful if you’re currently trying to lose weight and you’re just
having a hard time check out my slow and steady success Academy there you’ll find
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Reader Comments

  1. Hustle Harder Mommy

    When I coupled intermittent fasting with a ketogenic diet I noticed that I slept very well. I believe eliminating all of the carbohydrates and replacing them with healthy fats cause me to sleep more restfully. I also woke up feeling more refreshed and never jittery. Thanks for sharing! 😘


    IMO if I eat my meals between 3–7pm I sleep better and don't snack..i wear a fit bit and those days i eat like that i have an 8 hour sleep with 3.5 hrs. deep..

  3. Shroomin Trucker

    I’ve suffered from insomnia before intermittent fasting and although I wasn’t that far over my weight limit I found that I slept better and had a significant drop in heart beat while sleeping.

  4. PKMomLife

    I am still trying to find that sweet spot with my OMAD. I don’t sleep good very much but never have but I do find that when I actually do my OMAD correctly I don’t need as much sleep. I am also finding my energy is outstanding!

  5. Quazie Wabbit

    I fast 23 hours daily and often go 30 to 47 hours. I eat my meal at bedtime and I do that for two reasons First, since digestion requires my body to concentrate on doing just that, it is easier to fall asleep right after I eat. Secondly, eating just before bedtime allows me to experience the first major stretch of the fast while I sleep. I slept with a CPAP for over 20 years, but now I do not use it ever. I don’t need it now. Unfortunately, fasting gives me such a plethora of energy, sometimes I find myself not sleeping at all, but taking a “cat nap “sometime during the day. I am 70 years old and male. Not sure that matters, but I just thought I would throw it in for good measure.

  6. valentina morales

    Hi I do almost do 16 to 18 fasting and I do eat very well to the point a full, but at night am wide awake. Now I do take naps during the day cause I do get sleepy and I think am goings the menopause I sweating like crazy I just need some guide

  7. USGirl21

    I thought you had a Facebook group. But I cannot find it anymore. I am enjoying your videos! I love your real life, practical encouragement. I feel like I am in a similar situation as you…I have three children, and after the third it is hard to keep the weight off. I have tried so many different ways of eating, Keto, Whole 30… and while I feel I have learned so much about nutrition and what my body responds negatively to (I have taken away a few things that are helping), none are not sustainable lifestyles for me. I am trying the 18/6 right now…

  8. Olga Fyodorova

    My sleep improved since I started IF. I have no strict window but usually my pattern is somewhere from 18/6 to 20/4 with two main meals and sometimes a snack in between if I feel like it. I normally stop eating by 7pm and go to bed at about 10:30. I don’t feel heavy and bloated anymore! And I rarely need to go to the bathroom at night.

  9. carlene wozniak

    Hey girlfriend! Sending my sister in law and niece to your channel. They are wanting to do IF. I couldn't think of a better person to send them to!! 🙂

  10. valentina morales

    Hi I have another quetion about fasting and getting high cholesterol the bad LDL. is that true that if we fast it can effec our heart?

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