Intermittent Fasting: A Day In My Life With OMAD

you do OMAD like so what do you do all
day I’ve been asked a lot what my normal everyday routine looks like and to me
it’s really simple but you know enough people have asked this question that I
really wanted to do a whole video just to kind of run down my day so that you
can see what I do all day so the first thing I do is I wake up about five
o’clock in the morning and of course the first thing I do is I use the restroom
but the second thing I do every single morning is weigh myself I’d then take
that number and I put it immediately into my Fitbit app and the reason I do
it that way is because if I wait until later in the day I will forget to weigh
and also if I go ahead and just put the number in right then then it’s recorded
and you may think that you’ll remember but I can’t I just you know my brain I
can’t tell you what I weighed this morning but I can look back on my Fitbit
app and tell you the next thing I do is have my morning cup of coffee which does
have half and half and I sit there and I read the Bible and since I’m in Florida
and I’m full-time RVing and it’s really hot outside I also then go get my six
miles in first thing in the morning I go ahead and get my steps in because it is
very hot out here and it gets progressively harder the hotter it gets
the harder it gets and the longer it seems to take and I enjoy it less if
it’s really hot outside so go ahead and get those done in my early part of the
day after I come in from getting my steps in and then I sit down and I do my
morning pages which is an a relatively recent thing I started doing I started
doing at the beginning of this year so know throughout my whole weight loss
journey however I would encourage you it’s something to at least experiment
with it’s three pages long handwriting of just your stream-of-consciousness and
even though I didn’t do this particular exercise when I was losing weight
initially I did do a lot of journaling in the beginning and what I noticed was
when I could really write down my thoughts
I started to notice some patterns of my thinking that I needed to improve on and
and so I’d encourage you if you’re going through weight loss journey try some
sort of journaling either morning pages or just you know any kind of journaling
technique after that my day begins I homeschool my three kids I draw I write
I you know love to read I basically keep
myself busy all day long I take full advantage of the fact that I do not eat
during the day until supper so I make those hours as productive as possible
and somewhere during the day I have coffee usually two more times so a total
of three cups a day and then of course supper time is my one meal so here’s
how that looks I generally speaking will make the meal
from scratch I love to cook and so that’s generally how I do it I mean I do
use some ingredients like canned soups and things like that but generally speaking
I am making the thing from scratch I eat whatever I want so the there’s never a
meal plan it’s just whatever we have on hand you know it can be anything from
like spaghetti and meatballs to you know biscuits and gravy or you know beans and
rice or chili I just basically eat anything that I
want and then we all sit down together as a family and enjoy our meal we do not
watch TV we have just the meal in front of us we sit there and we talk about our
day now a lot of people ask me how long does your window open and basically it’s
just as long as it takes to eat the one meal so it’s not like my window opens at
6:30 and is open for several hours it’s just for the one meal so I sit there and
eat and as far as desserts go we generally don’t have dessert but I do eat them
whenever I crave them and that was a very important thing for me to learn is
to just you know when I crave it eat it but then what I found is I don’t crave
it very often anymore and then when I get full and the conversation has ended
then we stand up from the table and that’s when my fasting window begins
again now in the early days I did have some times where I would stand up from
the table I made me walk around a little bit and I’d realize like oh I’m still
hungry so I would sit back down nowadays I’ve done it so much I know how much I
need to eat so that I won’t feel hungry until supper the next day so so I don’t
really have to do that anymore but it is something I did in the beginning and
then I get in bed around 9:00 and that’s really the only time I watch television
and sometimes will put on an episode of Psych or something but I don’t watch
television during the day I just try to focus on being really productive and so
that’s generally how my day goes there are a couple of things that happen
weekly Friday night is our date night and sometimes that means that we pick up
food from a restaurant and then other times that just means that we get food
from the grocery store and generally that night does have a dessert and then
on Saturday night my family does sleep on the couch night so it’s like our
family night where we you know either we’ll watch a movie generally or maybe
we’ll go somewhere and do something fun but we usually have some sort of food
you know fast food or food from a restaurant but other times we you know
pick up food from the grocery store and make it at home and then of course for
Sunday my life is totally different because that’s cheat day that’s where I
just eat whatever I want whatever I want however many times during the day that I
want and I do walk six miles so that’s what my daily life looks like as someone
who does OMAD so I’m curious to know what does your life look like as an
intermittent faster have you found that there’s a lot of freedom with your time
or you know is that maybe something that’s worrisome to you or do you find
it to be a very productive time I know I certainly find it to be very productive
okay well thank you for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below

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Reader Comments

  1. LeeAnn's Life1

    I'm down 15lbs today since 7/1/18. I came across your videos and it's helped me so much! I eat two meals a day bc it's what is best for me (the 16:8). But I didn't know what intermittent fasting was till you explained it! I can't thank you enough for being my inspiration!

  2. Beating Obesity

    OMAD definitely frees up time and makes me more productive. People ask me about my eating window, well the window opens whenever I get dinner ready and closes when I'm done with dinner. So whether I eat at 4 pm or 7 pm, I'm actually eating for no more than 1 hour and that is even eating very slow. To me the concept of an eating window only applies if you're eating more than once a day. It's amusing when I eat my meal in the presence of others how stunned they are at the qty of food I put away. They're like " and you lost your weight eating this way? Really?"

  3. Jenny Gray

    I’ve lost 6.0 lbs in the last 9 days by beginning this. Last week, (first week), wasn’t easy but seems to not be as tough today, however I’m 4 days away from my “girl time” and I’m not sure what to do if I start craving my norm! Maybe dark chocolate and almond butter??? 😢 Lol

    I’ve never battled with weight really, and even having three kids in three and 1/2 yrs (now 18, 17, and 15), I always lost it within at least a year or so. I had a second neck surgery a couple yrs ago and I believe the meds they put me on after really made me begin eating /craving SOOOO much food for about a year after. Anyways the weight just came on very fast and Ive gained 60 lbs within the last year and 1/2. When I weighed in at 191 lbs (what I did at 9 mo pregnant), and was four sizes larger I knew I needed to get serious.

    I found your channel about 3 months ago, and I’ve honestly never heard of intermittent fasting until then, and along with you and watching one other nutritionist who does it, I watched and watched both of your videos (2 diff types of fasts), every day. I ate my bag of Buffalo ranch Doritos and drank my coke.. Lordy!! And watched.. every.. day!! Lol Anyways, I finally decided this wasn’t me, this wasn’t my personality to be eating so unhealthy!!! SO! I told my husband, and I began a week ago Sat. I do the 16:8, and I wouldn’t say I do “low carb”, but I did “lower mine” to good carbs and cut bad sugars and definitely do portion control with “snack”, which has always been easy for me fortunately).

    We do have three teens. All in high school/ college and plays sports etc so it’s just not in my budget right now to buy the things I really “need” like almond flour, coconut flour”, all grassfed, organic and such (as I wish I could due to having a lot of my colon removed yrs ago), which has also made it harder lately for me to lose weight, along with being almost 42! 🤷‍♀️😳🙃. So I’ve always wondered (and I’m sure you’ve said??), but do you batter things ever? Or eat all the veggies, or just the lower carb ones? Or am I correct in thinking you just eat what y’all have for dinner at your meal??? And before you did OMAD, did you have snacks? If so, what type? What did your “meals” look like then? When you began at 16:8? Or did you start at 20:4? I know you’ve said, but I don’t believe you’ve said exactly WHAT you ate?… or you probably did! Hahaa and I just didn’t understand at the time!

    Thanks for all of your encouragement and I would appreciate prayers! I do have some health issues now that does make it hard to just “lose..” esp the gut health etc.. Praying for your sweet family as y’all travel and for y’all to build sweet memories!! #hugs Jen #Alabama 🦋🌻🦋

  4. Martin Moore

    Great video, thanks for that. My wife homeschooled our 2 children. So can appreciate how the extra few hours gained from fasting would have helped. 😁 All power to you starting that early. Don't think I could make that time 😀 Starting the day right as well. Physical exercise and flexing the spiritual muscles as well. 😀 Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

  5. All Day Mom

    I’m simply amazed that you can walk six miles a day👍I have a fit bit now and did 8100 steps…so about 2.5 miles. Maybe I can increase this more once my youngest is back in school. We usually walk to the grocery store & then to the mall here in Denver👍

  6. Adrienne Gordon Fagler

    Great vlog…thanks again for inspiring me. I do journal every morning by writing five positive things that happened the day before. This type of positivity starts my day off right. So far, I have lost 17lbs since April, and I have been consistently losing one pound per week. I was at my all time high in last April, and by next spring I should be at my goal weight of 142lbs at 5’8”. I took my blood pressure yesterday, and it was 119/71. I am so pleased with my results with OMAD. It definitely works, and I wished I had known about this 10 years ago. Thanks again for your great vlogs.

  7. SanSan

    I think your videos are the best…..and I've looked at them all. I've been OMAD for 4 days. I have no cravings. When I was on low calorie diets or Nutrisystem, like clockwork I was hungry every 2 hours. I hate planning foods, and thinking about what I'm going to eat and not eat. Your system is perfect. So now I go 23 hrs without eating–open that 1 hour window and eat whatever looks good to me. Seems healthy food is winning out over junk. I do enjoy two pieces of dark chocolate. Sleeping well and have a ton more energy and no "metal plate" in my head in the afternoon.

  8. Latte Brown

    The one thing that is most beneficial doing IF for me is keeping busy during the time before my meal. I have my meal right around lunchtime, and if I'm at home all I think about is eating that upcoming meal. I've noticed that my gasoline expense has increased because most days I leave home for a few hours just to avoid eating too early, and to stay on my schedule. I'm trying to stay strong, but the mornings are difficult for me…

  9. Franco Catucci


  10. Michelle Kulas

    I think you’re in my neck of the woods! Or you were, anyway… you mentioned Oscar Scherer in another post. We homeschool, too. Small world!

  11. 1 23

    Not sure if this was discussed on another video, but when you started with the intermittent fasting, did you ever eat during the window and then find that you were hungry later that day or well before your next eating window? If so, how did you deal with it. Did you have a snack or fluids, such as water or broths?

    I'm on board with keeping busy to avoid eating out of boredom. I'm struggling with incorporating more walking into my day, but I'm pushing forward on the "eating well" front.

    Also, I was so happy to hear you talk about your daily pages. Yesterday I was doing "self talk", which is just conversations with myself lol, but I was basically thinking that I need to write down what I want my day, week, month to look like. What are the mini goals i want to achieve? I was encouraging myself to take time to reflect either on how I want my day to go, or reflect on how it went and how I can improve

  12. barbara harper

    You’ve helped me a lot! I’m not down to one meal totally yet but I love the intermittent fasting way of life. I’ve been eating between 1 and 4 pm. Then I have a dessert of some sort before 9. My husband’s work schedule is the reason for the flexibility in my first meal time.

  13. pslitchfield

    Love that you said you read the Bible. (Also I think I hear a Bobwhite in the background-love it)
    Look forward to your videos- so encouraging!

  14. Brenda Evans Tramble

    Issue I'm having…how has OMAD affected your digestive system? I'm all over the place!…also I'm not able to eat very much before I'm full so I worry I'm not eating enough. I did start taking vitamins.

  15. Mark Lamson

    Ok, so I have been following the OMAD plan except on Sunday, which I don’t call “cheat day” as that will tend to make me want to skip it. It is just part of the plan. I went straight to OMAD because not eating is not really hard for me it’s the stopping;) This is my 6th week and so far averaging 3 pounds a week. As you have suggested I do what is easy. That means eating whatever I want although the longer this goes the more I don’t want junk food. I keep waiting for it to not work as I still eat a lot of food. Oh, and I hike 2.5 miles a day, about 45-50min.
    Thank you for inspiring me to give this a try and stressing consistency. You are awesome!

  16. C Shives

    I homeschool my 3 kids, too. How do you handle all the lunch activities (co-op, playdates, out with other moms, fellowship after church, etc.). I find I have at least 3-4 times a week when I am in a social eating situation during the day or afternoon, but I prefer my OMAD to be supper because the "family dinner time" is important to me. Sometimes I eat lightly (though I'd prefer to fast) and sometimes I just sip coffee/water (which makes some people uncomfortable).

  17. Shaymaa Shehata

    I also wake up very early at 4:00 am to pray Fajr then recite a little bit of Quraan. . Connecting with God first thing in the morning make big difference in the day. My first meals starts @ 11 am , so yeah keeping yourself busy and productive helps a lot ..

  18. s_khan

    Thankyuo for a great video, i am just starting on the IF journey this month and ahve transitioned to OMAD just this week. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time and now after quite a few falls off track, I seem to be doing ok, wish me luck!

  19. KrimCakes E.

    Love your videos! You have the sweetest personality. Starting the day with Bible reading is great! I strive to do the same thing, that and prayer starts the day right. Hugs to you! Keep up the great videos!

  20. Paul Barnett

    Ah so it's okay to have a One Meal ALL Day, and yours is a Sunday. I thought each time I did that I had failed. So I'll try a similar approach – thank you.

  21. Catherine Lukes

    Journaling is an amazing tool! I encourage it in my trauma recovery coach business. I like how you include all aspects of your journey, including psychological. Keep up the great work! 💗💕

  22. Tracy Webb

    I wake up around 5 a.m., kiss my dog, strip down to my underwear (TMI, I know) and weigh myself 🙂 I write this weight down in my journal and record on the previous day (which also has what I ate the night before) whether I GAINED or LOST. Writing this down helps me see patterns in what I eat and whether that meal caused me to lose the next morning or gain. I then get ready for work, feed my bunny GIGI and my sweet dog Piper and then make a cup of coffee (K cup, usually vanilla or hazlenut coffee, not creamer) and add probably 2 Tablespoons of 1/2 and 1/2 only (I love flavored creamer but, I wait until my OMAD and that is usually my dessert). I walk Piper and then head off to work. I walk (about a 8 min. walk) from the parking garage to the hospital where I work, I fill my big water bottle up with water and add lemon and start working. I usually work until around 3 p.m. I then either eat my OMAD at work before I leave for home (usually some combination of rice & beans (with onions, cilantro and guac), yogurt with fruit and granola, asian cabbage and mixed veggies, chocolate pudding with wipped cream, fruit (usually a banana), a big salad with whatever I want on it, soup or chili and always coffee with yummy flavored vanilla or hazlenut creamer. I then head home and start walking my dog and any dogs I am pet sitting (usually about a total of an hour or more a night). I don't exercise other than walking my dogs and ocassionally my bunny GIGI, however, she is not a fan of hopping outside 🙁 I'm losing major inches and I've gone from 163 to about 153 since June (I'm 5'5" and medium boned). I do keep everything I eat on a daily planner with the weight that morning and then whether that day caused me to gain or lose the next morning. I also average my 7 days of weight to see what my true weight is. I do eat at Panera a lot – a big, full salad, a big full bowl of soup, the bread, sometimes also the chips and usually a pumpkin muffin and I still lose. The only time I seem to go up the next day is if I eat something with a lot of salt. Overall, this is so easy to do – I don't get hungry anymore, don't get tired, I'm loving the ease of not having to focus on what I can and can't eat. My ring is super lose, my watch is super lose, my clothes are not at all tight anymore (I was pretending to wear an 8 when I was really a 10). The only goal I have now is to make sure that the OMAD that I do eat is in part, healthy b/c I know that my immune system needs whole, raw fruit and veggies to thrive and to do it's job 🙂 HAPPY FASTING YA'LL!

  23. Sana Farheen

    I did OMAD for the first time yesterday. (Until now it has been 18 hour of fast and 6 hour of break sometimes 20/4 )
    But I was very hungry and I can feel my stomach burn (if that makes any sense )by the time it was time to eat . Is it okay to be hungry after 24 hr fast and I should carry on with OMAD? or should I postpone it.

  24. Larissa Porublev

    Hey beautiful lady. Just came across your chanel. Love all your posts and have binge watched. It has encouraged me to get on track. Thanks for sharing your faith, your life with us. Blessings

  25. Lisa Sovik

    I just love your videos on OMAD! So very encouraging and practical. Thank you! I also homeschool my boys and struggle with fasting while I am cooking their breakfast and lunch. But the coffee has helped me greatly! I was trying to do a water fast until dinner, but was unsuccessful. Love your morning routine, I do the same. The only change to my day is I am no longer dieting and now am learning to fast. I feel so much better…I need patient endurance. Thanks for your videos 😊

  26. Renee R

    I love that you read the bible.I was running every morning and reading the bible. I didnt have the focus I would have like to read after running. Im going to try this intermittent fasting and free up that time to focus more on God and reading the bible. When you said that I thought 😍 wow you are so relatable. Awesome this will allow me more free time in the am to focus on what I'm reading. Thank you for sharing

  27. barbara bowen

    I love your videos you tell how you got to were u r today..with real details, as you figured out your plan ..what worked & what didn't & what you had to change…I appreciate your realness..Thank you !!

  28. Aubrey

    Thank you for your videos! I'm curious, how much do you eat at dinner? A lot of the literature tells you to get in the full day's calories (~2,000) in that eating window. Do you do that? I'm finding it difficult to eat that much. In fact, even eating HALF of what I'm supposed to eat seems like effort. I worry that my basal metabolic rate is going to drop because I'm just not getting in enough calories.

  29. Regina Snuffer

    I enjoy your videos! You're a delight to watch!!! And YAY for Bible reading and homeschooling!! I homeschooled my daughters, both now happily married!

  30. Cindy Webb

    Hi Kayla, When you say you eat anything you want in your OMAD, I’m confused? I’m not following a keto diet as I didn’t want to cut out certain foods (I’ve done the Dukan Diet previously which initially did work but I found the maintenance very hard & piled it all back on again) but seen lots of conflicting info on here from other doctors & “experts” with IF & OMAD eg. “calories in/calories out” still count, you have to eat low carb, you still eat the same cals but in a smaller window, etc etc. Can you please explain? It looks to me like Yre eating OMAD, not counting cals, not cutting carbs?

  31. binty

    Hello.. A big "thank you" to you for inspiring me and taking me out of the rut I was in….it was like my prayer answered….I have started walking 6 miles and started IF….I am kind of very stuck up with your coffee 😃 sounds weird but it would be nice if you could actually demonstrate a vdo to show how you make you coffee….bcz it's the core to stay away from food the whole day…..I would be very happy if you could do that….

  32. Jurina Cleaver

    How do you not faint eating only supper🤔 I am on 16/8 most days, but I do try to do 20/4 on alternate days, tried OMAD once and nearly fainted, I do know that I will have to up my game as I have come to a complete standstill in my weight and the scale is not moving.

  33. Roberta Robinson

    Love your videos! I have been doing OMAD for about two weeks and am doing ok. I am also trying to do Keto for dinner. I haven’t lost much weight yet but trying not to get discouraged. Is it ok to use artificial sweeteners? I am wondering if that is interfering with my weight loss. Thanks!!

  34. IndoHati Carol

    Hello,nice routine you got there.Love it.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤ Looks like you really have the perfect time to do OMAD too.I want to get back to eating with a short feeding window also,right now I seem to eat all day ,literally😓and alot of times I binge ,to where I feel uncomfortable and miserable.I used to weigh almost 240 lbs ,a little over a year ago …but after going through a week long juice fast,OMAD for a while and then Eating fully raw…I am down to 190 lbs ,but not at my goal weight yet of 165 lbs.I really don't intermittent fast now.My diet is mainly plant based vegan"with some junk" unfortunately My eating is scattered and undisciplined "Eating from the time I wake ,till I go to bed and sometimes even when I get up to go pee" 🤦

  35. Jonandlani Palmer

    Homeschool mom of 6 here…I’m just starting with a 14 hr fast (still nursing a 4 month old), but I’d love to hear more about how you handle meals for your kids when you’re not eating.

  36. lamareneah jordan

    I love these ideas. I’m going to listen again and take notes. Not really for diet tips but life family, love, and productiveness.

  37. MobyDickHead

    I don't always do bible . But I always find some sort of philosophical exercise. Krishna,jesus,buddha, or Joseph Campbell stories.

  38. MyCup Overflows

    I'm on my 4th day of 16/8, and found you yesterday, been bingeing on your videos since then! I didn't think I could like you more but I was wrong!
    I'm a Christian homeschool mama of 6 (ages 2-12), and also a Psych addict! 😍
    I thought it would be hard to fast while preparing food for everyone else, but it actually makes it tons easier because I was also prepping 2 different meals (regular food for everyone else and low cal stuff for whatever my latest fad diet entailed). Now I just sip my coffee. And wow, so much more time and energy to do all the chores, trying to keep busy and forget about food.

    Today I ate my 1st meal around 12,and felt a little full afterwards, and it made me think how OMAD would make it way easier!

    I have also struggled with juds wanting to eat with my family and eat normal foods, not making all sorts of crazy sugar free desserts, etc. I also love your idea of the 7 day weight average. Sounds just like my data-addict scientist husband. 😂😂 Thanks for all your videos and the inspiring interviews. I'm walking around my house (in the AC to avoid the nasty TX summer heat) and watching them all!

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