Intermittent Fasting!

good morning Facebook family I hope
you’re having a great day I hope it’s off to a good start
we are on our dog walk we’re at the halfway Brook it’s really high right now
a lot of people are fishing it from the road it was pretty cool
dogs are enjoying it anyways I just wanted to chat a second about
intermittent fasting people ask me that a lot if I’m for or against it. I’m
really pretty much indifferent to it I think it’s a great thing if you want to
do it definitely do it, there’s no harm in doing it that’s for sure.
the less times you eat in a day the more fat you’re gonna burn so as long as
you’re consistent with it I think that’s a big key if you’re gonna do a 12-hour
fast and you’re gonna eat your meals over a 12 hour period then just do it at
consistent intervals so that your body knows when to expect the calories again
calories are like cash so just like you if you know that you’re gonna
consistently get a deposit every week every other week then you’re gonna
budget your expenses around the body does the same thing with calories if it
knows that it’s gonna eat it consistent intervals and it’s gonna ramp up and
burn calories and do repairs and all that type of stuff around that so as
long as you’re consistent with it I think it’s a great thing I always
recommend four meals a day four hours apart because it’s an easy thing to
stick to in your lifestyle and most people can adapt to that but if you want
to do it over a 12 hour period that’s great your body’s
preferred source of fuel between meals is fat your body’s designed to run on
fat and if you do not fast between meals or have a fasting period then your
body’s always gonna use the calories that you eat and it’s never gonna tap
into its fat stores you literally have to make it burn fat because fat cells
and your fat stored on you is like a savings account and your body gets to a
comfortable place where it’s got 30 pounds of savings and it does not want
to let it go just like if you have a hundred grand
savings account you don’t want to tap into it so your body’s not any different
you literally have to force it to burn the fat so just keep that in mind but
again I’m all for intermittent fasting there’s nothing, they’ve not found any
negative blood effects on your blood profile so I’m all for it
so definitely give it a go if you have any questions about it post it in the
comments below and have a great day I’ll see you soon

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