Intermittent Dry Fasting 16 Hours OMAD – Weight Loss Journey 2019 (Day 318)

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today is day 318 of my fasting weight loss journey I’m gonna tell you what I did yesterday what I ate and what exercise so
yesterday was a road trip we left the house about 5:00 a.m. and we took a
three-hour drive to Wichita to a and oh my gosh we went to a bunch we
there was so many food times yesterday but I was doing intermittent dry fasting
16 hours that was my goal for reasons and kind of weight-loss reasons
of course because I’m on this journey when we left I brought my kids something
a quick trip which is the gas station we went to McDonald’s when we got there and
these were not not all of my choices I kind of went with the flow of the day we
after the funeral the church gave to lunch lunch so that was three meals I
didn’t eat any of those and then my family member wanted to have brahms it’s
an ice-cream place and so we’ve stopped there four places and I’m dry fasting so
I didn’t eat I just kind of watched them eat and let’s see and it wasn’t that bad
I did start having a headache towards the middle of the day I don’t know if
those because of lack of sleep or because of the dry fasting or just both
combined I’m also my time in the month my cycle started today so it could be
just a combination of everything but I’m happy I didn’t eat so then I’m like the
plan was to come home and maybe make eggs or something light like that not
even was not even gonna have it dessert and I have a dessert every single day
but I ended up going well where we stopped at the rest stop had McDonald’s
I was like thinking thinking thinking what the heck to get thinking about him
I had to tell people what I ate I don’t have to I could just say oh I had 220
calories yesterday because that’s what I had yesterday total but I just I’m
feeling okay with what I had it’s not what I would have had if I
didn’t have to report in though that’s why I love this accountability channel
if you are having the worst time trying to lose massive amounts of weight to a
channel because it’s so good for accountability so I ended up giving it a
McDouble cheeseburger I took off the two buns and I’m gonna play it at the end
the nutritional facts of it but it was 220 calories without the bun and that’s
what I have for yesterday I’m I also took a tylenol with that and I felt
amazing afterwards I felt so much better so let’s see exercise I did nine I was
in the car I didn’t you man I probably got 4,500 steps because I was either in
a car I was in the car 7 or 8 hours and then I was sitting down for life I was
just sitting all day ok so no exercise so my intermittent dry fasting results
Oh I’m also going to put at the end of this
a little clip of us feeding the turtles and I saw a rainbow at the rest stop
which I love rainbows it just is so beautiful to me and it’s so amazing also
um today’s our eat so Eid Mubarak to the Muslims uh yeah we just have two
holidays and this is one of them a major day for us so let’s see today I am –
yesterday I was let’s just say yesterday morning I was 2 25.8 this morning I am
224 point Oh so that’s minus point one point eight
pounds and here’s some footage from yesterday including my McDouble and I’m
good with that so let me know how you did today and I will see you later or
tomorrow God willing bye you that’s the only white one white turtle
here how old are these Turtles you

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Reader Comments

  1. Fire Rose

    Hey Mieka, I would love to hear an explanation on this dry fasting thing that is not Ramadan and why today is Eid (again?) because I know nothing. And I would rather hear about it from you then Google it 🤪💖🔥🌹

  2. Your Good Judie

    You survived a road trip without eating… WOW. That's awesome. You're right though, a channel does keep you accountable. You're doing a good job with the editing.I love Braums, thank God we don't have it here.

  3. Jessica Morales

    Stay blessed 🙏🏻!! Stay on your weight loss journey!! I’ll keep you in my prayers!! Have a blessed day,sister!! Xoxo Jess

  4. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Hey i am here . Thank you for continuing to stop by and be so genuine . I am a new Subbie now 🙋🏾‍♀️😘 i am ok my journey as well

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