Indian Recipes with Vegetables : Peeling Potatoes for Indian Potato Recipe: Part 2

Hi this is Neha on behalf of Expert Village.
Similar goes for let me just put it into a bowl here. I’ll just peel all the potatoes
in the same manner, all the four potatoes and we’ll deep fry it in the oil which is
getting hot in the meanwhile. We’re not wasting any time and we’ll surely make this potato
recipe in about fifteen minutes. I don’t think so it’s going to take even fifteen minutes.
It’s going to be a nicer nicer thing which you’ve ever eaten. So here I go. It’s my second
potato. You can even, you know, it depends upon you say suppose you have a like if you’re
four in a family you can use four to five potatoes or either you’re just two. I’m just
making these potatoes for me and my partner so even three will do. Or if I want to keep
this thing for my breakfast that will also do. This recipe can be eaten in the breakfast
also or in the dinner. It’s not like that it’s a typical dinner, dinner or lunch, lunch

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